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Hira malik May 2018
It needs a crack
For light to enter
And than
It needs a gap
For His love to seep in!!!
Hira malik Feb 2020
محسن ہمارے ساتھ بڑا سانہہ ہوا
ھم رہ گئے ، ھمارا ذمانہ چلا گیا

Not written by me. Copied.
Hira malik Feb 2019
yay jo haal hoa sare- shaam hi,
siyah dasht -o- garibaan hoa,
Mjhay hasil naan tha jo kamal bhe,
Wo bay-sabab shikasta -o -jaan hoa..
aay rahbar -e-zindagi, yay kaisi taveel tar raat hai,
Naan amaan mili, naan hi koe imtihaan hoa!!
Wo jo pamaal kar gay meray khwab ko,
us hashar-e- jaan ka kia samaan hoa;
Yunheen gard main liptay bujhay khayal,
Shahr say jaanay ka yun ihtimaam hoa!
Yay rang nhn saraab hain,yay ehsaas say door paar hain,
Meray bayrabt say tootay pyaar main,Jo hoa tou bass yunheen hoa!!
Hira malik Feb 2019
sometimes i denied the importance of a breath
that keeps me ajar in times when everyone sleeps
a secret keeper of my naive heart
that has now been surronded by orchestra
a fresh start as if flowers have just erupted out of a fertile land
seeing through such veil,
behined the bars of the old wet times
i miss them, so eagerly, so wantedly i miss them
that my heart goes silent suddenly ,in a memory!!
i painted my walls, the color was so bright i cudnt see the amber,
i decorated my art wall with random childish faces, that made me smile even when i am astray,
she said today when she came upstairs, remember the ones that made themselves surrender in ur love,
and yes that love, a true love, will stay in a room filled with cups,
empty, full of beer, juices of different colors, and beverages of all types,
i put down them on the table bedside,and in nights i remmeber the laughters and joys...
and than tym flies on until i am flourished with the orchestra of different llyrics
and flowers are still fresh on my bed,a bald womb yet,
still filled up to my dreams,
a life so swift, a time keeps on drift,
until dawn turns to dusk and dusk to dark armor of night,
and untill u take last minute of  breathe, of ""The end"" sight!!
Hira malik Apr 2019
The game of metaphor
Like a dream I see
And not even it exist
Like in reality I persists
And everything otherwise insists!

Some existences are metabolically contagious
A chain of reaction starts, and the disaster is unimaginable....

She lives in a cocoon of caterpillar
Always fantasizing the life of a butterfly
And in this manipulation , consistently she drives
Her imaginations, to the world of realm!

