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1h · 15
Storm Warning
Halt, you are under a storm.
Some warning has been brewing for sometimes to solve it.
But political forces and juries ignored it.

No community has ever been safe.
It's just a comfort zone.

Beware, when the lightning strikes?
Like a driving tornado, someone will be hurt.

And none will be listening to ministers from any church.
When King died many just stepped to aside?

They use his sermons at selected times?
Always asking their own race to be the forgiving kind.
But sometimes, it just got to be them.

They control the narratives to peace?
Because death is the next path they will eventually meet.
And no flight of running can help them.
Someone somewhere loves to say prison is a plantation for blacks.
Will present numbers to support their viewpoint.
But with any numbers, we edited down a few facts.

A slave never decided to be slaves.
They were captured and transported places.
Simply had no say.

During this modern time?
A majority of us control our destination.
The decisions we make put us in various places.

If you robbed?
A decision you made.
If you ***** or gang-*****?
A decision you made.

If you killed?
If you steal?
If you embezzled?
Or sell drugs?
Decision freely made.

Then you wanted to be apart of the prison called the plantation.

Sure, the wages just a cent better than slaves.
Just comprehend that wasn't a decision they made.

Some cries about the condition behind the walls

Well, steaks and wine you shouldn't be seeing.
Serving your time for crimes should be solely upon your mind.
If it makes you question the free decision you made to be a prisoner.

Slaves didn't have choices to not work.
Many prisoners simply refuse to believe they alone responsible for rehabilitation.
First, came white flight.
Running from the reality of a changing society.
Created and placed into law by white men.

Now, here stands white fear?
Again, created by them because of injustice to punish them.
Rogue and overactive cops going outside the rules and regulation of various forces.

It's been spoken all men are created equal?
It's just the juries hadn't gotten the message.
They solely the creators of injustice in the system.

The one race with the power so afraid to punish their own from wrong.
In their eyes, a white cop can't do any wrong.
When their own laws are broken by them?
And that wrong have cost many cities plenty.

For lawsuits will emerge and hurt the budget of the government.

This constantly running from a changing world they must face?
Before they realize that race is simply out of place.
The Man
In those glorious black exploitation films of the seventies.
They always spoke of the man.
The one crooked with power and an evil hand.

Similar to today.
Put on that badge and showcase they bad.
Creating more havoc now than they ever had.

But still afraid of one tough gender and race.
And it will be that group to put them in place.

Create hell and you get hell.
And crisis comes and instantly everyone wants to talk,
Because the man stated a conflict from abuse of power.
All it takes is one cop to create so much hell.
The one with that aggressive attitude always trying to rule.

Yes, one cop, one hell, and soon the city is burning down.

And the police union says, don't rush to judgment.
When many should be wiping their hands of trouble?

In the midst of death, no one is calm.
A roguish cop is the beginner of the storm to come.

Buildings burning down.
Cars on fire and various people going haywire.
All because of one cop that created so much hell.
The power of a black man since slavery.
You have the power to still intimidate those that have power.
They lie.
They scheme.
They cheat and manipulate.

Quick to call authorities when they creating the mess.
Quick to holler the black man did it.
When the truly were the troublemaker.

And then.
And then create sympathy when exposed as liars.

We have seen this is alledged **** cases.
We have seen this in robberies.
We have seen this when making up police complaint stories?

The black man did it story.
2d · 26
Rise Up
The best way to control the narrative?
Is it to change the event?
Time and time again we see a black man killed and by which hands.

Sometimes, you must rise up and show them your strength.
Quit letting the collared man be the face of the protest.
They most likely scared to create some friction.

But when you rise up they always pay attention?
Quit hiding behind violence doesn't create anything but more.

But sometimes they get the message more when you in an uproar.
In truth, they can't handle a racial war.

They talk the talk and showcase the weapons like bad.
But when directed to put up or shut up.
They always the ones.

