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22.9k · Aug 2014
Let Me Introduce Myself
jeffrey conyers Aug 2014
You don't know much about me.
So, let me introduce myself.

I'm that man you notice.
But never took the time to meet.

I'm that man you've seen.
But always afraid to speak.
So, let me introduce myself.

If you have a minute.
Or even the time to give.

It has been said that closed mouth don't get fed.
Which I will spin into a quiet mouth won't get heard.

You notice me noticing you.
So , now I making my pledge for your hand.
So, let me get to know you.

Before long.
I will be your man.
21.1k · Dec 2012
Cuddling In The Dark
jeffrey conyers Dec 2012
Cuddle in my arms, you are.
We just enjoying quiet time together.
Relaxing on the couch in the dark with a single candle burning.

Just reflecting back on our relationship.
Like when we first met.
It's been a worthy experience.
One I wouldn't trade for anything.

I remember our first kiss.
It's simply hard to forget.
It was sincere.
It was passionate.
Just like the one I've just given you.

I remember our walks in the park.
Those self made dinners we had.
Those was good times.
Just like those we are creating now.

As we are just cuddling in the dark.
Reflecting back.
20.1k · Jan 2013
jeffrey conyers Jan 2013
A lone child might be settle in being the only one.
But many siblings can describe their many ways of fun.
Whether it's wrestling until it turns into a fight.

To them it seems natural.
To parents it's just not right.

But the strongest bond that they all share.
Is all for one and one for all.
In any battle that affects them.
Then it's a war.
From the oldest down to the youngest.

Yes, you will have the mediator.
The negogiator.
And the fighters amongst them.

But when one is ill in health.
Watch the way they care for them.
All the wars and battles seems to cease.
And their love for them quickly appears.

Yes, siblings.
The love amongst them is thick.
That they worry themselves sometimes into ill health.
But their bond is strong.
Even when they don't get along.
20.0k · Nov 2012
jeffrey conyers Nov 2012
In your power.
My heart and love is yours.
I am submissive by choice.
And not by will.

Some men lives in this universe.
Under the impression they rule over women.
Even quick to pull out the scriptures.

Except I am submisive to you by choice.
And not by orders.

Some women operate on leadership.
Where they sit back and let the man rule?
Even if his decisions makes them seem foolish

I yield to you.
Out of love.
I surrender to you.
Out of love.

And only to you.
And no other one.
Be thankful you're the lucky one.
18.9k · May 2013
Friends With Benefits
jeffrey conyers May 2013
Oh, they think they know.
While second guessing at best.
Pure speculation about us.
About our friends with benefits.
Without understanding just how deep it is.

We see the smiles.
We hear the giggles.
And notice the winking of the eyes.
And they still don't realize just what our friendship truly is.
While they try to materialize to themselves our friends with benefits relationship.

While they think it's ******.
Maybe even physical.
None gives it a guess that it's mostly emotional.

When we need a laugh.
When we need a listening ear.
That's when our friends with benefits appears.

When we need advice.
Whether it's good or bad.
That's when our friends with benefits kicks in.

We let them speculate.
We let them make their stupid mistakes.
Even when we could straighten out their wrongs.

All because our friends with benefits is so much more.
Then physical or ******.
17.1k · Dec 2013
jeffrey conyers Dec 2013
Oh, they a strange brew.
Almost like a union crew.
One minute disagreeing.
Then the next tight as can be.

In house fighting that makes you question their love.
Just to see them turn around and show it.
Siblings, only they can explain it.

Getting to the truth is hard as can be.
Unless you have a young one.
Who will tell on everyone?
Siblings, only they understand that connection.

Parents know their bond.
That if attacked by others.
They gather together to bare arms.
And it's not with any guns.

The world of a child is simply hard to explain.
The way they wants to go outside and play in the rain.
And avoid coats in the snow.

And when questioned about , how things got broken?
Then between them nobody really know.
Siblings, we all been there before.
Unless you're the only child.
Then you just don't know.

This love bond stays between some as they simply begins to grow older.
Their motto , somethings parents don't need to know.
Unless it's something vital.
Then the protection goes out the door.

Yes, there'll be fights.
And lectures from parents.
There's be wearing of clothes that belonged to others.
Who hadn't had the chance to wear them before?
And give you the option of taking them off freely.
Before they assist you to the floor.
Yes, siblings.
They hard to explain.

Counselors advice isn't asked or requested for.
Not by parents that know about these things.
Books wasn't going to be their teacher.
Because books didn't raise them in anyway.
That this new generational thing.
Where judges and courts thinks social workers needs to be involved?

The best instructions is in the book about the teaching of God.
Where we see the same conflicts?
Siblings, there's no one better to have than a sister or brother.
Who had a mother or father to witness it all?
15.5k · Dec 2013
jeffrey conyers Dec 2013
Oh, they a strange brew.
Almost like a union crew.
One minute disagreeing.
Then the next tight  as can be.

