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May 2016
Have you ever gone berserk
while still at work?
You're in a rush
To touch up and brush.
You want me that much?
You have a crush.
Don't have a fuss.
Or I will start to cuss.
You want to **** my body?
Get perverted and naughty?
Get turned on?
Have some fun?
Nestle and run.
Have a party and get some?
Do you really think I'm that dumb?
You don't need me to make you come.
My type is not a broke ss ***.
Get out of here.
Take your ***.
You will never hit my drum.
You think if I let you touch my breast,
that you can have the rest?
You want to thank me?
How do you rank me?
You like to spank me.
How much would your bank be?
Don't call me.
If you go to school drunk.
You will flunk.
You don't feel alive
When you're deprived.
You deceive and con.
You can try to make me cry.
Just drop dead and die.
You miserable f
Drop cover and duck.
I hope you get stuck under the rubble.
And it makes your problems double.
I don't eat dairy.
You popped cherries.
You **** virgins.
Cause stress and burdens.
do you sell condoms?
That question is the wrong one.
Colin Farrell
where's expensive apparel.
Offensive eyes.
An insulted glare.
That went nowhere.
That's not fair.
I didn't know who he was at the time
he wasn't that famous
only four years
probably only shared a few beers,
with other celebrities.
Had a few magazine covers.
Done a few movies.
Not having cable or going to the theaters
didn't help.
Nice to meet you.
Sorry I didn't know you.
Don't ask twice.
I wasn't that nice.
I'm yours for any price.
Malibu or Ireland?
Where will we spend time and money?
I wish it was you I could kiss.
Harmony Sapphire
Written by
Harmony Sapphire  42/F/San Diego, California
(42/F/San Diego, California)   
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