Superb was the fall,  magnificently amazing
Starry was the night and the world whole snoring in their fraction
She stood up right, applauding alone ,dazzling
And this metaphor of dream once again was her cage of seduction!
Hira malik Feb 2017
I felt bad heartache in my dream
A dream, that came at the time of dusk
When the clouds were escaping
And the sound from mosque was dense and sad!
It shattered and saddened me too much,
This much that still i cry in pain of that heartache.....
It was burnt into dark ashes
Like dark sky indwelling upon the heart of gold dust...
And he screamed through the broken window;
"Take care of him, he cudnt walk
He cudnt speak
My heart has shattered into millions like a broken dream,
And like these ashes that you see,
Darkness has occupied completely Me!
He had my heart
And he was the mode of my breath
Now that all is gone
Speech has lost its ways towards me!"
And me;
I looked into his broken eyes
Filled with thousands of his unheard screams,
"I cudnt hold him to my chest
His toys still i keep but
That smile those glee
I cudnt soake myslef in thee,
Lost and saddened and shattered,
Like this ever-lasting gloomy eve"
Hira malik Dec 2018
Seek the rest
The inside too restless!!
Hira malik Jul 2020
The pacifity of moments
She wondered sometimes why her mind and thoughts are baffled now
Why she has to confront her own doubts
Why her judgment has turned its ways on herself....
The bracing of truth is revealed
On initials ,when you faces the same happenings
When same circumstances let you get grilled through same machine
Than it falls on you,
Why sleeps are so restless and less
Even when you have all the time
The fear of being fallen away
Loosing the moments in all this juggling
Donot let you sleep for the long time......
The comfort of bed is disasterous than the agony of aches
And the sensitivity of dreams is hateful than  bitter realities
once and of all when you realise
Your hair embraces the greyness and your body engage in Aging more gracefully!!!!!
Hira malik Sep 2019
The agony of love
Is so sweet of all the sweetest my dear
That the outrage of pain
Is a comfort in front of it———
Hira malik Apr 2018
Something is badly missing
A big giant wide mouthed void
Engulfing all the smiles
And dancing like a nomad bird
I myself do not realise
Where this all is leading to, a hallway with confused ways, or destination in sight?!?
I am not intimidated by so many faces who cross my ways
I just desire to speak with some heart, who can underatand the chord of many wires,
And in these findings, i am held by some many filthies,
I am abducted by hands of many bodies
That wish of speech has lost its words, totallly!!!!
One way or another, the colours of springs are overcome-d
By shadows of fall, and night prolong-ed,
One way or other, i loose the same way
My dreams into speinkled broken leaves
Under feet!!!
Somedays in future may be, still i wish to be
Like a morning sun, so bright and soothing warm
In which,
Doesnt get burned my skin
And i stay alive, Alive!!!!
Hira malik Jan 2019
The demise,
Or decay!
I will always choose
Not to astray
And when light falls upon the dusk
And bitterness,! bitterness all around
Than i wish a new dawn on my attic, to display!
Hira malik Dec 2016
Someday i might not be in hurry much
Hurry to breath
Hurry to sleep
Again hurry to eat
Hurry to smile
And weep!!
Might be someday , wil be as easy
As these sun rays shamelessly
Consume all our sweat
And seemingly cold moonlight
Eats up all our inner soul!
Somedays may be, alphabets wont be in haste
And ill take my life time to sew them in words
What my heart speaks
My soul yearns
And there will be no one to judge
On my actions on these words
And whole world will smile with me
As if
Its the ENd day , as if its a No play!!
Hira malik Sep 2020
Eradication of what haunts you
be it you or he
she or we
the sensitivity of  feelings
encounters you differently!

I fascinate perfection
existance of no fear
and happiness...
what use is of such completeness that incompletes you?

The rain has message
of that nostalgic day,
when i bothered not, to bathe in rainy day
my mind was bewildered yet very calm
do such days on daily basis ever stay?

peace? within? or in him?
such blurry questions take me to nowhere
and today is the first day of new Fall
i packed all my summers essentials
my friend is visiting now with all its glory....
coldness we both will celeberate with a warm cup of tea
will discuss the randomness of this strange life
over a thoughtful read
and than
the uneasiness will crawl under my skin
oh myy dear accompanier
life is strange, its true,
but the searching souls can never taste the actual hue!
Hira malik Oct 2017
"This word ANYTHING i learnt from these tiny creatures God created out of me. Yes Anythng, not because anything i wish to provide them, but because anything i can do for them??"
"Can u imagine Aagra what anything i can do for them," said Plew to aagra in thoughtful voice." What?? "
He was engrossed in his own thoughts too..". I can **** my inside and suffer in worst way, tolerate pain that is never ending and still walk with grace."
Aagra came out of that yoginess with a **** of astonishment, looking deep in his sad eyes. "Y u love them so much Plew? "
After a silence he replied,not existing in the same place "because Aagra, i have created them out of worst pain with pleasure, there is no such love that exists with this devotion. They are all what i have now!!!
Hira malik Nov 2019
Everyone is deprived of the Love
He never had...
Hira malik Aug 2017
Its going to be a morning my friend
Another beautiful dawn
Setting a high rise sun
And the singing birds thank Lord
For the new life they see!
I wonder but sometimes
Behind the curtain of that last night
At the brink of dawn and dusk
Why we all have to get up and work like a dead!
In its wondering
My eyes weep
Fir the loved ones i have
Close to my heart
But far far on lands of desert!
And while its wondering
I cover my window with long thick curtain to stop the light
Weeping my shade,;
For the soul of mine is sleeping its ways!
And on far far land
The heart of mine is beating again!
Hira malik Nov 2020
There is a pain of love
So bitter sweet
There is strange sweeteness in bitterness
And sweet is barely bitter
This amalgamation is a strange pleasure to heart!
Hira malik Mar 2020
Fascination is such an illusional and fine category of our mind, where when it leads to the death, its joyful, less painful and more of an adventure!!

