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Jackson Oct 6
her honey brown eyes
so warm and sweet
they melt my soul
and make me feel beautiful

i love how her heart
is so clear in her gaze
how she can say so many words
without a sound

she makes me feel
like im worth her love
she makes me love
and feel loved

with her honey brown eyes
Jackson Sep 7
im just a boy
with a guitar
shes just girl
with her broken heart
we were meant to be
words on paper
two lovely (heartless) souls
crumbling against each other
we will both
Jackson Sep 3
**** the clock
i can't stop
make me lovely
so i can bring you to pieces
im corrosive
breaking myself
and i'll take you with me
if i have to
hurt me baby
Jackson Sep 2
remember                                                         ­                                       
when                     ­                                                           
i    ­                                                                 ­ 

im sorry baby i cant help being crazy
Jackson Apr 6
i know it hurts
i get it
it hurts me too
but i cant make you understand
that i cant fully love you
if i dont love myself
i can just hope that you'll still love me
when i learn too
i have to leave you im sorry

— The End —