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Jesus now I know in a small way how you feel about your missing loved ones thank you for my wife’s sister’s visit. My wife brought her through the door the smile my wife had is beyond compare. That has to be the look you have when one of your lost ones decides to follow you and you bring them in from all mean and dangerous paths that caused them pain, sorrow without end you fretted as any loving parent but more so because you know all that will befall them.

I was given a taste of your distraught state of mind my wife and Mary were just going to the adjacent city it was to be ladies night out. I returned expecting them to be waiting what I found is a small comparison the home empty deadly silent it has to be like so many churches the saints don’t understand why everything is so quiet an empty first the lost are still lost why doesn’t Jesus move and bless any movement is him wrenching his hands as he heads for the door do you forget his word I will leave the ninety nine that are safe and search for the one lost sheep. I called my wife’s name only the silence reverberated then in anguish I shouted knowing it was useless but my mind didn’t care about what made sense. I rushed to the elevator seeing a sister from church I was sure my booming panic filled voice had startled her we both had a question mine have you seen Ann hers you’re not going out in this storm yes I’m seeking two loved ones that I know are in trouble they could be anywhere hurt scared or worse they hadn’t called and left a message The police was at church Brad didn’t say anything I left the elevator quickly went o the front door asked John if he had seen my wife and her sister because they had been going out in the front his no answer was as bad as the flooded streets the panic and fear crashed into my heart sending me reeling. I did tell him if he met up with them that I had gone looking for them.

The storm was only getting worse it matched my emotions the street was deepening even covering up the head lights on the oncoming cars reduced to a snail pace when my heart was racing I wanted to have the car going as fast all I could see was getting the car flooded and then become stranded then any semblance of control would be gone. As each car passed I looked to see if it was the color of their car I left the city limits started to the other town when I finally saw the color that matched theirs when I did get turned around there was a car and a semi behind them back through the same flooded street now I’m really pushing my luck the water was even deeper I had to trail the three the truck the most concern because I couldn’t see the car and then hope they had to turn down our street they didn’t turn it didn’t help Mary turned when she first got to town after already getting here she went fourteen miles more the wrong way when I got behind them and was following I could swear my wife was the passenger but with the head lights I could see it was a convertible so I continued back home and when I blared on the horn what a sight when they came to the window. My heart and mind regained composure not so for Jesus he is still on a stormy sea black as Satan’s heart trying to reach you all power on your vessel of self is gone you can’t make it to a safe harbor you are perishing as mentioned saints and sinners are missing one another in the greatest challenge we can and will ever face. Plenty are the obstacles and that includes life’s hectic pace it troubles that are without end but in the center of it all self the Devil and evil are winning the battle for your immortal soul cry out to him he listens with intense purpose his only goal is to find you he isn’t distracted playing the get ahead game or fighting to hold on to what is already so important or in your mind it is all is going to be burned only spiritual realities will survive do you want a portfolio that matches the rich man oh foolish man tonight your soul is required then who will this belong to. Just one more to rush in and tie himself to a sinking ship as the rescue ship pulls alongside reach for my hand no I can save the ship and myself is the dying words of one self deceived the hands bare the marks of nails that are reaching for you believe he who never lied and be rescued by loves greatest story for you it lives alone so you can have a heavenly home.
A labyrinth ever darkening passage man’s impossible journey and quest with the back drop of rich vibrancy of life being expended at
Every turn the steps consume time the natural life cycle is the goal live it up push the boundaries but never stop and really see where
The twist and turns are leading they lead you on but they are not delivering you only bound for the burning now lost yearning.

The soul the great empty store house neglected only holds cobwebs and loose memories this royal holy sacred place
There are drawers where just air exist these were made to hold garments made of spiritual golden thread derived of what he said
Glass cased cabinets were to hold awards and trophies never realized the soul held subject to the body grand deeds it misplaces
Scrolls gather dust just minor writings allowed poking out of a cubby hole the great treatise that marks and maps heaven are lost

Sundry bowls goblets dishes made for feasting on divine meats and delicacies still wrapped there delights never enjoyed
In them would be found nourishment the making of muscle vigorous activating power over powering mans outer appetite
He could store those weighty words that could sway hearts of others by the truth how greatly they should be employed
Only silence answers arguments reason divine instruction missed life’s activity saw no need for quiet mediation soulful empowerment

Slip among the vestiges of lost opportunity they stream out like empty gowns out ward winds only they do fill saddest waste
Contrary beliefs to what are plainly shown the entire fulfillment a wayward life craves to be entertained not instructed in what’s right
The truly dedicated have their soul’s store house abundantly crowded with spiritual food all cataloged ready for any and all taste
Subject to the demands of an orderly disciplined mind and heart you find richness in this walk and in forever’s sublime state

— The End —