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1d · 39
Ask Mama
Sure, the song stated Papa Was A Rollin' Stone.
But the truth lies with mama to tell.
Always have, always will in life.

Do we run to the most when others play us off?
When asking dad or brother sister?
We told to what?
Ask mama.

Most likely to hear I can't catch a break.
Still, we ask mama to stay the course.
Every now and then, we might get asks your papa.

But that far and in between because we all love asking mama.
2d · 50
You Love Me
Even, if you never said a single world.
I know you love me, from the look in your eyes.
Yes, you love me.
I feel it daily, within my heart.

And I proudly profess to friends, family.
That you love me.
And I deeply appreciate it.
Because I love you.
And hope you feel it within your soul.

If you never receive flowers?
I know you love me.
But I give them to you.
If you never get a single greeting card.
I know you love me.
So, I write all my feelings to you in a poem.
Because you love me.
So deeply, you love me.
I want to write a song, like William Hart.
I wanted to write a song, like Thom Bell.
I want to write a song, like Smokey.
I want to write a song, about the love in me.

About this heart that beats so unselfishly.
About this heart that keeps my love so happy.

I want to write a song, like Lennon and McCartney.
I want to write a song, like Paul Simon.
I want to write a song, like Carol King.
I want the lyrics to describe the love in me.

But whatever I express within my song.
It will leave a long impression from season to season.
And describe why I am love with various reason.
2d · 49
Understood, because you just that bright.
You can take a statement and make it seems so right.

You often overlooked until you're needed at the right time.
Then many clamor for you to be the leader of the wisdom of faith to explore.

And way more, you deserve all of this world's love.
I gave you more than you ever wanted, more than you ever need.
I gave you every part of me.
And still you weren't happy.

I supply you with joy and happiness from my end.
I gave you every part of me.
But I am the one in misery.

And when you finally came around to my way of love.
I kind of felt destroyed hoping to recover.
I gave you ever part of me.

And try as you might to make me love you now.
I must be honest with you.
It's going to take some time.

Cause I gave and gave and gave.
I gave you every part of me.
You just woke up late to see.
I gave you every part of me.

It's true, it's true, you never miss what you had until it's gone.
All that love wasted on a fool.
When you had me here to really love you.
All that love wasted upon a clown.
Now, he is nowhere around.

Not one to gripe about hurt.
But you kept believing this guy wasn't a ****.

But all that love wasted upon a fool.
When you had me here to truly love you.
All your love has gone up in smoke.
And I warn you many times he was a joke.

Now, you see the lessons you have learned.
But only after your heart has been burn.

Live and learn.
Live and learn.
Take what you now know?

That some messages have a truth to it.
Maybe, it was your eyes that attracted me.
Well, maybe.
Maybe it was that voice that enticed me.
Just maybe.
Then maybe it was your personality that left an impression upon me.

Not one not to contribute to you the happiness you have brought to me.
Mainly, because it truly, truly be wrong of me.

Maybe, it was your lips, your sweet lips.
That have this hold upon me.
Because when we kiss it leaves a spell upon me.

Maybe it your hands that ring this warmth upon me.
Yes, just maybe.
And if it is then just keep on touching me.

Then maybe this is all just a dream.
After all it is my fantasy.
4d · 31
Hurt Feelings
After decades, you still have hurt feelings.
Just because the verdict didn't go your way.
Now, in death you still got negative things to say.

A jury came back with innocent.
And since we gave power to them to decide.
Time to stop crying.

Obviously, if it was you?
You still be saying show me the proof.
Eyes are upon you, yes on earth, and from heaven.
You are being watched for security purpose and for logical reasons.
Even, spies aware of those headed toward treason.

Eyes are upon you.
And it sad to say not all have the right reasons.
So, protect yourself at all costs.
In today's society that goes for your boss.

Stay focus and you find you being monitored by the Almighty.
Worry not, you can't escape his vision.
He in your mind and aware of your good or wicked decisions.