Black live matters were created by the crooks in blue.
Just for the injustice because of the color of hue.
Then some idiot stole came up blue lives matters too.

Well, when you rise up?
That hue comes to see the truth.
Folks, talk about the rapper with many kids.
And the courts have justified them all as his.
But they knew the game and they know the score.

If not?
The men defending him do.

When a man got money?
The hoes starting coming.
We cry about all types of allegations.
But many afraid to admit the honest truth.

When a man *** money?
The women start coming.
And MeToo intimidated to admit the truth.

Some of those suing comedians, the business executives were chasing the loot.

And this has nothing with being politically correct.
We all know money is a powerful aphrodisiac.
Some call it the power trap.

Now some are offended and the truth does that
It's been registered since day one.
Yes, it has been forever yours.
None can have it or request it.

Although many will try to steal it.
And some will try to gain excess to your copyrighted love.
3d · 26
You noticed his clothes?
You noticed his rings?
You noticed his many cars and various loves.

But you never noticed his personality.
Which explained so many things.

He abused you.
He treated you cruelly.
Before friends to show out he called you a fool.

And then your friends noticed you.

That confidence has been pushed aside.
Many times you showed up to them with two black eyes.
And when asked how?
You told them lies.

But they noticed you selected the wrong guy.
Simply because of the things he could buy.

Somethings we noticed we sit silently by.
Report folks the violence you see before your eyes.
3d · 13
Notice, how the famous upgrade?
He divorces her for something he sees as better.
Maybe even more beautiful.

The plain Jane he dated in high school or college.
Has now pushed to aside for an actress or a model.
Yet, he fails to see she was his most loyal woman.

Women have mastered the trick to it years ago.
You think they come out better financially and many men are broke.
Crying about alimony and child support being too much.
But they were the ones to upgrade the most.

Women, chase the next wealthy guy the business executive.
Men, chase the women just willing to play and please.
And in the end, their upgrade didn't do anything they needed to achieve.

Upgrade, if you feel?
But only if you think it's the real deal.
4d · 24
Not Enough
How many times?
Can I say I love you?
Well, not enough.

And how many times?
Can I say I adore you?
Well, understand not enough.

Some say it once a day and let the words float through your thoughts.
As for myself, I say it constantly to you.
So you honestly know

How many times?
Can I say you're my world?
Well, not enough.

And to me that the way it should be.
After so many missteps at finding it?
And not locating it.
Direct your love my way.

After so many complaints against guys here and there.
And finding more mistakes.
Direct your love my way.

Now, don't get it twisted that I'm more perfect than them.
For, I am not.
I just know that within me I have the substance they have not.

The ability to keep you smiling and very happy.
Sure storms will come and valleys of love will be down.
But when the dust of stress has vanished from that day.

You most likely find yourself a happy woman.
So direct your love my way.
Follow no GPS because it might direct you down a disastrous path.
No more entering the back door.
Unless they chose too.

No more sleeping in segregation rooms.
Unless they choose too.

No more riding at the back of the bus.
Unless they choose too.
And it's killing you?
Which comes through in your racist views.

No more drinking from that segregated water fountain.
Unless they choose too.

No more sitting at the racially divided theatre.
Unless they choose too.
And it's killing you.

Although certain events in society favor you.

You still running in fear of those not a concern with you.
They have better things to do.

No more taking threats to simply wipe aside.
Now those you intimidated in the past.
Don't let things slide.
Unless what?

They choose too.

It doesn't feel good?
When the same treatment tossed back at you.
7d · 53
Tell Everyone
Tell everyone
Tell everyone, I love you.
Yes, it's true.

Suddenly, it came to me.
That every time you have gone, I feel so alone.
But when you near I just light up.

So tell everyone, tell everyone.
I love you.
And it's true love can make you act like a fool.

Look at my face?
See the grin and see it more?
Whenever she walks in?

For someone to makes me light up.
Here in my mind?
On can only be the truest of love.

