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What you do to another?
Another will do to you?

Call it revenge.
Call it hurt feelings.

Gangs, stuck in the roads of stupidity.

Scriptures talk about an eye for an eye with a different meaning.
But hurt anyone mother or child and you learn a vital lesson.
And this goes for women too that feel violated.

What you do to one?
One eventually do to you?
1d · 50
God's World
God's world.
He crafted it and designed it to enjoy.
Accept the blessings that are yours.

Conflicts and hatred wrote within scriptures.
But life is a blessing and a joy.
Accept this privileged that is yours.

God's world will be here long after you are gone.
Either you adapt to being weak or staying strong.
God just monitoring us to see if we all know how to love?

Why should he intervene?
What's required isn't hard?

Love is acting above pretense.
When sincere it will be recognized?
God didn't create us to be shocked and surprised.
But to be amazed by his power.

It's God's world.
1d · 44
Speak Not For Me
Speak not for me.
When I have a voice?
Dictate to me.
When I have a choice?

Agree not, with me.
Cause the choice is yours.
Legislate not your feelings.
Because they are not mine.

Speak not, for God.
Because you're not the Lord.
But a lot of people do.
1d · 78
Stand Before You
I will stand before you and state my love.
And every word will be true.
Why lie?
The truth is in my confirmation.

I will stand before you and state I will protect you.
At least to my last breath.
Yes, this is my love testimonial.

I will stand before you proudly and admit my love forever.
Love, we can't let it fade away.
Turn into hate which doesn't mean a thing.

Love, we can't let it fade away.
Take all the joy and hide it from happiness.

This I do confess, our love has passed the test.

We heard the rumors that our love would never last.
And all those doubters seeking another lover.
All because the one they had is nowhere to be found.

Oh, this love, we can't let it fade away.
Turn into hate that carries no weight.

We have proven many wrong and weren't trying to.
But this mainly happens when true love remains true.

This I do confess, I am still in love with you.
5d · 51
If I Was A Song
If I was a song?
I will be the melody always in key.
Singing about the joy, hurt that love does bring.

If I was a tune?
My story would be told.
What truth might be exposed?
Just depend upon my mood.

Yes, if I was a song?
Yes, If I was a song?
It would be all about you.
And the love I feel inside for you.

It would be arranged that instantly you knew I wrote it.
Just by the words written that I over time have spoken them.
5d · 180
See Me, See Love
See me, see love.
See love, see me.
Standing before you.
Here to love only you.

See me, see love.
See love, see me.
See truth, here to love you.

You are afraid to be held.
Afraid of many things that can embrace you.
Which is what total love does?
With the one you love.

So please, see me, see love.
See joy, standing before you.
And all this happiness reserved just for you.
7d · 66
Why Must I
I gave you love.
I gave you joy.
I gave you happiness.
Why must I intervene?

I gave you life.
I have blessed you.
Always here for you.
Why must I intervene?

Sure I created hatred too.
Placed guidance and commandments to guide you.
And my people, you made havoc just trying to act right.

Didn't Jesus give his life for you?
7d · 57
Happy Mom Day
Over the top
To many children birth or adopted or known by you.
All of us salute Mom.

In memories or in the present life.
None can surpass you.
May 6 · 293
Don't Tell Me
Don't tell me, you're a Christian?
And you're a bigot.
Because you miss the point and the purpose.

Don't even say, you're a good Christians.
And you a hypocrite.
Because eventually you're being exposed to not knowing the Lord at all.

Christians are a tricky road to follow.
The pressure is high to conform to.
Because God commands good servants and bigots and fools aren't the two.
May 6 · 57
Tell Me
Okay, one race cries about one group protesting.
But pictures exist that one race ate with the Nazis.

So why are you crying?
Telling us about your patriotic ways.
Blacks fought and still treated in a negative way.

It kills one group to see things change.
Tell me, who?
We already know.

A smart soldier very aware you fought for freedom.
And protesting is exactly that.
Free to voice your opinions.

