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Jan 2018 · 228
Cruel Afflictions
Harmony Sapphire Jan 2018
You call me old.
You left me in the cold.
Sometimes you call me a *****.
You act like I'm made of money like I'm rich.
Do you even realize what your doing?
Why were you even pursuing.
You act cruel.
Because you said I must of broken some rule.
Will you ever give me a copy if your key?
Maybe someone else but not me.
You tell me to stop complaining.
But besides you who else should I be blaming?
This circumstances are ridiculous.
When I'm gone will you even notice or miss?
You never even gave me a hug or a kiss.
You said you love me and that you care.
You don't like my shedding hair.
You say I get your tub *****.
I can't even ****** you if I get flirty.
This is unnecessary torment and neglect.
I am the only one this had affect
Nov 2017 · 321
Renting a Studio
Harmony Sapphire Nov 2017
His pillow is so soft & mattress & bed.
It's where I rest my body and head.
After I bathe and get fed.
Sometimes I get so tired I feel dead.
Sleep is more important food.
I hope he stays in a good mood.
I don't want to get kicked out to live again in the car in the cold.
I feel tired and old.
Sometimes he calls me a ***** or stupid and ******* when he gets mad.
It hurts my feelings and makes me sad.
He will probably  be angry when he finds out I don't want to go to school.
For a week he can't have visits or phone calls in jail I wonder for breaking what rules.
He says we are friends & I'm family.
He calls my daughter a ****** because she don't talk and can't work  full time.
I do complain and whine.
He says we smell like wet dog because we are white.
He better treat us right.
I always tried to help.
With the curse we been dealt.
We're feelings felt?
He says he wants to marry another.
Is he more like a brother?
People thinks he used me.
That I can not see.
This is not how it should be.
In January he will be free.
Sep 2017 · 280
My Nigga
Harmony Sapphire Sep 2017
His brown eyes peeping.
Beside me his sneakers be creeping.
A victim of circumstance.
Mesmerized in his trance.
He can't swim or dance.
He says we're going to be together.
In his bed warm against the weather.
We give each other happiness & pleasure.
A joy nothing else can measure.
Jealousy boils and festers.
We are kindred spirits who share the same sign.
Destined to meet in this space and time.
A love lucky to find.
A true heart mended.
A friendship heaven sended.
Lasting and never ended.
Jun 2017 · 326
the artist
Harmony Sapphire Jun 2017
he said we all need each other.
find another love.
if I could I would give you the world.
I am insatiable.
what you need is some real loving.
you need to find a love that's gonna last.
here we are face to face.
nevermind the past.
get ready for the breakdown.
I am the one you want to see.
welcome to the million dollar show.
I got some France on the south side in case you care.
when you cry I become an emotion.
I love you but I don't trust you anymore.
his music spoke volumes.
his lyrics seriated.
his hips girated.
his genetics migrated.
his death never waited.
he was taken to soon. gone from us and this earth.
if there is a heaven has there been a rebirth?
what is worse?
a death and a curse?
to have stolen all that you are worth.
to never change or diverse.
skipping a verse.
to be the last or the first?
Harmony Sapphire Jun 2017
died without knowing the truth of what happened.
the past unforgiven and never again forgotten.
memories lost are now found.
no justice in a world that is round.
a sadistic amnesia with repair to the damaged mind.
my heart breaks with what I find.
remembering a soul mate too late.
when it mattered the most.
I now stalk his ghost.
a bodyguard untrusting.
a sickness was lusting.
evidence remembered but undiscovered.
a last will and testament in the wrong hands.
npg was his band and 3rdeyedgirl became his new world.
he found me when I could not remember.
after he died my memory returned.
my heart cracked and burned.
his essence cremated.
his assets debated.
his legend unfaded.
my soul forever waited.
a destiny outdated.
an image unhated.
a body degraded.
now extinguished.
pure intentions never mentioned.
to bring him back a miracle I wished.
I would give anything to make true.
to restore his life new.
so together we can be two.
Jun 2017 · 263
relentless barrier
Harmony Sapphire Jun 2017
old people waiting to die.
reflecting on what made us cry.
never knowing how where when or why.
extending lives money can not buy.
forever searching but never finding a soul mate that is the right guy.
nobody to ever talk to no one says hi.
staring eyes that pry.
boredom sighs.
Jun 2017 · 253
We Don't Know What To Do
Harmony Sapphire Jun 2017
I was created in his image.
A life unlived.
Mortality outlived.
An existence you can't repeat.
You can not rewind and take a seat.
It doesn't matter if you take a number.
Waiting to die.
Destiny you can't buy.
Promises you can't even try.
Nobody knows why.
Jun 2017 · 276
Harmony Sapphire Jun 2017
Some people say you can't have life without death.
In peace you can't rest.
I disagree.
All of us. I, you and we.
Mortality is a temporary existence.
We have no choice of resistance.
Seconds in an instant.
Death is the end to life.
You can't live twice.
Death is not nice.
It's the end.
It can't be stopped or bent.
Time here is borrowed.
We leave our soul sends.
I don't believe in the after world.
Death is a curse.
It can get worse.
It doesn't matter how much money you have.
Nothing can save it or extend life for hundreds of years.
It doesn't matter his much you cried or how many tears.
Nothing can bring back the years.
It's unchanging.
Every one won't be remembered forever.
We will all be forgotten in the end.
No one will be left to care.
I know it's not fair.
We will all be there.
Willing or not.
Lives can't be bought. Immortality doesn't exist.
Death is a permanent risk.
Harmony Sapphire Mar 2017
Hiding in plain sight.
To guess it maybe you might.
To retire the music from the limelight.
A legend from the spotlight.
Disguised as a woman in the day but what about the night.
Impersonating a sister that never existed.
A genius person I know is gifted.
Mar 2017 · 387
Common Sense
Harmony Sapphire Mar 2017
Know the difference between a cat & a skunk.
Rap,hip hop,soul,gospel,pop,rock,& funk.
A wolf and a sheep.
A gentleman or a creep.
Trust your instincts.
Know the truth from a bluff.
Be assertive but not tough.
Don't be dumb bit act like you know enough.
Beware of what's junk& what's good stuff.
Have an eye for quality.
Don't waste your money in thee economy.
Achieve something realistic.
But don't settle for ****.
Don't start something just to quit.
Never keep a man that is violent or hits.
It wouldn't be a heartbreak to miss.
Careful what you wish.
Dreams can happen.
Visualize will create it.
The pieces will fit.
A destiny will form.
Your happiness will be born.
Joy can transform.
The curse will diminish.
Don't give death a kiss.
Jan 2017 · 553
Harmony Sapphire Jan 2017
***** and drugged.
Kissed but not hugged.
Naked and tied.
Me he had tried to buy.
Forgotten from amnesia
For 11 years.
The person is no longer alive.
But the bodyguard to blame.
They took his will when they came.
I had no memory of going to Minnesota.
He wanted to marry me the Purple Yoda.
True story.
Sep 2016 · 832
Taken For Granted
Harmony Sapphire Sep 2016
Mowing dead grass don't make it green.
I wish I could take back all the words I said that were mean.
I try to color my hair black but it keeps coming out in the rinse.
The only music I listen to now is Prince.
Death never says goodbye.
You just go and sometimes no one knows why.
Your absence makes people cry.
Mortal lives are too short.
Memories time distorts.
May 2016 · 490
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
If the eyes are the window to the soul.
Yours is powerful & captivating.
In your eyes it's like an Egyptian sunset.
Not knowing you I regret.
A unique soul of purity & gold.
Lyrics sung & told.
Your body died before it got old.
Millions of albums you produced & sold.
Music you left thee earth.
Perfected and rehearsed.
An unpublished memoir.
Transcended & soared.
Wish you had stayed to give us more.
"A slave to money then you die".
The sudden end of your life made me cry.
I wish alive in the flesh you had stayed.
Too early sent to your grave.
The way to independence you paved.
I think of you all day.
And dream of you every night.
An end too soon was not right.
Rest in peace.
Your spirit was released.
I hope your soul is alright.
Descended from flight.
A private person but a public figure.
Generous never a gold digger.
Your voice & music was a gift to all.
You stood 5 feet two inches tall.
Your angelic face & in your high heels.
Your performance made us feel.
Happy or sad.