And I get all shook up.
And just don't care, if you tell everyone(tell everyone)
That I'm in love.
7d · 62
Notice him?
Notice him in-depth?
Is he still a wonderful man that made you take notes of him?

He still kisses you.
He still embraces you.

Keep that smile upon your face with his humor.
Go the distance to amuse you.

Then recognizes this as a man still deeply in love with you.

Notice him?
Then look around and you most likely see others doing the same thing too.

But keep in mind this man only notice you for all the wonderful things that you do.
Some guys get to settle in certain ways.
Showing less attention to the love he has.
But when another glance her way.
Then he has something always to say.

But in reality, it's time to make him see the love in you.
The love he saw when he first met you?
It hasn't changed all that much.

It's not lost for him to go in search.
He just failed o comprehend the blessings he has.
So you must make him see the love in you.

It's time.
It's time.

And then he realizes the treasure he has before him.
A queen.
A princess whatever upon his throne?

For without a faithful and loyal woman?
He simply a man living alone.
7d · 22
Don't Cry

Don't cry?
Don't even give him the benefit of seeing tears in your eyes.

Put those tears you cry in your eyes.
What guy?
What guys takes pride in making his lady cry?

Realize the pride of a fool sit back and laugh.
Until they realize why they by themselves?

So don't cry?
Put on a brave face.
Yes, don't cry.
Put on a brave smile.

For the fool, he is now.
Is the clown he be when he see you loving me?

For what guys make a woman cry?
If told love was fading away?
I just have to love you a little day to day.

If told emotions get in the way?
Then mine be bestowed on you in various ways.
Until, Love exists no more.
But love an infinity thing.

It was created to be shared.
It was created to multiple.
Even when it hurts you deep inside?
So until love exists no more.

I'm going to love on.
Love on
Love on
Love on
Until love exists no more.
You keep this hear renewed
Every single time I look at you.
You keep this life alive.
Every time you're around

It should come as no surprise?
That you're my peace of mind.
Just like my song of love is about us.

You're beautiful
You're wonderful
You're every dream a man wish to love

You wonderful
You're beautiful
You're everything a man should pray for.

In my sleep, I dream of us.
And in my song of love it solely centered on our love.
Employ yourself.
Be independent of the uttermost.
Don't not upon a man to be the moneymaker.
Because it makes you a slave to this man.

He dictates your ways.
He controls your days.
Get not these words wrong.
Some love being the homemaker of the home.

It's not about you or him being King or Queen.
Cause an empty throne means not a single thing.

Many ladies in this male control situation have been violated.
And never reported it.
Some been abused by the male control fool.

Be not a slave to a man by being simply a housewife.
Sure some hold onto those old golden ways and not all of them were good things.

You find the arguments you had a few days before.
It makes you turn totally different when you seeking money for a few things.
You turn on your charm and affection more to play the romantic thrill game.
But if you have your own money the power control changes a few steps.

And many probably enjoy the help.
May 21 · 30
Some love.
Some life.
We created a joy to last between us.

Good times.
Bad times, anything worse can better.

Good humor.
Good days, who should avoid the subject of love?

When you focus on the one you want?
May 21 · 29
The Good and Bad
They put on the badge and act tough.
Some very respectful others are rough.

Some follow the law accordingly.
Or bend them to suit their purpose and their needs.

Some loyal to the oath completely.
Some break rules and regulations and marriage vows too.

Some rogues get promoted into important roles.
Then try to discipline them for things they have done before.

Some get arrested while under the influence and think seriously they should be treated different from the regular folks doing it.

Some act out.
Pointing out their rank to the lower rank personnel.
Who acts approximately and place that commander in cuffs and lead to jail?

Not all folks in blue are bad.
It is them that affected the most by the rogues.

But only if they told on the bad?
Which they won't do?
They operate under that wicked "blue code" rule.
May 21 · 29
Secrets Men Know
If all truth was told?
Many, many women would be exposed.
All because secrets men know.

