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Say, you love me.
But you said it many times before to others.
So, what exactly the truth?
Or am I simply a joke to you.

Used like a mechanical tool.
7d · 388
No Regrets
Your heart, give it to me, so unselfishly.
Your love, share it with me, with no apology.
And it be protected by this joy within me.

Not one has I regretted loving you, knowing you.

Your hands, place within mine.
Feel the joy of my touches upon you each and every time.
Your eyes, keep them looking within mine.
And love you realize grows each and every time.
7d · 51
You took a heart that was broken and healed it again.
Took enemies of mine and made them my friends (again).
Took me places that I've never been.

Truly, truly believe this world won't end.
And I'm much better because of you.
Became more wiser by being close to you.

You, what this world truly needs.
Which is why I'm grateful for the love of you.

You took a heart that needed love.
And I accepted yours and so much more.

Love grows and grows, with you.
You keep it real; you keep it true.
You were made for love.
You were made for love.
This I truly believe.

You a blessing.
You a blessing.
I know you have been this to me.

I know I been change.
Yes, I know I been change.
And I owe it all to you.

And all our friends know this too.

Yes, you were made for love.
Truly, made for love.
I'm so glad, glad that I have all your love.
7d · 70
Happy Sunrise
They ask, why you always smiling?
I reply with happy sunrise.
Another day is a blissful surprise.

To be blessed, to see another day.
I can only say honestly thanks.

They say, they never see me down.
I return with it's a happy sunrise.

To see the beautiful of all creations and learn about various nations.
Mar 29 · 98
Your love, my love, our love, is guaranteed.
Not told or said for sympathy.
It's not needed or required.

Our love real.
Can't be bought?
It shouldn't be anyway.
Cause our love is guaranteed forver.
Mar 29 · 123
You're Not Here
I look across the table like you are sitting there.
Only to realize soon that you're not there.
I dream about our moment like you are here.
Only to come to the conclusion that you are elsewhere.

Reality woke me up that you're gone forever.
Facing the truth that we no longer together because you're not here.

What's man to do?
When he is missing you.
What's a man to say?
Mar 26 · 75
Never thought of another to be my lover.
You're my sunshine.
You're my rain.
You're my strength.
When I am in so much pain.

And it's your name I call out every day.

Others have tried to intervene.
Without understanding.
I never thought of another to be my lover.
Never thought.
Never thought.
Never ever thought about another.

I have no regrets about loving you.
Been through thunder of many storms with you.
Feb 6 · 126
You, yes you, all I see, and it been that way since day one.
Our love is adorable and more each, it's a miracle.

You, you, you.
The one only I see and while another search for more.
You all I need.
Our love is so beautiful and more each day it's wonderful.

Others, ask why I don't go out to seek?
My sole reply is I have been blessed by what I need?
And not dreams of what I want.

You, my love is all I see and you, you, you my true reality.

O, the beauty of you runs so deep.
Words get lost on explaining you.
Feb 6 · 98
Always There
Like love, you're always there.
Simply to the faith within me.
You are always there.

Some solid foundation can't be torn down.
In truth, in reality, I am glad to have you here.
Without you, I can't say where I be?
Feb 6 · 88
I Love Today
I love today.
I love tomorrow.
And both loves will be the same.
Feb 6 · 168
Love Doesn't Cost
Up, and never down.
Real, and never false.
Love doesn't cost.
Jan 6 · 90
Stand, before me.
Say, not a single word.
When eyes state the message.

Just glance within one another eyes.
But be not surprised.
When our eyes say it all?
Dec 2022 · 468
Another Year
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
Another, year of growth.
Another, year of truth.
Another, year to say I love you.
Dec 2022 · 304
We had Love
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
We had no tree.
Not even a wreath.
We had no light shining.
Not even any candles.

But what we did have and shared?
It's more than gift giving to anyone.
We had love.

And that's something within all of us.
Dec 2022 · 118
Stay Humble
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
If blessed?
Stay humbled.
If God blessed, you.
Stay humble.
Even give him praise.

Soak not in being spoil or bragging or boasting to another that have less.
Just accept you one of the lucky one.