In house fighting that makes you question their love.
Just to see them turn around and show it.
Siblings, only they can explain it.

Getting to the truth is hard as can be.
Unless you have a young one.
Who will tell on everyone?
Siblings, only they understand that connection.

Parents know their bond.
That if attacked by others.
They gather together to bare arms.
And it's not with any guns.

The world of a child is simply hard to explain.
The way they wants to go outside and play in the rain.
And avoid coats in the snow.

And when questioned about , how things got broken?
Then between them nobody really know.
Siblings, we all been there before.
Unless you're the only child.
Then you just don't know.

This love bond stays between some as they simply begins to grow older.
There motto , something parents don't need to know.
Unless it's something vital.
Then the protection goes out the door.

Yes, there'll be fights.
And lectures from parents.
There'll be wearing of clothes that belonged to others.
Who hadn't had the chance to wear them before?
And give you the option of taking them out freely.
Before they assist you to the floor.
Yes, siblings.
They hard to explain.

Counselors advice isn't asked or requested for.
Not by parents that know about these things.
Books wasn't going to be their teacher.
Because books didn't raise them in anyway.
That this new generational thing.
Where judges and courts thinks social workers needs to be involved?

The best instructions is in the book about the teaching of God.
Where we see the same conflicts?
Siblings, there's no one better to have than a sister or brother.
Who had a mother or father to witness it all?
12.9k · Nov 2015
Cherish, Adore, Admire
jeffrey conyers Nov 2015
Given to you unselfishly.
Given to you so kindly.
Not to be hurt.
Not to be used incorrectly.

Cherish the love someone gives you.
Adore the feelings offered you.
Admire the one loving you.

Life goes through various bumps in the road.
Except happiness holds more than we ever know.

Cherish the love that cherish you.
Adore the one that's adoring you.
Admire the one admiring you.

And you find love that truly enlighten you.
9.6k · Aug 2012
The Coach
jeffrey conyers Aug 2012
You're the counselor.
When certain players can't accept defeat.
You're a minister.
Teaching them about humility.
You're the coach.
A title that takes on many roles.

You're a defense attorney.
When parents gets enraged.
Thinking their child's better.
Then they really is.
You're the coach.

It takes a dedicated soul to give of themselves.
When many parents loves to criticize.
And refuse to assist.
It takes a calm manner person to accept this job.
Because many parents are releasing to you their child.
To motivate them to be better.
Not just at the game.
But, as a person with kindness.
Long after the game.
When many will forever think winning is everything.
Until , they lose to see the sportsmanship.
Is how you handle things.

You're the coach.
In the mist of many fools wearing that title.
Because some treats their players like they entitled.

You're not afraid to bench the star of the team.
Even, if many think you're being mean.
You're the coach.
Who's respect for your dignity?

If anything states about you.
That you would like.
You wants them to state you were fair.
Even amongst the dislikes.
8.7k · Dec 2013
The Oldest Sibling
jeffrey conyers Dec 2013
Oh, the oldest sibling.
Be it your brother.
Be it your sister.
Somewhere in your life you'll be reminded of your parents.
Whether it was your mother.
Or simply your father.

When they speak.
Instantly by the things they say.
You know, who they got them from?

When they tries to be disciplinaries of the rules.
This is when they truly begins to bug you.
That they mostly must put up a defense for a fight.
Or hear they not mom or dad.
And they better lay out with the hands.

Oh, the oldest sibling.
They had a task of responsibilities to hold up.
All young ones know they was the symbol of being the role model.

Used to point out to the young ones.
Wasn't offer to much room to get into trouble.
But when you older.
You soon becomes to love them.

Yes, the oldest.
Who reminds you of so many others?
Who many of times was more responsible?
8.0k · Sep 2018
If You Black
jeffrey conyers Sep 2018
In this world of surrounded racism that many let simmer on low.
Like it doesn't exist around them in a daily manner.

If you black and stand up to injustice.
Do one major race group get so heated to show their racism quickly?

W.E.Dubois stood up and stood out against racism.
And when you do?
It only makes you better as a human.

Sure, many gonna to hate you.
Even try to address you with their version of the truth.
Except, until justice is fair and equal to all.
Then it's an injustice to everyone.

Some minorities live in this "don't rock the boat" mentality.
Which really means don't upset the whites.
But then the world "white flight" means they forever running from the reality of the world.

They lost in Disney's living in a written fairytale.

If you black and roaring to fight injustice.
Standup, we have great examples in this country called America.

Cassius Clay,  known later as Muhammad Ali, stood his ground and faced the hostility of them.
Like the man, Job lost a lot during that time of standing on his principles.

But through it all, he stayed true to himself.
Yes, that group that hangs on to this superior mentality of stupidity complained.

But don't they always when they don't get their way.

Malcolm X, the threat of common sense tricked the world with his brilliance.
Stood toes to toes with the brightest during his time to engage others into thinking.
But he stood up and stood out.