Oh sentiments, a turmoil of judgement, likewise you have burdened me so much that futile it is the fertility of thoughts.

Junction of words and abusement are combination of those languages, that once was spoken in times of ******. I capitalised his name ,for the word had an enormous affect on the world history.

Structural imagination of something into an empire, O GOD, u know only better, i felt like U at that moment!

I was so alone when i turn into GOD all by myself. Where is that shoulder to lean on, someone should be there above me to handle all the chaos i created . Its was exhausting and i gave up!!

Hira malik Oct 2018
There is some sadness in air
The sadness in you
Deeply rooted
Like water sweeping through the trunk of tree
And blood flowing aggressively
A human is like a dark note of fury
A fire he can replace
Thunders even cany escape
And he can turn into a nightmare
Like of those sleepless nights
Where u are wide awake
And sun never shows up
Even in the longest hour
When ur eyes sore in pain
And still the sadness encompass you in strain!!
Hira malik Dec 2018
They say
" states dnt keep the form or shape
They steal u like water does to pebbles"
So here it goes
" i fear ill not stay anymore "

States are like the birds or daffodles or like a type writer or may be its just an un- seen feeling,
What i am supposed to write
Is just not
What i am writing......
" how state melts you into something so shapeless"

State is like a man standing under rain
But still counting the water drops
Falling out of no where in vain
And feeling warmth in coldest sane
" this what states do to you, numb in speaking what you should to, the only friend you keep, the heart in you"
Hira malik Oct 2017
Some people are so toxic, that meeting them drains you completely as if someone has hit you badly till its no more dead, but else anything!
Avoid !

Just a thought
Hira malik Oct 2019
Tere yaad
Aur kuch nahin
Uskay baad....
Hira malik Feb 2019
this is the nation who loves to write, but the actions are limited to dreams, to thoughts that are not even processed-- this is the nation that hates to be fooled, yet fool ownself again and again by love of things and hatred for people...

i can never attribute to the happenings around me, neither  have i any contribution in making and defaming the things that comfort me, people those adore me, and offcourse ppl haters for me. i just am living a life made by someone and still complaining for the distress they are creating when my contribution in making myself is none.....

i used to think of love for love, an ecstatic love that makes u forget everything-- an enigmatic love above all fragrances, since , i saw those little face at 10 pm, sunday night , no shoes, ***** outfits and running infront of fruit shop with juices in their hands being given by that fruit keeper. they had a vibrance on their faces, as if after long hard day begging they have got what they never dreamt of. they were running but with slow pace for fear of spillage of a single drop, and ofcourse din drink it for long for fear of it may not end so quickly--- I UNDERSTOOD THE MEANING OF YEARNING, LOVE AND DESIRES that night. love has too many aspects, i forgot till that night.

i am sharpening my sixth sense with sounds of imaginative broken heart, a dreadful scream, a dream that is shattered, a helpless soul, a bargain with no benefit, a crack in soul, an irtrepairable hurt. i have sharpened my senses, but still i dnt have a courage to face it.