From the old way down to the young, eyes are upon you.

Even future lovers aware it took looking to attract them.
Love comes here.
Why you keep running away?
I am above heartbreak.

Love comes here.
In no way we are creating mistakes.
I am afraid of heartache.

Ask me not how to mend a broken heart?
All because mine has never been torn apart.

So, love comes here.
Be brave avoid all the fear.
In my relationship you never find a wasted tear.

So again, love come here.
Greatness, of some good parents.
They will never speak negative of one they no longer with.
Least, not your mother or father, if they are no longer around.

Sure, they know the story and the various reasons.
But for you to know the truth, you must find out for yourself.
And then you make your own personal judgment.

When you find out for yourself?
Somewhere in your life, you will hear this.
Yes, they all look the same to me.
But pay attention to why you say?
You might find a fist to make you readjust your thinking process.

When you say?
They all look the same to me.
Culture, upbringing and faith of their religious is different.
Base not everything upon looks and of course not color.

Whenever you say?
They all look the same to me.

Because it just not true.
Love is manipulation trick.
Words. are spoken to get you hooked.
A gullible mind falls quick.
Then many smart folks have too.

When it comes to the dumbness of love.

Some, seek that bad boy for bravery and protection.
Then locked up mostly forget about him.
He not there to help raise that child you might have had.
Or you woke up and found that life isn't all that grand.
Yes, the dumbness of love taught you life.

Off to college you go to attend.
Probably warned by parents DON'T come home with any kids.
But sometimes great advice falls on deaf ears because you trapped into the dumbness of love.

Into an illicit affair you participated.
Falling for all the twisted tricks of words many men say.
Like they are leaving that spouse and most likely never will.
Just to be with you.
To keep getting the honey you have to manipulate the fool.
Yes, the dumbness of love has affected you.

Love is a mind game long known.
Been around than the creation of phones.
Many beautiful folks have played the used game.

Because once you read a person you know exactly the things to say.
We see this in that most known book around the world.
Where tricks were played to accomplish a mission.
4d · 22
Think of Me
As you're driving down the street.
Listening to a music beat love think of me.
As you sit there dreaming.
Love, think of me.

I easily get distracted just the very thought of you.
I hope deep in your heart, you do the same about me.

In your dreams
Think of me.
In your thoughts
Think of me
When you do that turn on walk.
Think of me.

As you give any speech or talk around your friends.
Speak up, speak out saying you're thinking about me.

An you'll find I am an instant dream.
5d · 15
You know them.
They think you're beneath them.
In truth, they are no better than you.

You just humble in your grace of your human soul.
And beliefs that none is better than you.
Wealth holds keys to success.

But being without means you humble.
And it shows to those that admires you.
When they say?
This just who you are?
6d · 125
Many won't remember you for your greatness.
More for your crime.
Which still debated at this present time.

Ali stated he was the greatest and to some extent he was.
Then you stand in that field too for the accomplishment you achieved.
And you earned the name the Juice.

Headlines might not contribute your greatness like they should.
But even modern times and past time players must admit you was good.

If anyone using the OJ tag for a name.
More likely they must admit to it you lay claim.
Death is a terrible thing to face.
But things you accomplished while alive will never be replace.
Whether they were good or bad.
I go out of my way for you.
Do more than I thought I ever would for another.
Avoid my friends just to hold your hand.
Going out of my way to be claim as your man.

You more (more)
Then just another girl.
Sure, I got no clues that you're into me.
But I am going on faith to just believe.

If I could be like Daniel able to read dreams.
Then it would be you more than just another girl to me.

Which I find hard to believe.
That you are more than just another girl to me.
7d · 43
Maybe A Little
If I was rich?
You wouldn't know me.
I wouldn't brag about it.

Wouldn't even act like it.
Never wanted a mansion or live in a gated community.
There's no safety as folks seems to think.