When you go against the norm the group that follows like robotic figures get mad.

Sweet Rosa Parks, became known simply by standing her ground on the seating arrangement.
We wonder why must she have stood when she was in the section they stated she must be seated.

They rocked the wrong woman.
Who stood firm against authorities?
Remember if you black, they want you to stay quiet.
Well, least they got Ben Carson.

Martin Luther King Jr-thanks to a certain level of protest became the symbol and the brave face to tackle law enforcers and racist politicians.

A bigot is only a bigot when they have their group of supporters around to push foolishness.

Don't use the word EQUAL if it's not applied correctly to everyone.

And realize tricks and manipulation is always used to turn the narrative of any protest stand.
Conservatives crying about players being unpatriotic in sports.

But not too many crying the truth that Colin Kaepernick complaints centered around injustice of the police against black males.

Where has he said anything against America?
But we realize if you black they under this impression that you should be quiet.

Notice, white whistleblowers take time to complain.
Then more come out when they terminated.
Then they firing off all wrongs they see.

The two black athletes that raised their fist in the sixties suffered personal gains.
But didn't Jesus protest various injustice to a hostile crowd and authorities?

Politicians are tools of fools afraid to lose an election if they stand for right.
Even the evangelicals(money makers) afraid to stand up to injustice in the world.

Don't you believe when King marched in the beginning that all faiths were behind him?
It just got too big to ignore so they joined in the protect for justice.

If you black and point out wrongs.
Take this message"you better be strong".
7.3k · Oct 2012
I, Love Myself
jeffrey conyers Oct 2012
I don't need no compliments.
Altho' I do accept them.
Know this.
I love myself.

I'm not conceited.
Really far from it.
I just love myself.

If you don't.
Then expect nobody else will.
I wake up to loving myself.
I walk through life loving myself.
I look in the mirror.
And adore myself.

I'm not boasting.
Or even bragging.
That would be too much.
But I know this.
I love myself.

As a mother's loves a new born.
I love this one.
Which is myself.

Like the rising of the morning sun.
There's always a smile upon my face.
Cause, I love myself.

Enjoy you.
And you'll be enjoyed.
7.2k · Apr 2014
The Good Employee
jeffrey conyers Apr 2014
Some win awards.
Some win recognition.
Then some barely recognized for their effort and time.

Some hardly ever late.
Some dedicated more than many bosses.
Who take it upon themselves to take multiple vacation?

The good employee that others measure themselves by.
Rain,sleet or show , you're most likely see them at work.

Some takes pride just in working to accomplish an agenda.
They probably wouldn't strike even, if in a union.
Some has came in present time to regret being a members.
When they don't see any accomplishable gains from their leaders.

Good employees, don't fake an excuse to miss work.
Good employees, know all jobs depends upon a team.
A mission is set to be met.

Those that mainly complains has minor points.
Which soon becomes a distraction in the level of work.
Oh, good employees has complaints too.
In reality, we all do to some degree.

Except, good employees all companies need.
They make the weakest link becomes a member of a strong team.
6.9k · Jan 2013
Can't Get Mad
jeffrey conyers Jan 2013
You're a spoil girl.
Who have had guys spoil you?
You have never had to work for anything.
When it has ben given to you.

So, you can't get mad.
When your new guys refuses to spoil you.
He's real.
He's true.
But he's no fool.

He understand that's probably the only way the others could get to know you.
Which was to spoil you.
After you alerted them how too.

But then you met him.
And was soon confused.
He wasn't willing to play the game.
Of doing many things for you.

What he gave was small and little?
But enough to please you.
And this was somethin you didn't know how to handle?

But you can't get mad.
Cause his love should be sufficent enough for you.
Which he's trying to show you.
6.7k · Sep 2012
jeffrey conyers Sep 2012
Where does it get you?

It doesn't accomplish more positive,
Then it does negative.

Sure some tries to put a positive spin upon the word.
But it still doesn't get you ahead.
Those that think it does lives in a fantasy world.
Like those that push the reasons others seems cute.
Those they states brings a message to a project.

Doesn't cut into the great things ahead.
Being cocky or arrogant has ended great relationships.
Because those you feel better then.
Most likely better than you.

And they shows no signs of attitude.
6.5k · Nov 2012
Adorable You
jeffrey conyers Nov 2012
You're like a rose blossoming into a beautiful flower.
One I could look at for hours.
You're like a star high lighting the sky.
You a good man love surprise.

You're extremely wonderful.
You're extremely charming.
You are worthy of adoration.
Yes, you are.

I'm fond of you.
Proud to call you, my adorable you.

If I'm loving you too much.
Then it be up to you to leave.
I refuse to love you less.
Cause you been the best thing to happen to me.
Yes you.
And I forever call you, my adorable you.

This I will confess.
As long as I have breath.
I'm going to go out of my way to please you.

