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Jeff Barnes Dec 2015
I bury my nose in her armpits, breathing deep
She exudes sweat and musk; funky and intoxicating
Soft curly hairs brushing my nose and face
My tongue flickering and tasting - salty and sour
My body touching hers in so many places
I don't know where I begin and she ends
Or how long we have been like this
Jeff Barnes Dec 2015
Cupping her ******
My hands the perfect vessels
For this precious gift
Jeff Barnes Dec 2015
Being with you hurts
You always make me feel less
Less than I can be
Jeff Barnes Dec 2015
I love her
I need his friendship
They love and need each other
Jeff Barnes Dec 2015
Doorways of the soul
They can be warm or ice cold
In the young or old.
Jeff Barnes Dec 2015
Pillars of the sky
Rooted to the Earth's mantle
Piercing through the clouds
The best thing about having
big dreams is that no one else has to believe in them for them to happen,its just you.
They're yours alone,your responsibility.
If people frown upon them,
That's their business
When you work towards making them come true,its for sure they aren't meaningless.
So don't give up!
Great dreams give meaning to life,they're like a driving force.
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