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Feb 2017 · 659
Attention all Christians
Hal Loyd Denton Feb 2017
Most  of all baby boomers they say when we started by our sheer numbers  we changed the world now the simple facts we are now departing why not leave a lasting standard that will bless the world make a commitment  to save a million babies all together we could accomplish this what a strain would be lifted our voices naming the unseen the glory that lies beyond to surround and hug with cherished wonder these that are to be blessed with the most important  thing of all Jesus and His  undying love
Jul 2015 · 959
Hal Loyd Denton Jul 2015
she posted a note

I wrote this for a Irioc vet's wife it wasn't what she said this was my interputation when she said you don't know me you only know what I let you know to me it was a person hurting trying to be tough


The telling by night and day she stands in the dark glen her
Thoughts and troubles make the surroundings turn from airy to thermo brooding dark and mastic a
Black stallion stands near with its hostile significance obvious as a nightmare colt now full grown it paws
The ground deep and wildly like her own thoughts the night changes from different shades of black as
She reels in the tumult that varied troubles bring the wind begins to rise the branches begin a violent
Torrent of complaint great torment is displayed outward calm belies the war within how quickly time
Changes things long ago in another time and place blue and white clouds could be seen through the
Blazing foliage an aura highlighted splendor tinged all elements that were in conscious view the black
Stallion was replaced by the grey gentle even the face gave wonderful expressive peacefulness its stance
Was as if it gave an outline to mellow you could see her standing as in an arching trellised gate blossoms
Now gently blow where before only thorns gleamed as lighting flashed and you could see in her eyes a
Wounded soul that had to bear up under sudden hardship not the kind you grow into but that which
You Are thrown into you have to leap to your feet and try to convince all onlookers you have control
While actually you are just a little terrified girl that must make great strides to become a woman of
Empowered senses the war front defenses are made now in the living room not in far away scarred
Lands soldiers are trained women are the soft spirits that must learn to make armor from brokenness
That is well fitted and enduring while she is the lone sentential in an emotional fragmented world you
Will find love is the greatest weapon in this hidden world where illusion of peace mocks openly but
Freedom is the stronghold of those that love peace and fair play for all.
Mar 2015 · 831
Hal Loyd Denton Mar 2015
This was written before the death of Bin Laden it is an indictment against brazen Godless conduct it
deserves to be reread at the end I take up what I saw in the spirit when I looked on the Jordanian pilot

The Flame of Blessing

America’s warriors face dangers untold in a country unlike our own where violent war is a way of life
In evils caldron that burns with natural order hate, teaching laced with poison and ****** is honorable
This can only thrive in a society that kills truth and then in falsehood their black robes invite all strife
Chaos butchery all manner of anarchy is used to try to subdue a people’s God given right to be free
Our troops in one way or another are set to burning Miss Liberty is in their hearts although latent
All that is needed to cause liberty’s flame to blaze is put these blessed ones in contact with tyranny
Every insult and criticism is leveled at the U.S. we need improvement but let evil show and be blatant
Ordinary kids from American streets will rise the last thing you will see is freedom blazing in their eyes
Black hearts are tuff pushing the weak and there fanaticism pretends at being brave every bully’s trait
These cannot be reasoned with madness has one cure annihilation this fight not for the faint hearted
The enemy needs a history lesson Tara, Iwo Jima; Omaha beach a brother hood reborn gun barrel strait
You posses by ideology penned by hell’s most convincing liar we come bearing truth then arms
God’s shadow first then Miss Liberty looms then the unquenchable prayers of a nation they pray for you
Peace, tranquility is worth our sacrifice you are left with a tattered rag a soiled flag marred by carnage
To bleed, true honor the making of a house of arms it will succeed in all war and conflict peace to accrue
We take God given might temper it with mercy and justice for all we are not timid in freedom’s fight
This is the my candle burning

but when I looked upon the
Jordanian pilot I saw the epitome of innocence a softness that melted the bars he was already free
before they set the flame it was to be an act that would shame him the flames were consumed by
glory a soul reaching the zenith of freedom he joined a very rare and select group martyred
instantly he grew in stature to embody all of his people forever he is part of their hearts and
minds as long as they are a people he will be at the forefront beyond life but ever close when
principal and ideals are spoken you need not to look any farther than this hero this man of dignity
and honor that put truth before personnel safety to state the importance that can never be extolled
enough all that I hold dear is confined in the border of my country it holds my God my family
the one cause that cannot be trifled with it is too dangerous and crucial to all public life

Hands of infinite filth closed the cage door in doing so they chained themselves to dishonor and
eternal damnable flames but for this soul now condemned a transformation took place the distant  
pure waters of Jordan were splashing down his head and face with refreshing on the inside his
country sent fresh breezes filled with thanks and prayers of love for their native son who he was
before was changed in this hour of trial any and all errors of thought and action fell away being
replaced by resplendent glory I have over a life time seen innumerable sights in nature and in
people but this lovely man rose above them all it was telling he possessed an admirable
countenance he stepped over his previous linage into the royal house he beamed a silent
resoluteness it was pure vibrancy they didn’t take his soul when he climbed into that cockpit he
gave it to all that was dear and just but what of them this best describes their sick malevolent
existence Voltaire was a rampant Godless atheist he loved the role his whole life how he spoke
and wrote  with such joy but at death he jumped from his death bed he looked across the room
and with terror almost inaudible he said I hear chains and they are for me the Devil brings them
to bind me forever these men turned to mongrel mad dogs will soon have the same end what
fools and what a man of untold courage forever he will be extolled as a man for peace and
Sep 2014 · 1.1k
Behold: The Morning Star
Hal Loyd Denton Sep 2014
Sadly this generation is more familiar with the death star depicted in Star Wars please let me try to
Change your mind the need for this is the war with terror an uncertain future for sure if you are
Only speaking in terms of a natural future it is dismal at best many are turned off by the true
Facts that this world is owned by a singular person that’s because your view is distorted by
Darkness languid stagnation you need to go to the edge of the universe meet the wonder of
Wonders a spectacle will leave you spellbound and speechless draw near and feel the verve
And Pulse of all light see Victoria Falls Niagara Falls but let them equal the globe in size their
Depth and breadth circles the known world instead of water envision light colors so distinctive
Ruby red Emerald green Sapphire blue just to name a few dazzling to the point of confusion in
Other words your minds grasp is exceeded introspection will be piercing the most mundane
Streets of dusty villages before thought not worth the time will reveal secrets swells of joy will
Carry you on their wings you will never view the world the same true dreams will knit
Distortions that are a plague and a Bain they have been fostered in every corner your childlike
Innocence will be restored you will find love that you think no longer exist all that ensnare the
Human community is revealed openly harnessing the light of the morning will realign and give a
True fix so much of life lies in shambles and in ruin with a clear head you will advance and not
Stumble the vexation of death will be transformed shadows will flee away a new day awaits
Pains sorrows will be accredited with unseen value no longer struggling through the mist but
Clarity will give way to adventure you will begin the climb ascend to great heights yes duty will
Still be in play but it won’t be drudgery that will be replaced with thrills stimulation you venture
Forth as kings and queens mapping your great domain anything less is insulting to you and the
Morning Star I will leave you with this so many words are spoken in this life but three are worth
More than all the rest they are of eternal significance they are I made it!
Apr 2014 · 783
Lost Lambs
Hal Loyd Denton Apr 2014
Jesus now I know in a small way how you feel about your missing loved ones thank you for my wife’s sister’s visit. My wife brought her through the door the smile my wife had is beyond compare. That has to be the look you have when one of your lost ones decides to follow you and you bring them in from all mean and dangerous paths that caused them pain, sorrow without end you fretted as any loving parent but more so because you know all that will befall them.

I was given a taste of your distraught state of mind my wife and Mary were just going to the adjacent city it was to be ladies night out. I returned expecting them to be waiting what I found is a small comparison the home empty deadly silent it has to be like so many churches the saints don’t understand why everything is so quiet an empty first the lost are still lost why doesn’t Jesus move and bless any movement is him wrenching his hands as he heads for the door do you forget his word I will leave the ninety nine that are safe and search for the one lost sheep. I called my wife’s name only the silence reverberated then in anguish I shouted knowing it was useless but my mind didn’t care about what made sense. I rushed to the elevator seeing a sister from church I was sure my booming panic filled voice had startled her we both had a question mine have you seen Ann hers you’re not going out in this storm yes I’m seeking two loved ones that I know are in trouble they could be anywhere hurt scared or worse they hadn’t called and left a message The police was at church Brad didn’t say anything I left the elevator quickly went o the front door asked John if he had seen my wife and her sister because they had been going out in the front his no answer was as bad as the flooded streets the panic and fear crashed into my heart sending me reeling. I did tell him if he met up with them that I had gone looking for them.