Call me love sick.
Call me silly.
I just don't care.
You deserve more.
To me.
You're a good example of love.
6.4k · Oct 2012
Cold Weather Love
jeffrey conyers Oct 2012
You my blanket.
I'm your warmth.
During the months of cold weather love.

I'm not freezing.
I'm not cold.
During the month of cold weather love.

Yes, it's frosty.
And cold too.
But in your company.
I'm more than cool.

All the moisture floating in the air.
Instantly disappears.
Whenever you're near.
During the months of our cold weather love.

You're hotter during the summer.
Breezy during the spring.
You're everything comfortable I would ever need.
6.4k · Feb 2015
Big Brother, Little Sister
jeffrey conyers Feb 2015
Big brother, little sister.
Best of each one's protector.

Big sister, little brother.
Always looking out for one another.

From each perspective they have their disagreement.
Siblings usually does.
But mess with one and you'll find you're messing with two.

Be it big brother, little sister.
Or big sister, little brother.
A single child realize not this bond.

But it exist deeper than many relationships.
6.3k · Sep 2012
The Good Old Days
jeffrey conyers Sep 2012
Those good old days of youth.
Teachers were to be respected.
Not to be attacked.
One ounce of disrespect to them.
You soon was facing your parents.
Yes, those were the good old days.

The church wasn't truly a choice.
Well, maybe for daddy it was.
But under mama rules.
You owed respect to the one that created you.
The good old days.

Respect was cherished art.
It was something those good parents taught.
Even if the adults were wrong.

And you best not try to talk back.
Because you had to be re-taught respect.
Parents weren't trying to be your friends.

You were educated on where friendship ends.
And the role of parents begins.
And with them.
You weren't going to always get your way.

Well, maybe when you sick.
Because parents become carings kids.
You get cake and ice cream when ill.

While if healthy.
You had to eat your dinner.
And hope they don't forget this offering deal.

Oh, the good old days.

You had a time limit to be in.
The street lights bet not come on.
And you're not in the yard.
This when parents went hard.
Lectures and sermons to last for days.
Punishments, I won't begin to say.

Remember, these the parents of the good old days.
6.2k · May 2013
Inner Beauty
jeffrey conyers May 2013
It has always been said, it what inside that count.
And it's true.
The heart, the mind, can state so much about you.

While others goes with the physical outside.
They mainly insecure to understand many things.

That what others lack?
They make up with inner beauty.
It says a lot.
It really says a lot more.

Who's to say?
Who's the most beautiful person must be?
Just to see their true self come through.
As someone of pretense.

Thinking they are better than others.

To many in existence inner beauty speaks volume.
Always have.
Always will.

It's like the brain.
Knowledge is power.
And wisdom comes through.
When people comprehend that inner beauty says a lot about you.

No one is as cute.
That they can't be ugly inside.
5.6k · Sep 2012
Cake and Ice Cream
jeffrey conyers Sep 2012
I want my cake and ice cream too.
Who wants to blow out a candle?
When there is no food.

I wants to do the things that kids usually do.
Blow out the candles and spread ferms too.
Hey, we kids.
And you know they assisting me too.

Camera snapping.
Kids clapping.
Cause the ice cream and cake is about to be cut.

While adults are playfully laughing.
5.5k · Sep 2012
jeffrey conyers Sep 2012
Why have two arms?
If you're not willing to hug.
People are quick to punch with two arms.

Even with one arm.
You can deliver a lovin' hug.
It these limps that truly assist us.

Sure there are others.
But at the present.
I'm not mentioning them.

Altho' I'm sure the lips.
Are a little jealous.

Why have two hands?
If you're not willing to use them.
We use them to shake hands.
Altho' we have those afraid to catch a germ.

As if.
They hadn't caught germs from other items in their life.

This hug.
Which can be given with kindness.
Which can be deivered with softness.
Well, in this case.
The receiver might have a sun burn.
Or some other type of injury.

Plus, you can hug too tight.
And be banned from trying that again.
When requested to just shake hands.

Of course.
You have those that does the search and feel.
Trying to be like a detective trying to pat you down.
But for those that's truly sincere.
You personally know those that's sincere.

When giving a hug.
5.4k · Dec 2012
Social Media
jeffrey conyers Dec 2012
Social media, can make you.
Or break you.
Take you from a nobody to a somebody in seconds.
If not minutes.

Many talented folks has been found.
While surrounded by clowns.
We don't need to name them.
Cause we'll be highlighting them.

But some are too drawn to them to enjoy life.
Long before social media came around.
We were the vocal type.
Now, we hide behind our fingers as words.

We see evil also exposed.
Sometimes right under our very nose
All because some on social media lose their control.
5.3k · Jan 2014
Compliment To The Honest
jeffrey conyers Jan 2014
Compliment to the  honest
When others question your common sense.
Compliment to the parents.
Who taught you right from wrong?

When you put to the test of will and choice.
Just to remember to make the correct decision.
Even if you done nothing wrong.