Too bad you couldn't have been my daughter's dad.
You would have been the best husband or father.
I was too naive to be bothered.
What­'s remaining.
Take care.
I wish I had been there.
You had gorgeous hair.
Soft hands.
A talented band.
Thank you for the entertainment.
It had been a pleasure arrangement.
I have never been to a concert.
Large fanatic crowds going beserk.
Not my scene.
Sorry if I was mean.
I didn't mean some things I said.
An apology I could've wrote for you to have read.
I wish I could've married you to share your bed.
You are truly one of a kind.
Too bad time can't rewind.
Our spirits each other will hope to find.
Your life was thee most precious.
To bring you back the most is what I wish.
I met Prince in 2005. We knew each other a week.
May 2016 · 409
Page 38
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
You promised... You left me here to wither in despair.
You no longer care.
To come back to me.
You wouldn't dare.
I thought we make a perfect pair.
You made yourself perfectly clear.
At my beauty you never stared.
My heart you broke in half & teared.
Grace without a face.
You left without a trace.
You haven't returned my suitcase.
Freedom is all you want to taste.
The memory of us you probably erased.
Our love you just waste.
You don't understand me.
Your banned from me.
You can't stand me.
You don't want to leave this land with me.
Maybe your not the man for me.
You ran from me.
I thought I loved you.
I didn't belong to you.
I don't need you.
I drove from you.
I used to pursue you.
I no longer care for you.
I thought I wanted you.
Why did you cry?
If you can't even try.
A bus ticket to see me again
you couldn't even buy.
You'd rather die.
I don't want you to be my guy.
Don't even say "hi".
Your girlfriend is no longer I.
That was all just a lie.
I would give anything
but Ariel to leave this pig sty.
Love is a four letter word.
I know I heard.
Ariel is my world.
She is my only reason to live.
She loves me.
She needs me.
She wants me.
I love her.
I am her mommy.
Our love is....
Unforgettable, unbreakable, ungrateful,
Unforgivable, Unreplaceable, untraceable,
May 2016 · 399
Page 37
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Is it a ghost?
The devil?
A guardian angel?
Or God?
Sci - Fi?
Satanic or demonic?
Evil or a warning?
Can they see the future?
Is it a ghost plane?
Can they stop, pause or rewind?
Or skip times?
Can they control time lapse?
Why do my home DVDs have glitches?
Imaginary or normal?
Who is the judge?
Do the seagulls hear then too?
Or can the birds see them?
They bow their heads as if to acknowledge their presence?
A hushed whisper in the wind barely heard above the crashing waves, helicopters and construction.
The static of the ocean.
A life force that's lived before.
It knows my daughter's name.
It has enough energy to project the sound of a whisper.
I rewind & it repeats.
The same recorded voice.
I did not hear while making the video.
Until I played it.
Ripley's Believe It or Not.
America's strangest videos.
Can psychics hear them?
Can they control our thoughts or words?
Or actions?
It's creepy.
This is during the daylight.
At the same beach.
Whoever it is the voice sounds like it's behind me
Or right next to me.
An invisible presence.
A threat?
A ****** soul?
A trapped soul?
A haunting ghost, spirit or angel?
Good or bad?
September discovery.
It wasn't me.
Ariel heard it too.
Recorded proof of the unseen.
Friend or foe?
May 2016 · 389
Page 36
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
We have to hide.
Are you on my side?
Will our fates collide?
Don't hurt me.
Don't dessert me.
Don't flirt with me.
Don't give your enemies any ideas.
Close the drapes.
Turn off the lights.
Lock the door.
Close the windows.
Quickly under here.
Be quiet.
They'll find us.
They seek to destroy.
They want your girl and boy.
Danger from a stranger.
Do you understand?
This is not there and take my land.
I'm not undercover.
I call your bluff.
Violence is silence.
Caveman did not respect their women.
Cave dwellers.
I dare accuse you.
I can't fool you.
You tried to break my fingers.
You burnt my hand.
You grabbed my throat.
You stuck your thumbs in my eyes.
You pulled my hair.
You punched my back.
You ***** me more than once.
You don't respect women.
I don't want distress.
You have a temper.
You put your hands on me.
You intimidate.
I don't trust you.
You just want our ***.
You don't love me.
You've never loved any of us.
I don't trust you.
You call me names.
You are mean.
You are aggressive.
You are violent.
You degrade women.
You tried to restrain me.
Pinned my arms down.
Undressed me with your eyes.
I'm not scared of you.
You try to take advantage.
I'm not your victim.
You are a ******.
You have sick ideas.
I won't help you.
I've been trained in the art of self-defense.
You might be stronger.
But I can scream louder.
I bite, scratch, kick, run, & pull hair.
Watch out for my heels.
And pepper spray.
I won't aim to miss.
Don't even try.
You will die.
May 2016 · 413
Page 35
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
The mother pearl.
Marveled by it.
In the deep blue sea .
Sparkling precious gemstones.
In keyless entry without technology.
Treasures like feathers.
Marble statues you want to pursue.
He thought you knew.
Creepy janitor.
Endless corridors.
Vacant Lots.
Dark stairwell.
Late night patrol.
Criminals out of control.
Cereal for breakfast again in a bowl.
Foul people.
Full of regret.
With a stubborn mindset.
Don't fret.
You don't need a vet.
Let's make a bet.
You'll be in my debt.
You can try to disappear on a jet.
I'll catch you in my net.
You'll be my pet.
A mistake I won't let.
If you betray my trust.
I will do what I must.
You lost your wallet again?
All your money gone.
How sad.
That's bad.
Did you tell your dad?
I guess you really are bankrupt.
A life unfortunately got interrupt.
It's disturbing how I choose my wording.
Slime, mold, mildew.
Gross slosh.
Dreams of floating.
Lard thats bloating.
Braggers gloating.
Forget everything I said.
And all that you read.
Meaningless words that make no sense.
Confusing thoughts written.
I can't concentrate on reading what I wrote.
I blank out.
It's not in here.
Don't whisper in my ear.
The same things you said to her.
Nobody's jealous.
Relentless ranting
Annoying chanting.
You choked me on purpose.
Skipping thoughts.
Unreported crimes.
Shameful timing.
Pityless weeping.
Silent cries.
May 2016 · 366
Slave To The Industry
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Living off coffee & carbonated caffeine.
There is no food for my vegan soul.
Unemployment is a damnation.
A **** shame.
No recognition or fame
I'm off the grit.
It's like I don't exist.
The day the music died.
My life I hide.
A child with no father.
A mother with no husband.
Half of a family.
No for food.
No money.
No shelter.
No jobs.
I talk about all my skeletons in the closet.
But in person I'm private.
No paycheck.
May 2016 · 612
Page 34
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Mail order groom.
I want to know you.
The sound of your voice.
The smell of your perfume.
Your handwriting.
Your habits.
Favorite food.
Your favorite place.
Your flaws.
Your goals.
The things you like
Things you hate.
Who you love.
What makes you happy.
What makes you mad.
What you spend money and time on.
Who you love.
Who you hate.
Your favorite color.
Your biggest fear.
Your worst nightmare.
Your dreams.
Your beliefs.
Your qualities.
Your favorite games, books, movies or TV shows.
What size ring you wear.
What size shoe you wear.
Your favorite toothpaste, shampoo, & soap.
What's your most prized possession?
What are your skills?
Your allergies?
Do you have patience?
Are you generous?
Or do you make trouble?
Are you careful?
Or careless?
Are you sentimental?
Are you spoiled?
Do you brag?
Do you gossip?
Can you keep secrets?
Do you have shame?
Are you shy?
Are you a private person?
Does anything you do offend anyone?
Do you insult or compliment?
Do you glance or stare?
Do you tip?
Are you kind of mean?
Do you have manners?
What do you eat?
Are you a neat freak?
Or sloppy or neat?
Clean or *****?
Do you swear?
What do you have wear?
Do you sleep naked?
Do you lie, cheat or steal?
Are you honest and dependable? Trustworthy, helpful, and considerate?
Do you cook?
Are you hard working?
Or lazy?
Do you eat meat?
Brush and wash daily?
Wash your own clothes?
Shop yourself?
Mow your own lawn?
Wash dishes?
Are you a licensed driver?
Do you have a car and health insurance?