True soldiers don't brag about wars.
Killing anyone isn't something to be proud of.
It's just those seeking glory for something to be known for they have done.

Hate not those that taking a knee.
Protest have changed many things.

Unions, protests for better pay
Apr 22 · 90
Fear and Faith
One you must believe in.
The other you must not ever believe in because fear is nobody's friend.

But if you have a leaning toward that way?
Then faith will show you the way.

Success is based upon a determination to overcome any situation.

Love isn't something to fear.
Never been and never will be.

Faith is base upon things you won't expect instantly.
But shocked when your drastic situation change?

Love and hate.
One hold strength better than the other.

Faith and fear.
One we have seen pull us through.
While fear should never control you?
Apr 20 · 85
Always The Woman
Anyone, notice?
It always the woman and never the man that says, we feel marry?
When someone asked?
Why don't they get married?

It's always the female shooting of that defense excuse.
When it truth the man might not be selecting her
But the milk and honey are good.

If she is giving?
Best believe he is accepting it without thinking marriage.

And as time goes by each day she is getting older.
And he just might be losing interest.
Cause some men live off competition that many cohabitants females don't see.

We feel marriage?
Sound good saying it.
But pay attention his eyes floating elsewhere?

Then be saying I'm glad we never got married.
Apr 20 · 44
Black Rage
Who created it?
And use every excuse to accept it.

Who uses tricks and manipulation to stay ahead?
Afraid of competition effort to both of them.

And then when it level their way.
You soon hear from them mostly.
Can we all just get along?

Black rage has been a build-up factor.
Now you know why Black Lives Matter?
Apr 17 · 310
Death, It's Tough
God gives your strength.
God gives us love to overcome.
Death, it's tough for everyone.

For a parent losing a child.
It's a rough ride of sadness and sorrow.
When knowing your child won't be around tomorrow?

For a child reflecting back through memories.
It brings tears of joy to know that you were loved.
Especially when you had some good parents?
Yes, some good ones.
Even if they weren't perfect to some?

In your eyes, they were perfect to you.
And that's all that counts.

Yes, death, it's a tough road.

To lose any siblings hurts.
Words of comfort don't ease the pain that much.
It takes time to adapt and adjust.

We all have said I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

But scriptures lay put there is a time and there is a season.
And we aware God does things for various reasons.
The tools used as a child.
Didn't matter the gender?

Now, youth with guns weak, stupid and dumb.

Just shooting anyone.
They looked at me wrong.
They disrespected me.
Well, this is a tough one.

It's not all about having a dad in the house.
Because some youth have no mom.

They are just weak, stupid, and dumb.

If all you can do is reflect back on those you shot or killed?

Then your life should end in prison or jail.
You alone placed yourself there.

If killing anyone over the color you wear?
Then, like I stated you are weak, you are stupid, you are dumb.

Because life has more important things to do.

Forget following orders of the leader of your crew?
Okay, many of us can admit some whites just stubborn?
Then aren't we all don't matter about our skin tone?
Some whites think the rights for blacks being around a hundred years.

Afraid to acknowledge that not how it is?
Look how long it took to get the Civil Rights Bill that they trying to dismantle.

Now, if Rod Serling or Gene Roddenberry was still alive?
We ask for life's commentary of addressing issues like their show has in different times.

If a vote was held today for whites to switch roles?
They wouldn't, they couldn't all because they realize they had better advantages.

If using the Jim Crow's rules and regulation?
They would fail?
Just being required to wear a mask has exposed them?

They gripe, they complain but they great at coming up with imaginary reasons.

Being a butler or maid would drive them insane.
Following orders from a powerful black man.

We see the males constantly getting shot and killed by the police.

So could you imagine the fifties and sixties with a black police force beaten Satan out of them?
Dogs mauling them for no apparent reasons except they have the power.

Switch roles and some then get the picture.

Scary politicians were afraid to stand up to their people.

We have seen this in Mississippi and Alabama and yes, Georgia too.
Those first two states weren't the only fools.

Black, without is a strong mentality group.
We hardly ever bomb churches.

