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Jan 2016 · 218
Inkyu Kim Jan 2016
Life long lived- But never spent.
Nov 2014 · 300
Thin Line
Inkyu Kim Nov 2014
A box.
Wondrous toy for a child.
Memories lost for an adult.
Inkyu Kim Jul 2014
The hopes of a small child is a powerful yet fragile wonder.
His will and optimism unmatched.
His heart's deepest lust for identity.

In this huge, ever-forgetful, engulfing world.

Yet here lies another child's dream.
His passion.

As the earth revolves in an unending dance of mortal eternity.

Here lies another man's will to accomplish

For the acceptance of nothing.
May 2014 · 258
Dylan's Poem
Inkyu Kim May 2014
My tragedy, the tale of Pyramus and Thisbe.
For I stood, whispering into the lover's hallowed stone.
Wondering would it ever be?
For every love I have shared, Thisbe has never known.
Feb 2014 · 642
Inkyu Kim Feb 2014
What is life?
What is death?

What is waste?
What is purpose?

What is good?
What is evil?

What is?

All different, yet all one.
Nihilistic ambiguity,
What is?

If you have thought the thoughts,
You might be like me- trapped.
What is?

Is our purpose to be successful?
To leave something behind?
To be remembered?
To be a conqueror and a Man of Free Will?
Or are we just a doll of rag in Fate's playhouse?

What is life without death?
What is good without evil?
What is pleasure without suffering?
Are they not equals?

Such is life in her horrific beauty,
Deceptively, yet excitingly... ambiguous.

What is Churchill without ******?
What is Richard without Saladin?
What is humanitarianism without dehumanization?
Are they not both equally powerful?
However, are they also not both one?

What is the difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter?
One is someone who wrecks havoc for something that you do not believe in,
While the other is someone who wrecks havoc for something that you do believe in.

What is justice and what is tyranny?
What is moral and what is immoral?
The true question is, to whom is it a moral law and to whom is it an immoral law?

That is when you realize, that everything is one.

Truths become lies,
Lies become truths,
Good become evil,
Evil become good,
Hate become love,
Love become hate,
Justice become unjust,
Injustice become just.

Meaningful becomes meaningless,
As a couple's carnation is destined to wither and turn to dust.

Yet, in it's beauty, both sarcastic and cruel,
The meaningless becomes meaningful.
Being trapped sets you free.

And that is when you realize,
Life is not about being told what is right or wrong.
Life is not about leading the way,
Nor is it about following a person.
It is not about following a code,
A tradition, or a set path.

What is, becomes up to you.
What you believe in,
What is just,
What is moral,
Is something only you can tell yourself.

You may learn from others.
However, nobody reads the same sentence the same way.
And even on the same roads nobody has the same journey.

There is no purpose to anything,
There is no good,
There is no free will,
There is no fate,
There is no truth,
Nor is there a lie.
Everything is meaningless...

All meaningless... until, you breathe meaning into them.

In a way, you are just a passing moment in this Universe.
A tock on a ticking clock.
A small ant in the cosmic world.
A weakling whose death day is already marked on the calender.

Yet, until that moment, and until that day comes.
Without you, the Universe has no meaning.
Without you, there are no truths, no morals, no goals, and no purpose.

For you breathe purpose into this world,
As you write your infinite story into this leather bound diary of life.
May 2013 · 1.3k
Inkyu Kim May 2013
Alone in a room,
Music slowly plays,
Songs of loneliness,
Songs of loss,
Yet songs of love.

Concealed in darkness,
Retreating from reality.
Every strums of the guitar,
Pulling me deeper and deeper


My eyelids close,
Allowing a tear out,

In darkness,
In blindness,
A disoriented, dark, slowly fading light, shines on.

A beacon of hope and sorrow,

Alone in the room.
Concealment in the dark
Quiet screams for help.

Life sure is a mystery...

One whistle of a wind,
I am on top of the world,
One drop of rain,
I am in a room concealed by dark.

The light shines in a dark room resistant,
Yet so futile.

A knock on the door remains ignored,
A child, once afraid of the dark, embraces it's warm concealment.

Absolute quiet as the guitar continues to strum.

Songs, oh the songs.
The sweet melodies.
Words that taste like nectar.
Notes that speaks to the very soul.

Just for one moment,
A song makes sense.
Nonsense becomes reality.

Have I finally gone mad?
Have I refuted reality?

My heart becomes darker and colder.
Yet I embrace it.

