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May 2013
Alone in a room,
Music slowly plays,
Songs of loneliness,
Songs of loss,
Yet songs of love.

Concealed in darkness,
Retreating from reality.
Every strums of the guitar,
Pulling me deeper and deeper


My eyelids close,
Allowing a tear out,

In darkness,
In blindness,
A disoriented, dark, slowly fading light, shines on.

A beacon of hope and sorrow,

Alone in the room.
Concealment in the dark
Quiet screams for help.

Life sure is a mystery...

One whistle of a wind,
I am on top of the world,
One drop of rain,
I am in a room concealed by dark.

The light shines in a dark room resistant,
Yet so futile.

A knock on the door remains ignored,
A child, once afraid of the dark, embraces it's warm concealment.

Absolute quiet as the guitar continues to strum.

Songs, oh the songs.
The sweet melodies.
Words that taste like nectar.
Notes that speaks to the very soul.

Just for one moment,
A song makes sense.
Nonsense becomes reality.

Have I finally gone mad?
Have I refuted reality?

My heart becomes darker and colder.
Yet I embrace it.

Slipping away

The knock becomes more anxious.
A voice pleading.


Gone into the concealing darkness

The beacon of hope turns off.
The Lonely Light dies out,
The room is left dark.

Nothing to disturb this peace.
Pitch black and quiet.
Warm and alone in this room.

A Single Wish.

Slipping Away

Into Infinite Concealment of a Blank Room.

The door swings opens,
Shining the light of reality into the room,
Disturbing the sacred peace of the darkness.

But I am already gone.

*Slipped Away To A Better World
Inkyu Kim
Written by
Inkyu Kim
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