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Call a                          doctor/ plumber/ priest
My heart is               broken/ leaking/ deceased

My life is                   worthless/ so much better/ over
I'm going to              **** myself/ tell your wife/ Dover

How could you         leave me/ not know/ lie?
I hope you                return my stuff/ come back/ die

I'll never                   forget you/ forgive you/ go away
I need                        closure/ a DNA test/ to tell you I'm gay

Your                           face/ crotch/ top of your back
Is                                so beautiful/ lumpy/ unusually slack

Your                           ex/ mother/ best friend from school
Always made me      great coffee/ feel inadequate/ drool

I will                           miss you/ **** you/ stalk you forever
That way we can      be friends/ get away with it/ be together

I'm sorry                   you did this/ I did this /we failed
I promise to               pay you/ dye it back/ get you bailed
Please don't               leave me/ show the Polaroids/ write or call

(*delete as appropriate, just delete it all.....)
 Mar 2010 Jacqe Booth
Black Swan
To the Great Absolute I pray
That when I am gone and
Nothing but dust is left of me
That I may be remembered
For the joy and love I gave and,
For my prose and poetry.

Intoxicated with enchanted dreams,
I strive to weave poetic vistas
Filled with magic and illusions,
With unfolding multifaceted mirrored images
Of things that could or are yet to be;
Of joy and measured sadness and
Endless impassioned struggles.
I seek to capture love's raging fires,
Stoked by amorous energies,
To illuminate the darkness of despair,
Exposing paths to bliss and ecstasies.

With awe and reverence of creation,
From undulating, azure oceans
To canopies of sparkling, starry skies,
I script Mother Nature with all her majesty
With expansive, fertile fields
Filled with irises, lilies, and yellow daffodils;
Or snow-capped purple sierras and
Eagles circling pristine, placid mountain lakes.
I conjure prancing, dancing fireflies
On luminescent moonlit nights and
Winged horses gliding through the sky
Over golden spire peaks that rise
From gleaming, ivory castle towers,
Or heroic, quixotic noble quests
To right wrongs and vanquish evil
Until there's peace and harmony.

Give me, Great Spirit, the mental dexterity
To compose indelible, memorable stories
That will be etched in the annals of history.
Help open my mind’s eye to peer into eternity.
I feel tremors, murmurs in my heart
Beating, aching from within, longing
To write and write until I'm consumed,
Having fulfilled my karmic destiny.

Finally, when my pen runs dry
It will be my time to die;
I pray that at my passing
The world will pause and sigh.
Black Swan © 2010
Through the birth of a new dawn
The new dew on the lawn
The first birds song
And night is now gone
For the day begins as new
I am here thinking of you

As an early Summer rain falls
Somewhere a rooster calls
And as this morning begins
For whatever this day brings
The memory of you will stay
A memory never to fade away

I stand here naked in this new day
The rain washes the night away
The birth of a new dawn is born
Fading away stars that shone
This day is born in all its' grace
A beautiful day as beautiful as your face
copyright Chris Smith 2005
do you know what his eyes have seen?
his brother shot dead in front of him
while his mother weeps and his father burns
but you complain about a broken heel
do you know what his eyes have seen?
a little girl bleeding, down on her knees,
but you complain about the traffic
do you know what his eyes have seen?
ak47s ripping through the streets
broken hearts
shattered dreams
but you complain about a headache
and through those eyes
he still smiles
he still laughs
and he still has peace
but you cry because you lost your cellphone
what's the worst your eyes have ever seen?
i lost you somewhere
florescent skylines
and linoleum earth.
(the world's most endangered species are:
1. the muscle between your cheeks
2. the limbs at the end of your arms)
Maybe he believes me, maybe not.
Maybe I can marry him, maybe not.

Maybe the wind on the prairie,
The wind on the sea, maybe,
Somebody, somewhere, maybe can tell.

I will lay my head on his shoulder
And when he asks me I will say yes,

— The End —