If the armor truck door open and bags of money falls out.
And you honestly turn in back in.
Compliment to the honesty of being just you.
Friends will question, what were you thinking?
That it's insured by the bank,

Compliment for putting yourself in their place.
Cause the best sign of truth starts with you.
Things you hope your child will adapt too.
5.3k · Feb 2013
Good Men Exist
jeffrey conyers Feb 2013
Good men exist.
And women must accept this.
Those that chasing the guys already hooked up.
Only telling upon themselves that they can't be trusted.

Good men, are in the world.
And only requesting the love of a certain girl.
One, who knows love.
One, that's willing to accept love.

The men that claims to be.
But trying to get with more then one.
Doesn't fall into this category.

Sill, I know good men exist.
Because I'm one of them.

I'm not intimidated by the men that has women chasing them.
Cause, in life.
We all know many fools.
Where some ladies love being treated like a passionate tool.

But then , there are the good men.
Who loves deep?
Who loves hard?
Who's willing to make one woman the subject of his heart?

By his action.
He becomes known.
With a good woman waiting for him.
He's constantly can't wait to get home.
5.2k · Jul 2012
jeffrey conyers Jul 2012
You didn't listen.
You didn't learn.
And you wonder
Why they call you stubborn?

You act stupid.
When you're not.
You refuses to adapt.
When you should.
And you wonder
Why they call you stubborn?

You act unreasonable.
Just determine to remain the same.
And because of that you think others to blame.
Only if you agree.
Then you'll see how great things could be.

Except you're stubborn.
Just refuses to change.

Its not that you can't be controlled.
You just use to getting your way.
Except you're spoil.
And strictly stubborn to see.
That you could meet half way with me.
5.2k · Aug 2014
We Good Men Do
jeffrey conyers Aug 2014
It's been said, that a man who finds a good woman?
Finds a good wife.
Same for women, who locates a good man?

They exist.
Even if many claims there are not many of them.
They completely wrong.
Cause I'm one of them.

Oh, I'm not bragging.
Or even boasting.
Just speaking truth.
I've got a lady love as my proof.

Yes, a good man don't mind being called King.
Cause if you look closer to his life.
You'll find him treating his lady like a Queen.

She might not sit upon a throne.
But you will find him lifting her upon a pedestal.
We good men do.
5.2k · Sep 2012
Wakeup In The Morning.
jeffrey conyers Sep 2012
After you said your prayer.
Or didn't.
Least wakeup in the morning with a smile.

After you thank him.
Or you didn't.
Wakeup in the morning with a smile.

With each heart beat.
Be thankful.
With each walk.
Be grateful.
You wokeup in the morning with a smile.

Things we should be so thankful for.
Always centers around the blessing of the lord.
5.0k · Aug 2012
jeffrey conyers Aug 2012
We all notice it.
We just hate seeing it.
But in families and jobs.
It does exist.
Even, while the person doing it.
Works harder to deny it.

Siblings gets the blunt of it.
And some truly enjoys it.
While others tries to avoid it.

Yes, favoritism.
It's been preached.
That Jesus had his close associates.
But they all had a mission to accomplish.

Grand parents.
We know they know its wrong.
But many parents sings this familar song.

Where kids even speaks it with truth?
Do you not comprehend?
That they brighter than many appears.

Truly notice.
That the one you love and delight it.
Sometimes goes the distance to be fair.
Many understands the pressure placed upon them.

And these are the ones we wants to be fair.
When it comes to things belonging to them.
jeffrey conyers Jun 2013
Love, it's isn't like the movies.
And nothing like a Disney's cartoon.
Yes, you might find your Prince Charming.
And your Cinderella too.

Just realize, love isn't like the movies.
Or like one of those old religious drama.
Where the King visualized his Queen?

Or anything shown like the royals dramatized dreams.

Once reality kicks in and you adjust.
Then you come to the realization.
Love only works when you put your hard work effort into it.

You'll have disagreements.
You'll have arguments too.
Just remember, love isn't like the movies.
And it shouldn't be.
When it comes to you.
4.8k · Jan 2014
jeffrey conyers Jan 2014
I've been around for centuries.
And will continue on.
I don't control my action.
I don't control my operator mood.

I just get accused.
When I lay a person down.

I didn't purchase myself.
A human purchase me.
I didn't load myself.
A person fulfilled that need.

I've been carried by the law enforcer legally for years.
And by the criminal influence a little longer.
When you have me in your hands.
You're the one in control.

Smith and Wesson some call me.
Other names seems to vary.
I'm protected by the second amendment.

And have the power to make a robber or burglar flee.
Yes, I am a gun.
Design to protect.
Design for show.

Create no problems.
And I lightly I won't be seen.

Except there's always one source that needs to meet me.
4.8k · Dec 2012
Constitutional Rights
jeffrey conyers Dec 2012
We hear so often about our rights.
But what rights we have is a priviledge, governed by laws.
We the people makes the rules.
We the people controls the rules.
And sometimes goes to the extreme to keep them too.

