Its haunting me,
the feeling I cannot escape.
I'm lost in this strange maze
with a strange feeling.
Though it sounds like nightmare
but it taste like a beautiful dream.
The sound of music
seems unreal.
It's like a melody, a lullaby
that keeps your heart awake.
The once an empty canvass
now seems to bloom with beauty,
filled with color and piquancy.

This dream isn't done
when I woke up with you.
I'm falling for you.
She is like a blade of ice,

so sharp and cold,

yet so beautiful

that freezes my heart.
It was a rainy, cold night,
In a room full of despair and hate
when darkness devoured
what was left in my humanity.

As I was blinded and lost
I succumb in fear.
My mind goes blank,
my heart stops beating,
my tears started to fall.

It was not just a bad dream,
it was the most horrifying nightmare after all.
You may not see me,
        but I always look at you.
You may not hear me,
        but I always listen to you.
I am may be nothing to you,
        but *you are my everything.
I'm okay
I'm alright
I can still smile
I can still laugh

There's too much pain to handle
I just lose my self

I hope he loves you
more than I love you..
There's no remedy for a broken heart..

Just keep smiling,
even though it hurts like ****.
I may not give you flowers
           but I can give you honesty..
I may not give you chocolates
           but I can give you loyalty..
I may not always be by your side
           but you're always here in my heart..
I may not be romantic
           but I'm always yours..
I may not be your dream guy
           but I just simply love you
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