luxuries never play with the sound mind for they give comfort, they pamper insane heart who is in search of so many things that are not even known to him.

i am in process of making and remaking, yet defying my spirit every day with daily activities makes me a better person. does shaping and reshaoing has any role until ur break and re-break urself??

i am finding a beginning in a chapter, first page of a book with remarks of triumph, and last page of this book with words of gain. i read again and again shame, shame and nothing without shame. discomfort dis-arm me everytime i go through the words of book, and i look for peace in silnce of my sleep.

aghast, tired, struck in confusion, i wrap up everyday the left overs, trash them far in dreams in no- land, with hope of new in another day. sleeps make me tired to wake me up to look for same trash i threw a day back with same lethargic breaths. y days go so long for the beginners??
Hira malik Sep 2019
The impression of being normal in society is so overstated that sometimes I doubt “Am I a Normal being"....normality has been defined at different level in varied ways, but 99 percent have the same concept about its definition and that is what we see around us in the form of ethics, manners, social interaction, intelligence and communication level. The pattern is imprinted in our minds and ideas like day and night and like the biological clock works inside us, so a minor deviation from that brings a lot of stirring in our environment and we label it with different names like “ ******”, “abnormal”, and some kind of disorder.

There is a very thin line between varied behavior and abnormality that is threatening to self and surroundings. Thing is we should understand that and start intervening when that line seems to be crossed.

Intelligence is being measured globally and majorly on the basis of grades and than on the basis of accompalishments and achievements but we totally forget that each individual is unique and gifted in different ways, we can’t compare a flower with the sky and vice versa.

The instability in society comes from the afromentioned behaviour and it affects whole lot of generation. not to differentiate between the individual’s capability and look in depth of their behaviors has a lot of psychological impact and that should be addressed from the very start level of their childhood so each can grow and flourish for their and their surroundings sake——-
Hira malik Mar 2018
this time spent in hours in day and night, in shades of dark
i feel  whirling of my thoughts like stars on blue sky, in dimlight
like  brilliance of neon, when all is quiet ,mesmerised!!

i no longer count the shades of leaves when trees hang along roadside
and when shine is bright, sun is still a friend; wen foreheads around sweating,
love by my side, hate is still a friend, black still feels white,
oh LORD, these signs are blessings, even  pain is addictive in this state!!

just curious about the pores that appear on my skin, in cold or warmth,
wondrous about the smile that lingers on in sleeps even,dreams still seeps
through the corner of closed window;winds blow out every thing,and still it lingers;
nothing is perfect, but a heart in addiction, eyes unheld, and smiles un-controlled!!

no, now i dnt fly, yet i feel with  my wings spread out, my feet on rhythm,my curves on beat
yes, in this imperfection, i am all alive, in this hideous state, i am all evident,
hmm, this humming is complete, these words perfect, and after such a long tym
i am not in myself, but in one- self all surviving and complete!!
Hira malik Feb 2019
the saint raised his eye brows and looked at my worned out face,
night as if have swollowed my speeches
and my sleeps always wait for rising days,
' u are desiring for waste when time is ahead, LORD is busy in bestowing the hosts,
attend ur heart that mourns whole night, hold ur breaths those dying to gt behold'
'i look up at the sky with sleepless tiring eyes,
''call the mountains when i get old,
beaten rocks , parched lands embracing sunset, grave the pleasures where hearts too cold,
my dreams insane me , when i drink the taste of ignorance,
i frown and i drown in my own silence, when my words hate me,
i bury my head again for no sake, for no treasure,
when i look at the baseless life, when i laugh at the senseless fear''
Hira malik Dec 2019
The people
The incarcinate people of all times
A generation of false liberator
Insensitive breed of wild of wildests animals


Bring out the canines
That are innovative
In the type of brutality
Imagination seek help...