The storm was only getting worse it matched my emotions the street was deepening even covering up the head lights on the oncoming cars reduced to a snail pace when my heart was racing I wanted to have the car going as fast all I could see was getting the car flooded and then become stranded then any semblance of control would be gone. As each car passed I looked to see if it was the color of their car I left the city limits started to the other town when I finally saw the color that matched theirs when I did get turned around there was a car and a semi behind them back through the same flooded street now I’m really pushing my luck the water was even deeper I had to trail the three the truck the most concern because I couldn’t see the car and then hope they had to turn down our street they didn’t turn it didn’t help Mary turned when she first got to town after already getting here she went fourteen miles more the wrong way when I got behind them and was following I could swear my wife was the passenger but with the head lights I could see it was a convertible so I continued back home and when I blared on the horn what a sight when they came to the window. My heart and mind regained composure not so for Jesus he is still on a stormy sea black as Satan’s heart trying to reach you all power on your vessel of self is gone you can’t make it to a safe harbor you are perishing as mentioned saints and sinners are missing one another in the greatest challenge we can and will ever face. Plenty are the obstacles and that includes life’s hectic pace it troubles that are without end but in the center of it all self the Devil and evil are winning the battle for your immortal soul cry out to him he listens with intense purpose his only goal is to find you he isn’t distracted playing the get ahead game or fighting to hold on to what is already so important or in your mind it is all is going to be burned only spiritual realities will survive do you want a portfolio that matches the rich man oh foolish man tonight your soul is required then who will this belong to. Just one more to rush in and tie himself to a sinking ship as the rescue ship pulls alongside reach for my hand no I can save the ship and myself is the dying words of one self deceived the hands bare the marks of nails that are reaching for you believe he who never lied and be rescued by loves greatest story for you it lives alone so you can have a heavenly home.
Apr 2014 · 1.3k
Blue Spruce
Hal Loyd Denton Apr 2014
Do you walk in a desert the howling wind finds no rest within your tortured breast. The desert scrub can host many realities sadness scraped raw the only comfort rub the wound with desert sand pray its warmth will reach deeper give the hint of comfort long lost on a soul finding it hard to remember kindness and its affects. You wanted only what everyone wants comfort and fulfillment but you have found these have elusive qualities almost ghost like never lasting longer than fleeting moments. Will the road wind filled with expectation only to end in senseless nothingness. How many times can you smile through the tears get up and start again why not change your identity maybe the gods that have it in for you will be fooled give you the blessings that are common to so many. This is not what your day dreams envisioned who ever questioned or dared to think up these black mortifications. You look for a hand to guide but only find those that prize themselves and forget you leaving you even more lost than before. The edges of despair crowd in your mind swirls is their not a promised land for people like me. Maybe a move would be in order a new beginning surely a fresh start will win the day where did I hear that somewhere in the land of the truly delusional you find when yet again you find life shows its power to roll and out of nowhere unseen upheaval throws you for a hard spill. Now you find a veritable waste land but yours is city streets trash strewn among those that walk with empty stares. The hearts silently bleed the well where tears once were formed filled with debris still the echo can be heard from childhood laughter was it that terribly long ago. As it happens on those blessed occasions was it real or a dream you have enjoyed the pleasure of Christmas and the green fir trees that fill the local lots the scent that drifts from room to room the little wild thing setting there all aglow gives the sweetest thrill. What is a blue spruce in my mind I followed this rutted road through the forest green and the mist had settled insulating every living thing with vibrancy this the most wondrous scene the forest truly gleams. Stand among the towering giants what a hush you are bombarded by the silence you are in the greatest ease a freefall into this quietude quiet breathing is all that is heard as wonder destroys every vesture of disquiet and alarm. Your vision intensifies as this endless pleasure mounts your soul grows its edges that were raggedly torn now renewed fully healed. What a fortress this stand of trees a thousand enemies could never surmount this pure airy wood not a king here stands but a poor beggarly soul has found the greatest ****** land bequeathed by nature’s bountiful generosity in any direction even the lofty height held with sterling sites this never could be bought even gold bows its self down to this sacred grove diamonds and emeralds fair no better their worth seems undignified here. The question arises does this place exist a great English writer wrote of the cathedral in the pine yes both places exist the sadness described in the beginning and this wondrous place a wonderful preacher related this story of a blue spruce he encountered in years long gone by it was different than just the run of the mill blue spruce you usually found he inquired of the nursery owner about the shape and color. He was told this one has been grafted by this means it never loses its rich blue color. The point was we need to be grafted into the true vine. The most important guide post to finding this glorious life while on earth is follow the sacred text that says if you truly desire truth on the inward parts you will find it. Many doors are marked holy and blessed but after entering you find only the tormented false ideas of self important men. He is the door and those that enter there will set among angels and the life of the blue spruce will be yours not inferior given to fading to lonely darkened gray but vibrant hues of azure blue your home in that blessed promise laughter and joy your possession forever more.
Apr 2014 · 672
Shadow of Eden
Hal Loyd Denton Apr 2014
In this savage land we call home
There is a pastoral valley that has the richest texture of heaven
This treasured sheep gate becons tenderly says welcome
These hills and slopes the repository of our hopes
The savior poised in their gentle steeps, for the city weeps
Sweet spirit that fills this natural expanse soft as the breeze
Each tired weary soul you refresh with a quiet hush
We are shown the wisdom of not being in a rush
Unseen pillars tower revealing your mighty power
Written on the pillars at the world side is come unto me
On the church side seek the lost at any cost
The Devil expresses defiance the church makes Heaven her alliance
Wayward souls tormented seeking an oasis dying of thirst
Today we fill these pots of clay and determine to go out of our way
Seeking those that hunger and thirst by this Christ we manifest
To the world the church is ghostly not completely visible
It shimmers as though it isn’t real blindly they feel about
In your life they find solid ground clear of the mist
They finish a terrible journey now they feed from all their needs freed
No longer exhausted from continually milling about
The Sheppard stands holy watch and cast a confidant shadow
In this respite feeding and richly nourished they grow strong
Gladness quietly cascades from spiritual hills of splendor
Apr 2014 · 709
A skyward thoroughfare
Hal Loyd Denton Apr 2014
I dreamed of an unequal avenue it was splendor manifested before only winged creatures
Enjoyed this freedom tree lined lanes have and always afford peace through the wonder of
Shade and shadow a pleasant flow that is all absorbing the stillness gently pulls reflective
Moods from the soul but this was of the soaring kind it held all the aforementioned affects but
With the privileged thrill of being eighty feet high every attending thought that concerns trees
Was in play but here was profound solitude private stimulation and it stretched as far as the
Eye could see the tree tops bowed toward one another making a ceiling like no other it drew
The power of earth and heaven giving harmony taste and class burgeoning on the spiritual I
Even perceived it as a cathedral that only nature could create the line of trees were its walls
Twenty five feet from this roofed expanse was the floor each tree on both sides reached across
Such a sight of generosity and unity immovable and powerful your feet truly floated down this
Isle of admiration your thoughts wistful colossal every tree continued to give its raw power on
The ground you gave over to the thought and order of being small here you were elevated
Mentally you were this wonder this master a heady being all the confusion that once plagued is
Gone now replaced by a formable grasp your breath draws in and it is as all this oxygen is
Converted to enriched blood that explodes in the mind you instantly distil long troubling facts
Into reasonable conclusions a sweep of inspiration is used to attain the fundamental steps to
Gain new stature made possible when pretense dissolves in these skyward realms and
Imperceptibly almost the mist rises with mystery at its center at the edges it favors the spirit
Collectively it announces a new era dearest Jenn this is your new reality you are standing on the
Threshold contempt and pain behind and before you your soul feels this immense feeling of
Well being the mind bends and stretches to keep in step the very air you breathe is intoxicating
It’s not just traces of love that before was so scares it only made the heart bleed and yearn for
More now a flood carries you forth exhilarating is an understatement all desires of your heart
Are completely satisfied your spirit hangs down weighted by such fullness you have come to the
Fountain empty you leave care free with an abiding joy unforgettable this is just a small degree
Of how it feels to meet Christ just think what lies ahead bless you I’m going to share this that
others can share what’s happening to you
Jan 2014 · 1.7k
Hal Loyd Denton Jan 2014
We came from the forever sea then we walk the land and after certain days we are again called
To The sea as the natural sea it is vast its waves its ceiling dazzle the eternal structure pulsates
Mesopotamia encompasses the land between the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers that again
Depicts life it rests between all powerful rivers these natural rivers have their head waters in
The mountains of Armenia in modern day Turkey our head waters are in the ancient spiritual
Dwelling of all power and glory we don’t live in yesterday or tomorrow we live in the moment
These special moments when we embrace touch cheek to cheek this releases waves of love and
Emotions I live then as no other time the faraway doe’s crash on our minds as great water from
A powerful waterfall we feel delirium our knees weaken we press hard against one another
Forcing more exhilaration we draw back and look into one another’s eyes we are subdued by
The beauty we behold with abandonment we plunge into these deep waters created by the
Special and completeness of one another it contains a slow swaying an engaging wonder
Develops its boundaries are from your head to your feet I touch your hair it is finer than silk my
Fingers tremble my voice is filled with exaltation golden words flow paying you homage they
Course through a heart filled with love at that moment I am capable of feats of expression
Drawn from my lips by the truth you seek silently I am attuned to the depths of your soul
Without voice you make demands that I know only in dreams and the essence of cherished
Thoughts explode over head true riches that can’t be exploited hear my cry hear my sigh it all
Bleeds together I stand before you I put my hands to my face I speak and **** frost appears I
Kneel I ring your feet with it as a garland where your heart goes my whole being follows
Yearning to be close what is life without you in my eyes you are dressed with crest and plume
Of sea birds exotic the beauty of sun and water hold you transform you into a vision that is
Mine alone your soul is as chimes that bear the sounds of angel wings all the glory that they
Brush against music divine holy utterance makes my mind go blank you stand silent not
Disturbing this awe filled space it all leads to a kiss it’s not just the pressing of two lips its hopes
Robed in bliss you have a treasure the last steps is only to surrender let go of all fixed points
Immerse your all to one another in this act you have mastered life and all questions I thank you
And I am beholden to you with my whole heart if I see the day that your life is at its end and it is
Poured out back into the overriding sea my heart will always wonder the sea shore its
Completeness disallows total destruction I cling to those moments and they will rise like
Peaceful waters that rush into my soul they will have such realness of you I will for brief
Moments know unbroken joy you continue to hold my heart in your hands without end
Jan 2014 · 5.9k
Aeolian harp
Hal Loyd Denton Jan 2014
What I seek here is as a writer astutely commented “it was the pure breath of God playing on
Human heart strings” where better to start than an instrument that is played in such fashion
Solely by the wind its name is from ****** the Greek god of the wind my changeup calls for the
Wind of the one true God my line in lost friend not a person but a great black oak that grew on
A California ranch for over a hundred years in a storm it was destroyed the lines read this way
Two divergent seeds the ground did divide one of wooden grain the other flesh and blood
Their branches throughout the community do abide as charming as church bells ringing touching all the
Flesh and blood pertains to the ranch family that was so honored by this majestic guest all those years
That’s what I am speaking of bells are associated with the Aeolian harp because their sound is carried on
The wind crisp and clean without contamination this is written that we might prepare ourselves and
Have the pure spirit blow across our souls and from it have a better year ultimately a better life first in
These examples we will move closer to the Aeolian harp you will see this isn’t just living but its
Excelling in the richest spheres our lives can and must strive for this magnificence we are not
Just here just to expend time and enjoy ourselves we are to be in pursuit of a great and eternal
Reward there are many stratus of life others are in earthy terms more advanced that is only on
Social levels in the spirit we truly are equal each according to their gifts will answer on a same
Plane fair and honest judgment so that alone should birth passion in each one I want to be the
Best I can be not to out show another but to present our selves honorably and show we put in
The same effort as others first know all are not chosen to have such dramatic tunes of the harp
To drift across life’s varied landscape ours still will be unique and the highest tunes possible and
Will resound with glory we ourselves to a degree will be pleasantly surprised truly so it will be
Determined on the closeness we have with His Holy spirit when I first heard the harp was in
Hannibal Missouri I was in this rich place of American story telling the boy hood home of
Samuel Clemens better known as Mark Twain I was on the river frontage road the great
Mississippi was to my right but I wasn’t thinking of Tom Sawyer my thoughts weighed heavy on
My mind I was far away up by Chicago at a church where brother and Sister Willis was pastor
Then back in the present here in Hannibal this was their home town a beautiful blonde eight
Year old was their pride and joy life was full she had a older brother who was ten it was a
Musical joyous life and then dark ominous clouds rolled in one so filled with life small and
Gentle it was one of the cruelest and terrifying cancers sorry even her death was terrifying in
The midst of tears and anguish they prompted the Aeolian harp to play they brought her home
To this historical place that became so much more rich and sacred when they lay her in the
Cemetery it came as a rush it over powered my emotions in my mind I saw her waiting for that
Great call the dead in Christ will rise first and meet him in the clouds of glory then those still are
Living will be caught away with him this young heartbroken father and mother with
Out hesitation or actuation by faith and trust they continued and shortly thereafter they started
And completed a larger church the richness of the harp reached across the lost community
Families in peril confused and lost had their ears and hearts opened by the lives of these
Faithful Parents it’s not just about making heaven but look around you at the great and terrible
Day of Judgment the great white throne and He who sets there once the savoir now the judge
Of the world you have others standing there with you as you look at them you can’t help to
Look Beyond His great light and see out in the darkness the deadly silent crying trembling lost
That no one reached or worse they wouldn’t listen the next story of the harp is about Frank
Bartleman the great man God used to bring modern Pentecost to America through the gate of
Azusa St Los Angels he arrived in Los Angeles with his wife and two young daughters December
22 January his oldest daughter three year old Easter was seized with convulsions and passed
Away he echoed the word from Ester little Queen Ester seemed to have been born for a time such
As this Esther 4:14 “Beside that little coffin with heart bleeding I pledged my life anew for God’s
Work In the presence of death how real eternal issues become of all the music LA has produced
None comes close to the sounds made by the Aeolian harp that day all the days since and all
The Souls whose shouts resounded then and now what joy bells are ringing throughout the
Years you read this the harp cuts thorough every excuse every denial we make when His love is
Calling over pastoral fields over head white clouds azure blue sky a single white dove the son of
Man personally calls to you I love you you’re missing so much following the false and deadly
Trends of this world come let me pull you close your land a waste land of just material things in
My presence unquestioned exception hurts carried for years will be healed only as a father can
Do your guilt will be forever cast away moral purity that your soul cries for will be heaped in
Your life no longer dark shadows that haunt but real true life that satisfies to the uttermost it
Will heal bring new understanding addictions are flimsy bindings that hold only because you
Seek all things that are rooted in disfavor my favor knows no bounds and you will be free I will
Breathe my spirit and you will know the Aeolian harp tunes and breathtaking wonder will swirl
Through your mind heart and spirit Heaven will displace the black strangle hold of this world
Centered anew the rays of the cross and my love breaks every yoke true freedom is yours for
time and eternity
Jan 2014 · 1.2k
Hal Loyd Denton Jan 2014
From the movement of bright water dancing what surprise pleasure there is flood and white
Water rafting gentle falling rain or the more memorizing gray mist by its draping cloak normal
Surroundings become mystical but for timeless enhancement to appear in water and light and
The smallest movement to the soul it is an entry way into beauty comfort and the perfect
Amount of dazzle a mere kiss from nature that embodies sanctuary a certain amount of
Disbelief but it is the boldest statement from awareness you can shift your body and soul along
This gilded avenue we didn’t even mention ice and its hold on the imagination it stands to
Reason when the earth is covered by three quarters of its surface by water then the two
Extremes that is evident in tears that can be sorrow or joy the practical reality is that even tears
Of sorrow are curative in their nature they are the only thing that is strong enough to engage
Pain and loneliness they give it crystal clearness a lucid endowment you are given the freedom
To seek and find the answer that will turn back even a tidal wave of grief if windows can be
Rendered magical by the presence of rain upon their surface much glory will be found when
You look out at the world with your eyes filled with tears the spirit has raised from great depths
Now it is free flowing suspended behind these eyes of blessedness the greatest earthly power
Exist the human mind distillation ability to capture wonder be amazed at the sight of a butterfly
Especially when it is only the briefest spectacle that follows on to give portent and complete
Knowledge of spring itself streams waterfalls a panorama that glistens that bulges and thrills
With all matter of life blossoms flowers that are never more intriguing when they have the cast
Of moisture on them fragrance is wafting in all directions of the earth’s domain the sight and
Sounds of a new born calf its fragile state it bawls for mother and the life she provides you are
The sum total of all this were you not created as the top masterpiece with a word or a smile
And Just the tilt of your head you are splashing generating emotional waves that all humans
Crave By sunlight and moonlight you are the power that banishes heartfelt hurts when you look
In the Mirror you’re the essence of true life a new field that is budding the crowning
Achievement of a Holy contract that is established in the earth for this reason happiness is
Yours to express and invest in each life you can give at this level and not be greatly rewarded
You were not made a slave but as a fount and a treasure of purist water too continuously
Provide climate control through you life will never be a desert but a garden for all to flourish
and reach their potential
Dec 2013 · 1.7k
Hal Loyd Denton Dec 2013
Preponderance gifts so weighty costly in this regard the truly hard part to step forth and be
Truly you because others are so important you give beyond price achingly so their glory is
Bestowing in them the undertow real life crushing all pretense gone triviality what airiness
Weightless worthless what times when compassion diligence of thought buys unheard of
Pasture lands fields black soil you stir up the deepest regard you exhaustively search your soul
And find seeds that are worthy for the planting it will flourish golden grain that is beholding
They will lift their eyes see the swaying harvest an all knowing concentration will grip them I
Have left the common the austere will cause a shaking a piercing knowing this is an open heart
Speaking giving how we yearn for such times here is the opportunity to sink our most tender
Thoughts deep the entanglements every twisted destruction that puts on the show and claims
Such rewards that only prove to be more disappointments bow you bow inwardly hard clay like
Soil is passed and all the choking devices are over powered you feel a new surging it explodes in
All directions falsehood in all of it disguises wither under this purity of emotion commitment I
Detest the former existence I called living from now on my words my life will touch you reach
You at the hurting points you will receive health beyond what a physician can give I will speak
With fire yes divine that is never at a loss it knows everything it evokes joy peace and triumphs
In the hardest places of the heart your tears that in some cases are a history of years of sorrow
These seeds that are going to be sowed eradicate they are pure and healthy to the point they
**** the poison seeds planted by enemies whole time periods of your life will be renewed some
Will for the first time in many years see how beautiful the sun really is darkness and gloom will
Be driven from your life you fought valiantly but it was only in your power you didn’t die but
You have only survived as a wounded tormented one a golden life will replace the tarnished
One we all have even brought accusations against ourselves creating more feebleness we have
Lived in the most apprehensible circumstances there is no escape from this prison when you by
Loyalty to falsehood think you are doing right but every decision cast you deeper into the pit
The Key I found that is the seed I speak of that provides and gives all freedom is profound but
Simple as blind but now I see an antidote talk of sometime by many and by others ignored
Almost completely but open all you are to the greatest power we can and are at different
Degrees snarled over time one trouble sets it in motion wrong reaction kills our defense in this
World that is most dangerous and deadly everything about this season distils down to this fact
Every malady every life ending hope can and will be restored in this gracious copious fact He is
The embodiment of all virtue I don’t have to live a life of disappointment and failure never
Reaching the hurting the potential for glories’ living is yours and mine it all rest in just this act
You must decide I could say don’t be deceived by all the lies and misconceptions I have to give
Up all the things I love this is not true this word of truth will set you free the things I once loved
I now hate the things of God I hated now I love this is the real truth and value of Christmas
While hear enable yourself to bless and truly love others here lately I have struggled with so
Many public and private people dying I wanted an answer I wanted to see the real continuance
Of those that I love I found it this piece gives revelatory exact true expression look around we
Need a provision an escape from what’s coming I will not look at you in judgment with tears
And say you just weren’t worth it your worth everything you don’t need to know but I know I
Will continue in the fire of affliction and I will through him reach more as the word says pluck
Them from the very burning
Dec 2013 · 1.0k
A Father’s Deep Waters
Hal Loyd Denton Dec 2013
I was a stranger but he began to speak as we set in a shop it was with sorrowed heart he spoke
His daughter Ashley had returned from Albuquerque earlier in the year she had been there
After her father and mother divorced years before she chose to reconnect with her father it
Hadn’t taken a long time but a special someone entered her life a marriage date was set he
Asked her how did that move back here work out this was after the marriage took place in the
Beginning of May she told him I’m living the dream I always envisioned this was middle may at
The end of May he softly said we had her funeral in the same church she was married in blood
Clots moved to her lungs and suffocated her his beautiful Ashley was gone he continued to tell
Me that he visits her grave every weekend he installed lights that are always on dream felt foot
Falls evenly draw near the dark knight of death cut asunder their physical ties but her spirit is
Laden with heavenly mist she has the heavier spray of the crystal sea in her hair her face is
Grace filled she wears a bright glowing flowing gown it is hooded it has the finest texture that is
As immortal gold it embellishes her face her twenty three years are shown in startling detail
Birthdays of her family holidays every tender care that was shared is told by fetching silver
Moonlight slow motion reveals secret thoughts that were born in shadows that emerged with
Such power trees and their limbs and branches were drenched in tender reflection even the
Individual blades of grass spoke such rich history of magnificence and delight they ran up to the
Entry way of the home they shared when she skipped and ran and played when she grew tired
She would crawl up in daddy’s lap put her arms around his neck put her head against his
Shoulder and drift away listening to his assuring voice and shortly feel herself being gently laid
In her bed of dreams now the light of this world has been trimmed daddy still comes as he
Always has now more somber his voice but a whisper she too would be sad but she sees and
Hears the heavenly Fathers words and truths of a soon to be great reunion day for all who are
Separated will be united for ever in joyful peace and bliss we will be free to know each other
More than we ever could be in life she believes this passes to her father as he faithfully visits
Because she sees the beginning of a smile rise in his sad face before he leaves love never dies a
Treasure once created never diminishes only grows richer
Dec 2013 · 2.6k
Profound Adoration
Hal Loyd Denton Dec 2013
Engulfed encapsulated in the time and place that is extraordinary though it has its critics and
Some are true but there is no time that exists like the Christmas season in the most quiet and
Decent way it causes one to be spellbound enlightened by a peace that is all infilling its texture
Disarming with the sweetest entreaty it persists a mounting wonder of well being swirls and in
Its spell a glorious intoxication pervades every sense is engaged with grand significance your
Fellow man has become one of favorable stature with generosity each one is greeted honored
From humble mindfulness they are loved without question or without any feeling of spurious
Regard they are brothers and sisters recognized as pure defenseless humanity all in common
Pursuit of joy and safety the gifted goal all seek is tranquility in these days of honoring His birth
All these things spring into visible rich splendor they are invited called and asked to be evident
Without hesitation or reservation they become our shared reality we are drenched in love swim
In it have it in abundance all because we honor Him give ourselves to Him and others true
Utopia all that we crave and many cross and hurtful acts are from the fact we deny and reject
And push to the point in such numbers as a whole people we create a dam and we stop the
Great flood of compassion and need fulfilling answers that are sent but can’t make progress
Into an environment that is distasteful chaos brought on by unbecoming conduct we seek
Personnel pursuits that is at best abhorrent it brings nothing but waste hardness instead of soft
And gentle senses that provide a welcome that will be fed with new and gracious
Understanding it beckons instead of scoffs at divine privilege our very success that would
Continue our world throughout the year it is true there is nothing greater than love and when
Has it ever been needed more than now when our enemies are not just persons but they are
The things of horror stories and they are being guided by great evil it’s not just opposition to
Ideas it concentrated attacks by everything the very embodiment of Hell manifested it would
Be of little consequence if we called to our side our divine aid but we proceed blindly with
Arrogance alone and this assures our defeat and disaster that we willingly and carelessly bring
Upon all of our kind what would our country our world be like if we afforded God his rightful
Place in our affairs truth will set us free we are his made in His image to be not only his people
But His children the answer resides in us we could have the glory and happiness of the
Christmas season all year what exceeding joyous treasure we forfeit all because of self and
Willful pursuits that are insulting to ourselves and to our creator the biggest problem is failure is
Easy but to have a better life you have to stand up and fight for it but even harder you have to
Admit you can’t win by yourself in the beautiful act of surrender and asking for help you won’t
Recognize your life and at the deepest level you at first will wonder what is that then you will
Realize it is your own uncontrollable laughter welcome to the world as it can be and Merry
Christmas thank you Jesus for being all and all to us
Dec 2013 · 2.3k
The living Quill writes
Hal Loyd Denton Dec 2013
Best known for writing such words it scrawled in many languages inked out of hearts of
Poet’s politician’s clergy investment of mind and soul glided over parchment it would open
Doors of wood hinges were heard to creak when wise words were spoken and angry kings could
No longer hold freedom back after words of truth shined forth with wisdom and would not
Be denied by personnel greed and cruelty the very breath of man was infused in such
Documents that had veracity that was uncommon in nature the heights were noted the
Indignity and stupidity and rigidness that would in slave people was forever snapped no bonds
Could hold after the quill responded to such ignorance pleasantries were subscribed to by
Mortal hand that reached beyond uncertainty and touched divine sensibility it wrote on
Personnel levels in the case of widowhood when the dark curtains of loss were drawn and no
Light shined into the soul of the bereaved in the darkness a sister friend’s face slowly emerged
From the murky dark waters that sorrows flood brought in her embrace and understanding the
Quill wrote of a slow growing power a bridge was constructed over the river of nerve and
Exhausting pangs longing for the beloved that was departed but through this single individual
The stitching of healing began its most needed work through another the sharing of faith and
Trust would create a heart that no longer was held in gloom but pierced the heavenly blue
Where the fair one stood in garments of gleaming white of mist and tranquil portions no longer
Was fate alone in play but joyous music the flute the horn the violin drew a picture of a country
Lane there love was once again completed harmony over arched death itself and it was all
Viewed under the greatest banner men ever knew and it is friendship the telling and knowing of
Tears and a shoulder to cry on it gives way to building blocks that create a different life
Widowhood made agreeable while the wound still remains it is a course changer the injured
Now arises a heroine of quiet silent grace a source of strength a viable counter weight to grief’s
Unbearable character the quill surmounts the littleness in people stories are in abundance that
Show both sides of the issue the abyss that selfishness brings but what heights can be reached
By serving others instead of self weights the quill lifts effortlessly weighty matters the line we
Have come through many slings and arrows fits twists and turns the quill runs before as a lion
Tamer it cracks a whip trouble is quickly vanquished there is writing everywhere the quill will
Guide to so many existing ideas that create formidable answers but with this in play the
Intangible restless pull of something beyond reason that must be recognized and dealt with all
Success and pleasure will melt away as the pull of importance that will not give way most of us
Know the undeniable truth that over all that is said above a greater quill writes in perfect
Accord without error not of fleshly hand but spirit that moved on men to state His wishes and
Commands without this writing no one can know true happiness or fulfillment outside of this
Most extraordinary compelling truth but what record there is of such sadness because of failure
To listen to a love story of tremendous drama all pertaining to the highest highs and the lowest
Lows and of one by love just won’t give up on the ones He holds so dear it comes down to this
Reality it still stands true there is a Hell to shun and a heaven to win through all the swirling
Down through time this great weight rests on us all what we decide will be flames or bliss abide
With him who hates you completely or the one who loved you to the point of dying in agony
You are the only one who can complete the story the quill writes love and mercy sadly so many
Show it has little effect the quill writes on sin is death those who practice it will surely die this is
The second death the lake of fire
Dec 2013 · 776
Angles with rusty wings
Hal Loyd Denton Dec 2013
This describes all of the cottage industry angels that men produce they are angels for profit
Pure angels Zechariah 1:8 “I saw by night and behold a man riding on a red horse and it stood
Among the myrtle trees in the hallow and behind him were horses red, sorrel, and white then I  
Said my lord what are these so the angel who talked with me said to me I will show you what
They are” what they are is the most pleasurable and pure knowing of angels they are in God’s
Word doing the work of God we don’t discredit angels in books but here you can have a sigh of
Relief knowing assuredly their wings is not noise filled from rust or any manner of impurity
Join them in complete utter trust they haven’t been set before you for any ulterior motive of
Anyone the song blessed assurance doesn’t come from this but how glorious here the door is
Wide open come in and dwell among sacred doings in the earth feel alone weak sad come to
This clearing that appears profound all powerful truly you can mount up on angel wings soar
The True dimensions of the soul unbound in delirious thrilled freedom ride on thermals created  
By visitors who call heaven home you will be touched by reality unknown to human thought
Truly the rush of angel’s will surround you live in a beleaguered world of fallen angels that only
Seek our hurt but in this rarified place where heavenly glory is readily displayed you will know
Peace comfort and power adrift you are bestowed with garlands now temporarily but one day
It will be replaced with a golden sacred crown on your head His gleaming light will shoot out in
All directions accompanied by your joyous laughter these are truths and thoughts that will
Enrobe you enthrall you the sweetest tremble the softest tenderness will beguile you where
You will abide among true friends and protectors that serve God honorable just a few true
Words that will truly uplift you what is being described is your birthright your treasure without
Measure it’s not written in stone but in Holy love that consumes heaven’s thoughts you are the
Central most desirable discussion that heaven ever has this is just one mention of that truth
Dec 2013 · 1.5k
Streaks of Jefferson
Hal Loyd Denton Dec 2013
Repost for Nelson Mandela  

