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Read the eyes, they tell you a lot.
Feel the hands, they tell you a lot.
Read the lips, they deliver more than a message.
From all three you will get their intention.

Just pay attention to their motives.

Words might be coded, and eyes might wink.
But words leaping from two lips has serious reactions.

Just pay attention.

There is not a part of the body that doesn't acts out.
Word of expression of joy that might you shout.

Eyes, hands, and lips, all are dangerous.
Just pay attention.
You gotta--believe in love
To be successful.
You gotta--believe in you.
To make life less stressful.

And when you do?
You'll find happiness.

Folks, get caught up in the physical without concerns about the emotion.
And when they understand affection?
They locate the answers.

You gotta believe in love.
To be successful.
You gotta believe in love.
To be less stressful.
Well, well, well, there is no comfort in seeing those with fall.
Or should jealousy rear it head with poor is blessed.
Of the two sides one is stronger than most.

The old saying, if one should gain the world and lose his soul.
Has a little truth to it.
And many times, in reality we all see it.

Those born into wealth can't handle the loss of it.
Those that blessed with it and lose it.
Will survive because they know survival mode.

And been through trouble times.
In truth success of life is about the strength of the mind.
3d · 18
Captive Audience
There you sit in the pews and listen to their political views.
While the sermon is regulated to second tier status.
A captive audience by those claiming to represent a higher authority.

But you came as you are requested just to hear their thoughts.
Being bought by a higher price goes into the closet.
Because the blood is only mentioned at certain avenues.
A captive audience you are without challenging their point.

Cause they limit challenged by using the word obedience.
Another way of silencing you.
Mistakes happens.
Raised right, went wrong.
Many of us taught right but things attract.

That when trouble starts.
Leaving you love for a taste of the other side just to see too late the picture clear.

Raised right, went wrong.
While some level cultures events upon that decision.
It truly a distraction from a bigger picture.

They were raised right, went wrong.
And this isn't a morality song.
When you least expect it?
Good things for whatever reason just come your way.
Maybe by hope.
Maybe whenever you pray.

I'm so blessed by love that came my way.
That's all
That's all I can really say.

Lost I was pondering why I stood all alone.
Because here was a heart filled with affection and more.
And suddenly (Suddenly)) love came along.

And I'm so blessed by love by being blessed by you.
Showing me in a world so cruel that love exist still to share.

Blessed am I.
By being blessed by you.
Blessed am I.
By having you in my life.
Words just doesn't express my love enough.
But I'm gonna keep on telling you, I love you.

And, if these words don't affect you.
I will find another way to impress you.
Once, I realize exactly what touches the soul of you.

Words should say exactly what you mean.
And requires no apology, if sincere in your quest.
So, I'm gonna keep on telling you, I love you.

Cause I am very aware you love me too.

And I gonna keep on, keep on, yes, keep on telling you.
I Love you.
Seeing, is believing and believing is seeing.
Except, you can't believe everything you see.
And that's where the lies start?

And this have created many broken hearts.
Least after the rumors started.
Many seeing and believing myth has allegations far from truth.

And here you the accusers seeking ways to find your proof.
That seeing isn't worth believing, especially if they don't know the truth.
And his is where the lies start.
Some stay out of comfort.
Some stay still out of love.
And folks will always state you can't have your cake and eat it too.

But the joy is within being love by two
The cream is good, the joy is grateful event.
Which leaves memories you can't or refuse to forget.

To a man the lust is thoughtful but mostly started by lies.
Stood before her with all types and stated he was a single guy.
Unless she knew his truth.

To the woman those communication skills was thrilling.
To her they were so much revealing.
So, when folks states?
You can't have your cake and eat it too.

Remember, they only words.
So, the love you truly love.
Has left your world of happiness.
And while you are living in a depress state of mind.
Recognize things will eventually be fine.
Because, at the end of hurt lies love again.

You just have to believe--believe it.
That the end of hurt lies loves again.

Many of people world has been shatter besides yours.
Except, they found the will to carry on.
And along the journey found things so much better.

You just have to believe--deep, deep inside.
That the end of hurt lies loves again.

Open your heart and just let it in.
Open your arms and welcome it.
May 7 · 46
It's Just Us
Somethings, we do for protection.
Somethings, we do for satisfaction.
Somethings, we do for love.

Just depends upon the time we want to do it.

Somethings, we do for affect.
Somethings, we do out of respect.
Somethings, we simply do for us.

We know what motivates us.