I drive a simple car.
Well, maybe upgrade just a little.
Yes, if I was rich.

You would talk about me.
Saying thing you would do with wealth.
And that will be fine.

But if I was broke?
I still be the same because with money I never going to change.
Well, maybe a little.
7d · 31
Love Come Here
Love comes here.
Why you keep running away?
I am above heartbreak.

Love comes here.
In no way we are creating mistakes.
I am afraid of heartache.

Ask me not how to mend a broken heart?
All because mine has never been torn apart.

So, love comes here.
Be brave avoid all the fear.
In my relationship you never find a wasted tear.

So again, love come here.
I know.
You know.
They know, how much I love you so?
It's no mystery.

You know.
They know.
I know.
Why your face is bound with a glow?
And it's done on purpose lovely one.

They know.
I know.
You know.
Every effort of happiness from me you deserve.
You're beautiful, you're blessed and deserve the very best.
Apr 9 · 56
Love Moves Me
Like the flow of a water river stream just moving along.
Love moves me like the lyrics of a love song.

Like two lips kissing in the dark.
The memory of that moment stays in my heart.
Love moves me.

And I can describe it in more detail.
Like warm summaries of a letter received in the mail.
Detailing every moment that we shared.
Love moves me.

There are many things that affects us two.
But nothing more than the love I feel for you.

Love moves me.
You move me.
Love moves me.
Thrills do too.
My love, his love, your love.
Which one will receive it?
His love, your love, my love.
Of the two who will be the lucky one?

Your love, my love, his love.
Who is the winning competitor?
That's all I am seeking an answer too.

We are aware that you might have a torn heart.
But one of us will keep it sealed forever.
Is it my love?
Is it his love?
A simple question seeking a simple answer.
Who is the winning competitor?
Apr 9 · 47
There are no limitations on love.
True facts, it's more guarantee.
And if you feel that you are receiving it too much.
Then, you just might be because I have lots of love to share.

Until you sign off on getting it more.

If it was money?
Would you turn it down?
Or wish for more to be around.
So, until you sign off on getting it more.
My love
My love
My love for you will stay around.

It will be hotter than the sun.
And cool like the moon but it be yours, yours, yours.
Until you sign off on getting it more.

Just accept it.
You'll never forget it.
It will protect you.
While keeping your attention.
Apr 9 · 52
Can't Love Her Enough
Sometimes, we take the woman we love for granted.
Overlook the things she does but notice all her mistakes.
But when reality sets it?
We realize, truly, truly, realize, we can'tlove her enough.

And in our prayers, when alone?
You break down and thank God for her.
While knowing you been blessed with a human angel.
But you know deep within, you just can't love her enough.

You can purchase all types of gifts for her.
And she gladly accepts them but warn you upfront.
Just the love of you is enough.

But you feel and know within, you just can't love her enough.
But you will try, will try, will try until the very end.
Because she is your very best friend, and she makes you happy.
It was created for joy.
It was created for us.
Let love lead my heart and let us not fall apart.

What I do?
It will be totally romantic in keeping you.
What we create?
It will be void of mistakes.
Let love lead my heart into keeping you happy.

Because happiness, is a soul-to-soul creation.
Like keeping peace between hostile nations.
So, let love-ley love-please let love lead my heart.

We aware by who it was form?
And all it takes to keep it warm is sincerity of truth.
And we are living proof of joyfulness.
So, let love lead your heart.

During the summer.
During the winter, spring and fall.
Make, no mistake that love is the greatest creation.
But not shared joyfully.
It's like the song thin line between love and hate,
Center around one soul mistake.

Coming home late and not expecting a conflict.
Until you are lying in a hospital bed and thinking of things you done.
But the truth was before you that consequences was to come.

When is kindness shown at five in the morning?
Right there should have been a dire warning.

Say, you love someone only if sincere.
And support it with truth.
And you'll avoid the story of thin line between love and hate.
Where eventually you have to recuperate.
Apr 5 · 142
Read Me
You say, you can read me.
Read me like a book.
From beginning to end.