In freedom’s blessed glorified sky through streaks of immortal gold his visage we behold
He looks upon the fields of liberty that he and the founding fathers sowed he sees the
Richness America has become he also beheld her struggles catastrophic wars abroad
And the most painful the one that divided the nation marred it with southern and northern
Blood saw the affable the sad giant Lincoln take the reins of discontent hold them by
Shear will and with uncommon sagacity guided it back in line to fulfill its destiny as the
Powerful fount that would always pour forth waters of freedom for all of earths peoples
Total unconditional acceptance of liberty and all the fruit it bears to establish a
Government like no other this golden grain has waved under bluest skies and brightest
Sun light its rich harvest has gone to darkest prison cells Mandela was sustained by it
For twenty nine years and by its moral purity it fed the lives of those that over threw
Apartied and Mandela finally freed by principals it avows rose from prison clothes
To wear the mantle of president of his country and the honor of the man instilled
Quality that transcended political office Jefferson not to be disrespectful to his progeny
Whispers today’s politicians could do well to look on this African model of good
Stewardship of public trust with that Jefferson faded back into the mist pray that’s
Not the fate of this country
Dec 2013 · 922
Hal Loyd Denton Dec 2013
Although far removed from the great Sahara I by chance met Saharazad in the market place she
Wore white she registered from cute to beautiful excuse the personal reference but this is all
About feelings I wore brown it is another way to be invisible weight is the greatest disconnect
You are truly ignored in school I was known as the class clown at home I was the life of the
Party even when I took computer classes I just reverted back talking out loud having the
Teacher laughing too this time but as I said before as a searcher you can’t be joining everything
In eight years I have been to my family’s home three times and one of those times was because
I got a false report that one of them had died sadness and loneliness is a requirement to see
And pearse the inner world of the soul you truly must be on the outside so let me continue to
Relate this lovely creature I happened upon her smile could cause a minor accident gorgeous it
Was just short of jumping on a carousel but better all the color and lights and music was
Emanating from her loveliness her white attire only increased the pleasure isn’t that what you
See worn a lot when one dances to the Viennese Waltz just showing you what you miss and
Don’t see such gentle beating of the heart from a human fount and then she speaks and the
Music begins brick and asphalt you have never been so blessed then you mix in sky and sun it’s
An experience to die for eyes of wonder you bring down the thunder and without doubt the
Attending mist to the eyes the mind you stand in one place but your back in years gone by she
Was wonderful then now she is dreamy truly the stuff that dreams are made of oh God
Consecrate these dreams to immortal feats and deeds make those that feel so alone they are
Being fooled and harmed by the enemy I have been in your school of instruction for a long time
And I attest these feelings and facts are sound Sarazard is more than imagination but she is the
Root and beauty of true life Thank you Father that she is my friend and I choose to share with
All who will read this if everything feels mundane and worthless you are in a bad place where
Lies Are ruling come and be free I can’t give you her address but I have shown her unmasked
And the realness of the person that she is blessings to her and you
Dec 2013 · 1.3k
Troubled Spirit
Hal Loyd Denton Dec 2013
That what I’m writing with I’m afraid and fearful that a special one is going to be forgotten this
Looks like the piece is going far afield but it will fit I was in the fire department in the service we
Were out in the remote part of Hunter Liggett military reservation on the central coast of
California there wasn’t much likely hood of human carelessness being the cause of fire in this
Sector but Mother Nature and her angry lighting strikes were so we went out and we were
Control burning this was grass fuel mostly but a great deal of smoke and from that a fawn
Walked up out of this gulley she wasn’t unduly afraid just matter of course I walked down the
Gravel road and picked her up I held her to reassure her but I was the one touched by this little
Helpless creature I felt such peace it wasn’t just the facts about the fire would quickly burn out
But it was emotional I melted by every breath she took for a brief time before I released her I
Was enlarged I wasn’t just stomping around doing my duty my life was altered because of the
Most gentle nature my human nature was redirected I went back in millennia when we were all
One peaceful family before the animal took the path of tooth and claw and man from the club
To the gun in the peaceful shadow of a summer afternoon the one this piece is about came
Over To visit this was long before my service time but Janet came she can best be described as
A Young lamb she was identical in spirit as the fawn gentle sweet quiet trusting at first it
Was just another summer day but then she changed the atmosphere she started asking me
Questions about life I would barely get done answering one question then she would ask
Another Know this I never take it lightly when someone ask for my help I would have answered
With Tears if I known the future she was the rarest flower its where wonder lifts you out of the
Established course you stumble and tumble down among perfect surprises important designs
Rarely seen they have these tiny explosions perfumed scents tingling misty bubbles burst when
They Touch your face yes you have just been amazed by her purist soul so this special time ends
Life takes over with soothing rhythms to the most part the next time Janet was coming into her
Own sweet sixteen a job at the Dog&Sud;; root beer stand she was glowing this exquisite flower
Was on the threshold of life that we talked about two or three years before just beginning to
Blossom then the promise was forever canceled all words that we exchanged shriveled under
Leukemia’s murderous hand all the blissful hopes and dreams vanished when her eyes closed
For the last time in this realm because her family is gone I fear she will be forgotten that would
Be tragic and even cruel to lose sight of such a delightful soul Janet Henderson you will never be
Forgotten by me God bless your memory
Nov 2013 · 904
Burning with Knowing
Hal Loyd Denton Nov 2013
Standing at the crossroads of time and eternity where loved ones crossed over and became immortal
Their life and words in that moment became momentous they no longer were just people of earth but
They found their way to the place of spectacles all of life you hunger and plead for riches and in a flash
Within the purist light all of your hearts yearning is fulfilled unspeakable riches are everywhere and the
Greatest of all wishing and hope has happened now you are numbered and truly are one of the greatest
Treasures a spirit unbound like the summer breeze that blows across the window sill and carries the
Curtin listlessly outward that act lingers in the mind down through the years such simplicity that fondly
Takes hold of the tender part of the soul we don’t speak of it but time and again it floats through our
Thinking and on it we drift to a lovely place of bygone memories or the light of innocence in the eyes of
A small child it pulls and tugs like sea waves only on the surface but they mean so much they have such
Color as the sun shines in them and the green they produce is riveting we turn to look away but our
Seeing has been altered we have received investment that can’t easily be exclaimed but is enjoyed
Joyously moonlight is the common sight of the night hours but let it but touch her skin it glows the one
You knew or thought you knew turns to porcelain unattainable glory before your eyes you stop and gaze
She looks and her eyes show how much she is pleased magic is alive in the wood you have slipped across
Loves hidden boundaries it is boundless electrifying indescribable this two souls who started out
Indifferently down a simple walk and crossed over into glory that is reserved for lovers the real and the
True is exhibited just beyond the intangible into this mist this wonder and the speechless you have
Passed you touch another the feeling is like no other now the voice is the sweetest intruder you have
And will ever know sweet winsome the willow the wine the one of a kind restful divine mystery depths
You did fall your heart was dropped into this well of memories the beginning of time is there and the
End as well the thoughts of kings and the swelling of great seas breathe and dwell there you but a clay
Vessel have breathed the eternal out of time and space you have entered the sacred wonder of true
Creation no power on earth holds such dimensions as love possess I just wanted to share what came to
Me God bless you live in such privilege when you give and except love
Nov 2013 · 1.3k
Ode to Love
Hal Loyd Denton Nov 2013
I couldn’t love you more I loved you before the ocean was blue an ocean of emotion what about the
Time at Disney’s rivers of America we were setting in the River Bell and you invited the kids from
Melbourne to watch the show with us there was three girls’ three boys about eighteen they told us how
At the motel there wasn’t a shower curtain and they took a shower and the flood it caused it ended with
Cheerful down under good bys but the unknown haunts us there parting words were in a few days
We’re going to New Orleans they timed it just perfectly with Katrina we have no way of knowing about
Their Safety and the time the doctor said she thought you had cancer you were standing before the
Majestic gate how black the bars were on this side the shadow that it made but through the darkness
You could see how bright the bars were on the other side all was a blaze nothing ever was witnessed like
this before such clarity interesting as if logic was fine tuned things burned into your knowing with the
Warmest glow all was showing and bestowing it secret wonders you came back from the brink all added
To love’s undying flame then the time we ate at the happening place the Crazy Horse the same year
As Urban Cow Boy although it was southern California and it is west it was like we walked into Texas
Every Yuppie for miles was there dressed to the hilt in western wear it had something for a little kid
The next day we went to Knott’s Berry Farm we brought food from the Crazy Horse so we just set at the
Barbeque picnic tables I was eating steak but the fun was eating the purple onions the little kid was just
Young enough to be fooled what a face he made as I ate worms what fun you had then in southern
Florida we went to Wolf Man Jack’s club a great Ferris wheel out at the side of the building we listened
To Dell Shannon I guess we should have prayed and not just listened shortly thereafter he took
His own life but the knight was old time Rock and Roll and someone threw in the song Bogey and Ma Call
Because Key Largo was so close lower the black curtain of night it’s time to have those throw away
nights that were without price but in my eyes your stature grew on the night we walked on the sands
Of Waikiki and the sea turned from turquoise blue to blackest black with the fringed waves in whitest
Magical white and then we strolled among the Hilton Garden with the burning torches you swayed as
Well as any Island girl and caught the rhythm of the sawing palms over head but as you know day
Follows night and what a sight you made in those red shorts just above the knees and that white shirt
The only way it could have been more perfect if it was a man’s white shirt and you had tied it in the
Front don’t worry I said a little prayer that night for imagination your heart beat took control the
Softest island breeze we were there but we were where all lovers congregate either Rome or the French
Country side among wine vineyards or the burnished sands that Valentino gave love its signature look in
This place of empty space silence hits a cord most adored you hear that single sound of wind hitting the
Walls of the greatest tabernacle the tabernacle of love in your love ones company maybe you can’t
Identify it but your spirit knows the rolls upon rolls of interchangeable wonder that we know you were
Asleep the other day I set and watched your gentle breathing it made my heart beat stronger because I
Know the gentleness of your soul and all the kind acts you do for others and the reason I’ m writing this
It is your birthday so for them and me Happy Birthday my love
Nov 2013 · 901
Wings of Love
Hal Loyd Denton Nov 2013
She stood under the bluest heaven at first she was just clothed in the latest smart fashion as our eyes
Met it was the genesis of love picturesque a slow lazy slow cloud drifted into view a piece of this white
Chiffon texture descended rested on her shoulders and then like a drape being lowered flowed down
Her body and dream like hundreds of grey doves flew up all around her making the sky a tender loving
Grey where your thoughts find the sweetest release at that moment I couldn’t discern if my heart had a
Fluttering sensation or was it the doves wings making such a sound did they all coo in unison that
Perfect conditioning that floats to you when one is near and it overshadows all the scenes and place
Instantly all is pleasing with such clearness the rest of the world stops to give this natural wonder a
Reverberating wonder or was it her voice soothing as water softly flowing and falling over placid rocks
Music drawing air and sun in a mixture at first as if to collapse but then it swells as if from the deepest
Well or was it the pools her richest brown eyes afforded to try and stand on a solid footing impossible
As fruit is welcomed by gravity and pulled from the tendrils there is no escape it is the plunge then the
Basking first it is just her surface experiences that attract with curiosity but then the inner warmth
Of the soul is felt luxuriant her heart you feel its strong pulsating beat enthralled you travel to beauty’s
Inner Sanctum here the strength of her femininity charged and with aliveness shoots the most delightful
Rays into your heart and mind the sweetest delirium carries you to isles of bliss you are elevated to a
King by her wishes alone your former heart of stone now melts into ecstasy of thought and knowing
Yearnings pass you to throngs of unquenchable longing together you stand under the beating water of
The water fall it flows on out into the dry waste land you occupied only moments before I just described
The outer smallest details of falling in love words are too limited to tell the whole story that would
Explain Why guys sometimes become speechless try to harness a raging river bare handed and then try
To describe it at the same time impossible just find a special someone and enjoy the ride of a lifetime
Hal Loyd Denton Nov 2013
They were clouds but they formed the longest white feathers it wasn’t the noted war bonnet of the
Plains no this was a head dress for a maiden that could only be the glory of love embodied to look was
To stall and stop time your breath slows your eyes grow wide in the throes of elements started in loves
Dreams untamed without bounds or borders the cherished object grew it was everything man knew and
Then more was created as the heart dared explore all the possibilities love drew and did spew the
Tantalizing the finest detail from the long mist of islands truly cloaked in mystery she walked somber
Paths her silence and grace tripped the scale of wonder elegance it termed in language that only poets
Could write her soft touch was the trinity of sun light moon light as it practiced the art of creating
Earthen things by just a softening glow with at touch of waters mist to complete the total design of
Natural fabrication out of all that is natural and human it bespeaks of spiritual clandestine movements
That created life in the first place all this resides in her eyes and the starry crown she adorns in the night watch where she shares her magic to all who seek loves possessive hold on every fragment of thought
And being stir this scene with angelic fingers romance set adrift with the power to make emotions that
Last beyond life times the bedrock foundations of generations from thee eternal sky her forever
Dwelling place all lovers say thank you.
Nov 2013 · 1.1k
The Great Interlude
Hal Loyd Denton Nov 2013
Cold springs inky Blackwell gone from all that was special endearing a world of subjection with bounds
Expressed in tangible constants blessings fixed by strata and composition the fusing of the most
Elemental design in human life to love and be loved remembering from both sides with such intensity
The very world elliptical these pulsations reach their apex they do contend they harness all known
Reality they are extravagant in the extreme they gestate the rawest and fullest impact able truth
Forever swirls flows in the sweetest valuable treasure house each day every hour laughter and tears
Are weighed from youth till death every participle hangs know not the weight that is suspended in this
Airy clime the visitation the stitching of immortal souls in effortless joy in every syllable building blocks
Of deftest design were being appropriated where near or distant magic indefinable took new breath
Arrested the common and the extraordinary knowing not the magnitude all of matter was being forged
The great blacksmith of the past was surpassed no engineer of earthy skill can touch what was wrought
By a man and wife in their intimacy or their reach the breadth of the land and the stars bowed in
Wonder as their arching hearts surpassed there heights of wonder and grace tenderness distilled to
The thinnest equation where dreams were laid bare and on this truth scaffolding as thin as a
Hairsbreadth held a succession of thoughts achievements and future probabilities destiny occupied
Nothingness but left a bridge that all of life was welcomed was fixed to a point it grew balloon like it
Ascended by revelation in ordinary circumstances flesh and blood accelerated beyond the brains ability
To fathom where all of this was leading second by second generations were being spawned called forth
From hidden trajectories of earth and space go to the window of sharing recapture amazement it will
Pour comfort into the wound and sorrow of loss against all odds you forged the river of time made new
Life takes it first hesitant breath you were the recipients of miracles they plainly called them bundles of
Joy you cast fourth strains of indefinable rectory spirit was sparked and with love’s breath a fire grew
It is the quality of life and unalterable peace and joy submerged in every day peaks and valleys if you get
What this speaks of it will carry you over the valley up to the heights sorrow will replaced with
Benediction and esteem for what you both accomplished and wrought in this life which is only
A dress rehearsal for that which is truly amazing it waits in surety just beyond the confining strains
Of this blissful song you sang for a lifetime
Hal Loyd Denton Nov 2013
Some have stood and looked on the face of the Nile others have stood at the base of Everest it’s hard to
Turn away your gaze you try to place it in your mind it jumps the bounds starts to build in tremendous
Colossal extravagant realms these alone can bare the load or cross the everglades see the meaningful
Mixed with the extreme confusion and at some point the secret turning envelops you and you except
What you can and digest the rest but there is a greater reality there are times in ordinary days you
March to extreme distances troubles exhaust either you are looking through eyes filled with tears
They ache and are weary your rescue comes unannounced from the most unrecognized source
Something that little thought is given the face in the mirror we look then forget give it little thought but
Others when wasted times befall them they look as if they are hungering for the sun after a long
Troubled night of darkness in the hidden recesses vagueness intangible non graspable bodiless
Memories materialize then fade when the aching heart would have your hands reach forth and hold
They give them the telling of deep longings that surge and crash against the walls of your soul
Speechless inability chokes the words that want to flow are ****** by powerful forces and into this
Torment one thing emerges as a soft glowing light saying in effect the darkness can’t hurt you I am
Here you are at a loss for all things dear then eyes that have seen you through some of the hardest
times and ears that have listened when all others turned a deaf ear to your cry then the mouth begins
to speak your knees grow weak overwhelmed you know times you thought were lost forever all foreign
distant lands you were walking fade and give way to the surest and most agreeable time a hand slips
into yours they never even know the blessing and comfort that is provided by that ole familiar soulful
knowing face that you never give a second thought and yet here its volumes cover hidden wounds that
are barely understood but the beaming glow takes you in tow carries you beyond treacherous reefs you
find you are being drawn down the island shore to a safe place that you can go inland you will find you
are a stranger but the face of your friend is well known by all and you will be accepted loved and cared for so the next
trouble breaks across your tiny boat look not at the waves but the strength etched in the friendly
feature of the one wisdom created for you alone in this you can master any storm know the soothing
mist the grandeur of sunset peace burst through every ray giving way for you to say thank you father you
have your way in the storm and you have anchored my heart in a sure place an altogether loving face
Nov 2013 · 680
Celabrate Love
Hal Loyd Denton Nov 2013
This is about one of our friends it sort of came out of the shadows part at a time so I will continue it that way a pretest flight
The days of earth boundlessness and this is true love is the only thing that we will take away and will last forever
From heart to heart it streams in darkness it beams through soundless and well crafted dreams love bound together by sight
Look into the pool the stirring depths behold the rapture stir the water with your fingers riches beyond life beacons from stillness