Do you own property?
What are your assets?
Do you work full time?
Are you educated?
Do you respect women?
Do you like children & pets?
Are you mature?
Do you own a car?
Do you rent or own?
Do you exercise?
Are you fat?
Do you smoke?
Are you a handyman?
Can you fix cars?
Are you creative or an artist?
Are you nosy?
Do you read a lot?
What are you know that you
Do you mind your business?
Do you have a temper or anger management problems?
Are you violent & controlling?
Are you obsessed with *** or *******?
Are you a pervert?
Are you sane?
Are you busy?
Do you have a lot of free time?
Are you religious?
Do you vote?
Are you a loner?
A mama's boy?
An alcoholic?
Obsessive compulsive?
Do you speed?
Do you use sarcasm?
Are you a good driver?
Are you a lawbreaker?
Do you kiss and tell?
Are you a tattle tell?
Are you selfish?
Are you a rebel?
Are you conceited or ******?
Are you desperate or needy?
Are you nice and fun?
Are you bitter, creepy, scary, nervous, impatient, cruel, hateful, abusive, or sick?
Do you collect anything?
Are you well-dressed?
Do you make wise investments?
Are you an overachiever?
Are you responsible?
Do you like to argue?
Are you positive?
Or pessimistic?
Are you adventurous?
Or reserved?
Do you like to be the center of attention?
Or a Wallflower?
Do you blame others for your problems? Do you admit to fault ?
Do you need help financially, medically,  physically, mentally or sexually?
Do you like to have *** with the lights on and off?
Do you bathe or shower alone?
Do you shave, trim your nails, wear clean socks  & underwear?
Do you open other peoples mail?
Do you dig through the trash?
Do you always flush the toilet?
Do you snore?
Do you use deodorant, toothpaste,
Do have tattoos?
How do you wear your hair?
Do your clothes have holes, stains, or tears?
Do you need glasses, hearing aids, crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, braces or insulin?
Are you at are you obese, scizo, diabetic?
Do you have bad credit?
Do you have any injuries or surgeries?
Do you color your hair or tan?
Do you moisturize?
Do you check the oil?
Do you barbecue?
Do you ****, burp, or pick your nose?
Do you cut in line?
Have you ever been arrested?
Are you a Penny Pincher?
Coupon Clipper?
Are you cheap?
Do you complain a lot?
Do you call people names?
Have you ever done anything to trick or con someone?
Are you understanding & forgiving?
Are you a cheater?
Have you ever been arrested?
Have you ever treated anyone cruly?
Are you rude or brutal?
Do you have any abnormal fetishes?
Are you flirty, friendly, persistent, or immoral?
Are you ambitious, determined, motivated, & successful?
Are you confused, depressed, anxious, poor, angry, or unemployed?
What are your values, concerns, goals and plans?
May 2016 · 348
Page 33
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Whine, b*tch, & complain.
It's what I do best.
What about all the rest?
Well there's not much to say.
Lunatic goes ballistic.
You all don't understand.
To damage someone's mind, heart and body. Damages their soul.
I hate this life.
I can't remember any of my past lives.
To know if I ever hated them too.
Was I ever did rich?
Did I ever matter to someone?
Was I a better person?
These questions will never be answered.
How many tragedies have I suffered?
Do I care?
Does anyone care?
Before cars.
Before airplanes.
Before trains.
Before ships.
Before birth control.
Before electricity.
Before plumbing.
Before technology.
Computers, phones, stoves, fireplaces, heaters, air conditioners, toilets, water filters, tar, glass, paint, plastic, steel, fans, furniture, music, coal, fuel, rubber, & cement.
Did cave men and women care about religion, politics, government, education, economy, rights, justice, careers, gold, slavery, crime, morals, family values, security, love, beauty, stress, depression happiness, pain, celebration, tragedy, skills, entertainment, logic, science, history, math, reading, writing, spelling, drawing, fashion, reflections, diet, exercise, nutrition, development, inventions, ideas, language, speed, health, illness, death, sin or revenge?
May 2016 · 727
Page 32
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Watch out for the jackal.
A Joker.
I don't like to play games.
This is serious follow the clues.
The stepping stones line the path.
Through the meadow and the prairie.
Galloping stallions.
Twirling battalions.
Shiny medallions.
A whiny dalmatian.
A quarreling nation.
What is the logic?
Chirping frogs.
Daddy long leg spiders.
That sit down beside her.
A messed up mind.
A senseless theory.
A confusing plot.
Without any thought.
What was I thinking?
If I remember it wouldn't matter?
Of course not.
Absolutely not.
Giggling girls.
Gossiping & copying.
Stealing each others cosmetics, boyfriends,
money, CDs, DVDs, jet ski's,
Mountain climb.
Scuba dive.
Hot air ballooning.
Hang gliding.
Bungee jumping.
Water skiing.
Boogie boarding.
Dune buggy racing.
Ice skating.
Roller coaster.
Merry go round.
Ferris wheel.
A maze of fun.
Build a sandcastle.
Build a Snowman.
Make a snow angel.
Collect seashells.
Or sea glass.
Fly a kite.
1,2,3 go.
Wash, rinse, & repeat.
Step, shuffle, step.
Cool water
Vanilla fields
Delightful & frightful.
Neat & sweet & discreet.
Charming & disarming.
Meet & greet.
May 2016 · 344
Page 31
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Who knew?
A secret mission.
An impossible decision.
A nervous impulse.
It's now or never.
Alone at the top.
Alone at the bottom.
A joyless life.
A hopeless existence.
Stop right there.
Smile, laugh, rejoice & be merry.
Dance to the music.
Where are you?
Where were you?
Where are you going?
Don't copy me.
Don't follow me.
Don't remember me.
Don't talk to me.
Don't notice me.
Let me see the way to become nothing that I feel.
Words can't express what I can draw.
A mermaid.
A person.
A heart.
A happy face.
Shiny stars.
The sun.
Sweet victory.
Sweet Jesus.
Who wants to pine over me?
Can I buy a rebel?
I'll take Jesse James for $300.
Time is on my side girlfriend.
Table for one.
Room for one.
Ticket for one.
I don't rock it all the time.
What is my purpose?
Whoever wants me can take a number.
Then you'll be next.
I'm not eager to please.
Precious babies & children.
Angels & fairies.
Celtic beings.
Harp players.
Your Majestic Elegance Sparkles with radiance.
You shouldn't have.
I didn't.
It wasn't me.
Are you blind can your eyes see?
Your grace astounds me.
I am overwhelmed by your beauty and hair.
You are a prize.
I am baffled by your size.
Don't ridicule me.
Excuse me are you one of the local natives? Pardon me but do you know the way to Paradise?
But of courses it's over the cliff.
Through the cove.
Down the waterfall
The purple pink and orange sunset glow with glory.
May 2016 · 318
Page 30
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
A yearning hunger.
A devastating ******.
A road hogging hummer.
Denim jeans
A baby Tee.
Rainbow sandals.
Desert gear.
A trip to nowhere.
A camp fire with no one.
Waiting for nothing.
In the wrong place.
At the wrong time.
For the wrong reason.
For no reason.
Bad Karma.
Why me?
No one to care.
A ghost haunting nothing.
A view of nothing.
Acres and Acres of nada.
No warmth on a cold night.
A sandy hell.
Cactus and sand dunes.
Cacti, lizards and sand blizzards.
Camels and llamas.
No buried treasure.
No water.
Take a chopper.
To the ocean.
Coves, seagulls, shores, seashells, wind, Seaweed, saltwater & a blind panic.
Like you know the end will happen.
Stranded with no hope.
Who can teleport to the mountain?
In a porthole?
Snowflakes, rocky mountains.
Not a perfect place not here not anywhere.
Isolated and alone.
I hate it so much more than life.
I ran a red light on purpose.
For no reason
Not wanting to stop.
There could have been a collision disaster.
A good happy ending to a bad bad story.
Dumb luck.
Mount Soledad.
Pacific Beach.
Lake Murray.
Row your boat.
Climb every mountain.
You can't tame a beast.
You've to fight your demons.
They won.
Somebody please find me!
Help me out of here!
I never wanted to be here.
In the middle of nowhere.
With nothing & no one.
There's nothing to look forward to.
Nothing here to keep me alive.
