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tdf Oct 2014
cease and the words disappear.
please. I don't want them anymore
tdf Sep 2014
As much as it brings me solace
I've never been so alone
tdf Sep 2014
I no longer cry
but when I'm alone I no longer laugh
they no longer laugh
so every night I give up
on each cloud I rise
pick my thoughts up off the ground
gone like my eyes when I start coming down
"I almost remembered-"
thankfully they all forgot
"We'll never become something we're not."
we laugh, and laugh and before we start crying
we'll hope it won't last
maybe this time we're dying
tdf Aug 2014
a strong woman would keep on pretending
breakdowns of love leaves a heart rendering
wishing too soon for her days to be ending
tdf Aug 2014
no one knows me
it makes me lonely

but I'm smarter alone
too long its been my only home
Hate life
tdf Jul 2014
Days gone by replicate each other,
Awaiting their end in eternal slumber.
tdf Jun 2014
Don't sugarcoat anything
Unless you want pests
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