Privileged best describes the act of seeing this knowing this dear flowing through the lives of those who are young and innocent
The projecting of love goes forth the receiver’s look of appreciation in this circle there is an unbroken power that exist
This covers all human activity to its extremist far reaching borders at times human weakness barely wins love stands nothing can dent
This force born in divine regions cascades downward tying mind heart and soul into an unbreakable relationship

Touch of hands a simple act the building blocks of lives together they will build towering walls that holds days and years within
A fortress secured at its weakest points by trust in this well waters swell overflow outward they stream life flourishes in quiet strength
Words of tenderness flow on the current the body and spirit actively navigate in these rare spheres laughter and joy the state there in
Time only ages and further reveals the deepest ties started with a simple introduction now an ocean filled with emotion

Blood ties will reach beyond earth’s time skies will be but a mark in a long ago history written in an azure blue print love still endures
Love made an unknown promise when it first did ignite its flame would reach across even deaths divide through darkness it glows
Distance doesn’t impede this fundamental human truth once began it knows no end sorrow brings more telling volumes it only assures
Two walked along life’s sacred byways for a time one may be invisible but still the beloved is as real as life itself love and truth abide
Nov 2013 · 1.1k
Simple Greatness
Hal Loyd Denton Nov 2013
He was bound all his days in earths binding ways
Mornings bright until shadowed night abiding alone
In the still the mind fixed on marching images they quietly have their say
Giving charm without connection just jumbled in this maze a timeless zone
inwardly warmed by your richest coffee brew
my mind stirred and stimulated by your comprehension and thought
overwhelmed the mind seems stymied momentarily powerless to see
the legend climbed the heights drunken power understood not what he bought
instantly back to earth feet tethered to solid ground
throw open the door look far and wide beyond the door yard
all the familiar boyhood haunts spill forth with thrills that abound
constantly I muse with you in mind thoughts rush between easy and hard
in common ways you stand out all in all you are truly heroic even in sameness
though you keep to the shadows you are not nameless
Nov 2013 · 1.5k
Ancient Stairs
Hal Loyd Denton Nov 2013
Steps these beginning steeps unavoidable the stains of water and mud clearly from Noah’s flood
Seeds crushed into the cracks from earliest civilization fiery ones left black shadows on the walls
Faint touches of red as clear as rubies square holes like those used in crucifixion could it be his blood
Beyond earths plain the steps are blocks of diamond burnished by the glory that brushed over them

Spirals that know no parallel in earthen design etched loves burning flame scenes of two worlds intact
The rise and fall of battles waged evil repelled the cost by sacrifice unto death they tread these steps too
From parapets of stone their souls ever bold made their way and vulcanized the heights adding impact
God called legions they left behind the puny Himalayas uncharted stars they pass still the steps rise

Rend me wool to hang among celestial worlds the maidens can weave this from mountain doll sheep
It will drape this spiral in great detail masters will add the flaming achievements a banner of honor to all
Hard places of the wall softened by showing perilous dangers overcame through eyes so fond that weep
Not one single foot will be lifted on this way who knows not the way of sorrow and pain only by this gain

The winds would tear you loose as you climb to those terrible heights the hands are steadied by might
Keep up the pace ever mindful of the race yours is not a level one but a crested one of brightest morn
The long days are fading all are nearing following those who from their climb know joy of almost flight
Look down look up these tiers look no stronger than thinnest silk not so this is an unbreakable ancestral chain your forbears forged that leads to heaven your place is add to this living chain
Nov 2013 · 1.2k
Night Thoughts
Hal Loyd Denton Nov 2013
Night Thoughts