Slipping away

The knock becomes more anxious.
A voice pleading.


Gone into the concealing darkness

The beacon of hope turns off.
The Lonely Light dies out,
The room is left dark.

Nothing to disturb this peace.
Pitch black and quiet.
Warm and alone in this room.

A Single Wish.

Slipping Away

Into Infinite Concealment of a Blank Room.

The door swings opens,
Shining the light of reality into the room,
Disturbing the sacred peace of the darkness.

But I am already gone.

*Slipped Away To A Better World
Inkyu Kim Apr 2013
I finally did it today.
Out of breath,
Ready to collapse,
But I finished.

I've always trailed behind everyone.

But at points in which I wanted to give up,
You told me to keep going.
Stay strong.
Build endurance.
Fight and win.

I trusted you and kept you in a special place in my heart,
Whenever I struggled, I looked for those words of inspiration,
Of Hope.

Then a fight happened,
You insulted me,
Told me I could never do it,
You destroyed my pride,
Made me humble.

Did I cry? No.
Did I give up? No.
Was I furious? Yes.

How ironic.

At the finish line my friends congratulated me,
the coach gave me a pat on the back,
but you weren't there.

How weird,
In the end the one thing that kept me running.
Was the pride you helped me build and destroy.

How ironic

After everything, I only have one thing to say to you.
You built everything and destroyed it,
You assaulted not only my pride, but myself.
Then you left...

But when you left, you left me something.
You left me a blueprint and a message.
The message: You are on your own now.
The blueprint, a blueprint to self training and self reliance.

You showed my humility,
You showed the true state I was in,
You showed me who I truly was,
but you also showed me my potential.

I built on that knowledge,
and with the blueprint,
I rebuilt myself and who I am.

It is ironic.
Because at the end,
The logical thing for me to remain mad.
The logical thing for me is to hate you.
The logical thing for me is to despise you.

But it is ironic.

Because at the end,
On this hill,
Staring into the sunset,
As sweat dripped down my face,
As my heart began to calm,
As my lungs began to quieten,
As the cool winds blew past me,
On the Hill of my Victory.

At the end I only have one thing to say.

Thank You.

Thank You,
with all my honesty and integrity,
I thank you for doing what you did to me.

If you hadn't I would've never been where I am now.

So at the end,
although it is logical for me to be angry, to hate, to despise.
I nevertheless thank you.
Inkyu Kim Apr 2013
I wonder who she is...
Wait, what am I thinking?
Gotta focus on some other thing.

I just want to know her name...
Is she nice?
Is she smart?
Is she fun?
Is she a good person?

Ugh, I can't just go up and talk to her!
I don't know her at all!

My life *****.
Why can't I just get to know her?
She is beautiful.

Wait, wait, wait.
Stop thinking about her.
Stop, stop, stop.

Oh wow!
Was I staring at her this entire time?!
Well this is awkward!
Oh no! Look away!
Whew that was a close one.
Gotta focus on something else!

Something else!
Something else.
Something else...
Something el-

Her eyes are deep yet bright.
They are beautiful.

******* it!

I wish I had the guts to talk to her!
Wait, she is coming this way!
Oh no!

My pulse! I can't feel it!
Did my heart just stop beating?
Am I dead?
Wait, no I'm still alive.
I feel like I'm choking.
My stomach feels cramped!

She is definitely coming towards me.
What do I do? What do I do?

Do I look okay?
Do I look like a creeper?
Oh no, my life is ruined.
Dear God give me strength!
Just let me pull off this one.

She stopped in front of me.
Her beautiful eyes staring into my own.
In a friendly voice she asks with a smile,
"Hey, what's your name?"
Feb 2013 · 566
Fading Reminiscence
Inkyu Kim Feb 2013
Laying down, I recollect.
Your sparkling eyes.
As the full moon shines in the night.
As the cool breeze ******.

It was no coincidence we met.
No, it was a destiny decided before time.

One regretful step at a time,
This lonely path grows longer,
As the steps take away from you.

I don't want to forget you completely without a trace,
Not your gentle and kind words, nor those perfect eyes that I loved.

May I go on believing that we would meet once again?

Maybe one day on the other side of the world,
When I turn around with tear filled eyes.

With all my heart, I wish I could laugh with you once more.
Even if I know this is a dream that cannot become true.

Step by step my memories fade,
Maybe one day on the other side of the world,
We may meet and I will not know you,
Forgotten your face and story.