Yes, we the face of a racist nation.
Apr 17 · 66
Who History Is Worst
KKK, their legacy is so great?
And the truth lies in the printed proof.

So we must be shocked?
When conservatives and limited-minded folks cry about BLM?
Who have they killed?
Please, reveal?
Who have they killed?

The fifties and the segregated sixties south region of America in various states?
Is that great?

So of all races--who image is the worst?

Now, all races have a hint of violence down through the various decades.
Yes, we all do.

So these criers with this Supremacy mentality over others?
There is a word that rhymes with a rule.
But to a wise mind, we call you a fool.
Apr 17 · 50
Apply Yourself
Jobs are limited?
So you hear.
Or you under this impression that never having one means you get top pay?

Back in the days of old youth was a hustler.
And drugs weren't the pursuit.

They cut grass and if you running on pride.
Then you must set it aside.

Grass cutting is a competitive trade.
Neighbors will accept a bargain if offered.

If he is charging $35?
You charge $25?
After all, it's business.

But you must apply yourself.

Who remembers?
Once eighteen you got a job?
Or got out?
So sitting around.
Apr 17 · 57
Mr. Bigot(Inside You)
If stupidity is taught?
It will be learned.

If a mind is limited?
Then it won't acknowledge the truth.

So Mister Bigot isn't it true?
Inside you is a heart?
The same heart that loves your dad and your mom.
The same heart that loves your whole complete family.
But more than anything on this earth.
Inside you is love?

When your child is hurt?
You show concern.
When your wife in pain?
You do your best to ease it.

So what your problem with a person's color?
Care to explain?
Have you been killed more?
Have you been shot more?
Have you faced Jim Crow laws?

Even to this day, the separate water fountains have folks later.
The water is still the same.
Shall I say clear?
So why are you complaining?

So BLM is a threat to you?
Oh, I get it.
Many within your heritage once belong to a racist group.

And we ALL get it.
The historical documentary doesn't show the best of you?

Clown, on the Supreme courts and scary juries afraid to convict.
And the same stupid racist politicians within your group.

The Black Panthers once intimidated you.
Must I even mention the Nation and you know who?

It has long been known that only in a pack or weapons?
Do you attack?
And when clap back comes back?

Then you feel folks picking on you.

Now you beginning to see the picture clear?
Maybe, it just me.
What acclamation are you claiming?
When you say, "I'm from the hood"?
Does it mean you accomplished something?
And you still living there.

Did you change the narrative?
Assist the community in being better.
Working with law enforcement to rid the community of criminals and drug dealers.

You best believe the best in that trade is living in a nice community.

Fronting with the nurse or teacher to cover up his profits?
When he must explain the wealth he has many times?
So what are you bragging about?

Brag and brag loud, if your community is getting better?
I even say greater.
But don't brag because your thinking stuck in destruction, thuggery and such.
It's true.
Police refuse to adjust to the truth.
Even when facts are presented before them.

Sensitivity training mainly a joke.
If the ones taking that class not applying truth to themselves.
Many are just there to be paid.

Each suspect, as we, all know is treated in a different way.

But the truth lies in approach and reaction.

Whites, he pulled over go into excuse mode with that smile.
Can we say the word kind?

Many blacks, go into ask and know why mode?
Why are you pulling me over?
What the charge?
Can we say inquisitive?

So officers must learn these situations create questions for answers.

Saying be quiet.
Saying shut-up.
Doesn't solve the trouble about to come.
Apr 15 · 59
Different Perspective
Somethings, we must accept.
Yes, even when we call police officers to solve conflicts?
Because obviously, it's the last solution for some.
And maybe the first for others.

In dealing with mental illness situations and the judgment on officers.
Maybe, we should turn it back on the parents, friends, and other relatives.

Sure, some reading this will be hurt, judgmental, or offended.
But mom/dad/uncle/aunt/cousin has a weapon and officers arrived and in the process, they are killed.

Instantly, all types of opinions begin.

But wait!
Yes, wait!
This is your family member.
Did you rush them to control the situation?
Or stood by and cried about how you tried?