What been given?
Can be taken away in a moment notice.
Dec 2022 · 103
My World Stopped
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
My world stopped the moment you left.
My world stopped.

My world crumbled the moment you gone.
My world crumbled.

I could pretend I am strong.
That you leaving didn't hurt me at all.
But I be fooling myself(myself).

Cause my world stopped the moment you left.
My world crumbled.

The smile that once upon my face.
Has, now let a frown take its place.
And just the mention of your name brings on so much pain.
Dec 2022 · 92
Too Much Too Live For
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
Because pressure comes?
I am supposed to hurt myself or run.
Guess what?
I'm not the one.

Maybe I could like many simply blame society.
Or pressure of my own making building up to stress.
Except, I'm not the one.

When I fathom of those that went through the struggle?
And travelled on further to succeed.
In this modern society they trap themselves by seeking to act like celebrities.
Well, I'm not the one.

I've got too much to live for.
Dec 2022 · 251
I Wake Up To Love
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
I go to sleep in love.
I wake up to love.

Whether just looking at you.
While you sleep.
Or talking to you when you awake.
Dec 2022 · 84
Be Not Shocked
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
Be not shocked.
Be not surprised.
They accomplished their goal and decided to move on.

Be not shocked.
Realized they are grown.

So, mom and dad called it quit.
Be not shocked.
They raised all you to adulthood.
And admit it?
They must have done good.

And now they want to explore different path separately.
They deserve the chance to search of ways to stay happy.
They are living in reality.
While you kids living within fantasy.
Dec 2022 · 215
Think Hard
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
Forgive me, I'm not perfect.
I am simply pleading to you to forgive me.
Far from perfect many of us are.

A moment of joy disturbed out love.
But losing you would hurt me more.
Don't listen to many of your friends?

Pay close attention many can't keep a man.
Think and think hard within your heart.
Dec 2022 · 72
Until You Saw My Success
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
You, forgot just who I was?
Until you saw my success and took a second look.
Then your attitude changed.

I could be cruel and use you for my gains.
Manipulate you into doing various love schemes.
Then I be just as wrong.

When I was trying to get ahead?
You acted like you wasn't interested.
Found others to level your attention.

Then you saw or heard just where I was?
And now you're playing like you wants to be love.
Dec 2022 · 89
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
Wicked but true and eventually, if honest?
You will admit it too.
Money, attracts.

Like a magnet does money attracts many to love.

We, hear these lawsuits here and there about athletes and celebrities.
But we are very aware many participants were chasing anyone without it.

Money attracts, if honest?
Even you must accept that it does.

No broke guy gets the woman of his dreams.
Without money she is just a figment in your fantasy
Dec 2022 · 91
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
There are times when I question myself?
Is she worth all the love of mine from within?

Sometimes, I think what did I see in her from the start?
Make me question more why I'm giving her my heart.

Then it comes to me.
I begin to see way past my fantasies to face true reality.

That she loves me from me.
Not once ever has she tried to change me.
Taught me things that I didn't know.

So, now I know why I'm giving her my heart?

Even, on things we disagree.
I will admit being with her have been a good thing.
Still, there are times when I question myself/
question myself?
Dec 2022 · 508
What A Big Mistake
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
What have you failed to see?
That a good man still there besides you.
Doing everything to keep you pleased.

And now you only recognize him.
When he is about to leave?
Well, you're not the only one.

That saw your blessings too late.
What a big mistake?
Dec 2022 · 83
Out of the Question
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
Too much invested.
Too much gained to lose.
So, trade her in, isn't the que
Dec 2022 · 67
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
The clues were there.
You just stayed in denial.
Now, you're shocked by it.

Shocked that you are standing alone.
No longer was pretense deserving of a happy home.
Dec 2022 · 73
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
Where love lives?
I was there enjoying it and exploring it.

Then one day I left, where love lived?
I knew eventually I would.

Signs was exposed to do it.
All because the joy was no longer there
Nov 2022 · 111
See Me, Accept Me
jeffrey conyers Nov 2022
See me
Accept me
You can't change me unless I change myself

Love me
Enjoy me
Not once have I challenge who you are?

