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 Jan 2019 Grace
Jordon Rivir
The birds come to my window,
They take my bread,
I wish they would take me,
Take me away instead.
 Apr 2016 Grace
Jordan Rowan
 Apr 2016 Grace
Jordan Rowan
You drive me ******* crazy
 Mar 2016 Grace
Mike Essig
Enjoy what’s possible
in this impossible world.
Eat any food the 
health ****’s despise.
Grin maniacally at
every toddler you meet.
Chant politically incorrect
words on public transportation.
Kiss random puppies.
Face down glowering cats.
Chuckle in the face of death.
Forget the odds,
you didn’t calculate them.
Make a joyful noise
with everything you’ve got.
If you can’t imagine a future,
you’re already dead.
Celebrate with enthusiasm,
time is very, very short.

 Nov 2015 Grace
Literally, I mean figuratively
It’s all in my head
Like the things never said
You would of liked the chivalry
Another reason your gone, clearly
Now I’m neck deep
Holding empty promises we said
Cause you ditched the teeth
To join the sheep instead

Heartless, I mean hopeless
Opened your mouth
And out came the wolves
Ankle biters at the heel
Still around but their not real
Nothing to conceal
I just want to feel
Anything but hate
Let’s start with something real

Haunted, I mean hunted
She’s crying monster
Burn the witch imposter
The closet’s safe
The bed is clear
Mornings getting near
Drop the act
Grab a match
And check the mirror

F**ame, I mean infamy
Talk about a girl
Talk about infinity
Can you even think of her face?
Not from here until infinity
Try to remember end up forgetting
Rewriting, it’s this one I swear
One question still needs an answer here

Why do I care?
 Mar 2015 Grace
out side my window is a willow tree
windy days, if I set quiet, it whispers to me
some days it talks of life, and last chances
some days it talks of love, and romances
another day it whispers of just, this and that
there are days by myself its nice for a chat
on days I am feeling bad, it whispers sad
and it tells me that things will be alright
it whispers in the day, it whispers in the night
I listen often in bed as my head lays on the pillow
happy that I have, a whispering willow*...JMF

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