May 2016 · 408
Page 29
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Stolen Child.
Insane grandma.
Homeless mom.
Convicted boyfriend.
Minimum wage.
Passport with no plane ticket.
A life broken.
No funds.
No career.
No future.
The Wrath has spoken.
It has been heard to deaf ears that hear.
A ****** nation.
No justice.
Mo deals.
No bargains.
No victories.
Only misery.
A nightmare.
Successful nightmare.
No escape.
In death do you win life or lose it.
I don't know how to play this game.
People lose games they I can't play.
I don't have any players on my team.
No cheerleaders.
All I hear is "Boooo".....
I hate this world and the people in it 100% nothing this.
America's #0.
A day in the life of nobody.
No one who matters.
No skills.
No Talent.
No manners.
Bitter & sarcastic.
All the flaws no one would want.
I am a bad mother.
I am a bad girlfriend.
A driver.
A bad person.
A liar.
I seek vengeance.
Always and forever.
Never forgives.
Never forgets.
Never gets justice not in this lifetime.
A heart of pure hatred.
Just like "Grandma".
But not to Ariel just the rest of the world.
Filthy rich makes me sick.
Squandered wealth.
Gamblers, drug smugglers, prostitution, slander ****, & con artists they all make me sick.
Carnivores, butchers, sadistic criminals, pyro's, nymphos, pimps, sm
t, hustler's, farmers, & attorneys.
Sick to my stomach.
The boiling point.
****** detest.
May 2016 · 459
Page 28
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Carve me a stone.
Fetch me a bone.
Give me your number when I get a phone.
A stain of ink.
A memory sinked.
Swirl me pink.
Aged wrinkles.
Sparkling glitter.
A special wink.
Peppermint sprinkles.
A glowing pair.
A shiny slide.
A merry ride.
A chance to collide.
A path that's wide.
A narrow bridge.
A buttercup that makes no sense.
A piercing stare.
Thoughtless words.
A mumbled sentence.
Wasted gifts.
Rainbow lava.
Decaf Java.
A ***** mind to go
with your ***** hands.
A pure soul corrupted by greedy sin.
A sweet girl possessed by a curse.
A life that's worse.
A stolen purse.
A one night stand.
No soul to care.
No reflection to stare.
Beautiful long flowing hair.
Curtains for my face.
That in time will erase.
A broken & crumbled, moldy tombstone forgotten.
No Legend.
No pledging.
A pathetic beggar.
Who makes no wager.
A stumbling fool who has no rules.
Invisible memories that can not see.
A dissolved past.
With no memories to last.
No favors.
No help.
You're trespassing on my destiny.
You're prohibited to have my permission.
You broke God's law.
For the ****** you saw.
Your Photography sin.
A waterfall of rainbow pearls.
Sparkling Jewels.
Gems like colorful M&M;'s.
A river of guilt.
A forest of green.
Music that sings.
Togetherness and it brings.
A mutual fling.
Unfurnished life.
With no utilities.
No custody.
Good luck.
May 2016 · 343
Page 27
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Entranced and hypnotized.
Mesmerized & advertised.
Under your spell.
A face you can sell.
But don't want to share.
A covergirl, a diva that's divine & out of her mind. Someone you can never find.
Desired & admired.
Always tired.
Never fired.
Easily hired.
That's who I'll be.
Bringing society to its knees.
Don't need to say thanks or please.
A career I can steer.
I can see there's no need for beer.
Don't have to be queer.
Cosmo, Vogue, Lifestyles, People & Esquire.
I can't build my own empire.
The sky's the limit.
Strange and bewildered.
Ignored and neglected.
Populated with enemies.
I've lost the battle but I will win the war.
My dreams will soar.
Stars of Destiny.
Fantasy the mystery.
A faith of darkness.
A colorful sunset.
Rainbows and rain clouds.
Doubtful whether.
Predictive mazes.
Webs of deceit.
Strangers you'll meet.
A broken hearts defeat.
Joyful salvation.
Towering castles abroad.
A pond of nightmares.
A waterfall of cares.
A net of insults.
A flock of enemies.
An army of glory.
An endless story.
A poem of hatred.
A secret kiss.
A whirlwind of confusion.
A rainbow fusion.
A pretty dessert.
A mirrored jeopardy.
A double destiny.
A blind future.
A deaf past.
A mute desire.
A broken will.
An evaporated heart.
A broken mind.
An evolved solution.
A shattered pollution.
May 2016 · 412
Page 26
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Don't ask me to love you.
Don't tell me to know you.
Don't ask my name &
Don't give me your number.
Don't try to hook up with me.
Don't stop me know if you
Don't try to hook up with you
Don't follow me.
Don't block my way away.
Don't ask me to dance.
Don't write me a letter.
Don't buy me presents.
Don't hand my hand.
Don't call me.
Don't knock on my door.
Don't sleep on my floor.
Don't come to my work.
Don't buy me dessert.
Don't ask me to dinner.
Don't make me a sinner.
Don't say hello.
Don't say goodbye.
Don't even try.
Don't wonder why.
Don't sit by me.
Don't touch my knee.
Don't text me.
Don't acknowledge me.
Don't cross me.
Don't boss me.
Don't be my friend.
Don't bother me.
Don't ask about me.
Don't walk with me.
Don't parked beside me.
Don't take my picture.
Don't read my mail.
Don't ask me out.
Don't wonder what I'm all about.
Don't have your friends tell me you like me.
Don't try to psych me.
Don't look me up.
Don't now my lawn.
Don't sweep my sidewalk.
Don't feed my dogs.
Don't do my laundry.
Don't know my business.
Don't borrow my pen.
Don't read my book.
Don't take a second look.
May 2016 · 254
Page 25
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Go with her.
Leave me alone.
Get over it.
I will fly away.
You can stay.
I won't be here.
I have my own agenda.
It doesn't include you.
My eyes are closed to you.
My ears cannot hear you.
My mind doesn't remember you.
My voice does not to speak to you.
You cannot see me.
I am not there.
I no longer care.
I have no faith in you.
You have lost me.
You are lost.
I have found myself.
I don't belong here.
I'm not from the hills or the valley.
Or not from the country or the mountains.
On this planet.
I come from garbage.
From the wastelands.
My home is a toilet.
A sty.
A trash heap.
A landfill.
My family is trash.
No money
No education
No careers.
No life.
No hope.
No chance.
no escape.
With child ****.
Poverty and disgust.
Mold and crust.
Ignorance and hatred.
And disgust.
Clutter & stench.
The head of house pees on herself.
Sagging ***** & wrinkled skin.
Racist opinions & pathetic waste of space.
Faded clothes.
Nobody that anyone knows.
A yard of dirt.
Peeling paint.
Dust, Mold, & rust.
Splintering wood.
Gates with no locks.
Faucets without knobs.
A toilet that don't flush.
The front door that's jammed shut.
A clogged sink.
Roaches & flies.
Broken walls and shattered windows.
A ghetto.
A dump.
A sh*t hole with no food.
Nothing but an empty vacant void.
Of trash, garbage, & dust.
It needs fire to disappear to erase.
To ash.
Eliminate waste to make more space.
For a garden in a vase.
For our eyes to taste.
May 2016 · 266
Page 24
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
The night was dark and quiet.
The building asleep.
He held her against the wall
& chokes her
with her feet off the ground.
She fell & started crying.
Don't hurt me.
A fit of rage.
A helpless victim.
No one to care.
No apology.
No sanity.
No rescue.
Nothing and no one.
No memory.
He pushed her down the trail.
She dropped her purse.
I don't trust you.
Abuse me once.
Use me twice.
Confuse three times.
Defuse yourself a fourth time.
Amuse yourself a fifth.
Lose me a sixth time.
We're over.
Accept it.
Bet on it.
Regret it.
Hate it.
Let it.
Forget it.
Get it.
No more luck.
No more f*cks.
No more bucks.
No more guts.
No more *****.
I am free.
To be me.
Without you.
I doubt you
I know too much about you.
I'm not you.
I don't need you.
I don't want you.
Understand it.
Stay away.
Get away.
Go away.
Don't look back.
Don't get off track.
No more chances.
No more dances.
I'm better.
You could be deader.
I've made my choice.
I have a voice.
I might not have independence.
Nut I'm not codependent.