Just knowing going to step in the shoes of God
Nov 2022 · 85
jeffrey conyers Nov 2022
Through, my struggle.
I just can't give up.
Through, my struggle.
I believe my golds exist somewhere to be successful.
My point forever will be.
I just can't give up.

Sure, it be easy to do
Oct 2022 · 313
jeffrey conyers Oct 2022
Seen it.
Done it.
Regret a few.
Learn from some.

But this is life.
We survive the storm
Oct 2022 · 240
jeffrey conyers Oct 2022
Once, love was everything.
Until you on purposely gave love a bad name.

Many from it.
Avoid it.
Go to the extreme to not be found by it.
Aug 2022 · 140
jeffrey conyers Aug 2022
A man is not weak.
If he cries?
Some try to be tough behind pride.
Release your tears like a river stream.

A man lot weak.
If he cries?
That old notion long told to hold your tears inside has played out.

Many have wiped tears away.
Maybe over a spouse, your mother, or your child.
Remember, you control the moment more than you realize.
Aug 2022 · 146
Happy Togther
jeffrey conyers Aug 2022
It's true
It's true
I'm lost more without you.

Others might enjoy being alone just enjoying their freedom to do this and that.
But since we've been apart I realize we are better and happy together.

For so long
For so long
I felt you were holding me back.
Until hit by facts rising before my eyes.

We're happier together.
Aug 2022 · 232
Not Once Do I Regret It
jeffrey conyers Aug 2022
Pulling, at my heart(you are)
Pulling at my soul(you are)
And I understand all the many reasons why.

You are(pulling at my heart)
You are(pulling at my soul)
And not once do I regret it(Not once)

Day after day it eats me inside to know you have this major control over me.
But as strange as it seems, you are the focal point of my dreams.
And not once do I regret it. (Not once)

Yes, not once.
Yes, not once.
So I telling you to (Keep on pulling)

Yes, I'm telling you to (Keep on pulling)
Aug 2022 · 103
I Once Where You Was
jeffrey conyers Aug 2022
As I reflect back.
I once was where you at in life?
Hiding, running, ignoring the love of any type.

Hurt, ruin, and torn down from it.
It has been built up to create happiness but in my heart to me it created sadness.

Yes, I once was where you at?
And then it happens so shockingly.
I found someone that brought total joy to me.
Aug 2022 · 105
You The Reason Why
jeffrey conyers Aug 2022
You are the one I need
(The love just for me)

You the joy inside
(That is the reason I truly smile)

Trouble somehow avoids me.
I guess you can say I'm blessed.
But if I must confess with truth?

You are the reason why?
I'm a happy man inside.

This I won't deny.
That you the one I need

Stay here
Stay here
Stay near
Stay near
Aug 2022 · 92
(Love)Where Have You Been
jeffrey conyers Aug 2022
Love, where have you been?
I have been searching.
I've been looking.
Then suddenly, you came into my life.

Love, what took so long?
Not that I was chasing you.
I was happy being on my own.
But you touched my heart.

For that I thank you.
Cause I was wondering where have you been?
Aug 2022 · 88
So Blessed
jeffrey conyers Aug 2022
Happy, without.
Well, I might not be where I want to be.
But eventually, we get there.

Those that have.
Seem so much sad.
That wealth didn't make them happy.

But without much.
We appear to be happier.

No rich cars outside the house.
No maids or butlers to keep up the house.
But when we look around?
We can say we are so blessed.
Aug 2022 · 107
I Feel Love
jeffrey conyers Aug 2022
I see love.
I see love.
I see all my love in you.

I feel love.
I feel love.
I feel so much love from you.

Within your eyes, I see love.
Within your smile, I see love
Within my heart, and yours is so much love.

There are days when we both are sad.
But around one another enlightenment comes.

Because we feel love.
So much love that it's deep within both of us.
Aug 2022 · 65
Tell It
jeffrey conyers Aug 2022
You're hurting.
You have been abused, mistreated, and used.
Let no one advise to hold back the truth.
Tell it.
It will make you feel so much better.

