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Lucas Richardson Aug 2016
If God was a
am I a
Or have we
forgotten a
minor development?
Lucas Richardson Jul 2016
Welcome to the collective delusion.
Possessed by society,
do you admire me?
No? Hey,
then maybe you'll hire me.
Just don't ever wire me.
The media lied to me.
I cope through my privacy,
confused by your surprise
with internet piracy.
What did you expect?
What the **** is next?
Do you have a guess?

The world at our fingertips,
and we simply download ***.
You're wasting all your checks,
ignorant to the effects
and lack of respect
for the possession of
Lucas Richardson Jul 2016
My mind,
the abandoned mine.
Excavated for minerals,
then forgotten by time.
The tunnels now empty,
the silence, sublime.
However loneliness,
I did not account for the crime,
or the build up of grime.
And before I knew it,
was saturated with slime,
Questions of my existence,
I could not assign,
Lucas Richardson Oct 2015
I desire creation,
a mindless solution.

That which flows
in such a way
that it
entertains incoherence,
welcomes the chaos
defies its transgression,
typifying originality.
Lucas Richardson Sep 2015
These broken dreams,
they haunt my waking hours.
And yet,
my rest goes unperturbed.
Lucas Richardson Aug 2015
If I were to approach you
in this dim-lit coffee shop,
would you bother to give me
the light of your day,
or have you already dismissed me-
sent me astray?

An earnest effort, victimized
by a preconceived notion,
then I turn away, hoping
you realize your mistake.
Lucas Richardson Aug 2015
The tribulations
A blessing from existence
How should I react?
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