You have no truth only abuse.
You I threat.
You were debt.
Hate is a four-letter word.
I know you heard.
I don't care anymore.
say goodbye.
Alone I can try.
It doesn't matter if you're sorry.
I don't forget
I don't forgive.
I don't care.
I have need no apology.
You have a demented psychology.
I have my theories and philosophy.
An untraced geography.
Know the biology.
There's no science.
No math equation.
No answer.
No clue.
No reason
No story.
No symbol.
Just a nightmare.
May 2016 · 359
Page 23
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
You can't put your Ariel you in a bubble.
You can't keep her in a box or a cage.
Our hunger is my rage.
You're ****** and will never be saved.
You think you're brave
Because you made the court cave.
You can't behave.
Go to your grave.
Please let the angel of death take your last breath.
The landscape will look pretty with your tombstone on it.
It will give the birds a place to sh*t.
Your corpse will give the worms food
nurture and nourish Mother Nature
fertilize the soil to the trees can give the rest of us oxygen to breathe.
You are a monster.
Be a skeleton.
Happy Halloween to The Day of the Dead.
Death is the celebration of life.
Die for me.
I pray that death will come quick and fast.
Age faster.
Wrinkle & die.
Let your web of lies strangle you to death. Trapped underground.
An evaporated soul.
An empty hollow.
A void.
You are nothing in life.
You will be nothing in death.
You are penniless and worthless.
No value
Nothing precious.
Nothing sacred.
You are rust.
Mold, unwanted, *****, a scar.
A barnacle.
You represent nothing.
You have no founder.
Your no leader.
You belong to nothing and no one.
You spoil the earth.
You if you pollute the air and water.
You **** the plants.
You destroy life.
You are a plague.
You crush.
You are musty & stale.
You're slow as a snail.
Your face is ugly.
You're an eyesore.
A nasal stench.
A backstabbing *****.
Your poison.
A pollution
with no solution.
May 2016 · 305
Chapter 7 - Page 22
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
If you're blind
Ariel & I you can never find.
If you're deaf you won't know where she left.
If you can't walk
You can't stalk.
If you can talk to you can't gossip.
If your dead.
It doesn't matter if the guardianship papers or ever read.
Your best bet is to disappear.
My absence with Ariel is what you most fear.
You spin your web of deceit.
Your a carnivore eating meat.
You think I am all you can defeat.
You f* creep.
Payback is what you'll meet.
You should be punished for what you've done. You can be out run.
I know you've had your fun.
You are so dumb.
Die today.
Die tomorrow.
Die tonight.
Before the afternoon.
Meet your doom.
I'm sick of you.
You are a disease.
You make me sick.
I don't want to know you.
Ariel and I don't need to be near you.
Stay away, go away.
ck off.
Drop dead.
You ruined my life.
You fckd up Ariel's too.
Your a heartless crazy ****** b* .
You're jealous and old.
Disappear, decay & rot.
You f
ckng twt.
You deserve the worst.
You are a curse.
I'm tired of your lies.
Your games with the same old s*
Your a dim wit.
Your a stubborn ****.
You destroy the grass.
You're an infection with no cure.
Your the reason why my past is a blur.
I want to forget it.
I choose not to remember.
I hate you.
You are disgusting.
You are not to be trusted.
Someone you hate is hated.
You are trouble.
Your personality is double.
Your mind is split.
You're not right.
I am.
Dedicated to my ****** ***** mom who my dad left who could blame him. She had a pedofile **** me & my sister for 3 years that she was *******. She kidnapped my daughter & starved her for 12 years. And tried her best to destroy every relationship or friendship I ever tried to make by getting restraining orders against me or them. She cost me $5,000.00 attorney fees. Which I lost my petition for custody. I had to quit jobs because of her & sell my cars. Move in & out the state like 3 times. So it's a tribute for mother's day & dysfunctional white trash families everywhere.
May 2016 · 364
Page 21
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
I don't pity poverty.
Low lives disgust me.
Undependable if you can't count on yourself.
Who can you count on?
Sell you're ss for some quick cash
Dance naked for money
to find yourself a rich honey.
Get a minimum wage job.
So you're not a broke-
ss slob.
Work the night shift and get robbed.
Don't out of fear ever sob.
Bad karma is their flaw.
Their sin is what you saw.
They'all be snatched my Hell's claw.
Your sinning soul peeled raw.
Try to challenge me and I'll sock your jaw.
You broke the law.
Don't even try to deny it by saying "nah".
Your fingerprints are left by your ***** paws.
Guilty as Sin.
The devil wants you in.
He always knew your life was *******.
Don't act so surprised to see your demise.
Nobody will hear your cries.
Hell's door is open for souls to be floating.
You ruined your own self.
From the cards you're dealt.
When the Devil seee you sin he smiles for every d*mn child.
Greedy and selfish you're two of a kind.
Soulless without a good friend
You will pay for all your crimes time that never ends.
A will that bends.
A messages that never sends.
Hope & pathetic with no logic.
Out of touch & out of focus.
No Hocus Pocus.
You stand in a line up.
A finger points you out.
Without any doubt.
Go ahead and pout.
No one will care that you're sad.
You're getting so mad.
The system is glad.
No parole.
Thanks to the tax payers bank roll.
Pay karma's toll.
You gargoyle troll.
May 2016 · 281
Page 20
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Phoenix Park is that even on the map marked?
In Dublin, Ireland can I go there?
If he knew me would he care?
He wants to be near his son in L.A.
He owns property in both places.
He's a millionaire.
I have his 2009 calendar.
His biography.
His pictures.
Doesn't really matter.
If he knew what he'd be flattered?
Or think I'm obsessed?
Or that my life's a mess?
Or that to be together would not be best.
I don't want to be with my boyfriend anymore.
It's obvious he doesn't want a relationship with me .
If you don't see someone for almost 2 years it's pretty obvious that it's over.
He just doesn't want to admit that to himself.
I'm not going to be put on the back burner.
He took me for granted.
Too bad for him.
I'd rather be with Colin Farrell.
He is handsome, young and rich.
He dresses so nice I wish
I had the privilege of being his wife.
Whatever lady he's got is lucky.
He is so blessed.
An Irish kiss.
That's what I missed out on life's eternal bliss.
I want to follow his path.
My idol a celebrity from Castleknock is where he's from.
I wish I could get some.
I like cloudy skies with little sun.
slts who abort.
Cut precious and innocent lives short.
Sinners don't deserve to have breakfast lunch or dinner.
They should starve to death and get thinner. When your pregnancy is full-term you will have a winner.
Selfish c
nts are vindictive b** who are backstabbing ***** .
There's at least one in every circle.
They don't have to stand out and wear purple.
They will dupe you and ***** you.
So watch out
Know what their all about.
Not even for one second should you ever doubt.
Take the detour route.
May 2016 · 482
Page 19
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
You're ***** and I'm unpure.
You have no cure.
Innocence is what you will lure.
Trouble Is what You stir.
Nothing is what you were.
You probably think it's neat.
How you can so easily manipulate and deceit.
Your deceptions no one can perceive.
Why is it I who have to get it received.
The truth no one believed.
It's nothing that can be conceived.
You'll never keep my daughter.
You took away my father.
Go drown in the water.
You suffocated me.
You bstrd.
Who couldn't die any faster.
You're a troublemaker.
A lying faker.
A heartbreaker.
A homewrecker.
Your a cnt.
You put on the front.
Your garbage and trash.
You spread like a rash.
You hoard and stash.
Your obsessive compulsive.
Two-Faced b
* .
You are a backstabber.
You gibber & gabber.
You wanted to **** Snow White.
Because she couldn't put up a fight.
You have no right.
That's why Ariel and I will take a flight.
You will never see the light.
You should never been seen in the day or night. You cause people unnecesary fright.
You've never been responsible for Ariel's care.
If California only knew the truth they'd be shocked and stare
But to care they wouldn't dare.
You're not welcome here.
I don't want you around me or anywhere near. You are who Ariel fears.
I'm the one who hold her dear.
To trouble is where you steer.
Nothing is what you hear.
You are crazy and lazy.
My memory is not hazy.
You know where you can go.
You're blind deaf and dumb.
With you Ariel will never have fun.
You fckd a child ****** ***.
Just so he could get some.
