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  Apr 2015 Jack

I want to write
    beautiful poetry
upon your blushing skin
       using my finger,
  gently tracing
    each verse

     the unspoken love
I have in my heart
   to surrender you  
with each word
  Apr 2015 Jack

What you are to me
no matter what the season
  Apr 2015 Jack

It’s funny how a day can change
in the blink of an eye   :(

I was just sitting here
staring out of my office window
watching it rain and frowning
because it was so gloomy,
kind of down, ** hum
Paperwork was piling up on my desk
but I wasn’t much in the mood
to tackle it

Then I blinked and saw
I had just received an email from her
She wrote, “I stopped to daydream
about you for a moment today,
and it was so nice”

It’s funny how a day can change
in the blink of an eye  :)
This is a true story. You should have seen my smile.
  Apr 2015 Jack

I’m in a new city at a club close to your office,  
sitting at a table, wondering what you will think of me
The bar is crowded, happy hour is in full swing
but basically a blur to me as I watch the front door intently,  
every person entering makes my heart skip a nervous beat

I check my watch, again…5:16
It should be any moment now, I hope
Another sip of my drink, my second this afternoon,
needing a third I think, maybe not when the door opens,
I see you walk in, I think it’s you

Gorgeous brown eyes scan the place
as I wave slightly hoping you see, recognize me
You do and I stand clumsily almost spilling my glass
I can’t contain my smile as yours illuminates the room,
you are more beautiful than the photos

A thousand frantic butterflies invade my stomach
and my knees feel weak, it is finally happening  
I smooth my hair with my hand, a stupid habit
Moving towards you, I can’t stop staring, you are so beautiful
Time has switched to slow motion

So long I have waited for this, so very long
to meet you in person, gaze into your eyes,
touch you and know you are real
I weave through the partying patrons
and reaching you I say “Hi.”

Hi? I had this perfect dialogue planned,
It was so romantic and all I can get out is hi? How pathetic is that?
I wait what seems like forever for your response
You reply “Hi.” It is the sweetest sound I have ever heard,
as the place now has gone quiet to me except for your voice

“I have a table over here,” and sweating like a high school kid
on his first prom, I lead you to our seats
I am still staring, I can’t stop “Can I get you something?”
You take my hand and whisper, “ I have everything I need now”
I melt right where I sit and realize, I am falling in love all over again…
Jack Apr 2015

So precious this love that my heart does confide
Warm as the touch of your skin
Bright as the joy that does beam from inside
Filling my cup to the brim

You are the thoughts in my mind everyday
Visions of beauty you send
Caring and kindness on constant display
Oh but to know you again

Many the years that I stood all alone
Wondering what would become
Of this my life, on a path all its own
Searching for my only one

Down from the heavens my eyes did perceive
An angel of wonder so fine
Standing before me so hard to believe
This day, for this angel is mine

Open your wings for I want to come in
If you will have me this way
All as your own for a lifetime begins
Until the end of all days

Yours is the love that I’ve dreamed from afar
Here in my heart it now lies
Bringing a peace that does shine like a star
Up in the clearest of skies

Take me; oh take me, for I am to give
Happiness true it does pour
Love me unending as long as I live
*Take me to heaven once more
A repost
Jack Apr 2015

Touching a leaf, holding a flower
Feeling the rain as it falls on our skin
Breathing the air, dreaming forever
Now is the time that my life does begin

Blowing a kiss, watching it float
Softly a’ whirl as it seeks to find you
Wearing a smile, feeling quite happy
Lost in a world where my heart knows it’s true

Holding your hand, knowing your wonder
Taking your arm as we walk through the day
Singing a song, hearing the thunder
All that this world has now put on display

Sharing our life, loving eternal
Having a friend sent to me from above
Living this dream, here ever after
*Knowing the joy that is always your love
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