Maybe you,
Are nothing but just a memory.
Inkyu Kim Feb 2013
I believe water is the true definition of freedom.
It is formless, yet physical.
It is calm, yet deadly.

It can give life, yet it can destroy.
Being in water you are given absolute freedom,
but you are alone.

You can move all you want,
Go deeper or stay,
Whisper your deepest secrets.
There is nobody there to judge you

Yet there is nobody there to hear you.

You truly are in a state of independence,
but its a sad thing,
because no human can survive in water,
completely alone.

Your thoughts remain with you.

It is so free, yet so oppressive.
It gives life, but it is also death.

It can be used to make one sane, but make another insane.

There are many sad things in life, but after seeing how water works, the world's most saddest story has to be freedom and independence.

How long can any man go in total isolation and with total power?
Jan 2013 · 846
A Patriot's Duty
Inkyu Kim Jan 2013
Why am I here you ask?
Why do I do this?
Why do I needlessly suffer?

My friend, I suffer
Not for personal gain,
Not for personal pleasure,
but for you my friend.

I suffer so that somewhere in this round world,
a mother's child will not.

I suffer my friend for I know that if I do not,
an unfortunate son must take my place
and endure what I endure.

You see my friend I wish not to live for myself,
I do not value my life as much as I value yours.

I live for the glory of a future that I shall never see.
To know because of my suffering a child was fed today.

My friend I live to suffer so that others may live to pleasure.
That is all I strive for.

Why should I or anyone care?
Oh such a primitive question!

Hear me!

If I live for myself, I will live a life of happiness and peace
and comes my death bed my line is finished.

If I live for a stranger, I will live a life of hardship and war
but comes my death, I shall live on through the spirits of those who live happy because of my suffering.

Am I confusing you?

It is my duty, Aidos.
My sole duty in this life.
My only request is to hear the sounds of joyful glee from small children.

My face can be caked with dirt,
My skin can be bruised and burnt,
My voice can be hoarse,

If the children across the street may live with
Their faces pure
Their skins smooth
Their voices soft

To live for the sake of someone
This moment may count for everything
I must gently cast aside myself
So that no matter how I depict
The I of tomorrow
I am drenched in wishes that won't disappear
The wishes of a future I shall never live in

This is my Aidos friend,
This is my duty,
This is my happiness,
This is why,
I suffer for you.
Jan 2013 · 302
Winter (Haiku)
Inkyu Kim Jan 2013
Cold and bitterness
Hunger and sickness await
Joy and wish remain
Jan 2013 · 876
Fall (Haiku)
Inkyu Kim Jan 2013
Darkness awaits me
Harvest almost completed
Waits many hardships
Jan 2013 · 461
Summer (Haiku)
Inkyu Kim Jan 2013
Oh fiery sun's gaze
Crops grow honest peasant work
Warmth in suffering
Jan 2013 · 326
Spring (Haiku)
Inkyu Kim Jan 2013
Blossom leaves flies from
Oh friend where are you going?
Disappear from me
Jan 2013 · 337
Death Poem (Haiku)
Inkyu Kim Jan 2013
Life lived and suffered
Peaceful memories drift down
Only to Perish
Dec 2012 · 489
Forever and Never
Inkyu Kim Dec 2012
A melody sings songs of a better time,
smooth strokes of keys on a piano,
soft like wind of a golden flute,
accompanied by a cheery violin,
as a couple dance.

Hand in hand,
like winds in perfect harmony.

The young girl laughs,
her bright eyes sparkling with happiness,
as the young boy stares through her.

"Forever and ever?"

In an instance the violin quiets and all turns dark,
but the lonely piano continues.

Yet sad.

So sad the music,
it turned the heart of stone into tears.

Beautiful, but sad.

Like the smile of a woman,
who knows she will never again be,
with the man she loves.

But she remains happy,
in the reminiscence of the time they spent together, in which,
was the best of her life.

as the perfect dance ends,
the piano dies,
and a small innocent voice asks,
"Forever and ever?"

The boy smiles sadly as he looks down,
"Forever, yet never..."
Dec 2012 · 496
Come with me
Inkyu Kim Dec 2012
Come with me, for there is a place long forgotten, buried in the sands of time.
A rotting concrete barricade was the tombstone of this ghostly outpost.
The hot white wind whipped up grains of sand, slowly eroding away this dying spot.
Oh how mother of time have done her work.

