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Hira malik Jul 2020
Sometimes destruction is mandatory, of self and surronding, to bring calmness in ur turbulent soul.

I am a devastated , hopeless optimist!

There is a rage in me, more i wish to destroy myself with its brutality , more it nourish my poor soul!

I wake up in the middle of night, my body aches, my feet burn, my head on spin, still i ditch my sleepy eye just to mark the time in slow pace, only for the fear of its passing by!
Hira malik Jul 2020
So she heard about the bond
Since her childhood
The stories of birds rebuilding their nests
After horrible storm!

The pain that arises in hearts
On cherishing the long lost people
And the scent attached to them!

She saw people writing phrases and poems
In the memoir of old friend
And witnessed her parents
Crying silently
Remembering the touch of their mothers!

Being so naive, she once felt
There exist some connection
But strong!

In all these real illusion
She grew up!
Into a beautiful blossomed young women
And fell in love.
The heart floated on beautiful sea
Amongst serene sunset
Until once
It sank and webt dead!!

Years passed by,
She became a poet who wrote about the miseries in the world
The killings and the bombs
The vanishing and deceptions
And in between
Sometimes, she cried her heart out
For the pain of that loss and once in ages
It Always created a masterpiece of its kind!

She experienced than
The power of connection
Of present with the past
And the future always stays alive
As the affiliation with pain
Keep us afloat
Even in the worst of time
In the moments of ache
And tears, to make us sane!!
Hira malik Jul 2020
Keep breaking your heart until it opens!
Hira malik Jun 2020
muhabbat ka faham jana tou dil ro para
yay kaisa ilm hai kay jiss raah gya wahan shor para

yay dekho kon hai saaqi jo chala aa raha hai khaali hath
naan mayy hai naan masti, naan may kadday ka shoor para

zamana saaz tha, par sakoot main raha umar bhar
magar roze hashar yay kuen aur kaisa shaur para

aur phir jab dill tota, aur ishq ki baazi haar gya
wo shaksh murjha gya aur hanstay hanstay phir ro para
Hira malik Jun 2020
Are we missing something?!?

The hearts are not at right pace
All those matters of space ,those set on some pattern
Revolving though,;;
But my heart not at pace
So does of the millions others....
The tails holding of elephant herd
In the fields
Unsettling too...
The trembling of voices
And serenity
Has taken place the shambles
And the ruins this time are murrmuring,
Burning slowly!
This heat is sinister than the flames itself
And erupted volcanoe,
Trenching trembling the level of horizon
On demise of so many young souls
Under its cover
They reaching to sky
But sky still mourns on earth loosing its precious
I have been taught in this time the lessons
That havent been taught in centuries
The herat has turn old in days so little
Age has become just the number
And the greyness has enveloped the souls like dark wolves!

Now even the clouds if rain
I dnt feel it
Its not called monotony
Or rampedness
Time has shown that it can run anticlockwise
And diruption will be more on souls than rocks could ever asked for in their capacity....

The emptiness is getting rapid
And earth is creating more space
For graves to be encarved
The sadness is echoing in streets like trumpet blowing orchestra
The songs of deads are mellowing the alives
The time is strange my friend , more in melancholy is my heart
And when hearts wrap thmeselves in pain
Than you have no escape
And no place to go!!
Hira malik May 2020
now the short words in trend
may be you can wrap yourself in silence
the safest of all cages
even in its zone death is like birth
rejuvination of this overlap
is only because of the blessing of being in U!
Hira malik May 2020
the sweetest of all glory
ahh my heart
the natives of all
the naive of all
and the Loyalist the most....
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