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Jay M Wong Dec 2018
Promise me Darling don’t let our love go,
For you know in your heart this is true,
Through all of life’s journeys high and low,
I’ll always and forever come back for you.
You are the muse to the music in my ears,
When your voice sounds so pleasant today,
To the end of time am I willing to bear,
Until I see your face my sweet, loving bae.
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
Your eyes spell home, my beloved gal,
For the winds of tomorrow knows not of it,
And to which your voice doth I wish to dial,
But hear nothing for the fires aren’t lit.
Tell me your problems, for I want to know,
How your days are, whether you’re happy,
I want to know it all from your heart to soul,
Because that’s how much you mean to me.
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
When the rain falls, maybe we should hide,
Away from the storm that is to come,
Maybe we should go back inside,
Until all everything around us is done.
My Love, let us not do too our love like so,
And escape the reality where hearts call,
For there really is no real place to go,
Yet Darling you know I’ll love through it all.
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
When I close my eyes you are all I see,
As the cold night embraces us in sleep,
May we dream of a time with you and me,
When our love was so carefree and deep.
O’ the glory days of when we didn’t try,
Cause everything just came so easily,
Of all the vibes and feelings so high,
Had all bundled into a fond memory.
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
You are the someone I always want to know,
For you just seem so lost in this empty road,
My Darling, all I feel is your vibe and soul,
As they tell me the all stories left untold.
Within your beautiful eyes I see endlessly,
The fears of tomorrows of what is to be,
When in fact you’re chasing the memories,
And to live in the moment, can’t we all see.
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
How many years has it been my dear?
Of us just aimlessly search for meaning,
And yet our hearts just seem to know where,
We’ve always belonged without dreaming.
Don’t be scared of what feels so right,
For there can not be any better way I see,
No fairer soul I want to hold so tight,
Than you, Love—you’re the only one for me.
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
Let me write you a song and be your lullaby,
And let you fall soundly asleep my dear,
Cause this love I want to really try,
To see Darling, where, oh where,
Can we finally see it through and realize,
That you’ve always been the one for me,
No matter where my heart think it resides,
It always brings me back to you, baby.
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