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1h · 20
He Question It
The camera is a monitor.
To observe every one of us movement.
And that's what GOD does with love.

He is a WATCHER  of love with us.
And question constantly our decisions.

If you ****?
He question it?
He can't sanction it.

If you cheat?
He question it?
He can't honor it.

If you steal?
He ponders it?
Very aware of the consequences of it.

Remember in GENESIS he regretted creating us.
Of all his creations he was very aware of the ones being the most trouble.

And guess what?
He knows it's us.

Yes, he questioned it too.

We make something so easy very hard to do.
Except he saw all things as good.
It's us that uses the word bad the most.

And yes, he questions it.
Maybe, it's just me.
That see men as a different breed.
Who's trying to regulate women body?
But cry foul when you turn the tables around.

Mention castration to those that cheat?
And watch the criers come out to speak.

Mention vasectomy to those with many?
And listen to why they say it shouldn't even be mention.

Oh, it's okay to TELL a woman, what she can't do?
Present twisted stories about abortions here and there.
Like life isn't a crisis either way.

But a choice has always been a given right.
So maybe, it's just me wondering about man?
That gender that loves war and earning various medals.

And watch those against abortion push views from the bible like they truly God with all his power.

The one book that many refers too.
The book with racism and multiple killers and many righteous and unrighteous people.

One man fell in love with his soldier lady.
Eventually trying to **** him on the battlefield.
And over time accomplished his mission.
And won her attention.

So maybe, it's just me, to be honest.

A book that contains ****** and adultery and so much more.
Two brothers in Genesis eventually came to war.
One brother got jealous of his father accepting his son back from his journey of adventures.

But it's the women of our society that men love to command their ways.
To be honest those in power you must always fear.
Wasn't it those in power that catered to the will of the masses and killed Jesus?

And it's his life we use as our teacher.
So maybe, it's just me that laugh at the man.
None seem to be wiser as they say we are?
When we get older.
11h · 15
You The Only One
Please, believe these words of truth?
You the only one I call baby.
You the only one I call my lady.

Others might want to hear those words.
But you were the one guaranteed too.
So I hope these are good words spoken to you.

You the only one I call lover.
With the power to make me surrender.
Others might felt it should have been them.
But that a matter of opinion.

Cause you the one.
The only one worthy in my heart forever.
12h · 13
Love Is A Mystery
You left.
Quick like the breeze of the wind.
Following the path of another man.

Now all I hear is your yearning to return.
Got your heart broken.
While mine got burned.

You hurt.
Like a broken mirror.
Heard you torn into so many pieces.

Now all I heard is you said, you learned a valuable lesson.

While my heart is willing to forgive you.
My mind is a totally different story.

Would I be able to trust you again?
Or would another come along?
And you be gone again.
Love is a mystery that always finds somewhere sympathy.
13h · 23
Then You Saw Me
You saw the doctor.
Then you saw me.

You saw the lawyer.
Then you saw me.

You saw the businessman.
And then you saw me.
And all I got was various complaints.

You saw the millionaire.
Then you saw me.
You saw the professional athlete.
Then you saw me.

And suddenly compare them all to me.
Well listen and listen pretty well?
I might not be able to offer you all the things they do.

Or might ever come close.
But you have no clue to their personality.
You just caught up in the image that they present.

You saw the singer and the celebrities.
And then you saw me.
All their jewelry and limousines.
And then you saw me.

But if you look closer?
You might just saw my love.
You just never saw me.
Somebody stole my gold.
Somebody stole my worth.
And you the thieve who it was?

Now I can't blame you at all.
Cause I constantly overlooked her love.
Now, here I am all alone.

Somebody stole my dream.
And again I accept the blame.
That somebody stole my dream.
My whole world was built around her.

And while building it.
I lost focus on her.
Opening up the door for you to enter her heart.
Now here I am all alone.
And again I accept the blame.

It was a hard lesson to learn.
But a lesson learned the hard way.
When I realize truthfully that somebody stole my dream.
And you the thieve who it was?
I remember her, so differently.
That not the way she was when she was with me?