We all move to our own personal beat.
And upon our own personal time.

It just us.
We might hate it.
We all answer to someone.
Even, those pushing their independence.
May 7 · 40
Soul Of My Heart
Daily, I realize, just why I am blessed.
I have a lovely woman in my life that I know I trust.
To her, for her I give my very best.
All because, she the soul of my heart.

In her I truly trust.
And sworn since day one, she be the soul of my heart.
Yes, the only one.

If I ever needed strength in my corner?
Oh, I can depend on her.
If I ever needed more?
I know I can seek her.

She, my comforter.
Besides my lover, she's, my friend.
But more than the heart that beats within me

She the soul of my heart and rightfully so.
May 7 · 38
Don't Limit Me
What's the limit on a kiss?
What's the limit on hugs?
And if there are limits?
Just don't limit me on love.

What the limits on feelings?
What's the limits on a lover's touch?
And if there are limitations?
Just don't limit me on love.

Like a river stream my love just flows.
It has an unlimited passage.
By now, you are very aware it's your heart that I am after.

What the limit on loving someone?
With your heart, soul, and of course mind.
Just don't limit creating happiness and joy between us.

Please, don't limit me.
About you
To you
And for you

Just let me sing you a song about how I feel for you.
If I am off key?
Let that not be the reason you're not listening to me.

Because if you get distracted?
You will miss just how you made me happy.

From my heart
To yours these words will be expressed.
Yes, it might be a self-confessed feeling.
Which I hope you find appealing.

So, let me sing you a song.
I will be my own harmony expressing to you every single thing.

Accept my song of joy.
Filled with so much love.
Accept my written words with a smile.
Because daily you make me, make me smile.
He, accept the blame.
He accepts the acclaim.
But when they are terrible?
We quick to say he told us.

Has he stepped in for the Devil?

Except for Flip Wilson truth.
No one point the finger to you know who?
Somewhere, somehow, we are looking like fools.

Strange, folks, we still professing things they done.
And upon who lead the logic.

And there lies the problem.
May 2 · 47
Or A Headache
Sounds good, when spoken?
Another man loss is another man treasure.
Or a headache.

The man that loss realizes his mistake.
The man that gained hadn't faced her mental anguish pain.

Her mouth, head attitudes, her wicked moods.
The one that loss just might be the happiest.
May 2 · 45
Writing Is Therapy
Writing is therapy.
You get to release your frustration, your gladness over the situation.
Writing is your release.

Whatever happening?
Whatever occurred?
You write about it.

It might delight a few and offend some more.
But for you writing is therapy.
So, enjoy releasing your pain, your hurt, your love.
Because it's therapy for you.
May 2 · 42
The Quiet Negro
Many grew up with King thinking.
Quiet protest.
Then came X with his fiery brand of come this way.
Come for us and the visit be the same.

And at that moment things changed.
The quiet ***** faded away.
But many seeking a change back to King ways.

They just don't realize things has changed.

The quiet go along ***** isn't this generation.
So, you are facing those ready to fight at a moment notice.
If pushed?

Mayberry RFD and Mayberry in general, or even Leave It To ****** might be your years of growth.

But it's not for the folks of today.
Because time waits for no one.
I am not a car that you can trade in for a convertible.
Even, with it updated features.
I am trail and true to do things they new can't.

I have better brakes.
My engine stays in tune.
I don't need music to dictate my mood.

Trade me in, if you want too.
You be amazed when I upgrade upon you.
The luxury will be better and of course she be a better lover.

Nothing like a skill-to-skill thrill.
When instructions not required.
No mechanical visits required.
Because we qualified technicians from hour to hour.
May 2 · 52
I Love You, For You
We, in this great joy of life.
Eventually find someone that enrich our life.
And finding you was a thrill, finding you was my blessing.

Because I love you, for you.
That the best thing I adore about you.
You move to your own beat, to you own dreams.

You create your own path and it draw some folk's wrath.
Still, I love you, for you.
And wouldn't trade you for another in my life.

Sure, opposite attracts.
And when you think about life and many decisions we make.
Sometimes it pays to be different.

Just remember this truth.
I love you for you.
I imagine her daily.
I imagine her being everything I seek.
Yes, I dream, I dream, I dream.

I see her being one beautiful dream.
Just being in her presence is a reality.
When she speaks?
She does it so eloquently.

If I had the power of him?
I be creating things to glorify her more.
So, I dream, I dream, I dream, so much about her.

And if she was your love.
You dream, you dream, daily about her.