Might be your child.
Might be your girl.
Might be your wife.
But in life, there are secrets men know.

They all just don't tell it.
But if they did?
Heads would roll with the secrets men know.

About the child you think is yours.
Or the best friend creeping in behind your back.
Or those having a little pleasure for cash.

Somethings a man could tell?
Wouldn't go over in places so well.

If the truth would set you free?
Some truth just might get you ****.

Believe that phase loose lips sink ships.
May 20 · 33
Money, Women and Love
A wealthy man once said this with truth and honesty.
Being rich attracts women and more likely love wasn't in the picture.

For her to say different means she lying and living in denial.
Words of wisdom and words of truth.
Women, not all cater to money quickly.

Do you think we still surrounded by ladies seeking Sugar Daddies type?
Pay some bills and you get some thrills.

What man doesn't know this?
Many ladies honestly embrace it.
Men just get level the blame from the tricks.

And these not the women on the corner.
But those seeking to advance their careers.

Money is a powerful tool used to amuse.
The only one denying this is living life as a fool.
Then some act the role of being in love.
May 20 · 21
Men and Troube
Eyes of a man are like a binocular.
They stay focus upon the various interests of attraction.
And ladies you sometimes tempt them with your best friends.

They know the ones that built.
They know the ones that show interest.
They know the one to bait.

And will operate accordingly to the interest shown.
Especially to those that will come along to the David's syndrome theme.

Is he wrong?
Of course completely.
Then look at the examples in scriptures.
Many became men of favor.

Some of the best loyal fighting women got label in the worse way.
While the men made the mistake of lusting each and every day.

Ladies you sometimes play apart by telling your man too much about your friend.
Yes, your man is listening.
May 20 · 27
What(Did You Do)
Why you single?
Because he cheated.
Then what did you do?

Then suddenly you in a debate like some females didn't contribute to the mistake.
Through their hurt and pain, they developed mistrust.

Leveling all men into one group as dogs.
But failed to comprehend when inquired?
Did you do?

They mention love to the bitter end fo him.
While failing to comprehend they know their man better than anyone.
You know his lust.
You know his trust.
Now, ask yourself?
Were you keeping his enhanced with your goods?
Or holding back on your forbidden fruits?

Sad as it may be to face as facts of life.
Did you do?

You contributed to some of the affairic (created word) hunt that he pursued.
So as you label all types of blame.
Get not upset when others asked?
Did you do?
May 19 · 51
So, Why You Upset?
In your voice, you sound down.
Then you tell me the story.
You speak of how you feel low in spirit.
And you gave it to him with good intention.

But you stated it wasn't a relationship thing.
And got upset when in the middle of the night?
He tracked him down at another woman.
So why you upset?

You simply for a moment of his needs.
And he moved on to fulfill another woman's needs.
But remember you said it wasn't a serious thing.
So why you upset?

He simply trying to create memories he won't forget.
Signs, was there you were messing with a player.
May 19 · 45
What More Do You Need
Like someone, who's greedy?
But far away from being needy.
You seek and seek that I must ask?
What more?
Do you need?
You have love?
You have love?
More than enough love.
But you still want more.

You not hurting for anything.
I work super hard to provide everything.
But you still seeking a little more.

I am just pondering(wondering)
What more?
What more?
Do you need?

When I have satisfied your smallest needs?
May 18 · 40
Sign of Disagreement
Bad one, why don't you change?
Just to be like you.
At one point I was held high.
Just unwilling to just sit by.

Good one, why you held to a higher degree?
You called all sorts of names.
Even seen as better than me.

And all I receive is blamed here and there.
Like I control the human moods.
Especially when it comes to church?
Sometimes when it concerns work?

Bad one, you made the bed you slept in and took all the other troublemakers with you.
Don't you seek a change in life?

Good one, we just on different pages.
We have been compared to one another down through the ages.
You seated upon the throne and I rule the bottomless pit.
May 18 · 33
Until I am completely gone.
Here in this love world of mine, you belong.
Least until I'm completely gone.