You'll never see God's Kingdom.
May 2016 · 354
Chapter 6 - Page 18
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Are you scared of heights?
Airplane flights?
Or dark nights?
You can't swim.
Your vision is too dim.
Your not slim.
What is your worst fear?
To lose someone you love so dear!
Why should I have to fight for what's already mine?
I'll get her back within eight years time.
Your swine.
When we leave you I know us you'll try to find.
Ariel is my gem.
You can't trap her in a pen.
She is my lucky charm.
You are like a fire alarm.
She doesn't want to hold your arm.
With you she's at risk from harm.
You belong on a farm.
Like locusts swarm.
I don't need to focus.
To see your game.
You lost your brain.
Your mind is gone.
You clutter your lawn.
You're so boring you make me yawn.
You always want to control.
You want to **** my soul.
You only feed Ariel cereal in a bowl.
Your mind is an empty hole.
My daughter you stole.
All lies you told.
Your dying & old.
You know you have a heart of stone.
You lie on the phone.
You speak in a sarcastic tone.
Get out of my zone.
You heartless crone.
When you don't get your way.
You dominate me to stay.
Your petition got permanently granted.
You think that your life is grand.
You think a restraining order will keep me banned.
About you I don't give a ****.
You lied on the stand.
You don't own any land.
Nobody wants your helping hand.
My attorney said he couldn't wave a magic wand.
That for twenty five grand.
That's so outrageous.
I want to scream and holler.
I hate this world because you're in it.
You mindless twit.
You **** daily in your bed.
Go to an old folks retirement home.
You should get yourself a tombstone.
May 2016 · 296
Page 17
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
I guarantee I will be nothing you'll ever notice or see.
Or ever want me to be.
You're sick why are you in such a rush?
To make the effort you did in my life to crush.
In the toilet I want your existence to flush.
You are an embarrassment that makes everyone blush.
Your poverty they pity.
You think you're so smart and witty.
You're not.
Your a snot.
Who can rot.
Trouble is what you plot.
Die of a stroke or a blood clot.
You belong six feet under decayed inside a coffin & grave.
Ariel is not your slave.
You can't make her behave.
You heartless b**.
You are a snitch.
You don't have have the cash you ***** witch.
You've always been trash.
You'll never get rich.
You don't have the cash.
Of you there should be fewer.
You belong in the sewer.
You have the evil eye.
Then is all you try.
I hope you die.
You make Ariel cry.
Everything you say is a lie.
In hell you can fry.
When that happens don't ask God why.
Heaven is not something you can buy.
To Ireland is where I want to fly.
All you can do is lie.
Your house was always been a pig sty.
That is what you deserve.
You always get on my nerves.
Hell would want you the most.
You are Satan's host.
It's a place you can roast.
Your evil disease spreads coast to coast.
Don't even try to haunt me with your ghost.
If you don't know now.
You will when you get the memo.
I can show you a demo.
Your cancer can't be cured by kemo.
You are a freaky nightmare.
If Ariel died you'd never care.
To try it my enemy haters would dare.
My anger would flare.
In a trap they would be snared.
May 2016 · 308
Chapter 5 - Page 16
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
People always say they like my name and love my hair.
But it's not mutual so I don't care.
Flirt back I wouldn't dare.
Did anyone ever tell you it's rude to stare?
I don't even glimpse or glare.
I never walk in public bare.
It would be rare.
That I would be a match for a perfect pair.
At work I'm sick of what I have to wear.
Hollywood is overrated.
Too populated.
The craze is too generated.
Egos get too inflated.
Relationships are infatuated.
Crime is too saturated.
Wealth & fame is wasted.
Everyone's got talent.
It's so unbalanced.
I come from dysfunction.
Our paths don't junction.
There's too much corruption.
It's not fair it's an interruption.
My anger is an eruption.
Politics is an obstruction.
My life never had construction.
I'm broken never chosen.
Your evil nature prevails.
I wait for the time to bail.
From me you will never get mail.
You fail.
***** of flame on you I wish would hail.
You being locked up in jail.
In hell is where you can forever wale.
Your hatred consumes.
Your Prejudice resumes.
Your life is doomed.
I hope your death approaches you soon.
I would celebrate at the full moon.
After every afternoon.
Your misery looms.
Your stench fills every room.
Every day you're around is gloom.
It's your time to go.
It's true because I said so.
You should have never been born.
Your lies were sworn.
Nobody would care if I blew the horn.
You destroy everything in your path.
You will suffer Hell's eternal wrath.
You do the math.
May 2016 · 286
Page 15
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
You are a cheater.
You took my turn.
In hell is where I hope you burn.
Maybe then you will learn.
Nobody has any faith in me.
Nobody can see who I want to be.
The reason I have to flee.
I don't care what you petition.
It's not written.
In my edition.
I never agreed.
Your heart doesn't believe.
You are illiterate and can't read.
Ariel is my seed.
I can feed.
You are not who she needs.
You've been a bad seed.
The journey to hell is what you lead.
You're a sinner from your own greed.
You are like a dying ****.
In your bed and pants you peed.
You miserable cnt.
Ariel & I you stalked to hunt.
Your insane to do such as stunt.
I know your game.
It's always the same.
In your crazy brain.
You are the one to blame.
Die in the flames!
You don't know my name.
You always cause pain.
Your *** leaves a stain.
I want to be where it rains.
If I'm lucky you will get hit by a train.
Then Ariel & I won't have any more stress & strain.
Or get blown away by a hurricane.
You are nut.
I hate your guts.
Stay out of my hut.
Or I'll kick your ****.
You are a worthless sm
You are a classic sl*t.
I never liked you much.
People like you I wish they never knew.
Someone they want to sue.
You get on my nerves.
You're like a snake that twists and swerves.
You destroy everything good.
Like a mother never should.
You strangle, suffocate trap & bind.
Everything of my heart soul and mind.
Your evil always finds.
You were never kind.
I want you to suffer.
You think your so much tougher.
Like a witch you should melt.
For your love I never felt.
You let me get beaten with a belt.
A crime you never got dealt.
May 2016 · 313
Page 14
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Dublins where we'll be cuddling.
Conflicting thoughts.
Enemies I fought.
Lessons I were never taught.
Ariel and I got caught.
Dreams that were not.
Slaughtered to rot.
Weather gets too hot.
Treasures I bought.
A destiny I sought.
Daisies are lazy.
When your fifty your not pretty.
At twenty you can make a lot of money.
I won't be back.
To be what you lack.
I've already started to pack.
You've ruined everything.
Over your flings.
You never got a wedding ring.
You broke my wings.
Your evil heart sings.
With all the hatred your life brings.
Your betrayal stings.
All your trash doesn't mean a thing.
I was a ****** until you fckd my burden.
I never got a word in.
My child you stole.
Because your life is stale & old.
Your house is mold.
You gave away my virginity for free.
It wasn't even sold.
Your heart is cold.
My story I never even told.
Your hand I would never hold.
You think you're sly like a fox.
For trapping Ariel and I in your box.
Your not nice I want to crush your skull in a vice.
You will pay the price.
I will win when I roll the dice.
You won't ***** me twice.
Your house has roaches and mice.
Curse words I yell.
Because your ***** stinks & smells.
You didn't care when Ariel fell.
I hope all of you guys go straight to Hell. Everything in your fridge is stale.
It's all lies you tell.
I made my wish when I threw my penny down the well.
That you die because you weren't well.
You can drown because you can't swim.
Your path is dim.
I will get slim.
My life is ruined because of you and him.
You don't give a d*mn.
That is why it is your doors, windows & walls that I slam.
You are ******.
May 2016 · 380
Page 13
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Food we need to stock.
The winter is long.
The summer is short.
Autumn and Fall seems like nothing at all.
The world is small.
You can put your arm around my waist.
Dress me in black lace.
I will carry my mace.
You can kiss my face.
I'll pack my suitcase.
You can go to home base.
Pick up the pace.
This is a race.
Will my journey be able to trace?
Don't look at me I didn't break that vase!
Was all this left to just waste?
My love you can taste.
Thanks for sitting with me on the banks.
A false thought an evil I already fought.
Am I like a fish you caught?
A heart you sought.
A gift you bought.
A friend you never got?
I am not a robot.
A lesson taught.
Do you think I'm hot?
