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Jemimah Sep 2013
all the while
the rain
was gently falling
& all the night
the stars
were simply peering
out from their
of velveted black
to watch me
surrender my thoughts
to the swirl of my
~ "Good Night, My Friend" ~
Jemimah Sep 2013
when you opened your eyes
when the sun sent her song
through your window

when you blinked in the golden
flowing river
covered in blankets of cream
and stirred

when the birds tickled the sky
with their whistling
& you rolled over
like Winter, or Yesterday's tide

did you listen to the whisper
of the Spirit -
did you share the light inside you
with the sun?
I often wonder...
if you sing as I do, to the birds
and to heaven ~
and thank God for such
beautiful awakenings.
Jemimah Sep 2013
my box
full of arrows
cardboard, paper
coloured, black and white
but always blurry, wordy, flaunting
stopping, pointing, shouting, whispering
telling me of paths that I could tread
one at a time I pour them out
upon my purple bed
and let them fall
wherever they
may land
Finding direction in life
is all but straight-forward...

> > University applications < <
Jemimah Aug 2013
In the sunshine corridor
of morning trees and loam
'Tween classes, and the faces
(off to learn some grey equations)

I said Good Morning
to a little bird

Who looked at me so quizzically
with little shining eyes
That I laughed at myself
for being so polite -

Til I said farewell

We parted with our purpose
I to grey and she to blue
Then I ambled off to class...
and left her to the skies
Thought I would share an interesting moment in my day with y'all :)
Jemimah Aug 2013
the tender pink petals
made for lovely confetti
midst the fallen leaves

as little Breeze came daintily
waltzing, dancing, so sweetly
down my gentle street

blowing the flowers like candles
I heard her softly whisper, wishing...

                       won't you come
                                      and twirl with me?"
Jemimah Aug 2013
Courage is more than a feeling

Faith is more than a prayer

If you can't do it fearless -

                             *Do it scared.
Jemimah Aug 2013
We Live
and Move
and Have

*Our Being
Acts 17:28
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