Come with me to where the sun masterfully paints the fading skies with fiery orange, watch it‘s art on this dead place.
Oh how the sands used to be red, piercing wounded faces who cried so often.
A rusty steel rifle laid on the ground, resting forever.
A red sign, in a familiar language stop, and unto it was carved I want to go home.
Nobody wanted to remember this place, as this hellish ground refused to recognize itself.
Oh how this place has died, oh how the rust of time have taken it’s toll.

Come with me to the forgotten roadsides where the fragrance of once was remains.
The fragrance were whispers of the dead.
Sweet yet salty, the fragrance of the air lingers and dances with the smell of rust with the skies slowly turning night.
The small wooden building slumped and have given up.
The windows broken, the wood ashen, a lonely rocking chair on the porch swayed back and forth, back and forth.
Oh how people refuse to remember.

Come with me to where tears and blood were shed and brothers were lost.

Amongst the rubble, the rust, the building, the sign, and the concrete barricade a massive and horrifying line of worn spit shine boots and amongst each one a worn rifle, a fading helmet, and bent metal necklaces that told stories of the fallen.

Come with me,
Come with me and remember the lost brothers.
Nov 2012 · 1.4k
A Cursed Life
Inkyu Kim Nov 2012
A leader?
A warrior?
A servant?
This ****** Life!

A life cursed from the beginning.
A heart made to serve,
A dream of leadership,
but a voice nobody listens.

Oh! The horrible wreckage!

An abomination from Hell,
touched by the Angels from Heaven.

A War!

This ****** Life!

A spirit that rushes to the aid of others,
but at it's own time of need,
is left alone to suffer and rot.

A misunderstood figure,
a tragedy worthy of de Bergerac.

Oh how the lake weeps,
Oh how the birds sing so sadly,
All crying for this Cursed Man.

Where did this Man go wrong?
An abomination!
A Curse!
A Mistake...


The World Died,
When it just begun,

or is it all Retribution?

A Heart that Bled,
A Heart that went cold,
A soul lost,
A life wasted.

This ****** Life!

A Wanderer?
A Traitor?

A Cursed Life,
Born of Hell,
saved by Heaven.

A misunderstood leader,
A broken warrior,
A bleeding servant,
A cold heart,

****** Life!
A Cursed Life!
Oct 2012 · 450
15 Truths
Inkyu Kim Oct 2012
Your enemies might be your ally in disguise.
Every life is precious because every life has it's own story.
Sometimes perfect is never meant to be.
Your goal may not be the goal you set.
Doing the right thing hurts.
Sometimes you may end up in a situation in which your only inspirations are not from self gain, but your love for another.
True dedication is not partial, but whole.
Even if you lose everything, the only thing you can do is push forward and keep your memories in your heart.
If you place memories in your heart, it will live on forever.
Placing memories in your heart can work both ways.
Losses are never losses in whole. Out of all the defeats there is a glimmer of hope and victory.
Sometimes victories can be a defeat.
Even if you lose someone, remember that they still walk with you on the same road.
Nothing is ever meant to last forever.
The ending is a new beginning.
Oct 2012 · 763
Deep Forest
Inkyu Kim Oct 2012
A soft fragrance of a leaf.
A fading memory,
reaching out I grasp nothing.

Absence left a shadow,
I am left broken.
Crushed like autumn leaves.
The soft paddle of the rain became a hurricane.

Hopelessly I walk towards the soft fragrance.
In the deep forest.

I hear your voice, but you are gone.
Kneeling down, I cry.

A soft wind-
Stabbing knives.

I try to find the words,
but it's too late-
you are gone,
and I am alone.

The scene I can never touch again.
Dreams of fading memories,
Dreams of the deep forest.

I crumble,

I see a shadow,
a small light,
but nobody was there.

And I break,
And I fall,
And I pain,

yet the familiar fragrance is only of a fading memory,

A fading forest.

An empty heart,
An empty shadow,
but nobody was there.
Oct 2012 · 536
Walk the Road
Inkyu Kim Oct 2012
I Walk the Road,

A road only I can walk.

The road of me.

I slip,
I fall,
but I get up,
I keep walking.

The only thing in this life.
To walk the lonely road.

Nobody knows,
their road ends.

If their road will be harsh,
If their road will be easy,
but it is the only thing we know

The only thing we are given.

Other roads intersects,
then never seen again.
A fading memory,

a dot on the line.

Slowly fading,
as the road edges near.

Must we keep walking our lonely roads?
Must I?

I walk...

I walk...

step by step.

To find the end.

