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Oct 2016 · 1.2k
Because of you
Stranger Blue Oct 2016
I shine only because you make it so.
I fly only because beneath my wings
your wind blows.
I speak only because you are my words.
I hear and your name is the most beautiful
I've ever heard.
I breathe only because you are my every breath.
You are my shall be my death.
But even in death, we shall not part.
For you are the only reason I love...
the only reason I have a heart.
Sep 2016 · 7.1k
Stranger Blue Sep 2016
To taste the bittersweet nectar of thy lunar lips.
Lie me hope, sing to me the song of the helix.
Proffer me the chance to breach thy bastion,
encompass thee in my love and compassion.
Sanction me to be that one whispering love stories
in thine ear while bathing in the Aurora Borealis
dazzling and clear.
You and I, a rickety tent and a love nothing less of
heaven sent.
In mine heart thou shalt forever remain.
My panzer maid grant me...the fall of rain.
Sep 2016 · 895
Dreaming a reality
Stranger Blue Sep 2016
As the earth turns,
I dreamed you were here with me.
I sometimes dream you even
when I can see you clearly.

Inside a fire burns
as I fantasize my world
often imagining your feelings
even as we're kissing.

Shall I ever learn,
that you don't belong with me?
Your heart is someone else's,
your eyes are blind to me.

So now it's my turn
to be the one who cries.
Isn't it astounding how one lives
while the other dies?
Sep 2016 · 877
The garden
Stranger Blue Sep 2016
The aloe has flourished in the garden
where mine heart once beat as a white rose.

The freedom of its soft fragrance has been
smothered, petals wilted, roots dead and no longer grows.

The gardener saw it fit to **** the iris and now the poison ivy, like water flows.
Sep 2016 · 1.2k
Untitled Song
Stranger Blue Sep 2016
I want to leave this place,
find somewhere else in which to live.
For I've given here all I have to give.
Find a place I belong,
In a new and happy song.
I could sing about the night,
How the moon in full glory shines so bright.
I would sing about the rain,
How it washed away my tears of pain
and led me to the other side where skies are blue.
That's all i can do...
to not let this world ruin me.
The words came I let them be...if they make no sense to you please forgive me.
Stranger Blue Sep 2016
I guess you know by now I hate December
But wondering how I got to be so cold.
Why bother to say, you won't remember.
Some things are better left untold.
I came and stole your heart. You abused my body.
I took your self respect and that's all you had.
You destroyed everything that ever was me.
The more i love you darlin', the more it makes you mad.
Maybe you can't stand to see me happy.
More than that I  hate to see you sad.
But if we decide to leave each other
the outcome would be pretty but bad.
What's this strange relationship?
Isn't it a shame this is no Broadway play?
Then we could rewrite each others lines.
Even at that, what would we say?
It would be like the blind trying to lead the blind.
Maybe I just can't stand to see you happy,
More than that, you hate to see me sad.
Maybe if we had not kissed under the Chinese maple.
Maybe...but sometimes it snows in April.
Sep 2016 · 998
Don't tell me goodbye
Stranger Blue Sep 2016
Looks as though I've lost my friend.
Seems she broke while trying to bend.
Thought we'd find a way to blend.
Together we would endure that dreadful sin.
But your shattered heart would not mend.

Don't tell me goodbye... again.

Broken Silence...we should have kept,
all the reasons that you wept.
Slipped right by me while I slept.
Didn't hear you as you left.
Now my broken heart shall not mend.

If you tell me goodbye... again.

Life is hard and often unfair.
Doesn't mean that no one cares.
Put the pills down get some fresh air.
Pretend I'm there brushing your hair.