Until this heart of mines beats no more.
You the subject of each beat from now owns.
Herewith myself you belong.

Until you make the choice to leave.

But if you do realize this fact?
There is no turning back.
Cause I have made you the center of my world.

Least until you're completely gone.
May 18 · 33
One Word
Oh, they say the word offended.
But love to do historical movies where you must use it?
It apar of race relations history.

Some know when to say it?
Some know when to not use it.

But here comes this slave movie.
Or something about the fifties or sixties falling in line with the theme.

Eliminating it isn't the problem?
And attitudes just keep repeating themselves.
We try justifying when it's okay?

Just truly upset when someone has a say?
And we that gainst the word call whites various things.

For sure this one word has seen many hit the floor.
And rightly so, especially when you request them to not say it anymore.

But what that old saying?
A hard head makes a...

But that word can can create a flame of friction.
When many operate it with the wrong intention?
Or is it the right infliction.
May 18 · 85
Stuck On Your Love
Oh, yeah.
I'm stuck on your love.
Oh, yeah.
And folks can tell.

But unlike glue, I not glued to you.
I give you true freedom to be simply you.
But if asked a question to whom I have pledged my love too.

I simply say I'm stuck on your love.
Oh, yeah.
Just stuck on you.
And our friends can tell.

For whatever reason I am?
I don't regret telling you this(to your face)
Because within my heart you left in a happy place.
You are what I wanted?
You are everything I seek?
You are everything vital and important to me.

You are significant and magnificent too.
This world is more enlighten with you just being around.

You are what I wanted?
Exactly what I needed?
Please, don't think I take you for granted.
Because you mean the world to me.

You the smile that makes mine brighter.
I love and adore you every second, minute of the hour.

You came into my life from a higher power.
You the sweet aroma of a beautiful flower.

You are my love, my life.
May 17 · 25
The Narrative
Is the news fake?
Or simply bias.
We see whites with high powered weapons.
But when you see minorities with the same threaten of terror.
The narrative reported differently.

A true threat gets less exposure because the truth hurts.
The narrative changes many things when it shows that those you try to intimidate.

Can intimidate back in similar ways.
May 16 · 19
On One Accord
Oh, you heard it preached.
Or taught.
Least spoken.
But those that speaking seems to create disagreement.

If we are on one accord?
Then why so much disagreement about Jesus?
One faith says, he simply was a prophet.
Others totally disagree.
They feel him under a higher authority.

But the facts remain he's a motivator of encouragement.
Called upon during bad times and thanks during the good times.
Even if various faith describes his life in different stories.

He is whatever you feel him to be?
We aware Pilate set him free to be found guilty by the people.

But if we stay on one accord?
We can make others see the love of Jesus.
May 14 · 35
Pretend You Don't
Pretend, you don't see me.
Yes, pretend you don't care.
Pretend, you don't want me.
And pretend you don't care.

Now that my life been blessed with wealth.
You seem to admire me more.
When I had nothing?
You simply didn't care.

Complain about things you wanted or simply didn't have.
So please, please, please don't care now.

Simply, pretend you don't see me.
Just pretend you don't care(your love was never there)
Pretend I have vanished(you know that word well)
May 14 · 18
A Black Man Rage
Obviously, many, many black males aware that all whites don't want to see a black man rage.
They can't handle it.
They can't deal with it.

With weapons, white men love to intimidate.
Without them they hundred percent weak men.
Barely able to stand their ground without the laws supporting them.
Even when wrong?

A black man uproar in leveling out the same punishment.
Will have them running into the nearest city of protection.
And you can see that various forms of history have shown what the male population intimidates them.

Not any Asian man.
Many see them as timid afraid to create an uproar.
Not any Native American.
They taught them a lesson at the Little Big Horn.