You can say if I'm not.
I don't want to die here and rot.
I will pray that someday you can take me away.
With you I promise to stay.
Come what may.
Let's sail at the bay.
Roll in the hay.
Be merry and gay.
Beside you I will lay.
Come on let's play.
If you ask I'll say.
You can have your way.
With you is where I belong.
To have a mutual love that is strong.
A commitment that's long
It would be right not wrong.
A place to be with my eyes that see.
Stay away from Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
A perfect harmony.
You can become a part of me.
You won't regret it you'll see.
I can be set free.
Alone I am just one.
Together is we.
From here I have to flee.
Whenever I see an airplane I want to be in it.
For hours I will sit.
Ariel might have a b** fit.
Her I would never hit.
That would send me to hell in the deepest pit.
I have better wits.
May 2016 · 225
Page 12
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
I feel so hollow.
Is it you who I can't follow?
Do you think I would dare try you too scare?
That would be fair.
Can you be my teddy bear?
I would always care.
If you saw me would you love my hair?
Will you pick out a dress to wear?
Women are nothing to fear.
We don't all drink beer.
You don't have to call us dear.
We don't wear that much gear.
We can speak & hear.
We like the sites from the pier.
Most of the us don't age much through the years
Sometimes we get sad and cry a few tears.
We can also clap and cheer.
We hates it in the rear.
So be careful to steer.
Hear this warning & you won't suffer in the morning.
I can make your life so boring.
You know it's just me you are adoring.
It's obvious from all the charm you're pouring.
I won't be *******.
At my place it's used for living that storing.
If I had been more kind you're who I could find.
I would pay you some mind.
I didn't know you.
I had the chance I blew.
It evaporated like the morning dew.
On a plane I never flew.
Sometimes I am so naive.
So unaware.
That's why you were shocked and stared.
I didn't know you were rich and famous.
How shameless.
It's my fault.
I don't have access to your vault.
I used to drink chocolate malts.
I hope I get another time.
To see you and pine.
I want to be someone you will remember.
This September.
You can treat me like a queen.
I need a magic bean.
To experience such an unrealistic dream.
One I've always tried to imagine.
To Freedom you're my key to open this lock.
To you I will flock.
Just open the door don't even knock.
May 2016 · 271
Page 11
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
A loves so sweet.
No one could beat.
That would be neat.
Here have a seat.
Next to me propose and get on one knee.
Give me a diamond ring.
and pick a song and start to sing.
Harmony that's what I bring.
You can be my king.
Will you take me under your wing.
Show me the castles of Ireland.
The Sparkles and dazzles.
The wonderful view.
A love you once to knew.
It's table for two.
A sky so blue.
Gentleman like you are so few.
Walk with me on the countryside.
I am someone you can confide.
To be on your side.
Will you be my guide?
Hand in hand we will stride.
Love me let's have some tea.
Ireland that's where we'll be.
You and me watch and see.
I might not make headlines but we can still dine.
I don't drink wine.
I am just fine.
Will you be mine?
We can hide in the trees of pine.
And I can save enough cash.
To make the dash.
I can be there in a flash.
You my mother will try to bash.
My ex smokes hash.
That's beside the point.
But I hate people who smoke joints.
They can go away.
Far & there they can't stay.
I love you Ariel
thank God the ***** donor never gave me anything venereal.
How would Ariel Farrell sound?
Too profound?
I hate being trapped here in America and bound.
Dublin is where the love is I haven't yet found.
I want a puppy from the pound.
Is my **** too round?
Maybe it's just too flat.
Too much at work in this chair I sat.
I never wear hats.
But I love cats.
I don't know any bats.
I hate rats.
Am I too fat?
Do I talk too much?
Have you heard anything of that such?
Do you want to go dutch?
My **** you cannot touch.
Do you think I'm odd?
If so just nod.
Do you believe in God?
May 2016 · 392
Page 10
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
I hate you.
You cursed my life.
You prevented & stopped me from being a mother and wife.
Your a b*.
I tried to ditch.
You took my child.
And portrayed me as being wild.
You kidnapped.
Why can't to you lightning would zap?
I am so done with your bull sh
t & crap.
Then I would celebrate & clap.
My daughter is a fairy.
She can't have dairy.
Stay away from her.
You are not the cure.
You are the most unpure.
You're sick.
You are a prck.
I want to **** you with a brick.
You let a child molestor f
ck me with his d*ck.
Get out of our lives.
Gio to a cliff & take a dive.
You have an insane brain.
You can't control your bladder.
I hope you fall off a ladder.
Or down some stairs.
I wouldn't be someone who cares.
Fall off a roof.
So you can go ****.
Die in the street.
I wouldn't care if you got hit by a car.
I would wish for that on a shooting star.
You are an unfit mother.
Who is your baby snatching grandmother.
You tell lies.
You make her cry.
Why won't you just die?
Death that can be quick.
When you are sick.
Death can be slow.
When it's time to go.
Death can be stubborn
Something you can learn.
Death can be scary.
If you eat a poisonous berry.
Death can be a risk.
When you want to be brisk.
Death can be tricky.
If you are a sickie.
Death can be sneaky.
When you are freaky.
Death can be a shock.
If you can't swim and fall off the dock.
Or gets suffocated and gagged by a sock.
The killer you they will mock.
God will make the depths of hell crumble and rock.
May 2016 · 361
Page 9
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
I said you weren't my type.
I just dissed.
You looked like my brother.
So I didn't want another.
A mistake
my heart you would just break.
Real love you can't fake.
I didn't make myself available or saleable.
99.9% of Americans are stupid.
I know Ariel and a part of the 1% that isn't.
America is filled with drug addicts, homeless bums, perverts, ******, nuts, thieves, tramps, cons, ******, pimps, stalkers, greed, sin. ignorant, immoral, bad, cheating and low life people.
Who are liars, sick, mentally deranged, angry, crazy, *******, poor people.
European, English, British, Irish people
seem different, better, hard-working, proper, classy, distinguished, polite, considerate, thoughtful, moral, high class, honest, rich, intelligent, generous, caring, loving, good, modest, straight, wise, home owning, business managing, educated, family valued, sane people who are not corrupt or worldly.
Homebodies, farmers working class, civil, helpful, fearless, strong, nice, friendly and secure.
I hope to know some of them.
Get their luck of love and wealth.
A peaceful, quiet, happy home.
Of family & love & security.
Friends, money, fame, respect, loyalty, trust.
Land, bank, work, food, shelter, & clothes.
Shade from the Sun,
Warmth from the cold
A hand to hold.
Love to share with somebody who will care. Somebody to adore.
Who doesn't make me their *****.
Someone who gives me gifts.
One who doesn't just drift.
A guy who acts with swift.
One who puts me first.
Who never makes me feel the worst.
I want them to be number one.
Someone who's not dumb.
Not just together for the fun.
Not after a few years will be done.
One who will last forever.
One who is clever.
One who doesn't say never.
May 2016 · 375
Chapter 3 - Page 8
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Have you ever gone berserk
while still at work?
You're in a rush
To touch up and brush.
You want me that much?
You have a crush.
Don't have a fuss.
Or I will start to cuss.
You want to **** my body?
Get perverted and naughty?
Get turned on?
Have some fun?
Nestle and run.
Have a party and get some?
Do you really think I'm that dumb?
You don't need me to make you come.
My type is not a broke ss ***.
Get out of here.
Take your ***.
You will never hit my drum.
You think if I let you touch my breast,
that you can have the rest?
You want to thank me?
How do you rank me?
You like to spank me.
How much would your bank be?
Don't call me.
If you go to school drunk.
You will flunk.
You don't feel alive
When you're deprived.
You deceive and con.
You can try to make me cry.
Just drop dead and die.
You miserable f
Drop cover and duck.
I hope you get stuck under the rubble.
And it makes your problems double.
I don't eat dairy.
You popped cherries.
You **** virgins.
Cause stress and burdens.
do you sell condoms?
That question is the wrong one.
Colin Farrell
where's expensive apparel.
Offensive eyes.
An insulted glare.
That went nowhere.
That's not fair.
I didn't know who he was at the time
he wasn't that famous
only four years
probably only shared a few beers,
with other celebrities.
Had a few magazine covers.
Done a few movies.
Not having cable or going to the theaters
didn't help.
