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May 2014
Now gather round me children come closer to the fire
I'm going tell you noises of the night are not so very dire
Now I know most of you get scared by the noises of the night
Well they're the same as noises in the day but now they're out sight
Shssss,Β Β stop, listen to that noise just over there
That is nothing to worry you, its only Yogi Bear
Do you hear that fluttering sound from somewhere overhead
Thats just the sound of Superman heading home to bed
That grunting sound over there, do you thing its something big
Well children let me tell you, that's the sound of Peppa Pig
Its time for bed little ones but just before you do
Care not for noises of the night, they'll bring no harm to you
I must beΒ Β in one of my frivolous moods
Joe Cole
Written by
Joe Cole  Horsham Sussex
(Horsham Sussex)   
       Timothy, betterdays, ---, r, kailasha and 5 others
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