Where do they come from nocturnal musings and dreams I have done my best to push back deaths pain if even only an inch that is a gain for you a little bit of space a touch of comfort if you ask me what do you know about pain. In a six year span I lost my only living sister four years later her only daughter two years after that a mother that I never had to lose in the first place. Now for some of the names I know personally Jack Jeffrey Jack Cloe Buck and Josh, Howard Greg’s wife’s dad big Tom **** P. Jim M. Homer Rick there are others that read this I don’t know your loved ones but it written for you as well because God knows. So many times people ask well why God doesn’t do something. I can’t answer fully and I surly don’t want to give some small folksy half hearted attempt. I will answer a couple of ways God hates death he could have said anything in any language but the first thing he said that would be destroyed is death he didn’t create it it is the unalterable fact that springs from sin he dealt with it I will speak about it in a minute. Another part of the answer I said this is unreachable Why did Socrates die after drinking Hemlock he didn’t have to yes he did truth left him without a choice God is the same way sin demands death truth for Socrates was death rather than betray the very men that killed him he willing to his spirit the hemlock was sweet as life giving water. He became a part of truths everlasting fountain Jesus circumvented death all of our sins are bitter to him let me relate these stories and drive the point to the deepest level. The first one is personal my wife and I went from the bay area eighty miles south to Monterey California we spent the day at the sea shore and our final stop was at fisherman’s Warf four to five hours later Mexican gang bangers pulled up to two young female students from the Presidio and shot them dead then went over on Fremont street in Sea Side shot down a middle age Mexican woman animals don’t have a race true to the predators code everyone is fair game. This was all done so they could earn their gang colors. For two and a half years I lived in and out of Monterey and Sea Side after getting out of the service I had a painting job on the Presidio. It was personal but this came even closer to home I told my cousin if you go hunting you have about fifty percent chance ending up the prey in someone’s gun sight. Two months pass a kid up the street on Blacow Rd I Lived on this street for twenty five years all he was doing was pedaling his bicycle a shot rings out broad day light he is gone his crime his mother country flies a Mexican flag. Two nights later a mother misses her ride to work she is scared of the dark streets her teenage daughter walks with her it’s two in the morning it’s just unjustified fear at a corner in the better part of Fremont a car pulls up along the mother and daughter the human thing would have been can I give you a lift this was no human the monster picked up a fallen limb and beat them both to death as they screamed to their family in the cell phone they were poor Mexican immigrants. This is gut wrenching writing but this is the very reason your savior hung between earth and heaven this didn’t have to happen this is human evil in the extreme.
The evil perpetrated against the pure innocent Son of God was explained in search for truth a bible study program our church has if I knew what it contained I wouldn’t have read it I wouldn’t put it here I’m trying to drive death’s initial pain and it’s lingering effects off of souls that they can breathe a little freedom. It described the crucifixion in two ways the physical and emotional or moral revulsion Christ felt. First they beat him we all know that then they took a cat of nine tails and tied to each end they had fixed metal or bone then they beat him with it forty times until it cut him open leaving entrails exposed pulled out his beard. Rammed a crown of thorns into his brow then mocked him calling him king of the Jews. Then there were the sins and their raging affect was put like this take your sainted mother out of her home away from her family then install her in a ***** house. Jesus felt even more no one can feel the depths that he feels and has suffered because he loves us the cross his Hemlock It was not sweet but the rivers of living water you can know were dug at Calvary I don’t know it but I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t the many tears he wept before Calvary and after. I can’t verify this but I can verify he still cries today you decide I was working at a car auction it was late I was by myself as I walked up to Karen’s desk she had a picture where she was sitting on a car the sun was shining bright she had her arms over her head in exhilaration it was a beautiful picture. I knew her story minimally I never talked to her I knew she was nineteen a single mother and had a fifteen month old little boy. Then unexplainably I started to cry uncontrollably this went on for an hour I had been praying for the people who had desks there I thought that was it. The next day I showed up the place was closed the guard told me Karen was killed when her and her friend were on the golf cart they used to get from building to building it was such a big place. Her friend driving in fun ****** the wheel it threw Karen out on the asphalt breaking her neck. There is a song that says he saw my need I stood by her desk Jesus was there he knew what tomorrow held I was just caught in the blow back from his sorrow and tears he was shedding. Yes he agonizes for you he carried into his domain the agony I felt was tremendous though I was unaware of what was going on. I’m sorry I can’t finish this as I was going to I wrote to many sacred things then even to express even those things for your comfort isn’t right to put them here.
Nov 2013 · 1.2k
Hal Loyd Denton Nov 2013
For veterans day

she posted a note

I wrote this for a Irioc vet's wife it wasn't what she said this was my interputation when she said you don't know me you only know what I let you know to me it was a person hurting trying to be tough


The telling by night and day she stands in the dark glen her
Thoughts and troubles make the surroundings turn from airy to thermo brooding dark and mastic a
Black stallion stands near with its hostile significance obvious as a nightmare colt now full grown it paws
The ground deep and wildly like her own thoughts the night changes from different shades of black as
She reels in the tumult that varied troubles bring the wind begins to rise the branches begin a violent
Torrent of complaint great torment is displayed outward calm belies the war within how quickly time
Changes things long ago in another time and place blue and white clouds could be seen through the
Blazing foliage an aura highlighted splendor tinged all elements that were in conscious view the black
Stallion was replaced by the grey gentle even the face gave wonderful expressive peacefulness its stance
Was as if it gave an outline to mellow you could see her standing as in an arching trellised gate blossoms
Now gently blow where before only thorns gleamed as lighting flashed and you could see in her eyes a
Wounded soul that had to bear up under sudden hardship not the kind you grow into but that which
You Are thrown into you have to leap to your feet and try to convince all onlookers you have control
While actually you are just a little terrified girl that must make great strides to become a woman of
Empowered senses the war front defenses are made now in the living room not in far away scarred
Lands soldiers are trained women are the soft spirits that must learn to make armor from brokenness
That is well fitted and enduring while she is the lone sentential in an emotional fragmented world you
Will find love is the greatest weapon in this hidden world where illusion of peace mocks openly but
Freedom is the stronghold of those that love peace and fair play for all.

I was given the ability to stand in the stormy wind that broke over her life her life and others like her are the defining torches blazing within outward glory leaps from the darkness in the crackling stillness home knows no greater spirit from the weight she bows and by this we are afforded a bridge that carries us even beyond Chattanooga I look at the bullet holes and think they put extra armor on tanks but they don't put in bullet proof glass there is no simple answers but this would be a great step to stop such cowardly acts enough tragedy befalls all who loves peace
Nov 2013 · 1.3k
Milatary fire Milatary times
Hal Loyd Denton Nov 2013
For Veterans day

Will briefly pay honor to yesterday’s heroes it is good to think about our boys I think this will help first to a place that was home for
Eight months Fritichie air field over in back of fort Ord by Monterrey it was small but it had about three giant hangers and some of the
Guys had those roadsters the long one’s that they use parachutes to stop them they tested them on the tarmac then the Walters
crash truck this behemoth carried a driver and six man crew the tires were six foot high it had a water cannon on top swiveled three
Hundred and sixty degrees a four inch nozzle that shot water and with the flip of a switch a mixture of foam two hundred feet
And you would empty fifteen hundred gallons of water in fifty nine seconds but we turned it into a snow maker you had this back
Drop of California climate palm by the fire house fanned palms in the yard but we pulled up in front at the side and cut loose starting at
the farthest point in front of the wall that housed our sleeping quarters mixed with foam we laid foam four feet deep all the way out to
The tarmac there you go white Christmas it didn’t last long in the sun and heat but for a little while we had Christmas it was cool.

Our first hero was a returned medic from Nam this was after I was transferred to Hunter Liggett we were in the barracks he had his
Shirt off what I saw told the story four nasty bullet holes and the skin grafts it took to close them one who runs out in a fire fight
To tend the wounded and hears just kids crying out mama as they are dying the cong didn’t honor this medical angel of mercy just kept
Shooting him he was the same but he wasn’t he was damaged goods he had a quietness a sadness you couldn’t reach the real person
He used to be, he is part of the wounded brother hood I never suffered as the day now out of the service and back out in California I
Read a piece about a homeless vet living in Golden Gate Park next To Height Ashbury it cut me deeplyit was hard to get it out of my mind he couldn’t hold a job depended on family then the cold streets of Frisco and I knew the other hundreds hiding in Washington state in the forest their children with
Them I knew this because of the stories of how and what their children did to them if they this innocently walked up behind them and
Said daddy. This will give you a deeper knowledge of how long and deep this haunts all of our heroes after getting out of the service I
Stayed in Monterey worked in the church and worked as a painters apprentice in the painters union a painter was at the Presidio right
Above fisherman’s Warf this facility has many functions but one in particular is the study of linguistics so this naturally had many
Nationalities coming and going in this story Japanese was the problem one painter I guess bored walked up behind an older painter
Poked him in the back with his finger the older man whirled around with a four inch brush the metal part took half the guys front teeth
Out afterwards the old man apologized profusely he gave this even more scary account he told the man all day I have been back
In world war two fighting **** this is now nineteen sixty nine the older man said you are lucky you didn’t come up behind me two
Minutes before I was scraping with a six inch putty knife I would have cut your throat the man lost teeth he could have lost his life. This fighting for our freedom Doesn’t magically stop when they come home from battle fields please honor them and again the greatest warrior whose birth we
celebrate this month extol him and know we can never know how he suffered our hearts are not that big but he defeated
out mortal enemy we owe him our lives. Christ our great captain
Hal Loyd Denton Nov 2013
For Veterans day

Milatary fire Milatary times

Will briefly pay honor to yesterday’s heroes it is good to think about our boys I think this will help first to a place that was home for
Eight months Fritichie air field over in back of fort Ord by Monterrey it was small but it had about three giant hangers and some of the
Guys had those roadsters the long one’s that they use parachutes to stop them they tested them on the tarmac then the Walters
crash truck this behemoth carried a driver and six man crew the tires were six foot high it had a water cannon on top swiveled three
Hundred and sixty degrees a four inch nozzle that shot water and with the flip of a switch a mixture of foam two hundred feet
And you would empty fifteen hundred gallons of water in fifty nine seconds but we turned it into a snow maker you had this back
Drop of California climate palm by the fire house fanned palms in the yard but we pulled up in front at the side and cut loose starting at
the farthest point in front of the wall that housed our sleeping quarters mixed with foam we laid foam four feet deep all the way out to
The tarmac there you go white Christmas it didn’t last long in the sun and heat but for a little while we had Christmas it was cool.

Our first hero was a returned medic from Nam this was after I was transferred to Hunter Liggett we were in the barracks he had his
Shirt off what I saw told the story four nasty bullet holes and the skin grafts it took to close them one who runs out in a fire fight
To tend the wounded and hears just kids crying out mama as they are dying the cong didn’t honor this medical angel of mercy just kept
Shooting him he was the same but he wasn’t he was damaged goods he had a quietness a sadness you couldn’t reach the real person
He used to be, he is part of the wounded brother hood I never suffered as the day now out of the service and back out in California I
Read a piece about a homeless vet living in Golden Gate Park next To Height Ashbury it cut me deeplyit was hard to get it out of my mind he couldn’t hold a job depended on family then the cold streets of Frisco and I knew the other hundreds hiding in Washington state in the forest their children with
Them I knew this because of the stories of how and what their children did to them if they this innocently walked up behind them and
Said daddy. This will give you a deeper knowledge of how long and deep this haunts all of our heroes after getting out of the service I
Stayed in Monterey worked in the church and worked as a painters apprentice in the painters union a painter was at the Presidio right
Above fisherman’s Warf this facility has many functions but one in particular is the study of linguistics so this naturally had many
Nationalities coming and going in this story Japanese was the problem one painter I guess bored walked up behind an older painter
Poked him in the back with his finger the older man whirled around with a four inch brush the metal part took half the guys front teeth
Out afterwards the old man apologized profusely he gave this even more scary account he told the man all day I have been back
In world war two fighting **** this is now nineteen sixty nine the older man said you are lucky you didn’t come up behind me two
Minutes before I was scraping with a six inch putty knife I would have cut your throat the man lost teeth he could have lost his life. This fighting for our freedom Doesn’t magically stop when they come home from battle fields please honor them and again the greatest warrior whose birth we
celebrate this month extol him and know we can never know how he suffered our hearts are not that big but he defeated
out mortal enemy we owe him our lives. Christ our great captain
Nov 2013 · 4.2k
Hard Sayings
Hal Loyd Denton Nov 2013
We have entered desperate hours they stem from this historical fact they slay a man on a tree that was
Then and this is what all will face very soon Rev 1:12 Then I turned to see the voice that spoke to me and
Having turned I saw seven golden lamp-stands and in the midst of the seven lamp-stands One
Like the Son of Man clothed with a garment down to the feet and girded about the chest with a
Golden band His head and hair was white like wool as white as snow and His eyes like a flame
Of fire His feet were like fine brass as if refined in a furnace and his voice as the sound of many
Waters He had in His right hand seven stars out of His mouth went a sharp two edged sword
And His countenance was like the sun shining in its strength Isaiah 13: 6 says and notice their
Faces were like flames and mentioning of the stars I will possibly offend but know this I am
Going to use this piece and other life experiences as credentials for my having authority to
Speak on these or anything that is Holy
River of time
Your life began in the great head waters at Eden they will end at the mouth of eternity. I was given a view into the celestial I was just a teenager while a sleep this dream came I looked into the heavens and saw two great wheels made of stars the hands of God started to pull the wheels down as I continued I knew what was occurring God was stopping time. The wheels stopped then God turned to the seamless darkness grasped it and started to lift as he did it tore away reveling the bright true world of the spirit that was before hidden this was alarming since I hadn’t made my peace with him. Not long after this I was seventeen working at the refinery I just walked out of the boiler room into the section that was known as the flathead when a voice said time is finished all life and its concerns flowed out leaving me with the greatest sadness other men standing by laid down their tools and started milling about mindlessly. On this wise in some manner this will happen all over the world. The great enterprises so important to man and society will halt government rule and authority abolished in an instant majesty and power will take the reins the river previously known will be empowered its first charge make the deserts bloom as a rose. Georgia O’Keefe and her vision before beguiling but lost on ordinary eyes will dazzle true paradise sands burnished cape now like the Emerald Isle lush manicured pools of water reflecting the gracious transformation. Nothing will abide that is mean or distasteful children of a royal monarch comes from a city that is four square to play to enjoy their father’s wonder. Long ago a garden was the battle ground foolishness ruled the day it ushered in blackest night centuries old the blight has gone unchecked many were the tears as death strolled in to the human condition. His scythe with wide sweeps men and women fell before his awful work now as Victor Hugo said “a new budding will shoot forth” never will you feel the cold chill of death’s hoary breath. The tree of life newly planted take your fill of its leaves it stories only told by millennia not hours and days. The cost for a life so rich and full death to self follow the line of people to rivers where Hallelujahs rang out in olden days in these waters they secured their deed to true life. The harvest is still open many are praying in love will you listen
Before I get to the hardest saying of all I will add another piece about his grace and protection
Angel’s connect