I don't know what path she took?
Just being with you.
Cause I remember her so differently.

You say, she became different over time.
That you weren't use to her speaking her mind.
But with me, she was always outspoken.

She just one of a kind.
So I remember her so differently.

I remember her smile.
I remember her hugs.
I remember the days when we first fell in love.

And now she is your woman.
Which make it strange, you can't handle her.
She is so easy to love.
1d · 20
Honor Your Lady
High respect
Highly renown
Honor your lady like the woman she is to you.

Within your heart, she holds a position of rank.
You aware, she is second to none.
Name constantly on the tip of your tongue.

She's a special lady bringing importance to the table
You know her requirement?
Like she aware of yours.
What other reason?
Would you call her your beloved?

Honor your lady.
Her worth and her love.
By doing that, you'll find happiness forever yours.
Once, you are blessed?
Cherish your lady like a treasure chest.
Protect her like a new found lost gold.

Keep her smiling.
Keep her happy.
Keep her satisfied to the point of a forever smile.

Keep her the focus of your vision.
Keep her informed of all your decisions.
Let her know when she speaking that you're listening.

Cherish your lady.
Like when you first met.
Be not afraid to ever, ever confess it.
1d · 23
A Proud Man
I know I've got a good girl?
From the way, the others look at her.
I know I got a blessed world.
From the compliments bestowed upon her.
And I'm a proud man with a proud woman.
Who is the center of my world?

Other men lose a gift and regret their decisions.
Well, I am not one of them to have regrets.
Cause I have a good woman.

What I do for her?
She does for me.
And why should I ask for more?
I'm a proud man that been blessed by the mighty Lord above.

Yes, I'm a proud man.
One not afraid to tell her how much I love her.
We know of black racists?
We aware of white racists?
And the opinions of both even if lost in myth and facts.

We know of Italians with bigoted views.
But for whatever logic?
Many are afraid to address the Jews.
And yes, some of them are racist too.
It's more than black and white issues in society.

We know of churches that preach love.
And racist in the tone of many within the church.
Which why many have lost some great leaders of the flock.

You can't preach love for one another.
When you surrounded by a racist flock.
Life, meant to learn, live and adapt.

God doesn't need to intervene between us to love.
Just reading the trouble faced by the Almighty Jesus.
He faces more and more harshly.

So racism more than between to groups.
We see this daily as living proof.
Oh, here we go.
Men trying to dictate a woman soul.
Some against and some for it.

But more likely, it's those white males trying to control the subject.
Still, under this impression, it's their right.
Women, your narrative is being controlled by man.

When most trouble a lady face about the decision to have an abortion?
Mainly, relates to the relationship of a man.
So why not purpose vasectomy for men having affairs?

And let the ladies dictates that like men trying to control a lady body.

Oh, they purpose reasons to get one from certain events.

If *****?
Then rules might exist to give you the liberty to get one.
Then laws should be passed for his castration.

If from ******?
Again, you offered chances to have one.
Then let proposed killing this rhyme with mustard in a firing range.
Again, women shooters only.

The biggest fools are those with secrets of their own trying to pas restrictions on women to abide by.

We see this in church?
We see this in life.
Women constantly having to fight for rights that intimidate men.

Just because you pass abortion laws and regulation?
Remember that old saying told.

Where there's a will?
There's a way.
By now, you realize you under attack.
Not just because of you a man.
More so because you are black.

Some black males walk highly through society with pride.
A great representation at all times.

But this poem isn't addressed those that strive to be respected.

But those that love serving prison time.
There isn't anything great about this?
Leaving behind a great woman.
Leaving behind a child or children in need of a strong male.

Locked and secured within a prison cell.
Crying foul for things you created by the choices you made.
And in some cases, your choice of love is guilty too.

If you a drug supplier to a needed soul.
And she very aware of your trade.
She can't cry sadness when you busted and serving time.
Eventually, she must have known she soon be alone.

Black males, you must stop being the prison percentage.
Thinking all your friends is those locked up.
This can't be a representation of us.

Many earn probation just to return.
When there are many just seeking a chance for freedom?
Who has adjusted back to society well?

