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283 · Jul 2020
honeybee Jul 2020
You told me you’re nothing special
while i watched every word
escaped ur mouth
burst into stars.
180 · Jun 2020
honeybee Jun 2020
I love having a piece of you with me
Be it a bracelet, a baggy shirt or a tattoo
They’re all meaningless to me
until you adorn them with your color.
And I adore everything about you.
88 · Jul 2020
Lonely For You Only
honeybee Jul 2020
Are you lying wide awake
in thousand miles away

Toss and turn in bed
trapped by unsaid thoughts in your head?

For every time you ache
my heart breaks just the same.

We’re staring up at the same stars
baby, distance won’t tear us apart

Firm is the faith in our hearts
Entangle souls when our fingers cannot.
88 · Jun 2020
The fallen angel
honeybee Jun 2020
the darkness never frightens her
for she had traveled to hell and back
witnessed every sin
that people dread.
40 · Jul 2020
Your Story
honeybee Jul 2020
Baby girl please listen
The tears you shed at night
heartbreaks that you've survived
is just a chapter of your life that
could never dim your light.
'cause the story
is still yours to write.

— The End —