“He could have called ten thousand angels” I could start it that way or I could tell what the guide said
About the Sahara how that it was the only place you could feel spiritual dimensions of that kind of depth
Nowhere else on earth but my theme is bringing you closer to the unseen why miss the greatest show
That truly is happening at the very end of your finger tips in crisis in joy and it goes with thought out
Saying but in Worship in all these areas they are present even in the hotel room in Hawaii at the
Hawaiian village on Oahu I thought the contestants for the beauty pageant that would compete in Miss
America was exciting then I went to bed and then there stood this beautiful angel I know they’re
Supposed to be gender neutral but sorry she had this light golden curly hair with a sweet smile and all
She said was do you have a bible for the Islands I was so very pleased but I admit puzzled I didn’t know
What it meant then or now but it was a treasured moment it dwarfed the islands believe me the
Greatest moment was the saving of me and twelve soldiers returning from church a hundred miles
Away in Monterey I got out of the service and was going down in a Volkswagen bus working the base
And talking those who would go back to church I had done this for the two week revival it started taking
A toll getting them in at twelve thirty every night then racing back getting in at two thirty even with
Every window and vent open and then the Salinas valley always has a high cold wind blowing it didn’t
Help I fell asleep all the way back just waking when I would hear the gravel at the side of the road but
This happened going in we were half way to the company area where fire house and just across the
Company compound was their barracks everyone was a sleep then the only way to explain it we all have
Pulled our hand and fingers through water felt that ripple effect well all of a sudden I felt that sensation
Down the side of my face and body it was so unusual I lifted my total sleeping head just as the bus was
Barreling at fifty five miles an hour straight toward steal a beam that made up a cattle crossing gate the
Kind with the rolls of steal rollers that cows won’t cross the angel stirred this most pleasant and life
Saving movement in a Volkswagen bus you sit on top the engine nothing but windshield and thin steel in
Front of you all or most would have died in their sleep including me the devil was stirred we were filling
Two rows of pews nightly the devil had took a shot a week before I got out of the service we were out on a training session at the pond I was
Showing the guys how to draw water if we were too far from the water point’s one of the other trucks
Was In trouble across the sand I was going down to help them the truck that I was walking beside of was
Backing up I inadvertently crossed behind him as I was looking at the other truck this one beside me was a two and a half ton
Water tanker with a double set of dual tires it caught me flush in the back with a wall of steal I have never
Been body slammed so powerfully even though I got the sensation in Jr high in gym while I was fighting
Someone else the coach came up behind and through me into the bleachers this was worse I heard the
Roar coming out of the tail pipe that was nothing the set of dual tires was inches from my face moving
Too fast to escape Death was inevitable but right when my life was to be crushed out the angel who
Would later stop a runaway car and hold the back end while it beat out the forward motion it was going
In at that most important moment he started the wheels jerking in the sand that was all I needed I tore
Out from under the truck the guy over at the pond who was a favorite who went to church was doing a
Bill in the yard with the bow and arrow but he was almost in tears from his vantage point he thought I
Was gone I could tell you more about angels personally and through others and their stories and I expect
You have you own stories there is so much more to our world than what we see just stop every once
and A while and say what is there really to see you would be amazed and blessed. Bill in the
Yard is another piece where we lost an arrow I was down in the yard looking for it he thought I
Will shoot another the same way only problem that was where I was standing I looked up and he
Was mouthing words without saying anything I knew and arrow was in flight I did everything I
Could but run I didn’t want to run into the arrow I bowed down and looked up nothing my
Problem I was looking for this beautiful yellow arrow with orange feathers and a green guide
Feather no wonder an animal never sees anything when I finally spotted it only the front half was
Showing and it was dark and wobbled not like I thought the same as the train when I was seven
And I played chicken it rolls back and forth and it seems two stories high it got within a hundred
Feet I jumped a little longer and there is a trick the nerves plays you freeze and you can’t move
And as a teenager we outran a train on foot we just turned and the engineer hanging out the
Window shaking his fist over the high roar he hollered something about being a son of a
Something and he was carried on down the line but these guys communicate a few days later we
Were on the front page of the paper down in the corners three youths race and out run train it was
Hilarious my mother was reading it and didn’t know she was reading to the winners but these are
More cases of God preserving my life the car and angel mentioned towing my car out of Chicago
It broke loose the story is included in miracle in the Smokey’s this bleeds in from a post about a
Beautiful car I wrote a piece then hit the wrong button this was a few thoughts I know this is
Serious piece but everything has light moments not being a car expert but I can attest to this fact
A fifty six Pontiac will skid on the surface as it swings back going the wrong way when you take
The corner to fast and the girls will scream but a fifty six Chrysler will stay upright but will roll
Both tires off in the slide and the guys will cuss no one carries two spares and a fifty eight
Pontiac will take a road bridge at a hundred and fifteen miles an hour it will give you the
Airborne thrill and slams down hard do it again loss nerve takes it only at hundred and five miles
An hour your blood has the sensation of turning to ice nothing no matter what can affect you
Fingers or arms it hold it straight or from some where you will hear Father except these dear
Departed ones I will add this piece it references teens drinking pool side in Texas it says there
Not terrible but the story I call them the Burbank five drinking and speed five died without
Getting out of the car one survived later more about L A Basin
The Eyes of Texas are Upon You
A great song a great state but I choose to reverse the meaning to we have eyes on Texas this isn’t
Complicated it will wind a lot but it will become clear first to say this then retie it together the heart
Suffers many sorrows and I was blindsided by an innocent scene of a group of Texas teens for this
Reason our church was launching a new work in the Dakotas’s brother Yoyla had already been to our
Church with slides when he was a missionary to Japan we set in the dark auditorium and on the screen
Was a little grandmotherly Japanese woman I think it was the second or third slide and he described it
Before hand with passion how she came and kneeled for hours on cobble stones praying to this great
Buda that had to be upwards to twelve feet but as we set there you could hear brother Yoyla saying with
His heart breaking it has no ears to hear no eyes to see thank God we have the true living and loving God
Who does see and hear this time the slides showed the work and the progress that had been made but
Then it centered on this beautiful teenage girl folks this is what it is all about I don’t care what any of us
Have if He doesn’t say well done thou good and faithful servant when we stand before him at the last
Day it has all been for naught there was the scenes of her wonderful life and then it carried you to the
Funeral home as she lay in the coffin these were the words what if we had gotten there a month later
On the razors edge of time and eternity precious grain is falling it is harvest time so it was when I saw
These young people in Texas they were poolside they weren’t engaged in illegal activities but it was
Obvious we haven’t gotten there yet these are our kids their back is up against a wall I am not a prophet
And I’m not Jeremiah the weeping prophet but I did weep for them my heart broke for them you say
What are you crying about I don’t look on the superficial show the beauty of their lives are of great
Consequence but they are targeted and the traps are personally designed to take them away from
The true path in both senses spiritual and natural success one is pure joy the other is riddled it starts out
So right but before you know it you are lost and have no familiar sign post your better good is
Undermined the great spoiler is perfected in the art of deception who else could sell us a bill of goods
Cut yourself off from eternal paradise in some cases live an abased life that only makes you miserable
You turn from perfect love to a venomous wanton liar murderer it is insane who would live around that
In life but in the truest deadly sense that’s what we are doing we as the precious teens work in unison
With the very one who has sworn to destroy us the love is streaming in this pool is healing of all of life
Hurts it will fix us on a course of acceptance and love forever we just can’t be late not a month or even An hour
Isaiah 13:6 Wail for the day of the Lord is at hand
It will it will come as destruction from the Almighty
Therefore all hands will be limp
Every man’s heart will melt
And they will be afraid
Pangs and sorrows will take
Hold of them
They will be in pain as a
Woman in Childbirth
They will be amazed at one another
Their faces will be like flames
Behold the day of the Lord comes
Cruel with both wrath and fierce anger
To lay the land desolate
And He will destroy its sinners
From it
For the stars of heaven and their constellations
Will not give their light the sun will be darkened
In its going forth and the moon will not cause its light to shine
I will punish the world for its evil
And the wicked for their iniquity

Once we feared nuclear annihilation the Bible says don’t fear the one that can destroy the body
But the one who can destroy the spirit the Apostle Paul said he worked in fear to save the lost
Because he knew the terror of God’s righteous wrath I dare not make excuses for God and His
Words but even on our level if we bring someone to our befriend them in their time of need and
Then they steal or in some way wreck havoc in our lives wouldn’t we be justified in firing up on
Them well this is God’s home he created it for His precious children then the Devil and the
Garden we are alienated even law breakers it runs the course of who is in charge want a list of
Tragic lives messed up in drugs *** alcohol those without salvation are dammed to be so they
Have to walk up to God and spit in His face the death on the cross who cares I want my way if
You could see all the road blocks you have crashed through the last is coming a weeping savior is
About to stand up and say enough is enough I will show no more pity it is time I am justified
Against all that is unholy and you can’t just say you’re going to heaven you have to be saved by
True biblical teachings baptized in Jesus name not in the titles of the father son and spirit one
God not the trinity read Isaiah 9:6 for unto us a Child is born
Unto us a Son is given
And the government will be
Upon His shoulder
And His name will be called
Wonderful Counselor Mighty God
Everlasting Father Prince of peace
If you read that by and with the spirits help you will know there is only one God and His name Is
Jesus no other savior can be found
I wrote this peace because after more years than Moses spent in the desert God has spoken to me
I have always been called a free spirit that could be loosely translated to being a *** when you
Drag a wife through a life of disappointment and sadness while everything is given to others I
Hope financial blessing differed all these years is about to change if so or not I’m going to the
L A   if I have to live under a bridge and be lovingly stomped and beaten an called a Troll the
Richest place in the world but the Bible says they are blind naked and poor they need spiritual
Prosperity I know the one who has it all I plan on sharing it in a big way if you find word errors I
have been at this five hours if yo
Hal Loyd Denton Oct 2013
Stunning she called the morning to gather it was her reflection that made all luminous and she
Turned from side to side all quarters of sun and shade settled in precise conforming feature it
Had no deviation it had no desire but was content to be her blossoming statement where her
Hair softly flowed down the sides and back was illusion and reality colliding slipping into a soft
Dark unspoken richness that defied appropriate telling her forehead was the first mold God
Used to make the first Angel from this creation dreams were first formed they arose mist like in
The quietest indulgence of the mind the eye brows were the seeding place of richest
Placements on fine porcelain it would begin the guessing of wonder how can such creation be
The eyes were jewels not mined in any worlds that we know cheeks aglow from fires deep
Within jungles unexplored by man the nose pristine you have to venture forth to rarest tents
Where nomads set in the midst of tapestry where inlaid golden folds lay with purist
Silver and emerald cloth and distilled breathing of goddesses and gave them a fitting that
Staggered the thoughts of those who came to look on these sights her lips were desire
Encapsulated in pink the entering of layers rivaled one another one on the top and between
Teeth a mix of ivory and pearl to be exposed was to lose ones breath and cast away
Reason briefly the chin the master stroke the line flowing from the ear was the perfect order
Holding all in eye appealing perfection the neck was enthralling understated composure
Shoulders rounded joining the graceful arms that premiered as musical a ***** that completes
Everything into perfection curvaceous loveliness man proclaims his strength woman surpasses
Him through soft quiet femininity that even assures his success through these powers that rise
Not from pride but from gifts that is profound and indescribable not better than man but the
best of man resides in her heart of hearts
Hal Loyd Denton Sep 2013
The setting was between Oconee and Ramsey my uncle Oroville Denton is an ordained minister
With the United Pentecostal Church he was putting on a brush arbor reenactment our church
Has what is called a testimony service where anyone can stand a tell of anything special that
God has done for you they have someone to lead the service and this was what I was doing but
The PA system was acting up while I was talking my voice was being bounced back where I
Could hear it that was where I was wonder struck I was talking normal but that wasn’t what I
Was Hearing there was spirit covering my words they make a lot of the Holy Grail as they
Should As a Relic of antiquity and it connection with Christ but it is still just a lifeless object but
Hear the Living God was speaking I felt this utter sensation of vibrant electrifying tenderness
Bathed in Unfathomable love a richness of texture that was profound the very distillation of the
Sublime mixed with human thought and expression it was warm endearing and it entered the
Soul as food ultimately different than what I experienced before except when I listened to the
Pastor in Monterey California he spoke and this sensation occurred within the spirit the same as
When you consume natural food this in the simple act of talking about the goodness of God the
World was set at a variance what was simple was astonishing the world of the unseen was
Becoming visible at least in speech anyway it was charged with supernatural renowned
Offerings that took you to levels not otherwise found inexplicable taste unbound knowing was
Fixed you were truly speaking God speak a well filled with knowing fulfillment thrilling
Spell bounding gifts sought and found by the ancients provided to common man illustrious
Clean and gleaming secrets the foretelling of dreams that begin in Heaven and then stream into
Human life truly before banners unfurled Holy and grand fortune awaits he who listens bends
His will to the flourishing uncommon vistas the predates earth and all that it is or ever will be
You are tied to immortal strands the quests of earths wisest who fail because they depend on
Only self as the one who holds the only possible answers when towers of attributable power
Stand without perplexity to the lowest searcher all is revealed it is all at the desecration of the
Giver not by might or power but by humility of need this world is bridged to the next we are
Endowed with all that is needed to secure Heaven for those that will obey truth and it just
Cause in the earth
Aug 2013 · 1.0k
Roses of the heart
Hal Loyd Denton Aug 2013
They were heart red from this alone they fed the wetness on them was none other than tears
Mingled with the petals to have walked this treasured way to know love exceptional love the
Degree of pain and joy that surges were now on display in a vase it was the purist crystal it was
The pedestal it demanded life and its erosion shows without error but that is the down side the
Other is the kiss of bliss the mystery of unity and bonding that is a rush that continues to
Explode the eroding is over turned by magic the tragic is over exposed till it is nil and then the
Full fiber of life glows instilling wonder the telling of power unleashed torrents of brooding love
That allows life its vibrancy I carry these roses to you with trembling hands I as no other
Understands my blessing and how fragile and hopeless lost love is they carry not the rose but
The thorns and stems that cry out loss that has no repair we were planted in good deep black
Soil temperate climate that allows emotional and commitment to thrive yes through dark
Nights Of agony paths that are obscure and hard to follow but you stand far out in front and as
A Beaming light you guide me to pleasure the secure kind the inviting tested and proved almost
Miraculous tenderly I call through the wind is high and boisterous your ears are sensitive and
We find a perfect pitch it carries through all manner of trouble it always leads us to heartfelt
Tributaries where golden disclosures are found that enrich our lives our love knows no ends like
A burning lamp our passion burns long into the night and makes the actions of day a treat
Another could walk this way but through hardness and cruelty of heart pretending to be smart
He would wreck that which is so precious and true we bend so we don’t break we allow the
Discomfort when one or the other is to demanding because we see the distant horizon and the
Good that lies there just waiting our approach we step softly and carefully understanding the
Degree of loss if we act presumptuously the sweet tender breeze is favoring our intentions we
Always keep our eye on the table of our heart to see how the roses are doing some time we
Add Laughter or even make use of anger to disturb just enough that the shaking makes the
Struggle Work health deep and the rose responds with a darker red the unspoken but the
Knowing that Health is in the center place we need not ask but only bask within this tender
Caring life most carefully guarded we don’t allow the unnoticed complacent attitude to work it
Damage always Thankful we pay tribute to heaven and live in its glory down here and it is all
Told in the roses that grows in the heart our legacy and our gift to the world that surrounds us
With abundance of life
Aug 2013 · 921
Sea Thoughts
Hal Loyd Denton Aug 2013
Oh stand thy great waters contained in thee is mirth and terror some you have beguiled and then
Have taken them to your depths of destruction but by your benevolence the sea breeze blows
Inland from this moisture rain is called from its dwelling place the earth is refreshed the tides
Have cosmic ties by gravity the lone solitary moon is entreated and responds one speaks if only
There was a love potion that I could give my beloved so she would respond to me favorably it
Can never be created it already exists go out into the mysterious night stand under a great tree its
Dark silhouette will be more bewitching than the days shade speak your heart as you do take her
Hand and stroll out into the moon beams that drew magic from the great waters as it passed over
Does not wonder advance in this light softer exquisite the hardness of life bows and retreats to
Wait the daylight hours where harshness has its intrepid way so it leaves you with the volumes’
Darkness of night every person desires excursions into intrigue shadows will touch your faces
As tender as the willow then the soft glare of the moons love the mind and heart as its signature
Equation that old crazy moon has moves that are centuries old that birth love every time romance
And her broadest throne follow and are attended by moon light to develop a relationship
Correctly don’t go to the artificial neon lights that are futile and tinged with wickedness but
Sea side strolls are the ultimate inducement a pure stimulus that thwarts the too often knotted
World that keeps everyone at odds with one another everyone knows a great deal of love and
Romance when they are younger to revisit those cherished memorable times that started your
Life of promise with your beloved is invaluable mature love needs to feel the saturation of sea
Breezes the moons ghostly sights will fill in deep shadows where hurts have collected they need
To be free so they can go back to the darkness that gave them life your lives shouldn’t be defined
by them But the deep calleth to the deep set sail for Trafalgar not to war with enemy ships but to
sign With tender’s hand a peace accord to stitch the soft fabric of love that life’s mean elements
can rend in this you will find the sea’s glory and the moons positive glow has become a true part
of your life it is time the spring of renewal is in the offing and it sways to love’s song this speaks
Of man and women’s love this speaks of God’s love they saw the works of the LORD, his wonderful deeds in the deep.
Sing to the LORD a new song, his praise from the ends of the earth, you who go down to the sea, and all that is in it, you islands, and all who live in them.
Aug 2013 · 2.2k
Southern Style
Hal Loyd Denton Aug 2013
Southern Style