Try to love life ...again.
Don't leave me here friend.
This I wrote for a friend who was having a hard time in their life, eventually they left...
Sep 2016 · 1.1k
Darkess corner of her mind
Stranger Blue Sep 2016
She touches me and knows not why and that frightens her.
She's the only one that can make me cry, so she wonders.
How can I let her know I'm no threat just an admirer.
I only wish to touch her kaleidoscope heart as when friends confer.
Yet she watches me from a distance and that distance she keeps.
The longer she stays away the harder my battered soul weeps.
I have no dark motive nor any sinister plans.
Even if I desired, I could never be what she demands.
I guess convincing her of this is completely out of my hands.
So in the darkess corner of her mind is where I'll where I'll stand.
Sep 2016 · 1.2k
Sympathy...the Superstar
Stranger Blue Sep 2016
I ask you,
what would I do love without you?
I put this question to you,
for it's you who needs to be in my shoes.
'Cause lately you've been unable to face me.
Inadvertently avoiding me.
At least that's what I tell myself.
I know you care for me deeply...
Man I wish I believe me.
I wonder your heart so much what it feels and such.

But you'll say. "Everything's o.k."
You'll tell me. "Everything's alright."
And almost everyone we know will say.
"She's madly in love with you."

I say, if everything's o.k. and if everything's alright...
well then sympathy you should be the superstar that you are.
Stranger Blue Aug 2016
Some may say you're an estranged love.
Everything that ever was.
I wonder what it's like to be you,
'Cause you're all the time.
How can you...
love us the way that you do?
Knowing the terrible things we do,
Your love bemuses the mind.
I hope to,
someday find a way to be like you,
to love the world just as you do
but as for now...I have no clue.
Aug 2016 · 1.1k
The growing ugliness
Stranger Blue Aug 2016
There is an ugliness growing within.
No matter how hard I fight, this war
I fear I can not win.
I see this optimistic world through
pessimistic eyes.
Though I search for love and truth, but
all I hear is hate and lies. hurts, makes me empty.
But this is no plea for help or bleeding
heart sympathy.
That which grows within are no "paisley tears"
Just festering apathy.
Because right now I have no interest in empathy or
what people think of me.
I said think not feel, because emotions are of the mind
and what does emotions have to do with mankind?
Nothing. Nothing that makes sense, some walk through life without consequence.
I feel it growing, growing stronger everyday.
This rage inside just won't go away.
My mind is on fire, my heart is cold.
Tearing and pulling at my very soul.
This ugliness...I just want to cry.
Not from sadness, but the anger in my eyes,
I can't shake it, I feel like I could  die...
from this growing ugliness inside.
Stranger Blue Aug 2016
Little pieces of nothing that fall and belong to no one and nowhere. If I find my way into the earth then let the worms and maggots have their share. I'm okay and not. For I am alive but I do not care. Sometimes I think I'm better off dead than to be alone with despair.
Little pieces of nothing that are weathered and worn.
A life never nurtured since the day it was born.
I have not been given so I have nothing to give, but
little pieces of nothing and no reason to live.
Aug 2016 · 697
Cracked pot
Stranger Blue Aug 2016
I'm not delusional.
I'm insane.
I have amnesia,
or is that my name?
I must have caught
the crazy reason train,
or it could be my loco motive brain.
Aug 2016 · 794
Confirmed contradiction
Stranger Blue Aug 2016
I am a dark illumination.
Ficticious realization.
A monotonous mutation of
united segregation.
An evolutionary creation.
A negative affirmation.
Loyal to indifferent dedication.
A fan of natural artificial insemination.
A victim of ignorant education.
A truthful illusion or factual delusion.
Either way this begins my conclusion.
Aug 2016 · 647
Living in vain
Stranger Blue Aug 2016
The pain that caused my bane,
Resides mainly in my brain,
but in order to remain sane
I must maintain my hearts
burning flame never let it wane,
for it contains the vein that sustains...
my life and some kind of hope.
Jul 2016 · 786
Stranger Blue Jul 2016
I've tried desperately to delete me.
I guess it's not really up to me
to successfully destroy what i did not create.

I do not take this life lightly.
O.k. maybe I do slightly.
Because sometimes I feel like a mistake.

Forgive me
This is not the best side of me.
Only the side that really hates me.
On my soul it feeds and is never slaked.