Don't get mad at the system?
If your son/daughter mother/sister/brother die.
And you not allowed to attend their funeral.

Wise up and be like Malcolm X.
More in terms of him finding freedom and never returning back to that burden.

One thing that is for certain/
You make your heaven or **** upon this earn.
Well, this is my message to the black male.
5d · 67
Royal Lovers
A man with a Queen treats her royally.
Set her in his mind as the center of his world.
Serve her sweetly, protects her deeply.

Ladies, a man treat you the way you let him.
One that is mean hate for you to sweat him.
Get enrage when you disrespect him.
Get upset when you correct him.

A man called King in the eyes of his woman know why he called that with reverence?
His woman knows why she references him?
Because he treats her as his equal.

He treats her highly before others.
Not intimidated to tell others why he loves her?
And the same with her.
Together they are called royal lovers.
No one deserves the most respect than your mother.
Some are wonderful
Some are grand.
Some are beautiful.
There just nothing like a mother.

Some tolerate.
Some deal with ungrateful association.
But find various ways to handle it.

Some, are the strength of the household.
This many respectful and unrespectful children honestly know.
But at the end of the day, you realize in your life.
There's nothing like your mother.

Some, are well protected.
As some are well respected by others impressed with her.
Some daughters would love to grow up to be like their moms.

And we ALL can say no one loves us better than our mothers.
May 10 · 15
A King and An X
There was a time?
When a King and an X spoke truth to our society mess?
Others ran in fear of their truth.

Within moments of times, we saw living proof.
Those that hidden for decades behind their created racist laws.

Hid behind religion as they created their schools.
Or made the white flight a relevant plight.

And look at us presently?
Hardly anything barely changed.
Some doors open and more racist exposed.

Somethings don't fade, they just hide until it rises again.
A king spoke the truth.
An X addressed it more.

And still, the problems continue on more.
May 9 · 26
I Want You For More
Some people want you, for a night or two.
But I want you for more.
Some people want you, just to explore.
But I want you for love. (Oh, for love)

Similar to a dream we have.
Some we keep secret and some we just love to share.
Like a hidden affair.

Some people promise you the world.
Which they will never control.
But I want you for more.

God, I will never be.
But hope to make you my Queen.
And hope you see me as your king.

Just know, I want you for more.
Yes, for more.
I want you for joy.
(I want you for more)

I want you for happiness.
Yes, I do my love.
(I want you for more).

I want to be your guy.
The one protector by your side.
May 8 · 26
Love Saved Me
From, my reckless self.
Love saved me.
From, my wicked ways.
Love saved me.

Here I was out in this world doing things to keep me pleased.
Not worrying about others or anything.

Then you came along like an instant poem.
Creating a joy I never experienced before.
Show me that there was a sign called love.

You saved me, from my reckless self.
You saved me.
From my selfish ways.
You saved me.
And of course my wicked ways.
You saved me.

Maybe, it took someone like you to make me see.
Things that should be more important to me.
May 6 · 23
That Man
That man
That man
Is the one that makes you smile

That man
That man
Is the one that makes you laugh

And whenever you feeling sad?
He makes you smile again.

And it's that man, that man
Who you wake up thinking of daily?

That man
That man
Who is proud to call you his woman?

Yes, that man.
Yes, that man.
Yes, that lovable and adorable man.
If you don't watch out?
Others will try to win his heart.

Cause that man, that man.
Many know he's a winner.

Yes, that man.
Yes, that man.
Who just happens to be me?
May 6 · 21
Happy Am I
Oh, happy am I
Since you have gone away.
Yes, happy am I
And to some, it's no surprise

They whisper in secret loving you was killing me.
They said the way you treat me brought out the worse in me.

And in my eyes, they could see it.

But now I hear this, happy am I.
More now, since you have left me.

I found another love that just right for me.
And in my eyes, they can see it.

And I believe it too.

Happy am I.
Since I've now met you.
Yes, happy am I.
Since I now love you.

Sometimes, you got to lose just to see the clues.
Sometimes, you can only win when love returns again.
May 5 · 28
Meant For You
The rain was meant for flowers to grow.
Girl, I am meant for you.