What's right for one?
Isn't totally right for society.
Those that feels brave with a gun.
Sprout about constitutional rights.
And intimidate others by fear.
A sign of times, we will never learn.

For, as guns can protect you.
We aware constantly, they can **** you.
And your constitutional rights share the blame.

When guidance of common sense isn't used.
We let fee based groups dictate the rules.
And, they share a percentage of the blame.

We hear guns don't ****.
That people do.
Which is complete true.
When they use their consitutional rights to do it.
All because, we live by the rights to bare arms.
Which is a priviledge.
Many people fails to see.
4.5k · Jan 2013
Protective Custody
jeffrey conyers Jan 2013
Locked down and secure.
In protective custody over you.
And, they claim my love is the evidence to convict.
And I can't say it don't make sense.
Cause it's true.

I'll serve my time quietly.
While being in the custody of you.

You can guard me twenty four seven.
You're my angel of love sent from heaven.
4.5k · Mar 2013
Good Men Exist
jeffrey conyers Mar 2013
Women gets together and ask,
where have all the good men gone?
And they states they either marry or taken.

When in truth many exist still in the world.
But they must question many things about themselves.

A man that quiet.
Wouldn't want a woman that argues constantly.
Probably one that hardly does.

Or one that can't trust him.
But wants him to trust her.

Good men live according to those they date.

The kind that gives him space.
And feel secure to let him be him.
Once you assured he's not out to hurt you.

A good man isn't afraid to be with his.
As long as she makes time for him.
But not according to their friends.

Sometimes being alone with one another.
Creates adventures to built upon.
And sometimes the best of friends get in the way.

A good man places the feeling of his woman first.
Always will.
Always have.
That's the quality of a good man.

Words said to harm her.
Is put to a halt by the love of him

It's not that all good men are taken.
It just some women is basing their search on the man of their friends.

Cause before they found him.
He was just an ordinary man.
Changed by the love of a good woman.
4.5k · Feb 2013
Under The Microscope
jeffrey conyers Feb 2013
Under the microscope they walk.
And probably never know it.
From all perspective they unaware of their power.
But a few know it.
While only a few uses it.

A woman can get a man faster then a man can.
Women are selective.
While men selects anything for the moment it seems.

They under the microscope for everything they do.
Their clothes.
Their voice.
Their physical presence when they been creative blessed.

A woman has ways of getting more.
Then many men realizes.
Even when they think they in control.
A woman knows it's only in his mind.

The charm.
The smile.
Just reels them in to her trap.
Tell a man, where you live?
And watch him purchase a road map.

Only, when they don't get their way.
Do the male complains.
But a honest woman of truth will speak out.
She never promise him anything.

And they under the microscope for many things.
When it seems it's the males.
Who brain needs examining?
jeffrey conyers Aug 2014
Oh, I could use beautiful, wonderful, pretty, and gorgeous.
While knowing, there's no words to describe you.
And if there is.
Then no one word would fit you.

Many offer suggestion about their significant.
Except, we just going through human description.
Cause deep down inside, there's no words to describe you.
All because you're one of a kind.
4.5k · Oct 2012
Insecurity Complex
jeffrey conyers Oct 2012
You think you ugly.
And you're far from it.
You feel you're ugly.
And you not near to it.
Celebrities and entertainers feel this way.
And many have pay greatly to attract good looks their way.

You compare yourself to models.
Who is only superficial at best?
Cause probably without makeup.
They themselves are a hot mess.
We know many has aa insecurity complex.

Even us, who isn't famous?
For some reasons join their rank.
Instead of believing we are beautiful in many ways.
Instead we live behind a insecurity complex.

If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
Then you yourself must see yourself ,as magnificently gorgeous.
jeffrey conyers Nov 2012
It's frosty outside.
Just simple cold.
Just standing in the grass almost make my hands froze.
Here I am standing out in he Monday morning cold.

It was just a few minutes ago.
With you by myside.
I was feeling Monday Morning warmth.

If it wasn't for love.
I wouldn't be outside.
But you came up with this idea to take a walk.
Cause you wanted to do something different.

Listen if it wasn't for love.
I know I wouldn't be here.
Cause Monday morning cold will never be my best friend.

Now, as for the Monday morning warmth.
Which I extremely enjoyed.
You just might get me to journey once more.
4.4k · Jan 2014
The British Accent
jeffrey conyers Jan 2014
Sometimes, when you listen to their enounciation.
You realize, just how beautiful they speak in their British accent.

Every word expressively spoken.
That you're mermorized by each vocal.

Maggie Smith, the lady of class.
Cary Grant, the man of taste.
Oh, that British voice.

That you might chose , if  had you that choice.
Or seek ways to adapt them to yours.

Michael Redgrave/Michael Rennie/Vanessa Regraves
All of them had that lovable voice.

Then you notice the beautiful Julie Andrew.
Words spoke so you see the greatness of the phase.