Of this lonely Road.
Jun 2012 · 513
Inkyu Kim Jun 2012
Seconds after seconds,
Living while dreaming of the past,
Living while thinking of the future,
But never in the moment.

From energetic child to a fading senior.

A Hundred Years,
Slowly Ticks Away.

In a snap of a finger.

Where have Life gone?
A hundred years is short. Our Life is too short. People come and go, you just have to appreciate things while you have it.

Dedicated to mom who is battling breast cancer.
Jun 2012 · 918
Green Jacket
Inkyu Kim Jun 2012
I saw a green jacket today.
It really made my day.

But I realized it wasn't you,
I suddenly felt really blue.

I can't wait to see the familiar sight,
of the happy green bright.

I wish you were here,
but instead you are there.

I wish you were here,
for our fun group chats,
with Dylan, Keara, and I.
but instead you are there.

I really miss you here,
but you are gone somewhere else.

I hope you come back soon,
We are here waiting for you.

Until then I will feel blue,
with my stomach clenched too,
And I wish you were here.

Black Jacket
Yellow Jacket
Grey Jackets too
but only Green Jacket will do
because it means you.

I hope you have fun there,
as we all wait here.

Come back soon,
before I turn blue.
Today I was taking out the trash and saw a girl in green jacket. I then noticed it wasn't you, I really felt blue. So I wrote this poem for you. Wow I am really rhyming today.
May 2012 · 424
Silent Night
Inkyu Kim May 2012
Silent Night,
Cold winds softly blow.

Soft sand crunches,
As the Humvees roll.

Into the Silent Night,
Into the Valley of Death.

A flare sparks,
A loud sound screeches in the night.

The Humvees stop.

Bright orange light,
Shouts of Pain follows,

Then all is quiet.

Cold Night,
In the Valley of Death,
The Humvees stop.

Silent Night.
May 2012 · 624
Old Feelings
Inkyu Kim May 2012
I thought I stashed you away,
I thought I moved past you,
but now you are back.

Old Feelings re-emerging.

The Old Hope and Optimism,
but repressed by the now.

Loyalty undying,
Jealousy building,

The Ghost of the past,
returns to haunt,

In the corner,
I will sit,
without you,

Just me,
with my Old Feelings clawing my heart.

The Ghost from the past.
Back to Haunt me.

What Have I Done?
May 2012 · 470
Inkyu Kim May 2012
You say you understand me.
You claim to know me.
While you still know,

You will insult me behind my back,
then pretend nothing happened.

I am just a pawn,
of your little game.

Maybe I had hope,
Maybe I saw something,
but now I see something else.

What am I chasing?
What am I running to?
What do I see at the end,
of this ever narrowing hallway?

A Small Light?
Or Satan's Play?

Is it worth finding out?

My Heart says yea,
My Brain says nay,

Am I about to snap?
Am I about to break?
Am I about to collapse?


Strong I will stay,
against your little play.

I will continue through.

Through this ever closing narrow hallway.

I will finish this race.

For the sake of my sanity,

I will discover *You
May 2012 · 481
My Closest Friend
Inkyu Kim May 2012
I thought I may have lost,
I thought I waited too long.

Have I lost a friend?
Have I lost the sweet voice?

The sweet words became sour,
The friendly becomes hostile,
I must have lost.

My Friend,
I will make amends,
I will be here for you,
I will always welcome you back.
Mar 2012 · 562
Inkyu Kim Mar 2012
My heart drops,
My mind cloudens,
I cannot think.

I am overcome,
Like instincts to an animal,
I envy.

Small things look big,
My judgment is biased,
I am losing control.

I keep fighting to keep myself on top of things,
Controlling and having things to my plan,
I have forgotten,
that life cannot be controlled.

I must do my best,
but there is no guarantee.

How do I fight Envy?
For Envy is part of me.

How do I fight Envy?
If Envy is caused by my two best friends?

If I fight, I lose.
If I surrender, I lose.

Should I continue to try and control?
Or must let Life sort things out?
Oh Envy, I curse you.
Mar 2012 · 486
Dear Friend
Inkyu Kim Mar 2012
Dear Friend,

My heart rips when I see you heartbroken,
I am weak when you are weaken,

Sometimes I wish,
Sometimes I bliss,
that you would just smile,
A Real Smile,
A face that shows that tomorrow is going to be okay.

To take that mask and break it,
To know how you truly feel,
To have you let go of the hurt,
To see you happy.