The eyes upon our face were meant to see.
Girl, I am meant for you.

The voice we have were meant to speak.
Love, I am meant for you.

There are things in society that should never be.
Like buying a product without a warranty.
When all they gave you was their voice as a guarantee.

The ray of the sun is meant to shine.
Girl, I meant for you.
Similar to the moon that was meant to glow.
Girl, I am meant for you.

Somethings in life you just so sure of as truth.
And that's the way I feel about you.
Girl, you were meant for me.

This I do believe.
May 2 · 22
Lucky Am I
Lucky, am I.
To be in love with a wonderful woman.
Yes, lucky am I.
To be in love with a beautiful woman.

If I was blind?
I would feel your worth.
Cause whenever I look into your eyes.
I can see how you love me so much?

I know I'm not the only man on earth.
Who feels he been blessed?
But having you in my life has been my treasure.

Yes, lucky am I?
To have ever, ever met you.
You the reason that I do the various things I do.

To keep you smiling.
Yes, to keep you happy.
And these not simply words I'm saying.

Cause lucky, lucky am I?
To have you to love me
May 1 · 30
I Promise
I promise to love you.
All men mainly do.
I promise to protect you.
All men mainly do.

With all the promises we make.
And all the promises we keep.
None is stated mistakes won't ever be made.

World of happiness begins with love.
And within every love situation.
You find something to complain about.
If just the smallest mistakes.

When it's not worth blowing up more?

While I promise to love you.
I won't promise I will be perfect.
Cause I am far from being Jesus.
Apr 29 · 34
I Love My Son
I love my son.
For the great young man, he has become.
Not that I love my daughters less.
Because I don't.

I have seen him accomplish good against the odds.
When others peg him to be the problem they saw.
When all he is showing is his youth.
We all do something others can't stand.

But they don't see the future of you ahead.
Until they compliment you on staying out of trouble.
Yes, I love my son.
For the great young man, he has become.

I am proud to tell him, I love you forever.
In my eyes, one of the world greatest drummers.
And presently he not even famous.

Except in my eyes of caring on my legacy.
God, I love my son.
And his mother and sisters too.
Apr 28 · 132
At The End of the Day
If you hate a Jew?
You hate yourself.
If you hate a Black?
You hate yourself.

If you hate upon Whites?
Yes, you hate yourself.
If you simply have hate within?
Then you need to read the scriptures concerning Jesus.
God created love.
To spread and to share.

God created hate.
And of course, it was for various reasons.
Within yourself, you must look in depth.

And question all your hatred?
And once you confirmed it.
Then work hard getting rid of it.
Cause at the end of the day, we all are God children.
Apr 26 · 36
Yes, ma'am.
No sir.
Thank you!

Strange manners seem to be like a fading trait.

These were the art of respect taught to all of us.

And use more by those that know as children they represent their very own parents.

Manners earned you a job.
Manners gathered you respect.
Apr 26 · 12
Back In The Day
Teachers were royalty.
Respecting them was required.
It was taught.
Well, back in the day.

We knew.
Comprehended parental truth.
Any problems parents handle it.
Children weren't to be the one.

The truth was required long before parents met the instructor.
Story bet not changed when standing before him or her.
This was a parental order.
Well, back in the day.

Teachers, request you to be quiet.
You did it.
No question about it.
Learning was the purpose you attended school.

Yes, teachers ruled.
Well back in the day.
My, how things have changed?

Parents trying to attack.
Teachers, ******* after youth.
Resource officers aka police in school.

Remember back in the day old school parents ruled.
We knew the purpose of school.
Apr 26 · 20
God the same today, tomorrow and forever.
This we have been told.
This many of us know.

Except for God observes and question us.
Do we feel we know his mindset?
When all we using concerning him?
Are other written words?

It's against God laws.
But God similar to us adjusts our ways.

Not all of us ever stayed firm about things as we age and change.
The world, not the say as to when created in Genesis.
Revelation discusses a totally new place too.

We upon the earth just pushes our perspectives and views as rule.

