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Jazleigh Walker Dec 2015
A shout in the void, a light in a dark place
More elusive than time, more vast than space
Deeper than the thousands of leagues, past the ocean floor
Taller than the steps that lead to heaven's door
Extraordinary I shall be in any shape or form
From the pages of time shall my name never be torn
Wether that be in the hearts of millions or just one
I will be something great before it's all said and done
Before my name is called and my earthly light burns out
I must be something, do something, know something that stands out
It could be the secrets of the universe or to know the embrace of true love
I seek all that lay beyond the imagined, past what you could ever think of
To have my breath taken away, stolen by all that is great
To have a lifetimes of such moments is a fate I'll forever chase
Inspired by....Imagination
  Sep 2015 Jazleigh Walker
Twisted sheets, mind on stutter
Unable to sort through this midnight clutter
Put it away for tomorrow
But what to do with my gnawing sorrow?
I circle soft blue on color book pages
Hoping the repetition eventually assuages
The raw edged reality of lonely dark hours
Filling the void with Crayola flowers
Jazleigh Walker Jul 2015
I look up to rolling clouds so depressing and dark
I look out this window that sets us apart
Away from a world I wish to be in
Instead I'm trapped here with you again
I'm trapped in these walls of this house with you
I need to be outside so I can break through
Away from your disappointment anger and fear
So much negativity makes my vision unclear
Now I can't see my bright future, just your angry eyes
Nowhere to hide in this home that can't be mine
Caged in from the world under all this pressure and hurt
You should be the one to make it better not worse
Nothing I do will ever please you I see
So I must depart so that I can live for me
This one from the archives. Still a good one though.
Jazleigh Walker Jul 2015
I've lived in the world long enough to know
That my belief in God is the best way to go
I would much rather worship a supernatural symbol of love than anything this world has to offer
My alternative is people or money or drugs all of which lead to disaster
Whatever thing you cling to is the very thing that will break you
Loving God is letting go and knowing you will make it through
Though no deed of my own for I am not the Divine
Yet to be apart of such royalty means I must shine
You may say I'm a fool for believing in something I cannot see
I would much rather be a fool for God than anything in this reality
So sue me for believing in goodness and happily ever after and thrones and kings
I pray for those who chose to have nothing in which to believe
For to be fooled by such finite things is the real tragedy
I've been having a friendly debate with my friend who is an atheist. He asked about my belief and I'm sure is different for everyone but this is why I feel secure in my faith and why I am able to discuss with him.
Jazleigh Walker Jun 2015
Born into the shadows
His past so dark and deep
So long to those who follow
Over the cliff of  secrets he keeps
Delving past devils into the wrinkles of time
Where the perils prove to be a prequel to something divine
Yet he's stuck at home in the shadows
Lost in the sadness is he
So long it's been all he knows, never able to see
Over the hurt, past the demons that hold him in past times
But she knows, she's seen the light of who he could be if he tried
Locked in this battle they will stay
His fearful past against her hopeful tomorrow
Who knows what miracle it may take
For him to move out of the shadows
Over the cliff of fearfulness
Her love is where he will land
How much longer will he run from regret
Before he decides to take a stand as a man
Inspired by a boy
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