Believe me
If I could control this I would be.
Because I'm not into hating me.
But now it's much too late.

For everything I hear and everything I see,
tells no one here loves me but pain and grief.
For all the love I've given and all the love I've had.
A darker remnant I am now of
just a man eternally sad.
Jul 2016 · 612
Stranger Blue Jul 2016
Lying in the begonia field of my mind,
an answer to "One Simple Question"
is hard to find.
That " One Simple Question" put to mankind
that leads me to believe that some are blind.
That "One Simple Question" I heard her ask,
for which the a answer is a simple task.
So why is it so difficult to put on our gloves
and answer that " One Simple Question"...
simply with love?
This is for The Ultimatepanicqueen...her audio poem on sound cloud touched me immensely. Please listen to it.
Jul 2016 · 578
I try to speak
Stranger Blue Jul 2016
I try to speak from my heart,
but there's no "heart" from which to speak.
This mass of muscle residing within my chest,
is only there to keep me alive at best...
for it is tired and weak.

I try to speak my mind,
but it drowns in a sea of hydrangea.
Perhaps it serves me well as an anesthesia...
to dull the pain that wreaks.

I try to speak with my hand,
but the words won't come out right.
Early stages of arthr won't allow me
to  write... for he contorts its speech.

I try to speak with my mouth,
But my tongue has been tied.
Like the heart with no love.
The mind devoid of thought.
The hand without muse...
all have died.
Jul 2016 · 497
My well
Stranger Blue Jul 2016
I can remember when I had a love that thought not of sin.
But I was young so much younger then.
Now I am hollow yet full with sorrow.
Not longing for yesterday, but no hope in tomorrow.

I can remember when I had a love that dwelled deep within.
But I was young so much younger then.
Now devoid of emotion, there's no belief in devotion.
For I have not a lover, I have not a friend.

I can remember when I had a love I thought would never end.
But I was young so much younger then.
Now I know that even that thought was a sin.
I think I shall never go there again.

For now my heart is empty and it ties my tongue.
No more music the last song has been sung.
I try and dig deeper, but I cannot deny.
There's nothing well has gone dry.
Jul 2016 · 489
Hard time
Stranger Blue Jul 2016
I look into a violet sky,
traveling through the years
of chaos and peace.
Searching for clarity, as paisley tears
seek release.
I'm gone I know.
But to know yourself,
there are places you must go...
I have a hard time leaving.

Wishing for rain...
Yet lady precipitation doesn't
seem to know my name.
Of me, this is a selfish act.
For as she replenishes the earth,
she restores emotions I lack and...
have a hard time retrieving.

As night falls,
the stars become clear.
An angel whispers sweetly in my ear...
"I am by your side."
I have a hard time believing.

I'm gone I know.
But to know yourself,
there are places you must go...
I have a hard time leaving.
Jul 2016 · 573
Stranger Blue Jul 2016
Life too often takes itself.
Mirrors what it is to live, evil,
for it feels no other way.
It knows better...but feels no other way.
Life too often takes itself.
Be it violently or a peaceful slumber.
Either way...Death is untroubled.
Life too often takes itself,
right or wrong.
But through whose eyes is the perception?
Life so often takes itself
too seriously but not seriously enough...
for life itself.
Jul 2016 · 767
Stranger Blue Jul 2016
Sometimes I write,
Sometimes I sing.
Sometimes I exist...
Without ever being.

Sometimes I laugh,
even when I cry.
Sometimes I live,
when I wish to die.

Sometimes I crawl,
When I know I should walk.
Sometimes I'm silent,
Sometimes I just don't talk.
Jul 2016 · 618
Hard to be glitter
Stranger Blue Jul 2016
Why is it so hard for those who forgive...
To be forgiven?

Why is it so hard for those that are not dead...
To go on livin'?

Why is it for some who love, can't find themselves in it,
And so easy for those that can...take it for granted?