And than
We seek refuge
In the ***** of peace
The world on the verge of collapsing
We all are aware
We are eating the core
Like an insomniac
Who has lost the mind
And chest dnt bind hearts anymore....
Hira malik Jun 2020
Are we missing something?!?

The hearts are not at right pace
All those matters of space ,those set on some pattern
Revolving though,;;
But my heart not at pace
So does of the millions others....
The tails holding of elephant herd
In the fields
Unsettling too...
The trembling of voices
And serenity
Has taken place the shambles
And the ruins this time are murrmuring,
Burning slowly!
This heat is sinister than the flames itself
And erupted volcanoe,
Trenching trembling the level of horizon
On demise of so many young souls
Under its cover
They reaching to sky
But sky still mourns on earth loosing its precious
I have been taught in this time the lessons
That havent been taught in centuries
The herat has turn old in days so little
Age has become just the number
And the greyness has enveloped the souls like dark wolves!

Now even the clouds if rain
I dnt feel it
Its not called monotony
Or rampedness
Time has shown that it can run anticlockwise
And diruption will be more on souls than rocks could ever asked for in their capacity....

The emptiness is getting rapid
And earth is creating more space
For graves to be encarved
The sadness is echoing in streets like trumpet blowing orchestra
The songs of deads are mellowing the alives
The time is strange my friend , more in melancholy is my heart
And when hearts wrap thmeselves in pain
Than you have no escape
And no place to go!!
Hira malik Dec 2018

today after a long time, i took myy tools and went out on pasture-land, sat there infront of sunset..vivid icy brezze touched me and i shivered not out of cold but on strange play of Summer breeze.... i took off my shoes and felt the wetty grass-field under my soles..they tickled and i giggled...

i am going again on that voyage that we used to plan once.. the enticement, thrill and joy of its imagination is making me so restless that cant even i sleep at nights... sun is still blooming and will be ,once ill be on expedition but ill miss ur naive smile u used to pass on even in ur laziness.. my heart yet again on enthusiasm and it is meeting to the rays of heaven.. last night i held arm of an angel and  i travelled ur land.. it was an amazing feel, still i can feel the scent of those daffodils....

dear, i wanted to tell u that as u used to dream and fantasize of color fields and believed that every color has its own beauty, today i dare to contradict the statement of urs with great pain....  i made a statue today with my these tiny tools and attire was bright too, but even after my diring efforts cudnt shape the weariness to brightness.. i chose red ,yes dear red, ur favourite color, but it mocked itself ,the presence of sadness.. i made it naked at the end with this conclusion '' colors dnt makes look everyone happy''...

my heart bleeding so is my  eyes teary, for i never thought of denying ur little dreams, tiny pretty dreams.. but i am leaving my tools behined again where we met, in memory of u, or may be i am giving up, for i  failed in naming colors, i failed badly in bringing brightness with mere those colors u admired... i am a looser for i took long to learn the lesson of life in ur colorless eyes!!

Hira malik Sep 2017
She is imbicile
And still holding onto hope
Of calling back
With all sorrows aside
With all memories she hides!
Staring in the dark night
At full blown moon
She silently cries!
And She!, she is like a green land
Cultivated by rich sand...
Still sitting far in the corner
Looking at the same full blown moon
She thinking of her desperations of separation
Eating her from inside,
A detachment that her sand did not find in her seeds,
And this repulsion,
Between land and seed
Has enrooted deep
Withinn her deprived soul,
Still being fertile!