The house of worship gives twisted truth.
And this like a lawyer should be the place trying to rightly advise you.
But many are afraid of the controversy to come.

But, tell him.
Or this pain will destroy you.

Tell it, release your pain.
I will be the first to say it will extremely be good news.
Aug 2022 · 325
jeffrey conyers Aug 2022
You respected.
You a legend.
Became part of a trio that is now called a legend.

Hotwax, Invictus, just added thrills of more creativity.
You were the name in between two brothers that reign supreme.
Accomplished so much during the sixties scene.

You were Dozier, loyal soldiers creating Motown success.

And, now you're gone.
Tell him, you gave your best.
Aug 2022 · 175
jeffrey conyers Aug 2022
No other word is more powerful.
Aug 2022 · 101
Nothing More Special
jeffrey conyers Aug 2022
Flowers, he has given.
Cards, he has given too.
But none is more special than hearing, he truly loves you.
Aug 2022 · 70
They Ask
jeffrey conyers Aug 2022
They ask you?
Do you love him?
And you politely address the matter without being angry or upset.

You point out his good points that they can't question or deny.
You point out all the efforts he strives to keep you and the family happy.

You point out the things he has done and continues to do.
He is not mean but firm in the man he is before you.
Always involved in things you think of or willing to try and do.

They ask you?
Have others attracted your eyes?
And you honestly give them a reply.

But your point out that love means the world to you.
And that is what keeps him trusting and respecting you.
But more than anything?
He ways there for you.
Aug 2022 · 179
(Men)Love Your Woman
jeffrey conyers Aug 2022
Men, love your woman through good times, and bad times.
Be, there for her through good times and sad times.

Men, love your woman?
When she mouths off too many times?
And seems clueless to driving you mostly out of your mind.

Men, love your woman, if wealthy you two might not be.
By comprehending wealth isn't complete everything.

Men, love your woman for her strength.
Think of that support given by standing in your corner.
When the world seems to be crashing in?

Men, love your woman?
For what this lady means to you?
Jul 2022 · 156
Erase From My Heart
jeffrey conyers Jul 2022
Erase, all of it.

Erase all this love within my heart.
Terminate all the images too.
Pretend that in my life I never met you.

Replace, it with something true.

Just like a magician using tricks.
Just loving you now, is ridiculous to me.
While it hard to believe you ever loved me.

Erase, every sign of you.
Erase, from my life every part of you.

Goodbye, so long.
I am glad you're gone.
Jul 2022 · 234
I Know(I Can Win)
jeffrey conyers Jul 2022
I can win your heart(yes, I can)
I can keep you happy(believe what I say)
I'm not trying to boast, never one to brag.

I just know what is required to keep you satisfied?

I can win your love.
Just by the words that are spoken before you.
And keep your love forever.

Games are not a part of my schemes.
And tricks I have never done.

I just know what is needed to keep you happy?
And that's the word of joy I am after.

To keep you happy.
To keep you smiling.
To erase all your insecurity.

I just know that I can.
jeffrey conyers Jul 2022
You love, truly loved, but you took me for granted.
You had a home, we were grown loving one another(at least I thought).

But you left me standing all alone.
To go out on your own(with another)
But now their thrill with you is gone.

And now you call, with this misery.
In my mind(seeking sympathy)
But all I can recall( you left me standing all alone)

But you were loved, truly loved but threw my love away.
That the price, you now faced(what a price to pay)
For throwing my love away.

Maybe, one day you'll find peace.
But it just won't be with me.
Jul 2022 · 77
You Are My Sunshine
jeffrey conyers Jul 2022
Let it rain all-day
Let it rain all day.
My mood won't change.

You are my sunshine, don't matter the weather.
You are my sunshine, weather doesn't affect us.
Just seeing you smile, just radiate my heart.

So let it rain all day.
Let it rain all day.
Just let it rain, it doesn't affect my love for you.

You are my sunshine, don't matter the weather.
You are my mood deep down(my indicator)
And we both know weather doesn't affect us in any way.
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