You know things of this nature tend to make a person bitter.
Making it hard for them to shine and sparkle like glitter.
Jun 2016 · 1.3k
This life
Stranger Blue Jun 2016
Emotionally desolated,
Socially isolated,
Sexually frustrated,
Mentally incriminated,
Physically dilapidated....
Spiritually segregated.
Jun 2016 · 431
Alone with me
Stranger Blue Jun 2016
Sitting here in this chair,
across from me sits loneliness and despair.
Heartache plays solitaire.
Anger shoots love a menacing glare.
While sadness stands at the window...and stares.
Jun 2016 · 1.0k
Stranger Blue Jun 2016
I have held a cold hand.
I have kissed cold lips.
I have traced a cold face with my finger tips.
But never have I been so torn apart...
Than to stare into warm eyes with such a cold, cold heart.
Jun 2016 · 786
Something dead
Stranger Blue Jun 2016
I was talking to myself this morning.
Trying to figure out what it is that I am mourning.
Crazy thing is ...I awoke with this dread.
Something's gone from me...
Something's dead.
I told me "Stop it, don't think about it anymore!"
But I couldn't stop the hole that thought had already
begun to bore.
Into my very soul it had embossed.
A deep agonizing feeling of pain for something lost.
I couldn't shake it no matter how I tried.
Something was gone.
Something had died.
I attempted to smile and be happy, but to the sadness I'd succumb.
I feel isolated... I feel numb.
Something has left me.
Something is all wrong.
I feel as if... As if I don't belong.
What is this anomalous indigo?
I am not me.
The person I was, I...I can not see.
Crazy thing is...I awoke with this dread.
Perhaps it is I that I mourn...I who is dead.
Jun 2016 · 1.8k
No man of steel
Stranger Blue Jun 2016
I'm no man of steel,
But my love is strong, my heart real.
Into the, I'm unable to fly,
But  would take a bullet...
For you i'd die.
I can not see through walls or any such thing at all,
But I'd surely catch you if you should fall.
I can not leap a tall building in a single bound,
But believe me, no harm shall be fall you when I'm around.
I'm not strong enough to bend steel with my bare hands,
But I am strong enough to be your man.
While I do not possess laser beams that shoot from my  eyes,
I do have two lips to kiss you tenderly I'll tell you no lies.
I can not out run a speeding train, break the sound barrier like
a supersonic plane.
But I will be ever quick to ease all of your pain.
I do not have super ears with which the faintest sounds to hear,
but have no fear for I am always near.
I can not withstand the fieriness of the suns heat or bone freezing cold.
But I will love and honor you even as we both grow old.
I am not the bravest man nor have I ever been bold.
But I mean these words with all of my heart...all of my soul.
And know this, come what may... I shall never falter, I shall never fade.
No matter how heavy the weight, I will not fold.
I will always be here for you to have and to hold.
No...I'm no man of steel, but I'm real.
I want, I need, cut me, I bleed.
I laugh, I cry, I live and I shall die.
With each passing day I shall love you more.
Together forever our hearts will soar.
From beginning to end, you shall always be my best friend.
Though I may not have telescopic site.
I'll keep you in my minds eye,
For you are my kryptonite.
What I feel is real but...I'm no man of steel.
No I'm no man of steel.
Jun 2016 · 809
One of the beautiful
Stranger Blue Jun 2016
Dig the question tiny dancers.
How would it feel to be one of the beautiful?
To do as you pleased and not be accountable.
Your bad behavior always explainable.
Anything you say is socially acceptable.
Everything you wear is said to be fashionable.
Though even on you it may look really terrible.
How would it feel to be one of the beautiful?
To live a life where everything's accessible.
But for others so incredibly untouchable.
Something about this doesn't seem quite ethical.
The law around you tends to be a bit flexible.
How would it feel to be one of beautiful?
When your face becomes not so adorable.
Your company not so preferable.
All of your accomplishments made minuscule...
virtually undetectable.
Everything about you now is utterly expendable.
Dig the question tiny dancers.
How would it feel to be one of the beautiful?
Jun 2016 · 373
Stranger Blue Jun 2016
I Can see,
It and me
the Formation of praeteritus.
Better a Silent Cry than
Words written upon my skin...
Battle Scars
But that's all in our Perception.
Jun 2016 · 694
J A Man Eternally Sad
Stranger Blue Jun 2016
There are things... in...this life
that should make me mad. Yet,
I'm Just A Man Eternally Sad.