It's the strength and face of the black male that creates to them the most fear.
But maybe their biggest threat is the black female.
The ones they feel much comfortable with.

If several black men cornered any single white man?
Hung him from a tree.
Dragged them from a car.
Or create so much ****** harm.

You have them like now running to purchase guns.
And crying about the second amendment.
Oh, I pray that black man rage never comes because they couldn't handle the mess to come.
May 14 · 35
The Problem
Is the picture always the same concerning black males killed a majority of times by white cops?
Scare, fear, intimidated by the black man's presence.
Sure, there are some truth to the fear comment.

Obviously the white police department isn't trained for various events they face.
We know this makes a split-second decision is more in tune to killing blacks.

We have evidence white males have more high powerful weapons and still walking around.
They are comfortable with Little Johnny Redd.

In some communities, some cops went to school with the clown.
None yet to address why are black cops not leveling many suspects down?
Then many minorities simply have people skills.

Then you got some white cop simply racist in nature.
Same with hiring military soldiers.

What fool?
Don't realize they trained to ****?
Not aim and wait.

Aim and shoot.
What soldier on the battlefield aimed and pause?
When in danger?

The problem lies in communication and understanding.
May 14 · 166
Oh, No
Oh, no.
Government dictating to us.
Oh, no.
They think we minorities.
Oh, no.
I can't simply follow rules.
Hell, we never ever had to too.

We the creator of the white flight escape clause.
If we feel uncomfortable?
We just get up and constantly run.

The laws aren't for us.
Do you think we commit the best crimes?
And receive less time.
That's why we keep that one black friend on hand?
I don't know one calling me a bigot.
Oh, no.
I can't be on lockdown.

We the one race that's hard to control.
I shouldn't have to say this but it's true.

We just never comprehend how to follow rules.
Oh, no.
No one amazed whites panic, cried about the virus lockdown.
No one shocked they cried loudly about rights and constitution.
They have been entitled to long.

Rushing state facilities with weapons and guns.
That is them when placed in a restricted zone.

So they suffered.
And rightly so.
They used more tricks and schemes to stay ahead,
And now that they must adjust and obey.
They crying out they ever been slaves.

Only showcasing to many minorities they couldn't survive those days.
And many pointed out the phase everyone being equal in the constitution?
It is simply a phrase used with no truth to it.

Too many examples in the world to prove that it is a myth.
Whites revert to bills, amendments, and now the constitution
When ordered to follow rules and regulations?

Whites pay attention to the troublemakers during this crisis.
During the rudeness of segregation, you were the face of the nation.
Nothing changed about you.
May 13 · 36
Somewhere There Is
Somewhere, someone in need of help.
They won't ask.
They won't request it.
But they are somewhere?

Somewhere, is someone low in spirit?
In need of an uplift.
Be that gift.
Be that blessing to them.

Somewhere, is an angel?
A blessing to others constantly.
Very helpful.
Yes, they are here daily in our lives.

Somewhere, there are people in need of love?
They not searching for it.
For they know it.
And the one they seek.
Just to fearful to tell them out of fear of rejection.

Somewhere, there is a God?
Even if others don't believe.
Like those that doubt Jesus as a powerful disciple.

But if he saw as just a normal man without power?
You must admit during trialing times,
He called upon as our strength.

And this is seen everywhere?
May 13 · 35
That's The Girl For Me
My eyes were hooked the moment I saw her.
I will admit my mind was stuck on her.
I just knew(right then and there)

That's the girl for me, baby.
That's the girl I need(baby)

All those I use to chase just instantly wasn't worth the chase.
You came into view and took their place.

And I know
That's the girl for me(In every way)
That's the girl for me(So I say)

Sure some call me a Romeo, one nice guy to know.
But in my eyes, I didn't play that part.
Deep inside of me, I have a sweet, sweetheart.

Which is why?
I let so many old flames go.
Because you are that girl for me(lady)

You are
You are
Just that girl for me.
Intimidation by whites toward blacks only spotlights truth.
That blacks shouldn't be intimidated by threats but face them boldly.