Womb has nothing to do with love
Its like a wild sprout
That grows by itself!!
Hira malik Oct 2018
i startled my mind
i shook my head
i slapped my thought
O God , this day is screaming
my heart futile
this land not occupying my pregnant soul in its womb,
let it be fertile!!

see me through holes
doors are closed
windows broken
grey storm ahead
but y
inside my little room
i am not suffocating
this time is lost
this heart is in pain
this pain no more i belong but
still it aches and aches!!

repeat those mistakes
this world is **** busy in noticing
**** the murderers
these hands already ******
my throat choking
y clouds dnt seem to weep tday
y heaven has covered its face completely
i am naked but i want a cover of u
a shield of love, an intense love
still in my calmness i pray nothing in return!!
Hira malik Dec 2018

intensified by the desire of better life,they came on streets...slogans echoed in air of serene and peaceful environment,air started filled with the spark of revolution,lanes started mark themselves with footsteps of revolutionists,and hearts started beating on new was a dark world,with sleeping saints and guarding demons,it was the blue evening with no hope of rising was the part of that world on face of map where the suffocation started making its heap......

insomnia ,in part of our life,sometimes is the biggest need,like the necessity of is needed badly so the eyes for a time being forget the pathways to sleep....awakening is blessing,but it becomes an eternal gift when  eyes adopt themSELVES to it even the night is dark and the lights are dead....Fears ,the guard of our beating heart,but Courage is most fruitful when it scratches it off from the trembling body,when the winters on its bloom,and coldness has resided in big veins....

mark of each and every footstep if u observe ,it will reveal u different stories of courage,determination,evolution and un-ended fight.....traces disappear ,but sand particles always remember the kiss of those brave hearts ,of voices against slavery,of intense struggle,of new hope .....the sweet pungent aroma of those slogans in air,is always remarked with the tears of appreciation,bright smiles of honor and pride.....though the nations of nations will be changed in drift of seconds,but submergence in deep ocean of revolution ,once u dive in it,than the heart and soul of urs can drink all the blue waters of this universe and still it will stay unquenched..

like a wild flower,
near the stream of flowing fresh water,
with sun sparkling at height of a new day,
stay there with  ur roots affirmed,
with ur petals fresh,
be they painful to the passing byes,
but stay there
with sweet pungent smell
with courage un faltered
with face so innocent....

little words ,a shelter.a refuge,an expression to me,for defining the world of faith,of hope,of sensitivity,of feeling high when nature is lowering u down,of bravery,of same repeating sentences but with different  meanings again and again...of PARADISE,of LIFE!!

Hira malik Sep 2018
Between the world and her heart
She cudnt find a place sustainable
Like a shaking earth and volcanic eruption
A thunder in her part was too horrible to be seen by the world!
And between her heart and art
Those zig zag lines she tried to convert into mozart
She found out at the last
The music was sung with tunes unheard
The volume was too low
And the curcuit was short!!!
Hira malik Apr 2017
She was a girl wearing black
Finding her ways to the dark alleys
Where she could float nakedly
In waters so deep
Without any fear or tremble
Without any shake or crumble
Taking along all the treasures she keeps
Steep down in valley deep!
Hira malik Jan 2019
Admist the construction
There is an asylum
I am a key keeper there
So am i a prisoner,
A beggar at the beginning
A bestower at all doors,
A stranger in my own scripture
A lover like a mad *****,
I am an enigma
Or a story teller
Who knows his stories like all boundaries of sea-shore!
Hira malik Dec 2018
You lead on to something
Such an inhale and exhaling process
A stance of a fate
A stare so *****
Intentions are the father to many acts
These sons of ******* are just to old fashioned to grasp!
She kneed her heart in this spice
For an ******* of the hype
The volcanic eruption of that rage
I dnt know how the world will handle the burnt down stage!
Hira malik Feb 2019
Before sunrise
Ull be fine
A reincarnation of a heart
When u just feels like a great loss
Wearing red lipstick
I keep my lips apart
Whirling in my head
Hundreds of thoughts
I as a barren parrot- land
Sing songs of urs
Of ur eulogies
How much this land barren
Needs an ale of ur magnificient eye
Raising hands with thousands of apologies...
I nest my heart up on the clouds
Those breathe my sight, those long for an insomniac eye....
Yet charisma leaves me unsight
A love to ponder, a loss to survive....

