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Hadrian Veska Jul 22
The fog descends from the heights
Engulfing all things
Sweetly and slowly
A thick mist rolls in
Never to be lifted
The world made evergreen
Obscured in contemplation
A tranquil mystery without suspense
The earth again made quiet
Though not for lack of thought
For all yet think and dream
At peace for they know each other well
No questions asked for all are understood
A blanketing contentment and peace
In a realm before unseen
That lies just above the head
Hadrian Veska Jul 15
Mist and thick fog swirl
Green vines and plants
More vibrant than after rain
Eternally fruiting and pure
Insects buzzing and flying
Landing and waiting
Content in the shade of the trees
Light from above
Vines and leaves descend
Twisting gently into a crown
Which places itself on my head
From where it came I did not see
But I know by who it was sent
And I know that it is good
Hadrian Veska Jun 30
Far off and afloat
Through dreams and nightmares
All tethered and tangled together
A clear path is not set
Ever shifting as the snow
That seeks to consume us all

Enough time is not left to decipher
Where the dream ends and reality remains
I fear that time has already abandoned us
As we walk the cold scorched wastes
In search of an atonement
We resigned all hope of attaining

The dream goes on
If one could call it that
The reality of one mind
Stimulates us all in the dark
Only embers remain
As our spirits grow dull
The last spark of light
Withering in our stillborn eyes

I pray the solemn moon
Guides others to our quarry
That though our bones are frozen
Hope will yet remain
In this the night of all dreams
Hadrian Veska Jun 29
I’ve known what I should do
What I can do
And what I will do
In times to come
I know now that motivation
Is not something one should wait for
But something that must be created
With a clear mind and discipline
For without these guides
Motivation drifts and fades off
As a wisp of cloud over the sea
It’s return as questionable
As it’s brief existence
Hadrian Veska Jun 10
Into the kiln
Unbaked clay
Memories know
Words to yet say

Fired and strengthened
Rigid and whole
A vessel of beauty
The ultimate goal

Cool now and rest
Let your form take shape
What you now are
Is no accident of fate
Hadrian Veska May 29
The hour is late
Just rest your weary head
Deep red to purple hues
In this the twilight hour
Fear not and close your eyes
Be at ease and drift to dreams
I will tend to you for now
As a low fire of twig and ember
Until the morning dawns
Be at peace
Hadrian Veska May 24
Rose gold rays illuminate the room
Struggling to pass through
The drawn curtains of the window
The room is old, not lived in for sometime
Only passed through in idle dreams
In that dull sweet twilight
Between day and night

There's a fireplace sits in the corner
Covered in thick dust and thin webs
The floor creaks ever so slightly
A hallway is visible
But where it leads is obscured

The gilded light retreats slowly
Almost imperceptibly so
Departing as it always has
That it may dawn yet again
As deep black clouds loom ever closer
Heralding a coming storm

I sit here between last light and darkness
An ever still moment outside of time
Rain will come as it always does
For now though I am content
In the moment that is

Here in this forgotten dream
Between the day and night
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