I know there is good
as well as bad, but...
I'm Just A Man Eternally Sad.

I think of the love i've given,
the love i've had. Still...
I'm Just A Man Eternally Sad.

With all of my blessings,
I should be infinitely glad.
Yet to no avail...
I'm Just A Man Eternally Sad.
Jun 2016 · 608
Not the man i use to be
Stranger Blue Jun 2016
My heart has lost its fire,
detached from all desire.
I have no soul to keep.
My eyes no longer weep.
Whispers in my head,
say i'm better off dead.
Nothing left to save,
find a place and dig my grave.

What's there to inquire?
Life to me is dire.
Bind me with barbed wire,
leave me in the mire.
I guess i'll fall asleep,
so that death to me can creep.
My friends won't understand..
a god nor demon...just a man.

But i'm not the man i use to be.
My empathy is gone.
No i'm not the man i use to be.
I have apathy in all.
See i'm not the man you use to see.
My sympathy is gone.
And i'm not the man i want to be...
just not the man i want to see.
Jun 2016 · 405
Lets hope to learn a lesson
Stranger Blue Jun 2016
Pondering the pace of life going down
on the worlds permanent *******
with a smile on her face showing no disgrace...
depravity to perfection.
From misguided direction, seek out protection,
find a love that's beyond mere affection.
This is reality, law verses morality,
Lets hope to learn a lesson.
Jun 2016 · 481
Without clues as to why
Stranger Blue Jun 2016
I have been used,
my heart abused
without clues as to why.
My soul's been eaten,
left here alone to die.
Someone please clarify,
why my world is so awry.
Justify, beautify the reasons why...
she said goodbye.
Jun 2016 · 785
Flowers within the ink
Stranger Blue Jun 2016
Have you ever stopped to think?
In deep thought just sink.
To smell the flowers within the ink.
Just stare, don't blink.
You see the things that made you glad.
Your whole world was in sync.
Then paints a picture so very sad...
Some flowers...really stink.
May 2016 · 1.1k
Stranger Blue May 2016
I know that you love me.
I know that you care.
I know that there's not anything
that you wouldn't share.
I know when I need someone,
you'll always be there.
I know you'll help carry the weight,
that I can not bear.
I know your love for me,
will never reach a plateau.
For that I am eternally grateful...
but I'm bleeding all I know.
May 2016 · 856
Cry without sound
Stranger Blue May 2016
Twenty years ago, i saw you yesterday.
The memories of you linger and
refuse to go away.
From the moment our eyes met
Until the minute our lips would part.
I knew that you'd be the life and death
of me and my heart.
I did not realize my existence in purgatory
would last so long.
I thought I could move on...I guess i was wrong.
So I'll just stay here until I am put
in the ground... Into that void of silence
where I'll cry without sound.
May 2016 · 848
Rocket man
Stranger Blue May 2016
While listening to "Rocket man."
I rock it man!
Me, myself and I, we kick it.
So I kik it man.
My trees are burned down,
so I seed it man.
Looking at the stars,
the Milky way and I eat it man.
Just passing through, a traveler, I'm trippin' man.
Yea, I'm spacing out, why?...
'Cause I'm a rocket man.
May 2016 · 391
Stranger Blue May 2016
The Day may come when you'll,
Think nothing of me.
The Ring will be left on the dresser,
it's drawers...

On the kitchen table,
A letter labeled for your eyes only, explaining
A conversation with Sarah Bradford
and why you left me.

A lonely you makes a
Lonely we
And with every Nocturnal dawn and
Morning rain that you'll see.

You will remember
These words
You will
Remember me.
Stranger Blue May 2016
I tell you that i love you,
time after time again.
You look at me and smile,
while riding on the tail of the wind.