White fear is real?
This is just a summary of facts and fiction involved.
Facing the truth isn't that hard.

Created laws to advance one over another has always been a white trait.
And this isn't about the Affirmative Action process but addressing the Jim Crow's law.

Remember this is a summary with facts and fiction involved.
Indians know the power that is that placed them on a reservation.
In westerners, the Chief proclaims the truth "It's the white man law."

The same group that took legal Asians and placed them in American concentration camps.
Now let's return to the subject at hand with facts and fiction summary.

Whites strictly are intimidated by their own race.
Visit segregation and witness facts.
Blacks rose up to fight injustice and knew the consequences to come.

But along the way, whites played along with the spill hatred game.
Because their employer was white and could terminate them in a moment notice leaving them without a chance to find other employment.

The "White Blackmail" trait even silently used today.
Even maids and butlers employed in households on many established whites in the fifties and sixties were let go.

For standing behind the march.
Research the facts and fiction of this summary.

They are simply afraid of negativity or threats from their community.
Crying and complaining, seems to be your thing.
But the facts remain, you created your own headaches.
And there's no one else to blame.

Multiple affairs here and there on the one you love and adore.
And now when she faces the reality of truth that she no longer is called yours.

And about to head out the front door.
You start facing the reality of society.
That you created your own headaches(that you going through).

And you somewhere know these words are about you?
Oh, yes.
Oh, yes.
Oh yes, these words are about you.

A happy smile?
Is there because of happiness within?
Sadness only exists when you created your own painful world.
May 11 · 32
So They Say
They seem to know.
So they say.

He/she doesn't love you.
So they say.
They just using you.
So the say.

They seem to know various things.
Least when it comes to you?
But turn it around upon them.
You don't know anything.

So the say.

Of course, they going to say they been in your shoes.
But edit down their story.
While you know they holding onto a grudge of pain.

And it might be true to something they say.
May 10 · 48
Mother's Day Love
To some, it's gloomy.
But it shouldn't be.
Although your mother might be gone.
Reflect highly upon the good memories
You must be able to call some.

Your birthday.
Her joyful smile.
Her love.
This is an example of Mother's Day Love.
Even if she simply your stepmother.

And you best believe?
There some good ones.
Worthy more of honorable mention.

Some might be your aunt.
Some might be your sister.
And if she the oldest?
Exactly who does she remind you of?
But still, this is mother's day love.

To some, your mother might be a grandmother.
The Queen of all queens.

But whoever your mother of choice might be?
If living show them some Mother's Day Love.
May 10 · 45
Get Used To It
Get used to it?
These arms were making you.
These lips were made for kissing you.
The hands were made for touching you.
Get used to it.
Cause that not all I want to do.

Get used to it.
Get used to it.
Cause I do mean it.

The legs are meant to dance with you.
Also these feet too.
Just like I was meant for you.

Get used to it.
Get used to it.
Get used to it.
Cause it's true what I'm telling you?

When it's real?
It's what it is?
When it's true?
Then truth must be told to you.
Chuck Berry sang about Maybellene.
You sang about Lucille.
Very direct and blunt in a time when conservatism was the norm.
You were Rock and Roll thunderstorm.

Whether you were ripping it up.
Or singing bout Tutti Fruit.
You were the rage that scared many.
Norm today against the music played.

You were Little Richard from the state of Georgia.
With your well-dressed self and band to match.
Just being black is dangerous.

But to us you a royal gem.
The rumbler of the piano keys.
You forever left an impressive memory.

We must respect your legacy.
We concluded this must end.
All good things they say must come to an end.
So let's not rewrite the story again.

Reflect back upon the problems.
Or even reflect upon love, happiness, and joy.
Just face the facts that it's over.

We have fun together even explore together.
Which made us better lovers.
So let not rewrite the story to make it sound better.

We very aware of why it's over?
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