A southern blend of jasmine and magnolia waft across the grounds an in it is a mixture of tell
Tale knowing a little smolder lies in her eyes it causes you to anticipate a well spoken word
First it has a different sound than the rest of the country it has a bluesy age to it like it has come
From the delta it took its own sweet time in doing so it is bold just with enough southern sass to
Keep you alert you can’t take for granted that which is explosive and vibrant you don’t live in
The rise and fall of such rich history and not carry a mystery and confidence that is alluring
Tresses and verandas build the tender mood of genteel beckoning that is adored as seasoned
Fashion spell binding unabashed quality is seen in modest means that streams like blue bells that
Have been turned to liquid by charms power and it lays like a long lazy haze that reaches the
Far horizon with a sigh you stop and deeply meditate this creates strong thoughts that go out
From your inner self like a sudden strong wind that list and goes where you know not but
refreshment Is left in its wake like an old winding road it not the arriving but the going that is
awesome it delivers Many sights like the night it holds wonders of compassion as an old man you
see in his eyes That knowing that shows care you feel a welcome embracing touching you for
Dixie makes a Special brew it takes long southern days and patience here is derived like
no other place you get that taste of grace speaking slowly it is a trait of the wise that came by
it not by racing To it but by a slow assurance that only grows when you give it time it gives life
a higher quality that Is rare in our modern world why would you take a speed boat when you can
go by paddle wheel and go to a place called Natchez either real or imagined gentle thoughts
invade and they are a glorious parade with all sorts of colors and floats that portray genteel
sentiments some of it is the feeling of loss that great and real times that held such sway are truly
gone with the wind bedeviled by a women she wears a oversized hat that frames her and in many
ways explains her the showing of a well spring of love to be bathed in her voice it truly is the
finding of that memory and grand glory of a true Sothern bell walk softly in this spell created
over many treasured moments in southern rays and moonlight kissed by a protective certainty of
woman hood found in no other place cover me God in Sothern primrose dreams until I walk again on the great southern soil
Aug 2013 · 940
The Sea Wept
Hal Loyd Denton Aug 2013
Sea billows rose and fell from inner turmoil and out of the briny deep came the goddess herself she
Came out of the break waters strolled upon the shore and in mid stride she began to change into an
Island maiden she wore sea shells down low on her hips they made a wondrous skirt for a top she had
Turquoise Linen created from blossoms that were gathered from the Banyan tree which also seems out
Of place with its roots so high above ground she had such a stance of nobility it appeared as if the Island
Was bowing in her presence perhaps it was her eyes they were watery soft they seemed to change colors
Like the waves do when they curl and the sunlight floods them her arms were like the flowing branches
That gave a distinctive glow that spoke a whispered welcome and her hands were delicate as all sea
Shore flowers combined her movements were like the swaying palms she spoke and mystery like a
Sea cave with water rushing in it was voluminous it was enriching you felt great swells enveloping you
Like the sea **** with under water currents at play she was a dream like version of Pele the goddess of
Fire they had met at the water’s edge when Pele was causing the lava to flow as vents steam and ash
Was awash the island seemed to have started burning at its edge and was moving inward it was a bit of
Amusing distraction for them both and it did contrast their personalities one with the heart aflame and
The other a heart of deepest blue waters that have enthralled and captured the minds of many sea
Faring person’s duty would only allow them the briefest respite one temperate the other the waves
Wooed her from far and near and she could do no other than answer their call tonight it was on this
Unfamiliar escarpment she made the perfect picture her postured back framed by this high cliff with her
Facing the sea her soul surged to the surface with the amusing love filled look that filled her face as she
Looked ever homeward into mysteries only she could divulge but today was her time of stress some
How some where someone had wounded the seas crust and the other wise contained oil that was
As an inner ointment and salve that could be depended on with wisest understanding it would release
The thinnest lines to increase the seas life and otherwise continue its hidden life to creatures that were
Foreign and restricted to land mass it held a special interest undoubtedly it was there interference that was
At fault she listened to the voices of this tribe but could come to no solid conclusion as to what in
Particular had occurred but by going ashore she gained new perspective she gave herself to unfamiliar
Rhythms wasn’t this hard surface the continuation of all harmony that as a whole had endured these
Seeming eons of time she finally agreed this was just a ripple in an otherwise calm universe so she
Gave way to her hunger to return to the sea and all of its pleasure and comforts she knew her news was
Good and all would rejoice as they heard it no longer would the sea weep out of character but be the
Unending story of renewal with a fixed unstoppable future as it has always been
Aug 2013 · 1.1k
Golden Song
Hal Loyd Denton Aug 2013
The old country singer set on a bench at the edge of this great lake in the distance the sun was
As a great fire ball it caused a wide golden stream to set in the water between the man and the
Scene it made it was a perfect picture and the gold gleamed on the guitar strings and at that
Moment he began to pick that was when the magic occurred it was a dazzling riveting as
Though sparks flew and it caused his voice to engage from some other place his voice liquid
Gold started a mesmerizing crescendo you could feel the total depths of his pure soul explode
Truly the earth stood still only his voice and a distant whippoorwill could be heard the branches
In the tree were alight and began to sway he began to sing about the sweet sounds of his
Christian mother’s voice his smile grew ever wider boyhood memories filled his eyes and they
Filled with tears his voice was filled with such tenderness the sky grew mild he spoke of the old
Country church and the rough hewn pews and the tough men and kind genteel women that
Filled them this was where the country drew its strength from there piety and prayer it was this
Undeniable riches that was the stalwart ship that kept the country on an even course and he
Sang it that way and a chorus of angels joined in from the truth that he expressed there isn’t a
Mountain high enough that can stop me from my journey now he turned and looked at those
Glorious waters and with a swelling voice he sang all waters he made calm from war and
Difference of skin color he gave love in great abundance it stilled the enflamed and dangerous
Parts of man a great peace was felt across the land it wasn’t political acumen no it was men and
Women crying out we have lost our way please be our stay and guide what rejoicing was felt all
Was well because from trust we made our plea He gladly heard our call and sent the answer He
Was and is the first UN unspeakable peace I found when on Him I did call He knows all of my
Needs if I will just bring them to Him in prayer how simple we don’t need an apparatus we only
Need a ruler that has proven His ability time and time again you want to clean up Wall Street
And banks then shift your allegiance from that which is unprofitable to a sure thing I heard it in
A song and what blessing I know all is secure when I take all to him in prayer He calms all my
Fears and alarms I have sweetest peace hell vanished the day I said Heavenly Father I humbly
Said I’m not able it’s your job anyway and with one thunder clap of His word everything was set
Right now I dwell in ultimate care and peace sing it friend and tell it true because truth will set
You free!
Hal Loyd Denton Aug 2013
Now all the years of continued appreciation and near awe is to be sweet mingled with burning tears
Sugar cane can represent a lot of things to a lot of people and everyone has a different level of
Understanding how much it really means and then you factor in the tender years the Age of Aquarius
The coming of age standing in the sugar cane is one heck of a ride even greater with two wonderful
People in the front driving a 56 two tone Chevy love was new it was all consuming even from the side
View advantage when one projected a certain aura a mystique that was all of charm pure and simple
Fantastic vibes the dark night had a deeper ******* and knowing cumbersome had this distillation it
was one hundred proof it burned all the way charging changing you at deep levels the thing that over
Years was always renewing itself year by year the world has a wonder about it she was and is part of it
And always will be she was the sweet storm that could and did break every so often that would clear out
The heat and aggravation that is part of your summer of youth she always spoke and stood for truth this
Natural part of coming of age was developing in her character the very membrane of sugar cane I would
Think truly she was the finest quality I think they call it private reserve that special one that grew alone
but did all the richest sharing wait not in longing the true vine and stalk bears with preciseness to the
need of the land we have that in abundance life twist and turns seems at times to reel out of control but
Not so the divine hand holds the life steady all the days and then at harvest when they burn the sugar
Cane what unattainable value is found and then only then it pours clearly and vital worth
Unprecedented the gold separated from the dross is now possible for it to dwell and take its position
Among the other Items of true glory this was created over protracted time with love and patience it
Developed right before our eyes and a t times we knew it not but now we know fully well our profit pour
Out the benefit what life transpired thank you savior for sugar cane we are in disbelief of such greatness
in Our midst take care of it as only you can do !
Aug 2013 · 1.7k
Hal Loyd Denton Aug 2013
Once they stood formable stalwart now they are growing faint those barometers of our
Lives they took the temperature of our passions they plumed the depths of our rational
They were sounding boards and they were true assessment of our selves they were not
The work of superficial minds and hands right now if we could get this into our national
Psyche we wouldn’t need politicians in the sense they can be a drawback or detrimental
To the great cause of America of continuing to be the land of opportunity the American
Public is the heart and mind that drives and makes us great small government is all
That is needed if her people engage in real enterprise let Washington take the helm of
State but let the states and their people go back to the landmarks the word even says
Do not forget the landmarks for in them you have knowledge from the past that will
Guide you into a secure and bright future we need to handle an axe handle a *** a
Shovel better yet work with them all this hooey about throwing money at the problem
Reeducate in the fundamentals of hard work go to the land while these places and
Buildings still exist shut up and listen to the groan that used to escape from human throats
In that act of hard back breaking toil listen to the moaning wind allow you’re self to be
Engaged in the great reminding let the panorama unfold see men and women staggered
By the great challenges and with steel in their eye they went to work and insurmountable
Problems fell before their faithful dutiful walk they were building a nation an acre at a
Time they weren’t crying about how hard it was they were throwing themselves into
The notion and belief you can build a better tomorrow but it takes accosting today with
Mental perseverance “Truly the rest from hard labors are sweet” Robert Frost man or
Beast cannot appreciate life without achievement all the small enterprises that dotted the
Land they didn’t match big city terms but string them together you had the strength in
Linear means that were equivalent to those cites that made their mark in the world by
Vertical markers we have lost our way and good intentions or not we don’t need
Leadership that stands and says don’t concern your selves with this we will take care
Of everything for you first off your stupid you can get your army of lame brains but
It will lead to dismal failure our past leaders harnessed the great dynamo of American
Individualism that is self perpetuating mountains rivers great expanses were subdued
Made to serve us all made us the envy of the world quit apologizing and turn around
And look deep into the heart of this country be enthralled and in amazed wonder lead
From that stand point there something sick and twisted when they stand with all the
Landmarks of Jefferson Washington Lincoln in any direction and they feel small there
Is a strangle hold on this nation and it is small mindedness it’s not holding ourselves
Responsible to the landmarks that indicate what was and is possible it’s in our hands
Jul 2013 · 1.3k
Faintest Traces
Hal Loyd Denton Jul 2013
The saying it’s written in the sand with mortal hand we scrawl
Achievements precise affirmations all the while they ever are lost by the ticking off the clock
Even as you communicate through writing and speaking your voice activates the image of you I
Have it traced it is incased in the finest gold case it is in my treasure chest though upon earths
Plane it is marked transitory but I have over ruled such categorization I have it marked implicit
Design and effect subtitled worthy goods gold standard beyond reproach of years they stand
Incorruptible they were but spoken with mortal tongue that are sizable to everlasting
Consequence that is their formal statement of issuance and bearing but this is the personnel
Description and discretion they spoke to me in time that is complex and fails as just the faintest
Traces but it became part of my will to live to be the person that I am not superficial thought
That is to be lost but the truth that is not self serving but the aid to others every expression and
Connation is affirmation that has the wellspring of all living things when heard it registers
Compliance it is full disclosure vouched by their word and highest honor they have moved their
Secret treasure into my soul for safe keeping for all time amid distress and toil we became
More than friends we bought and sold portions of our deepest selves this is our fortress our
Defense in time of struggle their voices are varied but rarefied into the soul I wonder among
Dreams they seem as mist these soft images that wistfully arise and fall hold meanings not
Easily understood but in precious yesterdays they were formed by a heart speaking that was
Fully engaged we held each other’s eyes gave expression that of itself were deep rooted they
Gave momentary pleasure as they played on the air our eyes dropped and in their closing a seal
Was placed it had the latent quality to know its esteemed place and that one day it would be
Called upon this resilience is all that we will need in future days to bring victory out of defeat
And it was all created in private times that will always leave us beholden to one another those
We at times take for granted are the store houses that feed us emotionally how moved we are
When we see tears of others they are the closest we come to sacred activity within a troubled
Life stature and strength is derived in no other way we shed them anew when the report
Reaches us of trouble when we go to pray and tears are evident we pass through many guarded
Gates we bear the badge of respect that none other can pledge or buy or display first it is the
Christ’s blood then human tears that are of the greatest markers of value in the eternal realm
The great solicitor who holds all earthy records you go into the hall of records this building of
Gleaming glass you finally come to the outer office of solemnity into incomparable quiet within
The golden halls of record written upon sardonyx tablets that are purist black gems which are
Sard shades of red and your words and mine are written in the brightest blue Onyx is formed in
The gas cavities of lava this is our true expression under and in the same vain that pressure
Creates diamonds indestructible when are feelings are truly breathless taken from excitement
That creates speechless words that are more valuable than our very life Christ said I don’t call
You servants but friends that is the golden vain that this piece has tried to mine and express we
Fail and look at one another with only human conception that is acceptable in only the most
Briefest moments when you look at me or talk to me you can’t see my eyes that have a far
Away look in them you are being established in far greater terms than just common interaction
You mean everything to me or I am the biggest fool that waste your time and mine may
Blessings always flow into your life into the breaking of that great day
Hal Loyd Denton Jul 2013
The listless wind the only sound now devoid of life this once lively home groans to come down a little
Girl’s curls use to bounce as she pranced and played her laughter was more of a song to her parent’s
Delighted hearing now the parents lay in the church yard just down the road the little girl listens to her
Daughter’s laughter in a house far away now as a stranger a brooding sadness grips you as you look at
Windows no longer in place once golden light use to shine forth a comfort would rush to meet you now
It’s more of a torment a dread keenly felt with imagination you try to reconstruct what was but the gray
Weather beaten wood tells a stronger tale the sagging roof does more than expose the once tight and
Secure rooms that held such joy now the tolling of years will not bend to happy thoughts the oasis of a
Truly wonderful place gives the loudest cry time has been here and has gone only forlorn memories
Drag thoughts from your heart this decay befalls all living things what gravity and neglect doesn’t
Consume then rust condemns dooming those pride filled wonders of steel that took you too many
Places Wide was the ring you lost boredom in you extracted every bit of the city and country side all of
Its Charm was in those times you and your families alone but when running was done it was
Back to Base the sturdy strength of a familiar place now another your thoughts he tries to discern he
Came upon this emotional swell just by chance but he gave into the words it spoke of days of glory now
Gone the hold it has is perplexing but with a painful haunting it lies within in a perfect sweet peacefulness
Jul 2013 · 2.3k
Cherokee Grandmother
Hal Loyd Denton Jul 2013
I remember the hours I spent at your side a crippling disease bound you to a wheel chair but as life of the physical became limited
And activity receded into distant past memories your spirit blossomed and grew strong and vibrant under difficult circumstances
You were transformed from the light energetic always on the go traveler to one who became conceptualized and grounded flights of
Deep brooding and understanding replaced the open by ways of this life the tests brought rewards that showed in your changed
Personality and life something unattainable became common place advancing years was not the delivery system but suffering kept
From the seemingly desirable all important action and endless treks to faraway places your compensation inward discovery no longer
Reaching for selfish goals gave you the treasure the fulfillment of knowing the saviors designs and hopes and dreams for your life
Your notable place in life was that you did more from a wheel chair than others that had no restrictions you gave me the colorful
Landscape that you found from an altered journey you said the pristine forest green the places of shadowed dreams was where
This lands first people were given ultimate truth it was carried throughout the holy land and to the ends of the earth that meant
it reached this land it came as one walked a life time in a forest always confused the trees held the sky in limited view but the
Time came when the forest opened into a great clearing then how the mind was enlarged by new realities that were open and clear
No longer blocked and holding the sky muted now thoughts grew grand and true a mist descended from the great hoary mountain
In it was a spirit not one to disrupt and distract but one who made all things crystal clear to seek only gain for one self was
Counterproductive give yourself away and then how surprisingly clear the path would become and how much more you could achieve
From this simple practice everything was so perfect and easy to follow the Great Spirit was a father who made us all had great plans
For his children but then his own most favored and trusted friend was found to have a different spirit earth experienced a great
Lighting strike this was not the natural wonder being displayed but the battle lines being drawn up for a war that would be waged until
The end of time and at the end of many days more lighting and darkness filled a mount called Golgotha the father showed his
All consuming love by coming into the human existence and once and for all making freedom possible for all through this act
And obedience to the rules that followed true lasting freedom was offered but confusion was sown in every corner of the earth
Doubt was bred into the fabric of life only displaced by receiving faith through the true and sacrificial lamb no longer doomed to a
Downward spiral you could catch the bestowing life from purest holy compelling that came to lead sustain forgive make you a new
Creature empowered to walk above low depravity walk encircled in love contested by all the means at heavens disposal by this you
Would be judged only for reward not separation and everlasting punishment that is the fate of our great enemy as you can see this was
A lot for a child to take in but in this knowledge and wisdom I have known great comfort and hope possibly I will share more of her
Enlightened wisdom later.
Jul 2013 · 1.3k
Hal Loyd Denton Jul 2013
The song says your evil like the dark coral reef look to the sea what tomes flow through its
Being the waves are a testament against the atheist claim I can’t see God His word says he has
Made the sand a band that the sea cannot pass you see it right when it is said these proud
Waves all that lies behind them mystery power a true if small encounter with eternity so vast
And unknown truly like the darkness of the human heart the waves desire all land to be a part
Of its greater self unseen must be the reason for such derived pleasure the struggle the failure
The demoralization of the waves as they cross the sand it drains all power and life from them
They only retreat to try again she to stands darkly in the shadows how through time she has
Discomfited so many they knew the feeling of being out of their depth she looks on they feel
Her strong forceful gaze it beckons with identifiable it is calling to your own emotional
Grounding that is similar it goes where light is missing it finds the dark reserves of cautious talk
Occurs plaintive moral diffuse in character readily adaptable to dark and sinister morays
Nothing is as it seems the allure of elusive dreams held such truth and insight only to take flight
With the awaking light possessions assured moments before all but loss now darkness of
Greater depths found under night trees with dense shadows it’s like you’re a windblown sea
Man who has lost your bearings when all was lost there in perfection the light house pierces
Your darkness you’re still lost but hope’s flame has been trimmed desire rises unquenchable
Steady it goes life’s experiences kick in an unerring compass immediate you focus on so varied
And plentiful scenes from your life from the mundane to the sublime you’re vigorous
Entanglements from gentle crackly fire to moments of intense lighting strikes of inspiration
Never are you truly alone how disheartening to this dark witch of night that springs these
Odious traps that speaks so directly of her nature net that flows
Out quietly the dearest hours cool that holds the sweetest flowers in a limbo preventing natural
Death then with her breath of **** frost you succumb to the awaiting bliss you tarried to long
At the window that had her framed not knowing it was and held those unspoken words and
Actions that are taboo a word of caution to anyone who follows the call that induces deadly
Actions that for you are deadly watch and listen and don’t throw caution to the wind when your
Soul shouts retreat to safety when you encounter the midnight stranger
Jul 2013 · 633
Just Write
Hal Loyd Denton Jul 2013
I am in this predicament I am compelled to write with this overriding desire and guiding force
Speak to them problem it’s three in the morning being sleepy is the least of my problems the
Problem is for once what to write three different things are bearing on me but where to start
And then loaded at the end of heavy doses of extra strong pain killers believe it or not I have a
Strong will that can over ride that but a dark mood prevails brought on by the reality of a
Woman distraught at the loss of her husband and no one comforted her all she could do was
Bend forward hold her arms against her own chest and cry that’s bad enough but this has been
Shown to me several times in the last few days the great alone that so many are suffering in it
Needs to be addressed if God would use this to reach even a few and comfort them so to that
End my thought was to address the very wind and prescribe a message therein oh wayward
Wind that I could curb your listless passing bridle your tempestuous force with hands take
Charge of you even to hold in and by my fingers that breeze that is highly noted and is known as
The evening breeze to place it sweetly and gently and let it rest on her head her hair enlivened
By it the stirring is the secret element it can arrest even the spilling of tears it’s so superb in
Measure and quality it immerses the mind to such a degree that a smile appears unbidden it
Awakes secret joys they hang as great drapes in the soul in the beginning they were solemn
Gray and with the concern and love of others mixed with this night air that sets as a crown on
Her head a beaming of enlightened pure understanding flows and swells she becomes
Intoxicated fairest wind in you all of our hearts ascend to great sea bluffs the going of the soul is
Enriched as it makes its way down to the beach below the waves bestow hope that was lost
Now renewed we walk on the crest of waves of love we will have and know for ever never
alone we were cast in the streaming of all things that makes dreams possible and you are the
Greatest dream of all for eternal stormy winds of the spirit gave and made you as a rooted tree
That will and always is renewed by the prevailing wind that is guaranteed by blood
Indestructible your assurance secure all that you love will never fade from existence
Jul 2013 · 1.8k
These Eyes
Hal Loyd Denton Jul 2013
With them my limitations were removed I was not suffering from any of the eye ailments