She just that wonderful.
May 2 · 43
A Happy Life
It's took losing you to find my type of love.
With you, I was living in a fantasy world.
Far from any type of reality.

Sure, I warned you just playing the along game.
And I saw that truth.
When I lost everything single thing.

Cause I looked around and you have moved on.
But then she came a long and brough clarity to me.

Build up all my insecurity to see a brighter light.
And now(now)
I am living a happy life.

But it took losing you to find my type of love.
Maybe, the only good thing you did for me.
Was leaving me.

Because now (now)
Because now (now)
I am living a happy life.

Happy and soulful life.
May 2 · 34
You Are Blessed
Remember, with less.
You are blessed.
With more, you are blessed.

Obviously, many see things in a different light.
Yes, a different perspective.
But with life on this earth, you are blessed.

And of course, with love in your life.
Whether you're living wrong or right.
You are blessed.

A joyful treasure granted to you to enjoy.
Yes, love is wonderful.
Yes, love is so beautiful.

Just look around and say what you are thankful because you will see just how blessed you are.

Blessed, you'll forever be.
Even, whenever you dream.
Because somethings become reality.
Apr 29 · 48
Accept My Love
It's my gift to you.
And all you have to do is be open to it.
Accept, my love.
It's sincere and true.

Let it marinate in your head and melt inside your heart.
Because in my eyes, you're a shining star.

So, accept, accept my love.
It's totally real and reserved for you.
My word what I give?
Will never, never ever hurt you.

So, accept my love.
And embrace ever segment of it.
It will leave great memories within you.
Apr 29 · 33
To You This Is Written
To you, this is written.
To you, this is known.
Someone, you are very aware of love you so.

To you, this is admitted.
To you, this is confirmed.
Someone, you love, love you even more.

I show it through the things I do.
I show it through the words I say.
Someone you love, loves you every single day.

So, to you this is written.
Making you happy is my goal each day.
Apr 29 · 52
Hey, I know You
Hey, I know you.
I know you more than most of my family.
I know what ticks you off.
I know what makes you proud.

Yes, you are known more than many celebrities.
In someone homes you read about daily.
And they can profess, hey, I know you.

Peace, I give to you.
Peace, I bring to you.
Love is all within you.

Hey, I know you through reading.
Through others teaching me about you.
Plus researching for myself.

You're a joy.
You're a blessing.
You someone I can trust with my secrets.
Apr 29 · 37
Man, I fault for justice.
To be told it fought.
I said wear you at.
Just to be its where.

Too many wrongs to be right.
****, I didn't create the English language.
Also known as words of confusion.

I try to write but found folks crying about right.
When is wrong right?
And right is wrong.

I try pronouncing a certain phase.
To be told it's enounced but they understood my words.

Thou shall not face this again.
Putting thyself ahead of facing these words of confusion.
All because correction alone is an intrusion.
Apr 29 · 43
Think Not
Think not, you're better than anyone.
Think not that.
For those that remain humble live without regrets.
And they are very blessed.

Think not, you better living in your gate community.
Because crime happens there many refuses to see.
It's just not the less fortunate community.

The book states the poor shall inherit the earth.
Many leaders forget to point this out in church.
Think not, you're better because of your position.

Many been brought down by petition.
They just forget to mention it.
Respect is something you earn and not given.
Although rank, has its alignment.

Think not, you're better in anything.
For there always someone better with a better brain.
And they remain humble not to boast.
News, shoot out quickly about men guilt.
Without acknowledging a few might be innocent.
You never guilt because the press speak.

They just seeking rating and profits to sell.
But the secrets many, many men have about them.
That they never tell or just to themselves protect them.

Like things they done to get rent paid.
Like things they have done behind spouses' back.
Many have turned tricks like they were the magicians.

But many secrets men could use to blaze them.
They simply stay quiet in most cases.
Men don't create MeToo situations.
But many holds secrets to bring a frown to certain women faces.

Yes, the secrets many men contain.
About the birth of a child.
Or about a brother wicked way with her.

What done in the dark?
Caan rise suddenly to bring pain.
And there won't be no walking in the rain with the one you love.

Because of those secrets about marriage, or affairs would have been destroyed.

Then folks say, what was the purpose?
Apr 29 · 44
Guilty Until
Oh, folks so happy to hear guilty.
And cry more when it's reverse.
Like things wasn't used to convict you.

When evidence was around not too.