Well, read me.
Read me well and eventually you miss the whole story tale.
Least about us being lovers and friends.

We are chapters of a book with mysterious content.
Well, only the best readers will understand what each word meant.

So, when reading me and all within my soul, my eyes, my lips.
Then admit with truth what my love states.
That falling in love with me wasn't a mistake.

So, read me.
Read me well.
Apr 4 · 29
Others Love To Speak
When storms to come a relationship?
Others love to speak of thigs you should do.
Untrained counselors, with unused for advice.

If I, was you?
I do this or that quickly they tell.
When others speak?
Are they speaking out of concern or basing it upon themselves?

In truth, it's just an opinion to you.
Your heart is advising you too.
After all, the decision will be left up to you.

Ask someone that have survived the thunderstorm.
Least, they can pinpoint things they faced.
And will advise you that it isn't their place to divide.

But to make the picture clear to see the truth.
Physically, I know it's impossible to do.
But I know the best part of loving you.
So, I must ask you this.
Can I touch your heart?

Get within it like in your mind to understand the depth of my attraction to you.

Can I touch your hands?
Place them upon my heart so you can feel every beat is solely assigned to you.

Can I kiss your lips.
Softly and tenderly, it would mean so much to me.
And with each kiss you'll see your main attraction to me.

So, can I?
Can I.
Can I.
I still bring you Flowers after all these years.
I bring them to your work.
I bring them even home.
That just of the things I do.

I still write you poetry.
Yes, on many themes concerning my love for you.
I hand them to you, even mail them too.
Still trying to impress you.

I still hold you with warmth.
Closer more during those cold winter months.
But each day, that I hold you I am aware you're feeling my love.

Just have seen us blossom into a couple of force.
And it was agreed upon also known as a choice.
I don't ask for much.
Hardly anything, if you must know.
Just don't compare to others you seen or even might know.

I might not be wealthy, at this moment.
Or might never be.
Then on the other hands there are possibilities.

Just accept me as the man I am.

If you are imagining what you like me to excel at?
I can honestly accept that.
But it must be a joy for me.
Don't change me to please your friends because a few looks down upon me.

I could care less about them.
It's you that I love.
It's you that I need.
So, accept me as the man I am.
Apr 4 · 43
The Lady That You Are
You got a good heart.
In truth, a sincere heart.
I know the lady that you are.

If there is an evilness within you.
It doesn't show.
Cause I know the lady that you are.
I am a bless man just having you in my life.

So, stay the lady that you are.
So sweet.
So, kind.
So, smart with a wonderful spirit and heart.

Let no one change you.
Cause I adore the lady that you are.
Each day, each month and even more.
Like God know his son.
I knew you was the one, when I first met you.
All my inside just melted by you smiling at me.

Yes, I knew you was the one.
Everything about you was attractive to me.
Just being in your presence made me so happy.

You that special someone folks talk about leaving nothing out.

Yes, your name in many men mouth.
Because you just that known.
So, accept my word as truth without any lie told.

I knew.
I knew.
Yes, I knew you was the one.
And look at us, we are still happy.
Apr 3 · 37
To Be Accepted In
Jesus said, did you show love?
Like I have shown to you.
To be accepted in.

Did you show kindness as a person to a soul lost or just to friend?

Jesus said, did you try comprehending what my live about?
Or just pretending to impress the minister.

Jesus said, how, do you define happiness?
What's on the inside just comes out?

Jesus, said he didn't come to change the law?
It's written n scriptures.
But do you get the bigger picture.

Jesus said love is power to overrule hate.
And forgiveness covers many things, even all our mistakes.

Check yourself, just to be accepted.
Many will face refusal and won't make it in.
Apr 2 · 45
Forgive Me
Forgive me, for not loving you longer.
I will try better.
Forgive me, for not bringing you more happiness.
I will do better.
In life, that all any of us can truly do.
Least, this is my sole promise to you.