God sits back and wonder?
If we ever going to be what he requires us to be.
Never forget he regretted creating us.

And sometimes we give him more reasons.
We either hate upon the races.
We hate upon other religions.
We hate among the sexes.
Whew!-especially if it's the same getting together.
And pay close attention to many women?
Some hate having a women minister?
Go figure?

It's God words that motivate us.
Besides our final decision rest with him.
This smile upon my face?
You put it there.
And it is in a wonderful place.

Not afraid if it needs to be traced.
For you the one that gave it space.

This smile that I wear so proud?
Reminds daily of the birth of a child.
When joy is boiling over inside?
And stands out highly in our eyes.

Not one to question much.
Especially when I am aware of the love between the both of us.
Yes, again it's so beautiful.

It needs to be copied.
It needs to be sealed.
But look at me and you see my smile revealed.

Not once will I hide it.
Not once will I deny your love.
Or the reason for this smile upon my face.
Apr 25 · 78
Hard To Predict
You all the elements of the weather and you know it.
You can be so cold as snow but warm up whenever we together.
You can change your mood like rain but change into the warmth of the sun.

You can be shiny like the shine of the sun.
Least you have qualities to keep a man happy.
Yes, you're so put together.

Hard to stay mad at you for long.
And you give me many reasons too.
But the depth of my love goes beyond limitation.

You the flower that grows so beautiful.
That you do your best to keep it more wonderful.
And you stand out here in my mind.
Although there are sometimes I question the things you do.
Except this the best qualities of you.
You simply hard to predict like the days of weather prediction.
Apr 25 · 31
Black Man
Built to endure
We submerge when pushed to the end.
There no one stronger upon this earth than a black man.

We struggle and overcome
With the undying support of a good woman
Who understands us more?

When even our own try to cut us down?
They have just been used to do another will.
Remember, there is no one better than a black man

Sure, we far from perfect
But strive
Sure, we fall short in areas
When knowing we can be better

But when it comes to the defense of family?
There we stand
Represent ourselves as a strong black man
Apr 18 · 26
Words, Pen and Pencil
Words can express it.
Pens and pencils can craft it.
Undying love can put a stamp upon it.
Then I can simply speak it.

I love you.
And don't have to have reasons to explain it.
Although you will request it.

So your heart.
So sincere and true.
Your eyes.
As prettier to me than I ever thought I knew.
Your understanding ways.
When I'm sure you think I'm a major pain.

But you must admit this.
It can go the other way too.
Still, I forever love you.
And words can express this too!
Apr 16 · 41
Thanking God
I thank God for life.
For my blessing.
For my lesson.
For my instruction.

I thank God for my parents.
For my wisdom.
For my understanding.
For his forgiveness.

I thank God for the rain.
For my pain and my joy.
For everything, I had to bare to overcome
Oh, for so much more.

I thank God for my imperfection.
Placing signs before me to get my attention.
Even for my blemishes.
Letting me know none of us is so perfect.

I thank God for my enemy.
So of them jealous.
Some with deep envy.
When there really no need to be.

I thank God for seeing the best in me.
Even the qualities that I don't see.
Apr 13 · 42
We are born.
We are everything young that older folks become.
We expect to live long.
Older realize it's just a matter of time.

We go through an evolution.
Yes, God resolution for us to adapt and learn.
Growth comes from wisdom and understanding.
Yes, that's the way the Lord has planned it.
Apr 11 · 42
Still They Strive
Women, this complaining group.
Love to allege and accused like they are not guilty too.
Of the two birth gender they best manipulators.

But they gather the most love.
But in life creates the most trouble.
Quick to bring a man down.

Women, history holds the truth.
They a career breaker and a deal maker.
Forever a male trouble maker.

Still, they strive.
Apr 6 · 56
Justice of Injustice
At the club?
You meet this young lady.
The sign says you must be twenty-one to enter.

So you talk.
So you dance.
So you kiss.
And maybe do a little more.

You legal over the require entrance age.
Then days later you get a visit?
After been accused of being with a minor.

The news pounce.
Quick to report and down your image and reputation.
Cause at the club?
One shouldn't have been?