Suddenly, they enraged or upset.
But in truth they just might hsve  been innocent.
Apr 28 · 52
You do it.
You constantly do it.
I smile, whenever you come around.

There just something about you that affect me.
Whenever, whenever you come around.

Maybe it's your support that push me to greater things.
Or just having you in my corner as I try to accomplish many things.

I know, whenever, whenever you nearby?
I feel this confidence more.

Whenever you near me.

Let me be that eagle flying in the sky.
With that prey showing before his eyes.
Only to be face with a sudden surprise.
Apr 28 · 36
I been a fool too many times.
And I be fool to say I don't regret losing you.
But I'm glad you finally happy after what I put you through.

Plus, I am so glad you found someone to bring a smile to you.
I failed to do in achieving that.
Is my lesson to learn from.

But there in my shoes still regretting various losses too.
But it took a fool to learn the proper things to do.

And my biggest regrets to this very day.
Is losing you.
Sure, I could pretend it doesn't mean a thing.
But that would be totally insane.

It been told many of times.
What been put together?
Should never be parted by another.

Cause after losing you.
I have faced nothing but trouble.
Apr 27 · 37
Say It To My Face
Say it to my face.
Say you love me.
Say it loudly.
When you say it to my face?

Be not like cowards saying all the negativity.
All this person here is saying to you, is say it to my face.

Say it, with your positivity.
And not out of sympathy.

Be sure of what you know?
And if sincere about it, then show it.

And again, say it to my face.
We know winter.
We know spring.
We know Summer and fall.

In season, you'll always be.
In season, cause you're so very special to me.

You won't be deleted because the seasons going through a change.
Just like the changing of the weather you still be my everything.

In season, my love, my love, this you will always be.
Because you very special to me.

Something in life comes and goes.
Like folks telling what clothes you wear during the changing of the seasons.
But be you, stay true to you.

Because in season, love you will always be.
I didn't need a pledge of vows to seal me to you.
From the moment we met.
I felt in my heart and soul that this was meant to be.

I just want to say, I'm yours forevermore.
Being with you been a pure joy.

With you I have seen ups and downs.
But through them all I seen you smile.
It as if we have nothing wrong at all.

I see your strength, when folks claim you was weak.
And that has been their biggest mistake.
They tried to anticipate.
Especially, more about us.

Rest easy I'm yours today, tomorrow and forever more.
Eventually, they just write a love story about us.
Apr 27 · 139
Men and Rain
No amount of rain can erase the tear stain upon my face.
No, not I
Oh, not I going to wish for rain for it to happen.

Don't matter how many songs sing about it.
This just not me just to get sick over losing my love.

No, I rather spend a day hurt.
And wake up in the morning still blue.
While not giving her comfort that in the rain walking.

She tells her friends I am a fool.
Apr 27 · 51
Dance Our Heart Away
We here in this room.
Yes, the two of us enjoying one another.
Blocking out the world just to enjoy us.

With music playing nice and slow.
We going to dance our heart away.
While slow music plays.

Eyes to eyes and lips to lips.
We look and kiss as, we dance our heart away.
While the gleam of the moon shine down upon us.

Yes, the two of us enjoying one another.
Just blocking out the world from disturbing us.

Hold my hands tighter.
And have not a single regret.
As, we dance and dance and dance our heart away.
Apr 26 · 28
I Found A Diamond
Oh, lucky me.
Yes, lucky me.
Oh, I found a diamond among fake Jewlery.

And it shines so bright before me.
Just to look at it makes me so very happy.

Because I found a diamond that enhance me.
Bring so much joy to me.

And if I must measure the worth of it.
I wouldn't do it.
Because it so priceless.

Oh, lucky me.
Yes, lucky me.

When something is rare?
You protect with gentle care.
Apr 26 · 26
An Ill of Society
Somewhere, it been asked?
And it's a sad journey of life.
Plus, it affects every color.

When folks ask?
Where is your daddy?
In prison, is most replies.

Where is your son?
In prison serving time.

Men you must change your life, your ways.
And create a better society.

Women, you know this well in certain circles.
Where is your man?
In prison, for ****, robberies or various issued violations.

And there they complain about the treatment.
Just to hear, you chose to join the prison system by the decisions you made.

To some kids, some spouses or lovers and especially mothers.
You're a living shame.

You're an ill of society.
When you away?
You are missed more than words can say.
But when you here?
Oh, so very near.
I just have to ask you (Ask you)

Pull me back into your arms (arms)
Let me feel all your charm (charm)
All because I love your body warmth.

