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Jan 2021
as the void in my soul
pulls me towards its center
with both hands tied together,
i can't seem to remember the last time i held yours
and it seems that forever has passed by
noβ€” it's been an eternity
since mine last held grasp of your soul
and had conversations with the billions of pieces
that make it upβ€”
tiny bits of your identity
i once all knew

i don't seem to know whether they're still part of youβ€”
or has your soul been shattered too much
that more pieces have made their presence
making up the very essence of you
that mine lost the opportunity to touch

what i do know
every piece that make up your soul
is part of a perfectly-fitted-never-ending puzzleβ€”
an ever-evolving beautiful masterpiece
no one could ever take apart
Written by
fallacies  22/M
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