It's wasn't you?
For you were legal.
Now you awoke to a justice of injustice.

The one you kissed, talked too and did a little more.
Was strictly seventeen?
A minor within the eyes of the law.

But to you, she stated to be twenty-one.
Oh, she looked the part.
Didn't that get her passed the club security guards?

Or was it the FAKE I.D she had in her hand?

And here to some is the tricky part?

You on trial for what joy you had with her?
Getting judged more than her.

But to some she just as guilty too.
She committed a criminal crime with fake identification.
That she has gotten somewhere?

So when he facing trial for stupidity?
Shouldn't she be facing charges too?

So you see a justice of injustice can occur.
When you fooled by the image of her, at the club.
Apr 6 · 43
Right There I Knew
When I first saw you?
Yes, right there I knew.
Yes, when I first saw you?
Right there I knew.

No, it wasn't loved at first sight.
Far from it.
But I saw what I like?
Sure I could lie and pretend.
Except what would be the purpose?

I just know right there I knew.
You were so very special.
And when I first saw you I was more into you.

Yes, it was physical at first from afar.
But somewhere in there, you stole my heart.

And right there I knew I had fallen in love.
Apr 2 · 34
God, request sinner to visit the church.
Relieve yourself of the pain and hurt.
Then you surrounded by sinner?
Who thinks they ain't?
Who seem forgot?
What they use to be?

Yes, they think like many that they are perfect.

The sinners sit back and judge too.
Offer an honest opinion about us and you.
And more than not they simply telling the truth.

The saints seem to place themselves on a higher court.
Like they shepherd of God.
When sinners know they are not.

And so we see why many are still lost?
All because the so-called perfect saints have forgotten why we are called?

Those seeking to change?
Just need a little help.
While those changed need to recheck themselves.
America, looking ****** to the world.
All thank to him.
Except it is nothing new.

We have a past that made us look ****** too.

Segregation and race relation seem to breathe the steam.
Which one group forever planted in old days forgotten dreams.
Afraid to see the world as it changes.

Somewhere, there is a place for them to relax?
Since they are so afraid of anyone that not intimidated by the law.

Where they must complete?
Can just say they deserve it.
Can't kiss up for the promotion through affairs?

Still, we are looking ****** to the world.
If you been in love?
Or still in love?
You are aware of the title of this poem.

Many of us can turn to that significant one and say, I love you through all your mess.

When they hit that last nerve?
Or say things to make you have to respond.
After trying to bite your tongue.

Don't whitewash your feelings to save face?
Cause in truth many of us have been to that place to say with affirmation.

I love you through all your mess.

Make it a confession?
Mar 24 · 35
At The End of The Day
Oh, I am Pentecostal.
And we follow this doctrine.
Oh, I am Catholic.
We follow this doctrine.
Or I am Baptist.
We follow this doctrine.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter because Jesus simply asked his disciples to go out and spread the word.
And if Jesus was in the flesh and requested this.

A faith title wouldn't matter.

We live addressing this or that without comprehending the message.

If a minister requested to pray for you?
Would you be asking them for the faith they belong and they holding a bible?

You can be this in Christ.
You can be that in Christ.

You find when all is said and done.
Jesus message is the theme of the bible.
Mar 24 · 43
What's In A Song
Oh, that secular music is the devil music.
They that says it, are delusional.
Only repeating things said before.

They won't even listen to the message in the songs.

God bless you, you made me feel brand new.
Who is mention?
Who is given the credit?

God bless, whoever send you?
Yes, who is mention?
Given all the attention.

Dear Lord, hear my prayer?
Even in love songs, God is requested to be a blessing.
When that angel is missing from heaven.

Some of the greatest songs praising the lord strength.
Isn't solely written by the religious.

Didn't the mighty Ohio Players state heaven must be like this?

What's in a song?
A message for us all.
Mar 24 · 39
He Made You For Me
He made you for me.
God did
God did
He made you for me.

He gifted Adam with Eve and they succeeded.
Against many broken odds nowhere did they parted.
Yes, they made their mistakes.