Please, pull me back into your arms.
And it won't be a surprise.
No need to be alarm.
Because this guy doesn't mean you no harm.

I am begging you (begging you)
To pull me back into your arms.

There is no place I rather be.
Then with the one that truly loves me.
Apr 24 · 36
I Love Me, Some Me
I love me, some me.
And I hope you love you, some you.
Even, if you don't love me.
It's because you can't be me.

I love my eyes, my voice, my attitude.
And I hope about yourself you love the same thing too.

I love me, some me.
It's just something about being me.
What you see in one form?
I don't see in any form.

But that's here or there.
We all have our own opinion.
Just know, I love me, some me.

And for that you can't disagree.
I guess I never understand those sad depressing obstacles folks go through.
Sometimes, life sounds better listening to the blues.
To see the beauty of this earth.
Whether it's a smile or something more.
I just know living life is a breeze.

Sure, storms come from every direction.
We all know strict happiness doesn't last forever.
But your determination can make it better.
Life, living it is a breeze.

Somewhere, out there is someone loving life just like me.

Growth comes from every aspect of living.
We grow into our feelings.
To love, to share, to care.

And yes, it doesn't just end right there.
Apr 20 · 160
I Am Your Dream
I am in your head.
I am in your mind.
I am your dream.

Whatever you imagine?
Whatever you think?
I am your dream.

I am what you think of at night?
What you thinking during the day?
Don't worry somethings you can't tell or say.

It just what it is?
I am your dream.
Apr 20 · 38
Fantasies and Dreams
Who you rather be?
Mickey with the squeaky voice.
Or Donald Duck, with the quacky tone.

Who you rather be?
Superman with that strength?
Or Spiderman with those spider webs.

A Wonder Woman or a Bionic one?
Who you rather be?
Or simply yourself?

Who you rather be?
A millionaire.
Or God with unlimited riches.

We all have fantasies and dreams.
Some come truth if you only believe.
Apr 19 · 54
The Mirror
I looked within the mirror and saw a fool.
And question everything he failed to do.
Yes, I looked within the mirror and saw a fool.

All this brain within in my mind relinquished the confidence I have about losing you.
Regretting many decisions I decided upon.

Yes, I looked within the mirror and seen a fool.
When friends thought I was simply cool.

And I know for a factuality.
That you looked within your mirror and saw a fool.
Because many times, many times a fool can't hide from the truth.

From lies.
From affairs.
From regrets we might have.
Apr 19 · 26
Yes, you been dismissed without receiving a single kiss.
Sure, I could have told friends we have broken up.
But dismissed you deserve for not showing respect.

Yes, you were thrown a curve that you didn't even see.
I laugh when your protectors state, you didn't try to dismiss me.

Well, I could have said fired, terminated.
Or kept it simply and said long gone.
Then there always someone to say I was wrong.

But dismissed the word I decided upon.
So, don't be so alarmed.
Lucky I'm not a songwriter.
I dismissed you more within a song.
Apr 19 · 33
(You Got) the Mickey
Oh, you got the Mickey, all you heard.
And many young kids will get it.
That hair style that reminds you of Mickey Mouse head.

And it eventually brings upon your face a smile.

Don't know too many boys that get the Donald.
That duck that wears a shirt but no pants.
But way different than Daffy.

Strange no one ever says you got the Minnie.
Same shape, same style both makes a mother smile.
Least you not compared to Goofy.

Or many others, when your hair style getting compliments.
Apr 18 · 48
You're Control
You controlled.
Told what to do?
Told what to say?
You can't be a free spirit.
If control by men leading tricks of faith.

A woman should be quiet and seen.
Tricks of manipulation still in play today.

You controlled.
In many forms and many ways.
Sometimes too much quiet leading to many things.

You treated like a child under a parent authority.
And you're grown.
Just controlled in many ways.
You said, you have a secret or two to tell.
And you don't concern yourself, with the truth.
As long, as it's not telling upon you.

Just know this and believe it too.
While you're telling on me.
You better be telling upon yourself.

Your life a mystery yet to be reveal.

While you are telling on me.
Someone will be blazing you too.
A secret just that, somethings just can't be told.

But you are seeking ways to go out and exposed.

Remember these famous words told.
What never said?
Will never be heard.
Apr 18 · 111
All these words describe the truth of you.
All I have found attractive to you.
And there not another I would trade for you.

So, many reasons I truly love you.
And no amount of money can make me do it.
You a poetic joy.
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