Did you grab a hose and spray them down?
Remember, you called officers to respond to a conflict.
And many of the times they human and must defend themselves from harm too.

So many of times you hear family complain.
They didn't take their medication.
Many of times they were acting strange.
Apr 15 · 53
You're My Everything
His greatest song isn't Get Ready or Just my Imagination.
Which is all a part of his legacy.
His greatest song, within the Temptations, is You're My Everything.

From the moment he spoke, you surely must know magic girl?
Because you changed my life.

What man hadn't said this to his lovable wife?
That force of strength and support through your ups and downs.

And if they hadn't?
Then they should be saying it now.

We owe them more than we are willing to admit.
He might not have written the words least we aware, Eddie Kendricks, sung truth.
Adam, might at one time regret God giving him Eve.

But in time, when assigned to the Garden he came to recognize his Queen?
Apr 14 · 60
Childhood Memories
You better turn that lip back to a smile.
Don't make me tell you again.

What did your mama say?
Well, do it!

Wait until your daddy gets home.

Go get me a switch.
And wrong sizes.
Oh, you think this is funny.
Wait until I get back?
I give you something to laugh about.

If I have to get up?
You gonna regret it.

Don't be running in and out that door.
Letting the air/heat out of the house.

Best one-teachers must think money grows on trees.
Oh, how I wish?
They all be cut down.

Don't ******* back there.
Ever rode with mom you know this one will good.

You got fast-food money.
We got food at home.

If you not eating what everyone else is eating?
I guess you be starving tonight.

Call the police if you like?
And when they leave?
You better be leaving with them.

Sssh, don't tell your mama.
Sssh, don't tell your daddy.

Child memories of yester years.
Apr 14 · 64
This Is My Commentary
Like what's said?
Or hate what is written?
Realize, this is my commentary.

Police, not the blame for crimes in the black community.
Although they getting criticize by side corner experts in the media.
Of all the shame you see the most of any disrespect?

Is when former cops trying to be experts?
But was silent when in uniform?
Oh, they wanted that pension, and now they on talk shows.

Black churches simply a sideshow of minstrel clowns.
Afraid to stand up to those bringing their community down.
Name one?
Name one the face of solving gang violence or violence in general in their city.

You can't.
You won't.
Listen to Martin Luther King Jr.'s lectures on how he addresses violence directly and mixed in several scriptures?
Ministers today simply stick o the script.

Women, hate to address it.
You contribute more to the mess too.
A drug dealer lover is a dead end to just having a child.
Get not upset when another child the same age comes around.

Men, so your job of choice doesn't exist.
Realize they out there in every city you just have to apply and not get your spirit down.

When a black male shot by cops?
Sit back and react and yes protest.
But black males realize a TARGET always on their back by white male cops.

Not all of it racist but they mainly never been taught to handle individuals differently.
Two people react to cops' drama in various ways.

Black fathers, yes we exist and admit killings are senseless.
Then so is stealing others hard earn property.
Robbing hard honest workers.
And to those fools that see opportunity during a riot.

You only contribute to the problem.
All black politicians, some simply talking pieces before a camera.

Cry not, when Walmart/Target/ or other well-known restaurants timid about building in that side of town.

Why invest?
When they taking notes of the clown simply not concerned about burning it down?

Anything built in the hood which is where blacks got it wrong?
Accepting a negative term to describe your neighborhood.
When you should state you're a community?

Start representing yourself with class and watch respect grow?
And finally, start ridding yourself of gangs.
Much dumber than a rock because they unaware of the purpose of the group's reputation.

And it wasn't totally centered around drugs let alone violence.
Or controlling a street corner.

But this just my commentary.
Just a poetic guy's opinion.
Don't lump them with us.
Or myself with them.
Call me either Black or African American.
Don't use a person of color just trying to please a few.

I am someone who adores his skin tone hue?
Listen to descriptions that many blacks falling for by others describing us.
Black and brown seem to be the present term.

