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hope Jul 2020
the universe is huge
its overwhelming
life is an overwhelming thing
history, future, right now
the best thing to do is sit
and be realistic
and think about what you can achieve
and that is happiness
time is too short to be doing anything else
hope Jul 2020
ive never felt that connection
I wonder if I ever will
I don't think love is something I will learn
it is something I will craft
I am unconventional
I am unique
and I don't have to remain under
the shell of pressure
that love is the ultimate goal
hope Apr 2020
I don't understand why I need so much attention
I have never felt a romantic kind of love
and I desire it to a point of jeopardy
love yourself first, they say
but I find it hard to love myself when there's no evidence
of anyone else doing it
everytime affection goes wrong, it never lasts
I just want to feel needed, and maybe i'll feel it myself
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