Which we notice too in Richard Attenborough.
Who reminds many of Richard Burton?
Yes, the British accent.
You just got to love it

Similar to loving Honor Blackman when she speaks.
A great difference from Jacqueline Bissett.
Except written about them with great respect.
Who can't admire the British Accent?

Yes, there's the French.
And I'm not kicking it.
Then , there's Spanish.
Which has more trying to learn it.

But this is about the English and the various style of vocals.

Colin Barker and Prince Williams the Royals speaks so wonderful.
Just like, the man called Michael Caine.
I just have to mention Deborah Kerr.
That also goes for Joan Collin.

It's something about their style of speaking.
Maybe because you understand every spoken word.
Which is level toward the great Timothy Dalton.

And Samantha Eggar and **** Jagger.
Plus, the late David Niven.
And honorable mention to Julie Christie.

Jane Asher, Hugh Grant and several more.
Have you wishing to make their voices be yours.

Yes, the British Accent just so lovable.
And the greatest things about it.
You don't have to be famous to be adored.
4.1k · May 2013
If Not Now, Then When
jeffrey conyers May 2013
Always undecided.
Always saying, I can't.
I don't know.
If not  now?
Then when?
I'm just asking.

Love's just floating in the air.
Just waiting for an invitation to participate.
But have no applicants applying.

If not now.
Then when will you let it happen.
Don't avoid the obvious.
Don't put on a pretense you're happy without it.
When it seems you're more sad without it.

Romeo had Juliette.
And Cleopatra had Mark Anthony.
So they knew it.
Even enjoyed it.
But when it comes to you.
You totally avoid it.

So I ask you.
If not now?
Then when.
4.1k · Feb 2013
Legacy(African Americans)
jeffrey conyers Feb 2013
Etta James, oh the lady could sing.
Sarah Vaughn,when I hear Anita Baker in away it's Sarah.
If you never knew one of the two.
You would swear they was one.

Billy Eckstein, during his time.
Mister B, was smoother then Billy Dee Williams.
And he had away of mastering a song.

Which we saw when David Ruffin came along.
Who was a rival to Sam Cooke?
A master of the coolest romantic hooks.

He might have been a little different.
Except Chuck Berry can't be deny his dues.
Johnny B Goode, is nationally known.

The color country boy in his song could play.
Yes, he had to change the word to suit the segregation days.
But Johnny B was African American in everyway.

Who doesn't believe that when you see Morris Day?
That he owe his style to Cab Calloway.

The role of an African American diva could be trace to Lena Horne.
Or maybe actress Freddi Washington.
Or opera star Marion Anderson.
Who sometimes don't get recognition like they should.
Almost like Dorothy Dandridge doesn't.

Still they played on like Josephine Baker.
Who like George Washington Carver faces hostility and problems?

We still trying to educate people about Charles Drew.
Who fame is traced to the blood floating within you?

Against the greatest of odds.
They adapted and blazed a trail.
Through the roughest of times.
They was determine to be.

Who doesn't know Little Richard?
Who borrowed heavily off of gospel singer Billy Wright?
And soon was creating truth within his lyrics.
Until others came along and water them down.

We know truth still is avoided by them.
Except for the man that sung about a hound.
Which wasn't at all about a dog.
But about a cheating man.
Sung beautifully by Big Mama Thorton.

But then no man plays the guitar better.
Then Marva Collins or Rosetta Throphe.
Yes, these women could play.

Some people will never understand Malcolm X contribution.
Except, he left many that's seen today.
Just notice the way he never revisted the prison in any negative way.

We marched.
We protested.
And some of the best controversial stars comes from the musical side.

For no other side of music can touch the blues with truth.
Well, I guess country do.
But the blues takes many forms.

Could be about leaving.
Could be about loving.
Or that stuff you do in the dark with your love.

It could be the howlin'.
It might be the scoffin'.
It could be the chasin'.
But like many styles of music.
Some knows they was creating babies.

Which leads us to Marvin Gaye and Teddy Pendergrass.
Where the Love TKO and Let's Get It On still is the songs.

It's an African American tradition of the past.
That affects the future too.
For stars of yesterdays.
Are seen in stars of today.

A Legacy.
And we know legacies doesn't fade.
4.1k · Jan 2013
Who's Dysfunctional?
jeffrey conyers Jan 2013
We know the word.
It's applied to many things.
We disagree to it use.
Simply, we acting the nature of being a human being.

Just because siblings doesn't get along.
It doesn't mean they are dysfunctional.
This just the so call experts speaking.

We all know doctors doesn't agree.
So, how can they apply this tag dysfunctional to anyone?

We could say it were a purpose of God.
To see, how we adjust to our conflicts concerning love.

We saw Cain and Abel have disagreement.
And know how that conclusion ended.

Even family that pretends to get along.
Usually exposes they were fronting all along.

We see this constantly in the news.
Where politicians not even kin to one another?
Seems to act like sisters, mothers, fathers, and brothers.
And this includes aunts and uncles too.