But when I look at those Civil Rights and busing protesters?
Where was that brown tone group?
No one getting abused by the Bull Connor boys.

Silent, like many, are now?
Only seeking us when they need a stronger voice to speak?
One thing about being black we know we are not weak?

Can't beat us into silence anymore?
We might not be the creator of any uproar.
But those that twist the news to please that fearful group.

Know what color intimidates them the more?

James Brown phased it right.
I am Black and I am proud.
So deal with it.
Apr 13 · 46
A Changing World
Yes, we live in a changing world and the one place getting left behind.
Is the place we attending to relax and be revived?
Yes, church.

Some still clinging to old ways and standards and not adjusting to a changing world.

Some will never budge but use all types of logic and reasons not to.
But, are we the same world created in Genesis?
Oh, no-I'm not trying to be your preaching.
That's not my calling.

They say transform from the world.
But look within various churches and you seeing bibles disappearing.
Even before old school complaining ministers.
Many with the tablet upon the stand talking about the word.

Songs aren't sung like those gospel tunes of the fifties down through present times.
We in a changing world and knowledge can only be accepted by an adapting mind.

Remember, back in the day many ministers stood at the door shaking hands.
Try to meet them in these megachurches?
You must travel through three giving excuses about the senior minister speaking engagement.
Apr 13 · 79
God and Heroes
Every superhero has a little bit of God within them.
Just being created they have the power of God.
For he created the earth.

Wonder Woman
Do I have to say which word represents him?
Don't ask?
Just wonder.

Green Lantern
Do I have to explain?
His connection lies within his ring.
The light that radiates from him.

Nothing really needs to be said.
God is super supreme.

Even Batman has a role.
Like him, God protects us through the night.
And all mentioned above fall into the group we level as good.

And Genesis says God saw everything he created as good.

Aquaman, Firestorm, water, and fire is linked to the Lord.
And then there is Storm.
Sure I could go on but by now you get my point.

Spiderman, I yet to connect.
But then God gave all his human creation and instinct to detect danger.
Apr 13 · 43
We Are Blessed
Love is fading fast.
Better enjoy it while it lasts.
Hell is coming quick.
Work to avoid it.

Joy isn't coming tomorrow.
Joy should be within you today.
Happiness, within is the main theme.

Sorrow is a temporary feel.
A growth that affects all of us.
And then we recover and focus upon the strength within all of us.

Cause scriptures state God is love.
And daily his love is guiding us.

We are blessed.
Apr 13 · 201
Lust(Playing The Game)
They still doing it?
Still out there looking for those Sugar Daddies.
Things didn't change cause they locked up Cosby.
Where many men feel some of these ladies came for the money.

Maybe, it's the colorization of the affairs that playing the game.
Many minority women playing the secret lover role well.
Stay quiet and don't tell, when you aware he is paying the bills?

Mistress, side chick, wherever the proper term?
Men still out there playing the game of lust and know the cost.
Yes, some still playing the game.

And cry/complain and gripe.
This will never change.
Sugar Daddies in high command.
Women know the lust of many men.

Isn't this seen in scriptures too?
And it just wasn't Jezebel?
Apr 12 · 65
Last Bread Standing
We talk about it.
Admit it.
Be honest with yourself.

We talk about that ****-end piece of bread.
The way hands skip over it to other slices.

It's lonely like a stop sign.
Or maybe a dead-end road.

Yes, we ask why they keep it in the package?
Even knowing it will be the last left standing in the bread package.

And then we stupidly say, we got no bread?
Knowing that's not true.
When you have two ****-ends staring before you?
Apr 12 · 59
Who's The Blame?
Blame, not another for what you did?
Blame, not another for what you done?
Look within any mirror and blame yourself.

If you cheated?
And now alone.
Ask yourself?
Who's the blame?

If you try to steal?
And your son/daughter/father/mother got killed.
Who's the blame?
Not the one you try to steal from.

If you sneak out and got caught?
Don't use excuses?
Accept, you just got busted.