Dear Friend,

I am nothing but another person,
I cannot control how you feel,
but when you continue to hurt,

Over and Over,

I must restrain myself,
I want to yell out,
For I am seeing a majestic creature killing itself,

Dear Friend,
You tell me that everything will get better,
but I see no difference,
I see only pain,
day to day,

Dear Friend,
I wish I can do something,
I want to take on the burden,
so that I can see you free,

But these problems,

I can advise,
I can make you laugh,
I can take away the pain,
but only temporarily,

Because I cannot solve,

Because these problems are;

A Life Journey,

A Life Lesson

A Lifelong memory,
to be kept,

A Lifelong experience,
to be felt,

by my Dear Friend,

All Taken,
By Choice,

By My Dear Friend.
Mar 2012 · 492
She's a Rose
Inkyu Kim Mar 2012
There's a girl I know,
She's a rose.

but Deadly.

It is best not to mess with this flower.
You will only be given pain and cuts.

Watch and appreciate,
but will you risk your pride?

Try and talk to this girl,
she will let you,
Try and court this girl,
she will **** you,

I warn you all,
She's a Rose,

God gave her Knives,
she will use them if you get too close,

Like a Rose

You cannot grab on,
without blood spill.

She is Beautiful,
and Original,

But will anyone take the risk?
And feel the bloodshed?
To feel great pain?
For the great reward of the Rose?
Mar 2012 · 2.6k
Inkyu Kim Mar 2012

Popcorn sweetly pops
as soft smell of butter fills the air
Eagerly waiting the two little children.


Joyous snaps of crunchy corn
as they softly dissolve
Satisfying the couple

Now Silence.

The little children ran out to play.
Claire Ringen, a friend of mine told me to write about popcorn... Yeah... That's right- Popcorn.
So this poem goes out to you Claire.
Feb 2012 · 553
The Guilt
Inkyu Kim Feb 2012
The heavy
The painful
The weight
Tugging and pulling.
Ripping and tearing.
Something is wrong.

The feeling of *Guilt
Feb 2012 · 354
Good Friends
Inkyu Kim Feb 2012
There are friends.
A friend that is silly.
A friend that is wise.
A friend that is there.
A friend that is Good.

That Good friend shows you life.
That friend shows you a part of the world you never experienced before.
That friend is there for you.

There is always a Good friend.
A friend you can talk to.
A friend that you can relate to.
A friend that can cheer you up.
A friend that you look forward to seeing.

That Good friend isn't afraid to point out your mistakes.
That friend is right by you when you are going through pain
Physical and Emotional.
That Good friend whom you wouldn't care what others say about.

A friend with the same interest.
A friend with the same background.
This is a Good friend.
These are friends.
Feb 2012 · 387
A Good Heartache
Inkyu Kim Feb 2012
My heart burns
from pain.
from joy.

I helped someone I loved.
To a rival.

Feeling of regret,
but feeling of assured.

Feeling of completeness,
but feeling of emptiness.

Feelings of hurt,
but feelings of happiness.

I helped someone I loved,
but did I help?

Feb 2012 · 494
Into the Bright Stars
Inkyu Kim Feb 2012
Look into the skies.
The dark and silent night.
Small white lights softly gleaming,
from distant stars.

Look into the skies.
The cold and luscious night.
The moon beaming down in triumph.

Into the Bright Stars,
let us both see.

Into the same moonrise,
let us watch.

Into the Bright Stars,
let us enjoy.

Enjoy the Bright Stars my friend,
For this does not happen frequently,

but as you and I are watching the stars,
but as you and I are feeling the coldness of the air,
we will be watching the same horizons,
we will feel warm being next to each other.

But for this moment,
Let us just watch.
Side to side,
Both looking up,
at God's Nature.

As friends.
Into the Bright Stars.
Jan 2012 · 1.5k
The Foreign Patriot
Inkyu Kim Jan 2012
When you look at me
Do you look at me as an individual
or a stereotype?

Do you think of me as an independent person with personalities?
Or must I be the same as another because of my skin?

Who am I?
Am I forced to be a patriot of my birth country?
Am I forced to act like my own "kind"?

Who am I?

What must I do to prove?

What must I do to prove myself?

I am patriotic to America.
Not Korea.
I never have and never will.
But will people see me as an American or Korean?
I have lived more than half of my life in my home state Ohio,
but am I an Ohioan?

I want to go to West Point and serve my country.
Do people see that I have no other motives than loyalty?
Or do people see me as a spy?

I want to be an US Senator.
Will I be called the first Korean Senator?