Shaken this world by trillion words
A pitcher of mine, still so much soaked in thirst...
Someday ill shout out the voice

Hearing a thought, like a murmur in my head
I am gearing a ride, something like that
Turning around on every step
As if i have lost my mind under striking steps;just finding myself!
Hira malik Jul 2020
Alaa, wake up my dear. Please wake up, look your mother has got milk for you.

Sitting on the ****** floor, covered in dust and tears he said “ he was my little brother”

Where is my son muhammad? Where?
“ what is his full name?”
Where are you muhammad? Muhammad?
Yes this is our son. God be willing.
The mother cried quietly and said, my Muhammad
Father said:
“Give him to me , please, illl carry him”
The mother said
“Noo, ill carry him, he is my dear son. Dnt come near to me, if you will come near, ill never forgive you
Look everyone, this is my dear muhammad, God be with you my dear child.”
And she held him in her lap, carrying him on the dusty streets, surronded by death , fear and destruction. She did not care, for her whole world she was carrying in her arms.

We will come back my Aleppo, we are leaving you with teary heart, but wait for us my beautiful Aleppo, we will come back

She stood infront of the rumbles of her beloved home and for the last time absorbed it in herself and bid a goodbye

She went to her broken home, but the plants in her backyard were still green inspite of shelling and bombs, she plucked one stem and tearfully left the last step from her home, kissing the wall and the door.

She was 9 months pregnant , the shell hit her, they did c section and took out the child. He was motionless and did not cry, they did cpr , pat his back by keeping him upside down, rubbed him hard and atlast he cried hard, and the room beemed with ALLAH  O AKBAR.

A kind hearted Dr. Hamza, who revived my faith in kindness and humanity.
Hira malik Dec 2018
the convenience of being in a trap rather facing the demon
she caged herself in the demolition of un-necessary arguements
the key she lost in haphazard thoughts and their dimension
and in thousands of words she doesnt even realise, she is at stake of leaving her body to new world!!

sometimes in a day you open a door
and the face on the other side is so strange, yet so close
same goes with the light of your heart
which leads your ways !!

they made love ,it was enagmatic, from the start of being a lover and ending at being a slave
the faintness of pleasure, the rejuvination of leisure
but than at the moment she thought
'what love is that bound u in a prison"
the bubble of illusion has to burst, in the air so deemed
she knew already" her place only lies in the truths and lies only she keeps"
Hira malik Dec 2018
I fear to stay alone, but than I feel once ill overcome this fear ill find my real self!!
Hira malik Apr 2020
I couldnt write about my past 5 days of fear of death and breathlessness
The tears were so many, and the loneliness so heavy
I looked around and i found death
The breaths were not on my side either
I wanted to write
But my hands trembled
And my heart on fast pace
I looked at my kids
They stayed at my isolated room’s door
And said
“ mama are you alright”
The night was terrible
More miserable than the time in grave may be
Neither death comes nor life
And the scary thoughts creep around me maliciously
And with each steps till today i took
They were so slow at pace
I forgot when was the last time
I walked this slow!
I looked at the happy faces of my kids
And first time ever
I looked at them with great details
They have grown up
Growing in taste talk and pace
And i realised
Time has flown by
And now this time
Is teaching me all ruthlessly
What have i lost
For what i never fought
Its a day 5
And i look ahead for the bright horizon
My breaths still not i catch
My face still looks miserable
And my walk so timid and low
But i hope
For hope is the only bread in this fear!
Hira malik Dec 2018
She was so deprived, lost, broken and shattered
But it was festive
And she wanted to look beautiful
For all the expensive clothes and jewels;
So she thought of the Love
That never existed in her world
And her heart gleamed so is her eyes;

"She looked the prettiest of all"
Hira malik Feb 2019
My eyes, insanity of blessings,
He sees smthng in them, from the corner of my lash
To the depths of its vision,
He sees smthng;
An extraordinare , a face so soft to be imagined by a straye-r!!
A french poem woven into a curvey menniquin?
A heart of whom, bounded by endless fumes;
Of needs and desires,
Of countless sattire,
Of upside rotten days and nights,
Of forgotten rhymes,
N still he finds rich beautiful poem in her eyes,
A french woven attire!!