Then we all have something to throw blame at.
We just hate realizing, we must throw it sometimes more at ourselves
Apr 11 · 152
Before You Say
Instantly, seem to be the word.
So before you say he is guilty.
Realize, some of the women aren't sitting pretty.

Before you say, she is the blame.
Realize, he does have a side to tell.

And somewhere the truth will emerge.
So, why we want to sit and judge?
Apr 10 · 55
Behind Bars
Behind bars, you cry
But on the streets, you were acting like this tough guy.
Disrespectful here, disrespectful there.

Behind bars, now you see things differently.
You no longer running the streets.
But still playing games on that foolish female.

Baby, I love you.
Well, did you call your mama?
The first one you should have called.

Oh, I love you.
Oh, words said from behind bars.
And there you go with a sad story show.

Behind bars, you're upset.
When called a slave to the prison system?

And there you behind bars crying about getting railroad.
Or public defender or paid lawyers doing you wrong.

But you never ask yourself the main question?
Who put you behind bars?
Not the jury, they played a part.
Not the judge, they played a part.
But your decision put you behind bars.

You just upset with the outcome.
Apr 9 · 161
Only One
Only one gets my attention and so deserving of it.
No looking, no searching.
I have the only one.

From the moment I awake.
Make no mistake they know the ring tone my loving call.
Or lying next to me?
They are aware of my wants and my needs.
Because only one I profess my love to.

No crying foul or hurt.
When we see others crying being a world-class fool?

My heart is taken.
And we both accept that.
Because the only one that I love gets my full attention.

Must I repeat that I said, only one?
Or did you miss reading it?
Apr 8 · 52
Words Hurt
Whether it ends with gger?
Or whether it, it's gga.
The word carries the same meaning.
Don't let all rappers attempt to be your leader?

Some words carry a hurt meaning.
And leaves some of the worse feelings.

Hi, isn't high.
Hell, isn't the hail.
It whole different definition.

So don't give this N-word ending with gga legitimacy.
Cause said by the wrong race of people either way.
You are instantly ready to beat them down.

Believe it?
When they say words hurt.
Why should I leave?
You have been with me through the storm, through, the hell, through every obstacle possible.

Why should I leave?
You have been my light through my darkness.
No, I don't want that love seeking to act so perfectly.

Those that like in church hiding behind pretense.
Simply acting apart for others to see.

You have seen my hurt.
You have seen my pain.
You have seen my rage.

Again, why should I leave?
I like many in love knows the truth of someone being labeled their everything.
Because you are.

I've sworn to you my heart.
Apr 3 · 52
Prison Plantation
Feelings get hurt.
When you express your opinions?
But truth meant to offend.

Better to adapt and admire those that keep it real.

A slave didn't have a choice.
At least not like yours.

A slave--serving at the will of his power brokers.
Abused mistreated to various extend.

A black man upset because of the comparison stated to them.
But why be?
When you freely chose to join the prison plantation?

Sure, there are differences.
Then hosts of similarities too.

It just hurts your feelings when the word slave used.

You might say you feel like a Hebrew slave.
But in truth on the prison plantation, you face not the things they faced.

In assigned items of clothing.
In assigned jobs but only if you qualify.

Attack and official and the Cert team come and they will.
Gladly surrender and face your punishment level out by them.
Apr 3 · 67
Oh, you kept those secrets so very well.
Held onto them like an indictment never to be unsealed.

But you failed to tell you're significant other.
Even, if it concerns your son or daughter.

Then months later through photos, you reveal the truth.
Well, accept the blame one day you wake up and they are gone.

A secret you never saw coming your way at all.

And it because your secrets ruined it all.
Apr 3 · 52
Girl, you know I love you.
I'm sorry for all of this.
Words of an offender, prisoner, or inmate.
Just depends upon the assigned title.

Oh, I forget some love the pride of being called a convict.
Quick, to dispense those trying to use that title.
Especially, if it doesn't fit them.

Mama becomes more loving to them.
Kids, they try to embrace with adulation as if, they have a choice.
And then, there are the players trying to stay important to the foolish females.