Forgive me, for not creating a smile upon your face daily.
I know I can.
Forgive me, for not holding your hand.
This I will do more.
Sometimes, the small things are overlooked to keeping a relationship strong.
But there are things wrong you have done.

Except, you're still the one I love.
Apr 1 · 47
It Was In The Rain
Maybe, God had a hand in our love becoming more.
I just saw a lady without an umbrella and being kind.
Just trying to keep her from the storm.
But it was in the rain, we got to know one another.

At that time, I never imagined us being lovers.
But you spoke so eloquently.
And the sound of your voice left an impression upon me.
And I just trying to keep you from the storm.
But it was in the rain that fell, we got to know one another.

Yes, we both was wet from the rain.
But I might have been wet a little more.
But not for one moment do I have regrets.

Cause it was in the rain (I fell in love) in the rain.
Yes, it was in the rain (you fell in love) in the rain.

So, maybe God design this path for us to meet.
And to me, my love this is so sweet.
Mar 31 · 38
You Deserve It
There are things that comes your way that makes me say, you deserve it.
Like you deserve to be love.

There are blessings bestowed upon you.
That I know you never saw coming your way.
Just know this, just know this.
You deserve it.

Happiness is my goal to keeping you happy.
Until I am satisfied inside myself.
Love, you deserve it.

Not once, never have I regretted the things I do for you.
And watch in time, of all the joy I'm going to bring to you.

Love, you deserve it.
Just treasure it.

And soon your heart will measure it.
A gift to my parents.
Because I was a recipient of God's love.
Blessed with so much unselfish love.

He blessed me.
He trusts me.
To be whatever he sees in me.

We all are a recipient of God's love.
So, don't violate it.
Accept it with honor.

I been rewarded an armor to wear.
To protector those in need and care.
What blessings you are to one?
Make you a loyal blessing to some even more.

Because we all are a recipient of God's love.
Just don't forget it.
Mar 31 · 50
More Than Anything
See me, enjoy me, embrace me.
More than anything tries getting to know me.

Inspire me, admire me, speak highly of me.
More than anything stays in love with me.

We will reach the top of happiness.
And in all that, we might find sadness.
More than anything, we will more in love.

We will grow into one.
And be the example to others to come.
More than anything, our hearts will accept no other.

More than anything, we be each other protector.
Mar 30 · 35
Words of Confusion.
Words of confusion to many.
I said Hey and someone said hay.
I said where and other spoke wear or ware to the point, I didn't care about these words of confusion.

****, these words driving me crazy.
Hell, hail, but we quick to point out they misspelled the world.

Gel to jail, one quick to point out the differences.

Just leave me alone.
Still confused by the spelling of the telephone.
Love me during good times.
Love, me during bad times.
Not when it comfortable for you.

Love me during my height.
Love me during low.
Just love me, sincerely.

That's all I'm asking love.

Don't be like celebrities that fades into the shadows.
When trouble is arising?
It during these times loyal friends should be like welcoming rain showers.
After a drought.

Love me, through thick and thin.
And in return, you find a forever friend.
Mar 30 · 34
Spiritual Journey
Come, with me on my spiritual journey with God.
Soak in his words, his spirits, just soak in his love.

Be impressed and excited on this path.
Sure, with joy, you must face some harsh wraith.

Let's become knowledgeable about his goal.
Set aside some leaders giving their opinions and not schooled in anything about our Lord.

Read, his words to show you know.
Not like locked up prisoners that only found him then.
Obviously, in that plight you need a sincere friend.

But for me, I'm seeking internal peace.
So, upon this spiritual journey I am asking you to join me.

We know, love, peace, and happiness us apart of him.
But we can say the same about war.
It's at this point when he tests us.
Mar 30 · 34
Riding In The Country
Riding in the country in my pickup truck.
With a pretty woman that has brought me luck.
Just enjoying the country scene.