"As much as I may love you." You say.
"I'm searching for the love within."
A life to construe,
while riding on the tail of the wind.

I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away with you.
May 2016 · 521
Yesterday and tomorrow
Stranger Blue May 2016
I sit by the window entertaining a blank stare.
Yesterday waves goodbye as if i really care.
For tomorrow is another day and i assure you i'll be there.
Sitting by this window entertaining a blank stare.
May 2016 · 797
Unexplainable bane
Stranger Blue May 2016
There is something, i can not explain.
This underlying agony...the relentless pain. Tearing through my soul like some runaway train, my eyes, like the dessert
seek desperately for rain.
I can only sit here as i slowly go insane for depression, like maggots on a rotten corpse, eats away my brain.
I wish there was someone to talk to,
but if anything, what then would i gain?
I guess no one can help me and no one is to blame.
There is just no escaping my unexplainable bane.
May 2016 · 372
Stranger Blue May 2016
Never fall in love...
Jump gracefully in.
May 2016 · 436
A letter to Sherman Lee
Stranger Blue May 2016
Hello father,
I'm the son you never knew.
Although I wish there was some way I could have known you.
Maybe then I wouldn't have had to endure some of the things I've gone through.
Don't get me wrong it's not at all that I blame you.
But I'm a man now with his heart still split in two.

I sometimes feel mad but more often sad, that I have a father that I never had.
I know it's been along time since you've died.
But it doesn't ease the questions and pain deep inside.
Memories of a pants leg and old photos is all of you I saw.
Now that you're gone, who will my children call grandpa?

Even with all of this being said it should've been so in your living years not after you're dead.
About that there's nothing we can do.
Truth be known I can honestly say ...I love the idea of you.

You probably didn't even know my name.
Stranger Blue May 2016
My love doesn't love me anymore.
She says my kisses she abhors.
And living with me is a heinous chore.
To stay here... She'd rather be a street *****.
Throwing her wedding ring on the floor.
If she ever had to touch me again,
It would be to **** me she swore.
As she set fire to the wedding dress she wore.
"I hope you choke to death while you snore!"
"I hate you right down to your core!"
"You're such a hideous eyesore!"
"Grrr! The wasted yore!"
"Touch me, nevermore!"

There is a fact I can't ignore.
She wishes for me to leave,
it doesn't matter which door...
My love doesn't love me anymore.
May 2016 · 367
Stranger Blue May 2016
Strange flowers
with a strange hue.
Strange birds
over them flew.
From a strange leaf
dripped a strange morning dew.
Still nothing stranger than...
an estranged you.
May 2016 · 470
I need you to...
Stranger Blue May 2016
Hold me like a mother.
Kiss me like a sister.
Teach me like a father.
That I may be your brother.
May 2016 · 775
Just a little smudge
Stranger Blue May 2016
My love was pure.
My lover was not.
Can my heart endure,
this painful little spot?
I think to myself.
Who am I to judge?
Take the stain remover
from the shelf,
it's just a little smudge.
May 2016 · 1.2k
Tears under the rain
Stranger Blue May 2016
Tears these tears.
Falling like todays rain.
Tears so many tears.
Does it also know pain?
Tears my tears.
I guess I'll go outside.
Tears all these tears.
Maybe the rain these tears will hide.
Tears so,so many tears.
The rain continues to saturate all that is dry.
And these tears these inconsolable tears...
Now become a sobbing cry.
May 2016 · 574
Next of kin
Stranger Blue May 2016
I can not stand this state of silence I am in.
The thing I contemplate is a dreadful sin.
I know it's coming yet I can't say when.
Maybe it's time to notify my next of kin.

I often think my only friend..
Is this bottle of Seagram's gin.
Though Jack and Jim stop by now and then.
I think it's time to notify my next of kin.

I don't know where im going,
Because I can't remember where I've been.
I feel my heartbeat slowing.
Everything about my life is starting to blend...
I'm pretty sure it's time to notify my next of kin.
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