Words, of an inmate serving time for the city or the state.
Still trying to use and manipulate.

Some accept their time.
Others blame the lawyers, the judge, and hosts of others.

But loves to say I'm no snitch.
Well, guess what?
You must make a choice in life?
Give up information to see freedom again.

Or adapt to living the life in the Penn.
You committed a crime.
Assigned to serve some time.
Behind the walls, you complain.

Well, who made the decision to come this way?
Not the lawyer.
Not the judge.
Even not the jury that said, you are guilty.

Now, if you're innocent?
That is a different thing but it means to watch your destination and steps.

Behind the walls, you cry.
You hate the food.
You can't stand the rules.
You think some employees, guards, doctors, nurses, and wardens are fools.

Well, you lucky.
A fool correction officers might agree with you.
But you volunteer to walk in the uniform of the city or state choice.

You robbed, you *****, you stole or did something to the occurrences.
And now you facing reality.
Apr 3 · 71
Listen To The Words
Listen, to the words and let them absorb into your spirit.
I love you.
Listen, to the words and know I mean it.
Forever yours.

Somethings we say and simply don't mean it.
But when it comes to you?
I always gonna prove it.

Listen, to the words and let them absorb into your spirit.
I need you.
Listen, to these words and adapt them to your heart.
You're forever mine.

Somethings hard to accomplish in life.
But I have been blessed and lucky that you are in my life.
So I'm asking you.
Truly, asking you to listen to these words that I am speaking.
Same idiots.
Same fools that cry being patriotic.
Simply, far off than foolish clowns.

Ministers, preach that America will be attacked from within.
And, we seeing this time and time again.
America's under attack from their very own citizens.

Somewhere, within some twisted mindset.
A few fools want to act out.

And when justice comes to them?
Watch the creative process given by them as to why?
Apr 2 · 63
Written By Men
We know the book.
We know the words.
We know the scriptures.
They were written by men.

And we pick and chose what subject to abide by.

Women should be this.
Women should be that.
Obviously, none call uses the title Bishop.
All because of the definition of what they must be?

Every word written, we hear is true.
But just remember those were words was written by who?
Written by men.

If truly interpreted by a few?
Many of you ladies would be simply pregnant again and again.

Then, just think?
If we gave women a chance to write the word?
Apr 2 · 71
To the Couples
To the couples, that loved against the odds.
Take pride in following the wisdom of your heart.
When family more than anyone was tearing you apart?

He this, she that, as if, they were being affected.
When in truth?
They are simply guided by fear of other people's opinions.
And the funniest thing, you two forgive them.

To the couples, that folks strictly was against.
You could have rubbed it in their faces?
With their ruin relations.

To the couples, that know and adore those that stood by you.
These are the ones that saw something in the two of you.

In life, we all face negativity.
But through all the obstacles and storms we face.
Life is filled with blessed purposes.
Apr 2 · 70
The News
We can make you look bad and make ourselves look good.
Slanted it to our advantage you the worst thing in the world.
When it just might be us?

The power of the news.
Many minorities and various folks know this.

Make a group simply protesting be worst than those terrorists in America.

We the news,
This is what we do?

We twist the facts and deal with the aftermath.

We have the power too.
We the news.

We saw a group in Oakland simply feeding the people.
Be label a radical by those in the power of that elite race.
But they legally could carry guns.

Then, one group got upset and created a false narrative.

Then many of the minority race should know that face.
Hello love
Hello trouble
Love most differently can be that.

Have you questioning your nerves.
Or why you even went down this journey?

There is no way to investigate it.
Sure you can try to search for it.
The best way to deal with it.
Is to simply forget it.
Mar 31 · 178
There's A Heart
There's a heart, in need of love.
There's a heart, in need of comfort.
There's a heart, with so much pain.
And two of these three can wipe one away.

There's a heart, that is sincere.
There's a heart, in a person that keeps it real.
There's a heart so very kind.

A heart isn't broken easily.
But it will feel the pain if it seeking a different theme.
If it stays focus upon this goal?
Then it finds that love to last forevermore.
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