Nice to meet you.
Sorry I didn't know you.
Don't ask twice.
I wasn't that nice.
I'm yours for any price.
Malibu or Ireland?
Where will we spend time and money?
I wish it was you I could kiss.
May 2016 · 300
Page 7
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
You maybe want to have a baby.
Now or later?
Where is our waiter?
Do you want to date her?
Or just **** her?
You want to wed?
But you don't bring home the bread.
Your family is not dead.
Is it strange to be deranged?
You can feel the pain.
Get cold in the rain.
Have no brain.
Get lost on a train.
Leave on a plane.
Flush your life down the drain.
From violence you refrain.
You need to be restrained.
No one on the block
knew you ***** me with your cck.
Gagged me with a sock.
Had me under keyv& lock.
My anger you mock.
My face you knocked.
Your face pocked.
Because you were never arrested.
My sanity tested.
You may me a slave.
Go to Hell in Your Grave.
My virginity wasn't saved.
"Mommy" didn't even know from how you behaved.
You **** the neighbors dog.
You will be judged by God.
If someone would have saw through the window they would have said "bingo".
Harmony, astronomy, lobotomy, apology
And part of me.
Cathology, photography, & geography.
A serpent is not perfect.
They have to work it.
To cause sin.
It's a real thing.
They have to shop.
To adopt.
Sinners to join.
The messenger makes them a member.
A bad club hangs out at the night pub.
They want me naked in the tub.
Somebody that could rub.
And scrub
in the mud.
****** to you make you h
Sinful pleasure is not a kind gesture.
Is it a strippers fate
To get gang *****?
To tease the populated ******.
With such ease.
You don't even have to say "please".
You just dance & get on your knees.
Take a picture to frame & freeze.
How desperate is that? "Jeez"!
Do you want some crackers and cheese?
May 2016 · 290
Page 6
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
This is not where I belong.
This place is all wrong.
I need music and song.
******* not a thong.
You just sit and smoke your ****.
I hear the doorbell goes ding ****.
I'm out & gone.
Selfish people don't have kids.
It's what they try to rid.
***** deeds they did.
****** who try too hard to please.
Gems don't grow on stems.
You're a clown who jumps up and down.
A friend I found.
On a mermerry-go-round.
I am no longer 180 pounds.
But I'm not fat and round.
I'm not tied and bound.
I'm quiet and I have no sound.
You won't find me or my *** in the index.
I will cast a hex.
Be my guide.
Take me for a ride.
Let's go inside and hide.
Or escape outside.
It's just you I can confide.
You are the only one on my side.
But just wait and see I don't eat candy.
Everything fine and dandy.
If I was your honey could I make you spend your money?
Would that be funny?
It's hot and sunny.
Don't take my money.
But I hate the color red.
You know I like blue.
The color pink makes your heart sink.
In black and white they want to fight.
Enough I call your bluff.
You got my stuff.
You think you're tough.
You want to get rough.
You just want my ****.
You pig.
Go get a leaf of fig.
Your naked.
You're lazy.
You're crazy.
I like daisies.
This fog is hazy.
I said maybe.
Cancers no joke.
You did it to yourself when you smoke.
To death you die and choke.
You old bloke.
Whatever will life really get better?
Can can you be any deader?
You say I'm delirious.
When I am being serious.
I don't have the cash to flash.
It was me you wanted to catch.
Because you know we both match.
And that our love would last.
It would be neat & feel so sweet.
Nobody can beat.
Have a seat.
Don't fall on your feet.
May 2016 · 295
Page 5
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Do you think you got skills?
That you're smart because you can't hit the bull's-eye with six darts?
Throw ninja stars.
**** people at the local bars.
Can we travel real far?
I saw your clock his jaw.
Nasty you eat fish raw.
You dare scratch me with your claws.
Eventually I will catch your flaw.
I love to kiss the baby Kitty paw.
Animals so soft stay up in the loft.
A peppermint swirl for a little girl.
Dance with me a spin & a swirl.
I love your long hair with curls.
I have no phones.
No ringer tones.
My body has bones.
My mom is a b**
She has never been rich.
A person I can't wait to ditch.
A grave I wouldn't hesitate to pitch.
She is an evil witch.
She pulls my switch.
My desire is not to play with fire.
She holds me from my path.
She will suffer my wrath.
The Spells I cast.
You should be turned into a rat and eaten by wild cat.
She is old, fat & lazy.
You drink while I think.
My dress of velvet and satin pink.
You might miss me if you blink.
You flirt with your eyes and wink.
Catch my boat before we sink.
Will you love me forever what do you think?
1977 I was born.
1978 I was one.
1979 was two.
1980 I was 3.
1981 I was 4.
1982 I was 5.
1983 I was 6.
1984 I was 7.
1985 i was 8.
1986 i was 9.
2008 my daughter was 9.
This makes no sense.
It seems dense.
There's nothing to divide the side.
No gate or fence.
Am I tense?
Just go.
I hate what I know.
You made it so.
Remember I was there though.
Stop this.
You shoot to miss.
It's not me you need to kiss.
This is not what I wish.
You bite & hiss.
Shut up and be quiet.
You will cause a riot.
May 2016 · 339
Chapter 2 - Page 4
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
A dog for you.
A cat for me.
A fog of dew.
I sat with you.
Is one better than two?
Am I who you knew?
Dream of floating clouds.
Or nightmares where you scream.
And get loud.
Control my mind, my thoughts, my voice,
my vision, my body, & my feelings.
Where is the cure for what made me unpure?
My childhood was lured.
My past a blur.
Your words a slur.
The wind blows across the hillside.
The irish civilization is so enchanting to me.
The accents, their manners, their luck of the Irish.
Dark brown eyes.
So many reasons why.
I need a change.
A new life, new friends, some pets,
puppies and kitties.
Rain storms. Country life or city life?
Sunrise sunset.
Rainbows with pots of gold.
Mesmerising eyes, hypnotic stares.
Flirting glares.
Unspoken words of lust.
Find some people I can trust.
Do what I must.
Bad people to bust.
Should I die & turn to dust?
Their cars to rust.
Do what's just.
Sour flower
withers within the hour
has no power.
I throw it from the highest tower.
For death to devour.
The trees blow in the night breeze.
Without a coat you will freeze.
Or catch a cold & sneeze.
Can I get a blanket please?
Does your dog has fleas?
I am not broken.
You think I'm easy you must be joking.
Your license needs to be revoken.
My life you keep choking.
My daughter needs a cup of water.
She didn't want the food I bought her.
she doesn't listen to anything I taught her.
You want me not her.
The stream looks green.
Is the weather not what it seems?
Don't leave me that would be mean.
Do you want your coffee with sugar & cream?
Or is this just a dream?
May 2016 · 214
Page 3
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Once Upon a Time you could buy the world with a dime.
Who cares now there's always been crime.
That was your world not mine.
Your next victim where and when you find.
A sin to hell is what will bind.
The devil will send you to your end.
Broken hearts don't mend.
I guarantee your nightmares will haunt my face you will forever see.
You wish you could be in heaven like me.
Too bad you could never be my dad.
I'm glad I hope you're sad.
It made me mad.
Your time will come.
Go to the fire and have some.
This is not your kingdom.
Life with you was not fun.
We were a tool.
A broken rule.
My "mother" was a haggard mule.
My "sister" a fool.
My "brother" a duel.
My father a ghoul.
A home life you ruined.
You will get yours.
A sin you can't ignore.
You took advantage of us just because we were poor.
ILLegal **** you wanted more.
Like we were for sale at a store.
I'm not your *****.
Do not knock on my door.
Go to hell will you belong.
I hope it doesn't take too long.
Before I can hear a harmonious song.
A waste of space.
You parked in my spot.
Get out of the lot.
You are wrong.
You aren't right.
You want to fight.
I will bite.
Evil should die and never get to live with innocent souls.
Why did God let this happen to me?
Why am I a victim?
Why do I have to endure filthy, rotten, ******, evil to corrupt my life?
My innocence, my happiness, my joy, my will to live, & my confidence.
Why do I have to experience your disgusting, sick, unthinkable,nasty, hate and corruption?
If sinful deceit in my heart, my mind, my body, & my soul.
And my thoughts of insanity.
My damaged sanity caused by your sins.
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