Although I need a gift that only She could supply a seeing heart not the closed blind one

That I posses in the counseling of her tenderness I found the best that was hidden from

Me tools that bind but all they contain is the Unattainable mystery a knowing heart

Of intuition’s magic lens without distortion through tears and a heart that is exalted by

Them we tarry in bending light that probes and produces crystal clarity from sea sights

That shapes a mind that is far reaching with great depths of expression pressure alone

Can give fortunes of wisdom by destiny’s Design Mountain and streams flow into

Dreams Uncommon the swirling of expectations cross with true reckoning of a soul

Unchained and guided only by purity set in the bedrock of emotional stead fastness so

Needed in so many places of disquiet he who rules the mind wins the mind at times will

Bridge itself with spiritual insights of character and enterprise one so outfitted cannot

Know long term failure with so much power she does hold me at times spell bound I feel

Wistful with a twinge of listlessness I choose to characterize it as auto pilot where great

Productivity is discovered when you learn to trust look into her full vision it will capture

All that is void and troublesome and replace it with active creativity there is solidarity

That is in your power to engage the quote she is not just a pretty face is more than just

Cute its factual the vibrancy left unclaimed makes us build with inferior mortar we are

Set To build a life and we deny our selves because from these liquids’ pools come

Salutation reflection the stirring of instinct the water shed of well being the treading of

Paths set fire by glory within her is nobility and airy truth of stature one that is gleaming

The light so strong that darkness has no effect into these pools of delight one enters

Smitten by charm that disarms all caution unspoken is the invitation nothing less one is assured of privacy  it’s like a long lost remembrance of such

Eloquence you slip within its holding power and dissolve a violin plays in quiet shadows

You walk with the feeling that you’re drifting through many yesterdays and your heart

Beats strongly of great promises for tomorrow the world of structures begin to vanish

One by one as walls of resistance falls away in her continued gaze you stand riveted in

Joy you are the only two in the world just two hearts beating the thunder of a water fall

Can be heard then felt by such emotional weight you are tossed and tumbled in the

Current’s freedom called forth by ecstasy masterful completeness grips you both and

Won’t let go you are conquers you are explorers of different worlds you go deeper

Returning becomes vague two voyagers who see the world anew there is only laughter

In this circus you are on a high wire and you have no fear as you hold hands all

Contention dissolved in this sea of love and friend here is the greatest part these eyes

Are only for you enjoy your relationship with your beloved
Jul 2013 · 2.1k
Hal Loyd Denton Jul 2013
This is a lament it also is a condemnation of three nations ole glory your red and white and blue stands
Guilty with the Union Jack and the nation where the Ganges freely flows born in the first educated in the
Second and the third is nation of origin for your family so from New York to London then to Bollywood
The final wrap wasn’t on a movie set
The scene walk into her bedroom her face the lighter color of the Ganges when you are looking at the
Surface with the sun shining brown and light and then the glorious brown hair flowing down the
Perfect match dark black eyes that hold you in a spell with their depth and penetrating power nose and
Mouth and chin completes a fresh perfect face it says movie goddess or it did say now the only thing
Said in this black void the completeness of soundless brooding that only death conjures is a policeman
Says cut her down her life did not end here in the true sense it was voided when the American people
Scripted a different story they took a perfect foundation laid by the founding fathers a nation founded
On the idea and principal of a godly people being giving a nation where they would live by a Holy
Standard and it would be preserved and guide their posterity into the last generation what has
Happened is erosion and then a blatant sham proposing itself for the original therefore allowing the
Pretense and mockery of the Holy treasure that made us different and gave us the perfect atmosphere
For continuous growth now the fertile righteous land is a cesspool one of pollution distortion and
Dishonor every wickless is practiced openly when the word says if individuals or nations act so they will
Be turned into hell we left every semblance of right living then expect A Holy God to bless us individually
And as a nation what scorn we invite from Heaven and then with utter distain we maintain we are pure
Decedents of our forebears all the while we spit and spewed filth on their good names and then have
The gall to defame others as unworthy she was long dead before the noose went around her beautiful
Neck, rope was once braided by three strands in this case England and India is the other two strands
How proudly we hail railing is the truer word John Wesley and George Whitfield came on the scene by
Gods hand when England was at the brink and set to go over barbaric gin was the plague and Bain this is
How degenerate and cheap life was a woman killed a baby threw it in a ditch and then sold its clothes
For money to buy drink and it wasn’t just the poor it reached up through the highest and lofty corridors
Of the church hierarchy down to the lowest priest and the castle was not spared ether their acts were
On a course of self destruction and by Wesley and Whitfield alone standing in fields after they were
Rejected by the established churches sound familiar with Bible in hand and espousing Holy words they
Turned the tide of destruction in England where and why are their words not preserved today because
Men and woman refuse to be led and guided by that which is holy because their hearts are set on every
Evil desire from England’s new life in God William Carry a lowly cobbler stood on footing provided by
Faith alone and said “Expect great things from God, Attempt great things for God and on the blue river
Of Indigo blue dye India came to know the true God the great gulf was bridged false fire of heathen
Teaching exposed by the fire of truth forever and always will it hold back the darkness but only
When holy men and women sacrifice themselves through watchfulness and holy prayer this did
Not happen and this modern child of all three of these nations came to this tragic end know you
Not the hour it is your hour of visitation we don’t have to die the unfortunate way she did but
Without a proper response and life we will suffer natural and spiritual death which is called
Second death there is no escape the word says if we neglect such a great salvation
Jul 2013 · 1.4k
Hal Loyd Denton Jul 2013
The premise of this write God is eternal He is in the eternal now He is in the past present and
Future Victor Hugo was in all senses the same he spoke and it held and revealed that the past
Was unlimited knowing in the present it speaks volumes to the future “A warrior of words. I don't
Know of anyone who better fits this description than Hugo. Everywhere, in his office, in the street, in the
Literary salons, at the National Assembly, even in exile, this great writer couldn't keep silent. He couldn't
Keep from writing. No chains could imprison his soul. No threat was great enough to silence this voice
Which cried out for justice. No wrong escaped him, be it poverty, injustice, lack of freedom of the press,
Inequality of political rights or the death penalty” Timeless like the vastness of the ocean enter another
Vastness your own inner self Monet paints not for the eye but for the all knowing inner vision he begins
The moment we look at his work distinctive intricate alive every color every shadow of light is newly  
Applied enchantment rapture emotion derailed from present thought of the obvious to the master and his
Vision and then encounter the first garden by trekking across the pass that takes you up and out of
Honolulu to the back side of the Island a convertible instantly changes into a carriage of fable the mist has
Descended hovering within six feet of the road you feel oneness and freedom the dark lava rock at the
Side sparks primeval thoughts you feel at deep places you feel the peoples of Polynesia and see them
Coming over great ocean waters in their outrigger canoes to these islands you richly smell sea water and
Even feel the spray on your face and feel it in your hair and the multiplicity of the plant life encourages
Lapses into dreamy worlds where undergrowth soothes and invites lucidness truly bewitching tiny
Molecule size bubbles burst against your soft skin lifted from a reality moments before that held all the
Tensions of the modern world your heart wonders what world what tensions then to perfect and further
Translate you to creation’s dawn a gust of trade wind comes in a down draft it intoxicates with the
Blending of Papaya, Coconut, Pineapple a stirring that instantly makes you beholding to the Creator
Nature is adorned and inviting you have come to the high peaks of enthralling then a black luminous tree
That has occupied the soul from birth it seems and behind such grandeur a black caldron with a deep
Valley and sides as steep as hills causes a shudder something so great it creates a state of fear
Aloneness is about to be forever shattered on this wise great parts of day and night are forged with a
Twinkling of star and a streaming of silver moonlight that would always play its own romantic musical cord
Then you turn how confusing at first destructive portents are troubling what breaks about you is for your
Greatest blessing laughter joy mingled with the extravagant touches of an identifying soul not unlike your
Own poverty flees takes night wings that are dark and filled with sorrow and loneliness and expels them
In forgetfulness a new start a new life begins yes the same as at first when unity was given to Adam and
Eve when first the words were formed home and family she stepped from legend and myth and that long
Growing tree began to move with such power in the heart as in a tempest it felt as it would be up rooted
This long anticipated tree of love that would flow out into such life and it all began with such a  
Pronounced voice that was truly beguiling it rose softly and steadily it was noticeably the empty half
Finding fulfillment longing comes and spills and thrills what elegance and grace whispers and drifts
Mystifying it calls to the heart in that secret language we all must hear the great substance observed in a
White water River the purity as it flows over these great boulders lying in the river bed it speaks of
Continuance permanence abiding glory the foundation for all relationships or the caught beauty of a red
Sorrel horse with the sheen of the sun as it races with freedoms delirium across land that you own now
Together it is a testament not easily broken and words you speak it penetrates great gulfs of mystery the
Mist lifts at the most perfect places so you see life clearly and trust surges with the strength of honor you
Avow all that is Within and it binds you together you have formally tied the two eternities together with life
Secure in the middle
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