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Feb 2012
The sun through the trees
The wind and the leaves
The ample glow
Of the pine from beneath
  The heat from the sight
  As it stands in its light
  The fear in its height
  Walking underneath
    Looking over
    Off in the distance the trees
    The rustle of leaves
    Being blown in the breeze
The comfort in shivers
Knowing you can still shake
The thoughts that you keep from dreams
When you awake
  The change that it makes
  On the life it's begun
  And knowing it's all just a part of the sun
    And you're staring
    So slowly revolving around
    The point to which
    It all has been bound
        Left over from whatever happened before
        And always compulsively striving for more

But to get to the point
Staring at the sun
Is tangible proof
That something's begun
Henry Tobelman 2012
Henry Sebastian Tobelman
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