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Yana Kim Nov 12
That kind of feeling
When you wanted to write something
It is so great in your mind
But end up staring at a blank page. 

That kind of feeling
Being so hungry
Yet you can't keep food in your stomach
Just the thought of food makes you want to throw up.

That feeling when your eyes get so heavy
But you still can't sleep
With your mind being so active.

That kind of feeling
When they laugh at a joke  
You know it is funny but you can't even smile. 

That kind of feeling
When you know something is wrong but you pretend to be okay.

That kind of feeling that you've been hurting for so long now you feel numb. 
That kind of feeling of giving up
Yana Kim Nov 2
Everyone around me is deaf
They can’t hear me scream for help
I guess everyone is also blind
They can’t see that I’m in a bind
They go in their own merry way
They all left me, no one stayed
I guess I’m invisible
No one could see me nor hear me
I guess I’m invisible
It’s time for me to turn to rubble
You’re struggling but  no one can see nor hear.
  Nov 2 Yana Kim
Mitch Prax
I can't keeping living
like there's a nightmare behind
every last corner

3:57 PM
  Nov 2 Yana Kim
Mitch Prax
We all have demons,
but only some of us try
to hide them away

3:57 PM
  Oct 24 Yana Kim
Hey smile!
Where are you?
I'm searching you everywhere
But you are not there.

Is this our friendship
Which we have shared
I don't need you to be fake
Please give me a real smile
And awake

As it is the only one
Which can hide my pain
Comeback my dear
And stay on my face
Let's shake the hands
And disappear all the aches
Yana Kim Oct 24
Sometimes, it is the thing
That rolls down your throat
It cures your thirst
Sometimes, it is the thing
That rolls down your face
It thirsts for cure
No stopping the tears from flowing
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