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Trust me
I've lied before
I've felt the truth
I've held its wrath
I've traveled down the beaten path
Long enough to know when it's real

The water's been tested
I've felt the cold
The scorching shock
The shivers hold
Your breath held still
So still to show
You're learning how to feel

The warmth of trust
Lying in frozen water
To have tested it
Would have been a lie

So lie, in truth, frozen
But growing hotter
And know the honesty
Of the I
Henry Tobelman 2012
Nothing lasts Forever
And Nothing can be Forever

As Nothing is.

Nothing is Nothing without Everything
And Everything is Nothing without It.

Has It been Forever?
Henry Tobelman 2012
...The Answer is in the Question..
I have very busy days
But I'll try to make time
In this hectic actuality of life
To assure you of my well being

The feeling always stays
But I pretend that it goes
When I wear a fake smile
I don't think anybody else knows
The painful images
That I am seeing

You know that I'd be lying
If I said I didn't wish it in the back of my mind
That I could change what I did that time
To a more responsible action

There's nothing I would rather do
Than to sit right back here with you
Mistakes, sure I made a few
Now, let me take back one

The one regret
My only, one regret
I think I'll have another cigarette
Always the last cigarette cigarette
And when I walk out the door
To light up one more
I think of you
I think of you

The feeling always stays
But I pretend that it goes
And when I wear that smile
I don't think anybody knows

Let me assure you of my well being
Let me assure you of my well being
Let me assure you
Let me assure you
Let me assure you of my well..
Henry Tobelman 2012
I've said it all once before
But I can't take it anymore
I don't know what to do

I'll say it all once again
Then maybe this nightmare will end
I'll wake up next to you

I had it all
Bu I dropped the ball
Yes you were mine
And got left behind
My head was wrong
My hear was right
Now it's been a long
And scary nightmare
I just want to wake up next to you

But I can still see you
I'm not blind
I can still feel you
Inside my mind
Yeah you're still with me
For what it's worth
You'll always be my girl
If you are ever mine again
I'll make sure it never ends
And in the morning
When I come to
I'll wake up
Next to you
Henry Tobelman 2012
Why miss what my hands should hold
A story never under told
Of hands let go and gone away
With luck to be returned one day
Near future, far from what eyes see
But ever holding close to me
And all that time could make bitter of a better man.
The city streets are paved with gold
But only lonely bricks behold
A value held more dear than life
When without life nothing is valued.
The morning light
A darkness grows
So loud and noisy
Beauty goes.
Once golden streets, an inferno
Bursting, every breathing moment passing
With a single hope
Uncertain of what I'm standing for
I might just lay down on the floor
For the shimmer I'd not know without it
Now seems dim within.
Henry Tobelman 2012
For now I'll just follow in the ancient tradition
Of the habit I keep trying to break
But it's taking forever 'cause i keep walking and letting it in
It's always got to come out in the end
Why put it in in the first place?
I guess to say you had begun
Did you ever think? Or just sit and breathe?
Unhappily content with the world that you lived in
Just running to try and see
looking back you could've just laid on your belly
Aching softly
Eating thoughts
And saying words you should have written down
But just run
And lie down later
Write down eight or nine
Solid, partial phrases
Out of breath and knowing
You should've laid down in the first place
Next time you'll know better
Keep writing it down
Henry Tobelman 2012
Back to the beginning
No words
No language
Just knowing to feel
Make them better
Or Worse..
Henry Tobelman 2012
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