So, are they dysfunctional too?
Because they see things in a different light.
Experts, say it is.
We common sense people just say, it's life.

We not suppose to agree on everything in life.

Once, a word makes it into our vocabulary.
Then people starts using it.
As a every day saying

You dysfunctional.
I'm dysfunctional.
When in truth.
We just being us.

We know the way to love.
We just refuse to show it.
4.0k · Jun 2015
Those Old School Spanking
jeffrey conyers Jun 2015
Oh, many can recall them spanking from the day.
Which probably now, you can laugh at.

Whether from a belt.
From a switch or maybe a paddle.
Oh, they all left an after effect.

Yes, those old school spanking.
Many of us faced as a child.
Mainly because of getting out of line.

Too much mouth or not accepting parental decision.

Some call them beating.
Others just old school spanking.
That got its point across.

Least to some.
Especially when you think back from who it came from?
jeffrey conyers Oct 2012
They proclaim this model to be,
the sexiest woman alive.
They proclaim this singer to be,
the sexiest woman around.
Except they didn't include you.
Cause that's what you are in my eyes.

We base things on the physicality of a person.
Least it is, when it  comes to looks.
And to me you are both.
And that's not a joke  in the least.
For you bought love and joy to me.

So, they didn't include you in their poll.
But, you're the sexiest woman I know.
Even , if your looks fades.
You'll still be the sexiest woman I know.
jeffrey conyers Oct 2012
It's must be love.
For I wokeup this morning with you on my mind.
It must be love.
I woke up this morning with a smile.

It's must be true.
Cause all my thought is of you.

Don't matter where I go.
Memories of you comes along.
Don't matter what I do.
It's solely for the love of you.

You push me.
You drive me to succeed.
And each and every day.
I'm not afraid to say.
I woke up this morning with you on my mind.

It's must be real.
Because you are here.
jeffrey conyers Nov 2012
Many times ladies inquire about where are all the good men?
Well, before answering they must ask within.
What they do to their very own man?

For those that was good to you.
What did you do?
That he's no longer with you.

Some must admit.
They cheated.
They lied.
And they stole.
Which is part of the reason's they are alone.

But, where are all the good men?
They either marry.
Or not looking to go that route.
Which leads to many questioning their logic.

Some women play game.
Then put all the men at blame.
Some seek others.
When they have a good soul.
No good woman deserves to be alone.

Some say.
They hidden within jail.
Many of them living a fairytale.
Wondering still.
Where are all the good men?

But in truth.
They all have a little wickedness.
Many just afraid to face it.
When they confess it.
3.9k · Dec 2012
Brokenhearted Lovers
jeffrey conyers Dec 2012
Brokenhearted lovers.
Learn to let go.
To try to control anyone.
Means you have no control at all.

Brokenhearted lovers.
Seek ways to heal.
Losing a lover is a bitter pill.

But move on.
Readjust your feelings to be free of hurt.
And it starts the moment you accepts the hurt.

Insecurity is a weakness of fear.
When you yearn for your  love.
Who has found another?

Even if they were dishonest with you.
Accept it as a sign.
They wasn't worth of the essence of you.

Built up a inner strength that you control.
And when the next lover comes along.
They will cherish you more than you thought possible.

Counsel yourself.
All because it's free.
And you'll find in yourself.
A strength that can't be bent.
So brokenheart soul explore yourself.
3.9k · Jan 2016
In The World of Racism
jeffrey conyers Jan 2016
I'm not shocked.
I'm not surprised
Not in the world of racism.

We need it.
God created it.
When he created humans.
Who spreads it?

Through mistruth we adapt and adjust to it.
Some of us believes by it.
While others just don't buy it.
Not in the world of racism.

Through cultures we still to rumors.
Plus, those with wealth we feel they are no help.
When many uses those without to clean theirs houses.

Than many of us simple misinformed.
If you think racism doesn't harm everyone..
3.9k · Jul 2014
jeffrey conyers Jul 2014
Doctors has examine me.
Even offer that assessment of what's ailing me?
Which I knew before they even touched me.

I'm lovesick.
Being this way since you first affected me.
I can't sleep.
I can't eat.
I can't do many of things without you involved.
Yes, you have affected my heart.

They say, otherwise I'm in good condition.
I'm not surprised by that announcement.
I'm just lovesick.
That's all that making me seem so lost.

Love does come with a cost.
When it concerns the heart
3.8k · Feb 2016
Like In A Disney's Fairytale
jeffrey conyers Feb 2016
Oh, i'm in love.
Like in a Disney's fairytale.
You know the ones, where ending always ends so well?

Like Snow White prince locates her.
Or like Cinderella finds hers.

I just know, i'm in love.
One that's justify and honorable and adequate and reasonable.
Like in a Disney's fairytale.

It's the substance of things unseen that leaves it's mark.
And the moment I saw her I found my interest.
Just like in a Disney's fairytale
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