Suddenly she gulps the pain of being forgotten
Tear away the praising letter, turn her thoughts frozen,
Yet, inside cold castle still burns a flame
In lonesome night, of long sung-songs and fame!!!
Hira malik Apr 2020
she wore red color for the first time


Hira malik Feb 2019
u find a strange heart,
ask it the cause of existance,
a wondrous expression,
and a reason of being gypsy...
on stalk of dreams,
flowy in windy breeze,
i rely my everything for sake of love,
from every direction comes only a gaze ,
of hatred and deception!!

for sake of love, a dead city,
awakens from the spreading of dust,
sun kisses in its golden color,
the blueness of vast sky,
and life is blown in souls rust,
just for sake of love!!

ur thought, a reflection,
shivers me thorough,
makes me tremble,
like an autumn leaf in season of fall,
i make a call,
for my fragile heart,
to be held and enslaved by the moment of love,
just for sake of love!!

it is falling slowly on island of dark hold,
i need a courage yet, to leave this place,
my eyes glare upon the paths unknown,
silence is its passanger,
and companions are nt sober too,
i am waiting for moon to show me the way,
so i cross the leap,
dive deep,
the oceans of oceans,
in love,
just for sake of llove!!
Hira malik Dec 2018
The way my mind is grinding 24/7
I wonder
" can death do us part?"
Hira malik Jan 2019
the therapy catharsis by words
is so bleak, insignificant
A temporary relief
for the awakening will bring you the same pain again
with more force and flee!

where do exist the unlimited endlessness?

sometimes i feel, this word is weary,
the sensitivity is so manipulating
and contradictory to all the reasons,
that it scaring-ly lure upon the fleak,
so bleakly ,
that the existance becomes unquestionable!!
Hira malik Mar 2018
hearts are the weirdest place to breathe in.....

one can never understand the meaning of life
so much it unfolds , reveal every time
bit by bit, sort it out in ur empty eyes,
ull feel the rush of world in ur blood..

sometimes it bestows wen u are in no need,
sometimes it snatches when  u are in dire desire
sometimes it dreams when u are in search of real reality
sometimes it runs so fast that tiresome encircle ur feet
sometimes it bings rainbow when black and white is ur attire
sometimes it darkens circles under ur eyes, when u want to brighten up the sight!

breakings , make up the fragile person inside u,it makes u more stronger.. sometimes unsaid talks are more good than one with endings..i always remained a perfectionist, completing unfinished stories, without fearing the consequences, but with time i learnt sometimes leaving behind as it is ,more soothing than when u try to fold things ...

hearts are the weirdest place to breathe in..

Hira malik Dec 2016
O meet me through the times
When leaving is evident
See the sun, setting its rays far beyond east
And love is blooming in air, inside dead feel of a body
Like a flowing stream, that has no start no end
Likewise my heart beaming tonight, with your love , in ur love
Seek pleasure through my ways, seeking the pain i felt in ur rememberings,
Ull never see parting of clouds or rain or breeze
In ur heart, from my soul, and ; this is my light
A light to the solemn heart of mine
Propelling me towards thr heaven of skies!!
Hira malik Mar 2018
I dreamt of the high mountain
The peak of the cliff
Where clouds greet and kiss
Rain spread its ways to flourish the night
Sun bathes everything with tender and love
I dreamt of it every night!!

And my days??
Those hard tiring long days
From juggling between my own thoughts to harsh blows from outside,
From standing all alone to falling very low,
From lossing strength to gaining immense courage
From silence like a dead sea to loudness like volcanoe,
I learnt one thing, and my dear only one thing
U are your own hero!!!
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