There's no other place I rather be.
Then riding in the country in my pickup truck.
And being at peace.

All my family think the best of me.
I just don't see what they see.
But this pretty woman brings out the best in me.

So, we are riding in the country.
Mar 30 · 32
The Forgiving Man
You went to another under the impression that he was better.
But in truth, you found that wasn't truth.
So, you requested to come back.
Although through gripes that was many protests.

But one was on your side calling me the forgiving man.

Not that I'm perfect in any way.
I have done wrongs in many ways.
But to say I am perfect would be wrong of me.

So, being a forgiving man all I can be.
Sure, I hear the things many have said.
That it takes a strong man to be like this.

Only, if you knew.
Mar 30 · 42
Days of Yesterday
Youth today, will never know the joy we had.
Which is so sad.
We, of older years, remember when at twelve.
When that voice would guide you through the presence of God.
Right before the television went off.
Oh, you went to sleep.

Yes, youth today, will never know the true imaginary mind.
When you would make up your own go cart?
By messing up a real tricycle to do it.
Or the love of parents, sibling playing with you over play food.

Or the days of a creative mind.
Hide and seeks, which many would try the hide and get themes too.
Being a kid back in the day was a joy.

Oh, and when it came to church.
We knew?
Parents had this unwritten better act right rule.
Yes, we knew.
Cross it, if you like.

Well, this tar and feather you I never got.
But we knew not to talk back.
And hate to admit it.
It might take a sibling to teach you why?

Man of us know why our parents so loved by us.
They might not all been the best.
Least, they show us respect.
Mar 30 · 41
I stood before you with everything scriptures have taught me.
You see love.
Isn't that the most important message left upon us.

I represent all the qualities of that ' special one".
You see love.

Nowhere, is it mention he hated upon anyone.
The Almighty so love the world that he gifted him to the world.

I could take ten and change them for my purpose.
You see love.
To make a simple request to follow anyone of good only require love.

I could heal or make many see.
I could do so many blessing things.
You see love.

I could go into my own special space and not be challenged by the offering of gifts.

You see the one my life is based upon.
Your life is not my life.
Love, who you want, love who you like?
Never, been one to let others run my life.

Yes, who will let another come into their home. and just make those rules.
Well, maybe a quiet fool.

Oh, we hear they don't like this or that.
Or hide behind scriptures to carry out hateful acts.

Cry not freedom, if you trying to legislate things.
All because things don't fit your view.
Your life is not my life.
Love, who you want, love who you like.

Let them be mad enjoying your happiness.
Mention of you makes me happy inside.
Because you're the reason I smile.
Because no one knows you like I do.

Your eyes enhance me.
I adore the many ways you romance me.
Because you're the reason I smile.

You, my doctor.
You're my heart.
You're my life.
You're the reason I smile.

You give me strength, when I am weak.
You give me confidence to freely speak.
And if you never, never ever knew it.
I gladly tell you now.
You're the reason I smile.

Each and every day.
You're the reason.
Mar 29 · 27
Love Will
There are many things in this life.
That will make you smile.

Like, the birth of a child.
Like a surprised gift.
Heck, there are so many of them.

Love will, make you smile.
Love will protect you.
Love will, affect you.

Run not, from something sincere.
Once you find it let convince you of many miracles.

Love will embrace you.
Love will make you reflect upon those that left an impression upon you.
Love will, yes even depart from you.
Yes, sometimes love does that too.
There, are so many loves will in society.

But you must write your own love will.
But doing that, you'll find your on love will that makes you happy.
Those in love will advise you that it's satisfying too.
Hard to comprehend this truth.
My truth, or your truth.
Say what?

I will repeat it later.

Say, who?
Say it, with all honesty.
Say, who loves you?

And say when?

Yes, say what?
Say who?
Say when?

Be precise about the moment our love begun.
Meeting you made me the luck one.
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