Why can't I be me.
Why can't I choose who to be loyal to?
Why am I destined?
I have loved my country.

But why?


Please answer me why?

Why do you break my heart America?
You see me as a Korean,
but I never was a Korean.

I am full One-Hundred Percent,
Toby Keith Lovin',
Terrorist Hatin',
Semper Fi Yellin',
Flag Salutin'
Till Death do us part Patriot,

But yet,
You call me a foreigner.
You call me an outsider.
You call me an outcast.

I read US History,
I memorized the Pledge of Allegiance,
I know and love my country from
Jamestown to Now.
At school I am made fun of for being more patriotic than actual citizens.

But yet,
You deny me,
You say you don't know me,
You rejected me.

I gave my life to you.

I sacrificed my world to serve you.


Why do you do this to me?

I beg you!

Please do not look at me as a Korean.
Please do not look at me as an Asian.
Please do not look at me as a Foreigner.

Look at me.

Look at me,
as a Proud American.

I came here to be part of the great Melting ***,
I came here for opportunities!
I came here!

I came here!

I am not a Korean.

I am!

A Proud American.
Jan 2012 · 937
The Lone Wanderer
Inkyu Kim Jan 2012
The Man stands up
His face covered in dirt,
but covered with pride.

Proudly He stands
but alone.

Strongly He walks
stride by stride,
but without companion.

Bravely He fights,
battle by battle,
war by war,
but without gain.

The Lone Wanderer,
Scars over scars,
but not a name to share with.

The Lone Wanderer,
he walks alone,
he doesn't need help.

The Lone Wanderer,
is he a result of success?
Or is he a result of sadness?

The Lone Wanderer
walks against the twilight,
leaving only a shadow.

Will you take him as the proud?
Or will you take him as the depressed?
Will you take him as the optimistic?
Or will you take him as a man who accepted destiny and fate.

Is He looking into the future?
Or is He looking into the past?

Is He thinking of something happy?
Or is He thinking of something He regrets?

Every man is a Lone Wanderer,
His duty to find his place in the world,

But how will others interpret him?
How will others accept him?
Or must he continue to wonder alone?
Jan 2012 · 1.4k
Give Me Paradise
Inkyu Kim Jan 2012
Take my life,
Take my everything.
Strip me of my rights.
But give me one thing.

Give me a paradise!

A paradise of brotherhood,
and sisterhood.

A paradise where violence does not exist,
a paradise where nobody commits a crime,
a paradise where people are not afraid to openly confess their sins.

Give me a hope.
A hope that at the end of all these troubles,
there will be peace, love, and humbleness.
Where Greed is no more.
Where men do not need guns.

Give me a city.

Give me a city,
where doors and locks are no more.
Open seats at dinner tables for brothers to join.

A quiet city,
where children run in happiness,
where a new generation lives happily,
where the old generation smiles.

A beautiful city,
where evil is no more,

Give Me Paradise.
Land of abundance.
Land of peace.
Land of brotherly and sisterly love.

Give me a land,
a land where people different by culture,
different by background,
different by skin,
different by family,
can unite as one.

Give me a land where there is no sin.
Give Me Paradise!
Dec 2011 · 523
Fear & Jealousy
Inkyu Kim Dec 2011
A person I look forward to.
From my eyes opening to my eyes closing.
Who's voice brightens.
Who's ideas breathes life.
A light.

Bright, happy, and joyful.
Active and playful.
Smart and funny.

Now, I am confused.
I am torn.
Do I stick with my morals?
Do I stick with my honor?

Or should I admit?

And torture myself?

Fear of someone else.

Jealousy of others.

Confused of my feelings.

A person I know I enjoy being with,
but not love.

A person who showed me a new world.

Yet I haven't a clue.
What must I do?

Should I ignore all these feelings and move on with life?
Or must I embrace.
Fear and Jealousy?
Dec 2011 · 442
Christmas Morning
Inkyu Kim Dec 2011
I wait eagerly.
Only 5 more minutes.
Only 4 more minutes.
Only 3 more minutes
Only 2 more minutes
Only 1 more minute
Wake up!
Dec 2011 · 507
Inkyu Kim Dec 2011
A word with so much meaning,
but so few.

I am Sorry.
Is Sorry an apology?
Or is it something people randomly say?

I only use it when I deeply think so.
Maybe I say it too much.
Must I hide my apology?
Must I pretend that wrong is right?
Should I never point out my mistakes?

Does saying Sorry show position?
Or does it matter?

