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Unknown Girl Apr 2021
The roses have wilted, The violets are dead. The demons run circles, Round and round in my head. The parents are crying, Their kids keep on dying.
Because that's what modern society bred, And nothing was said.
Unknown Girl Apr 2021
Words from you make my heart beat one million miles an hour
Words from you make me smile
Words from you make it all seem worth it
Words from you make it all seem alright
Thank you for the words you gave to me
And thank you for never leaving me alone
Unknown Girl Apr 2021
soft pink lips
deep blue eyes
Promised to stay awhile
held my hand
broke my heart
****** me up from the start
Unknown Girl Apr 2021
I smile through the pain
I constantly doubt myself
I belittle myself
these cuts and scars
Are A Cry For Help
I need love
but I have no faith
I dont know how to trust people
When I cant trust myself
Still this is a cry for help
Unknown Girl Mar 2021
You are to fast and impatient
You expect him to like that
Your so stupid he will never like you
But I want him to like me he is kind
But then again we are worlds apart
Stupid stupid stupid girl
**** I always do this
Unknown Girl Mar 2021
I sit in the dark and cry
I pull the blade across my wrist slowly to feel the pain
That's the first time I tried
She was very mean to me so ******* mean
She believed I deserved to to die and so did I
Suicide at 3 A.M. but it failed and I was left with scars
The are barely visible now but they are still there
Unknown Girl Mar 2021
Alex hit me and took away my pride in the school locker rooms
Gavin is super kind but broke my heart
Jorden kissed me in the woods the told me I should just die
Leo called me beautiful but then broke me in half when he said it was a lie
There are more but I can't count all the boys who hurt me
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