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live on
in the breeze
in the balance
of the trees
the breathing
of the leaves
            The Trucks
            The Cars
    The Freeze
is coming
in the clouds
and screaming
oh so loud

we will find
in time
our own

the flood
the pain
the love
the gain
the loss
our bodies
the cost

your life
your love
will live
past you
and everything
you do

my body
will use
my ears

to listen
your fears

and wipe
the tears

the truth
Henry Tobelman 2014
give space
           love, pace
run, chase
           live, race
walk slow
           but go
come back
           or don't
some day
           you'll see
what i see
           my eyes see
your eyes
you stop
           catch up

Henry Tonelman 2014
Past is Passed
Live for Now
Look to Morrow
Ask Then How
Henry Tobelman 2014
it bothers me
to suffer from
a steady hand
didn't end
the way
we planned
we can start
a change
we can spark
another phase
yes you can
come down
you may
your nerves
your words
you cry
its not
as bad
as it is
we can all
get through this
parks at night
Henry Tobelman 2014
pass it over
the walk
out of the city
still there
still there've done a lot today.
you're beautiful
i can see
your soul
so pure
so sweet
those eyes
they shock me
so deeply heart
oh to be
your book
that you
might turn
my pages
my binding
and read me
hear my story
and write me yours
the train
from you
Henry Tobelman 2014
I do not know this feeling.
It is unfamiliar.
The hair on my back is raised but the pit of my stomach has fallen.
Confused, uncertain shock.
Henry Tobelman 2012
The sun through the trees
The wind and the leaves
The ample glow
Of the pine from beneath
  The heat from the sight
  As it stands in its light
  The fear in its height
  Walking underneath
    Looking over
    Off in the distance the trees
    The rustle of leaves
    Being blown in the breeze
The comfort in shivers
Knowing you can still shake
The thoughts that you keep from dreams
When you awake
  The change that it makes
  On the life it's begun
  And knowing it's all just a part of the sun
    And you're staring
    So slowly revolving around
    The point to which
    It all has been bound
        Left over from whatever happened before
        And always compulsively striving for more

But to get to the point
Staring at the sun
Is tangible proof
That something's begun
Henry Tobelman 2012
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