Maybe it was supposed to be about apology.
When did sorry lose it's meaning?
I guess.

Have the World forgot?,
Well I guess,
I am,
Dec 2011 · 383
My Life in His Hands
Inkyu Kim Dec 2011
I do not fear Death,
I embrace it.

I do not fear Life,
I charge it head on.

People ask me,
How could I be like this?
I tell them,
If my God my Lord wants me dead, I will die.
If my God my Lord wants me alive, I will live.

My Life in His Hands.
God over my life.
For Heaven is Eternal.
I embrace it with my life.
If I am to die today.
I will be happy.
If I am to live today.
I will be happy.

My Life in His Hands.
God over my life.
For Heaven is Eternal.
I embrace it with my life.

If I am to starve,
I will starve.
If I am to live in comfort,
I will live in comfort and share to those unfortunate.

My Life in His Hands.
God over my life.

*God over my life.
Dec 2011 · 757
The Devil and the Angel
Inkyu Kim Dec 2011
The Devil throws me into hardship.
Hardship of work.
Hardship of pain.
Hardship of temptation.
The Devil makes me struggle.

The Angel is there to help in those hardship.
Helping with encouragement.
Helping with healing.
Helping with resistance.
The Angel gives me hope in the struggle.
Dec 2011 · 1.6k
The Modern Common Sense
Inkyu Kim Dec 2011
The Blue of the Democrats
The Red of the Republicans
Where is the White of The People?

When did We The People become,
We The Separated?

In times like these.
We cannot look to the government.
We The People, must look to ourselves!

United We Stand!
Divided We Fall!

The government was never
fat politicians.
It was We The People

Where is the Red, White, and Blue?

We are the Government.
We don't have the luxury
to blame ourselves.

We The People.
Of the United States of America
must stand against today's problems.

Not debt.
Not war.
Not education.

But laziness,
and hopelessness.

Blaming the government,
is blaming We The People.
Blaming your neighbors.
Blaming your friends.

What happened to Uncle Sam?
He fell and We ignored him.
Our Uncle Sam is still there.
begging for help,
We keep walking.

Now We ask each other.
Where is Uncle Sam?
Where is Patriotism?
Why is our country in disarray?

I say,
look unto yourself
We The People
have become lazy
have become confused
have become weak

The World is turning.
Mother of time is ready
to spit out the old,
and chew,
on the new.

Like Rome.
We seen our final glorious days.
The New World dawns.

But I tell you my friend.
It is not too late.
We have all heard and saw Rome's dismay.
It is not too late.

It is not too late.

We can learn from the Romans.
We can turn from our ways of laziness.
Help Uncle Sam!
Bring a New America.
Out with the Old!
In with the New!

Uncle Sam has a lot on his plate.
The War in Afghanistan,
His debt to China,
and His fading economy.

We can't help him by solving those problems.
But let us,
We The People.
Clean His home.
Sing a song to him.
Our all-american Uncle.
Fix his home.

Let us We The People take the first step,
if you see kids on the streets,
yell at them,
"Did you do your homework?"
"Are you studying for your SATs?"

If We are at work.
Don't play FarmVille.
Work knowing this,
You are fighting for America,
everyday is another dollar off of Uncle Sam's debt.
You are the frontline in this war against time.

If We are at school.
Stop flirting with random girls or boys,
with intent of ***.
Know this, you are next.
We are The People.
Kids build the bullets of Uncle Sam's Gun,
through education.
If Uncle Sam has good bullets, he will win his battle,
If Uncle Sam has bad bullets, he will lose his battle.
When Uncle Sam goes to battle with the other countries,
your bullets will be the difference between America the destroyed,
and America the victorious.

We Are The People.
We Are The Future.
We Are The Government.
Never forget that.

So next time you ask yourself,
how did this happen?
Look at yourself,
remind everybody.
We are The People.

We need to work harder America.
There is no question to that.
That is the Modern Common Sense.
Dec 2011 · 601
Inkyu Kim Dec 2011
War is Blood.
War is Killing.
War is ******.

There is never a good side.
No good guys.
No bad guys.

Soldiers march.
For patriotism.
For honor.
For glory.
But few return.

But never blame,
The soldiers.
The fault,
is not theirs.

The politicians,
pulling the strings,
have done this.

The way of life,
is not of the troops,
but of the men,
that reign high.

But let us honor those who sacrificed,
those who died out of patriotism.
Not out of own thought.
Brave men fighting for a cause.
Each side with it's own.

That is war.
and war,




— The End —