Then nobody is perfect.

God made you for me.
He did
He did
God made you for me.

Some signs are shown for many of us to see.
Somethings are miracles for us to believe.'
And I believe with all my heart.

God made you
That word of power will never fail you?

Every time I hear your name.
I just feel wonderful inside.
To know you sacrifice your life for us a major price.

No one name can calm many down.
No one upon this earth could endure the suffering you went through?

So every time I Hear Your Name.
I feel more connected to you.
Within your parables your lesson was simple.

And we refuse to see.
While others refuse to believe.
That someone like you was ever here just requesting of us to love one another.
Words so confusing to others.

Just like your name.
Just mention it around a few.
And witness the protest it creates.

Some will say mention it at certain times because it offends others.
But every time I mention your name.
I say it will pride.
So I'm gonna shout it loud!

Cause you place in us a feeling to stand proud.
Put your trust in me.
For I am God.

When things seem bad?
Put your trust in me.
It never as bad as you believe.

There are no storms that can't be calm.
There are no problems that can't be solved.
Through all your trials and tribulations I will be your advocate.

So be not afraid to put your trust in me.
For I am God.

Just make me the center of your heart.
Make me your first love.
For I am the Almighty God.

Am I not the one you talk too?
When it appears no one listening to you.
And I, not the one you pray too?
When you need strength to pull you through.
Even you completely down and blue.

So put your trust in me.
For I am God.
Mar 23 · 96
If I Lost It All
We all have our doubts.
And we question many things.
Even the love in our lives and various other things.

If I lost it all?
Would you still be by my side?
If I lost it all?

If I suffer an illness?
That might be considered fatal.
Would you still be by my side?

If I should get rich?
And lose it through investments.
Would you still be by my side?
If I lost it all?

Or fade away like so many have done others?
And have no regrets about it.
Like that love never meant a single thing.
Mar 23 · 33
Lesson Learned
You went away with a word spoken.
Seeking better dreams with another.
But it blew up in your face like a sudden breeze.

Now I hear you lonely trying to seek me.

You spoke off negative in various ways.
Cut down all the things I gave from my pay.
So I very amazed you now changed your tune.

And you called me the fool.
Oh, how rude and cruel?
Cause now you wearing those shoes.

You got played by him for a thrill or two.
And you, not the first or ever be the last to be label a fool.
You found that life is a lesson to learn from.

So the fool I was to you?
Will welcome you back unconditionally.
Cause you now found out that life with me wasn't that bad.
I will be lying and living in denial If I said al been great between us.
There were mistakes made by both of us.
But not once have I regretted you not being the choice to love.

Too many years together to listen to other advice to get a new model.
We have adjusted well to each other.
Attitudes and all.

I know you to be by my side if I fall.
Your words are encouraging and positive.
Which I'm not afraid to admit this.

Again, not once have I regretted loving you.
Mar 21 · 31
So Revealing
Racism, within each race, exists.
We might try and many will deny this.
Except for racism within each race exist.

Light skinned black is judged by darker complexion.
Just like darker tones judged by the light skin.
We will deny it.
Except for many readers, are aware of this?

Scriptures address how once faith saw themselves better than the distant kins that married outside that faith.

Racism, within each race, exists.
Within whites, they level comments too.
Even if it deals with the color of the hair hue.

Blond, linked to the word dumb.
And many are far from.
Redheaded linked to being hotheaded, feisty crew

And so and so on.
Which is all wrong?
We know interracial connection among some creates all kinds of feelings?
Which is so revealing?
Mar 20 · 41
Sat Back and Watch
God, just a wonderful spirit.
He just sits back and watch us.
We have a book to guide us.

When you hate?
God sit back and watch.
Wondering if we comprehend the reason Jesus was gifted to us.

When we at war?
God sit back and watch us.
Knowing there are many paths to peace before us.

He is very aware that man lives for conflicts.
And women also are responsible for it.

Still, he sits back and watches.
Remember he had regrets of creating us.
And truthfully, I can see why?

Somewhere lies our truth?
That this world survives upon love.
Cause God so love the world that he still protecting us.
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