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Golden Girl Jan 2018
In the corner of my head
I cannot feel my smile reaching my ears.
In the back of my head,
I know what it is.
The lingering sensation,
The left overs of these ruined feelings.
The feelings that are isolating
Yet so alive

The feelings of lingering loneliness
are very beautiful.
Golden Girl Dec 2016
there is that kind of war
between my head and heart
where I am torn in between myself.

I try my best to keep calm
to keep moving but
that suffocation ruins me
that loneliness ruins me
that silent scream pushes me
that silent tear threatening to come out
won't stop at some point

I try & try
to keep these tears to myself
those silent weeps at night
the calm and serene sound of my
choked tears
give me pleasure
that no one can see me.

I badly want to vanish
I badly want to disappear
I badly want to end everything
I am tired of fighting
I am hating to fall down

but when everything is in chaos
I wipe my pain
let my heart win
take tough decisions
and stand back up to move on
and live
instead of ending myself

living is bravery.
Golden Girl Mar 2016

I feel each and every word,
Through my veins.
It makes me different bfrom normalcy,
Making me realize that I am not sane.

I act insane,
Like a madhatter.
I act like an escapist,
The one who escaped from asylum.

I slap myself, pinch myself
But nothing stops me from getting scared of myself.
Golden Girl Jan 2016
struggling was she with depression
a cut was painted on her wrist
suicide was cutting her soul
death was calling her name.
Golden Girl Jan 2016
the only thing
we require
is escape.

when we
when we
when we
are sad,
when we
are hopeless,
when we are
feeling worthless;
and whatever.

Hope is not what we feel
but need urgently.
It is not something
we have
it is not
something we earn.

It is something we come to realize
when our struggle reaches
off limits.
Only few can sense it,
many lose it,
little ones keep it
continue to struggle,
to win just
some day
as they see it

When you have hope,
Even the word 'impossible'
is I'm possible.
just trying to encourage
#hope #depression #struggle
Golden Girl Jan 2016
Given the thousands reason
to break down,
we all do break and crush
at some point of
our life.

Hopeless, useless & worthless
is what our life feels like
when the breakdown

But somehow we sleep
and go into deep sleep.
Next day, we get up
still plan our day ahead.

This is called hope
which is sometimes all
we need to
Golden Girl Jan 2016
Crying at night
slow tears falling
from both eyes,
loneliness & hollowness
is what she

Unexpressed, unsaid
imprinted the
scar of the
on her soul.

She was a girl
struggling the
desperation to
find happiness
to feel content.

Blessed, blissful life
loving people;
she had everything
yet this emptiness.

But she goes through
tears, wakes up
a brand new morning
giving her the hope
to smile.

Tears being worth her
fight at
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