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That beach was so beautiful
and so beautiful were its pebbles
all alike and tidy
smooth and clean
worn down by time
by the sea and by the wind.
Strolling was a pleasure
and my eyes
filled up with harmony
until a voice,
plaintive and almost weeping,
broke into my thoughts.
“I'm here, under your feet,
among all the pebbles
I’m the one that’s different from the others
because I didn’t let
the sea and the wind
wear my body smooth.
I want to ask you a favour.
Take me far away,
there’s nowhere here
for those who don't want
to be like the others.
Here everything is beautiful
to your eyes
but for us
forced to be all alike,
with no freedom
we might as well be dead.”
I picked up the pebble
which seemed deformed
and was rough to the touch,
but which my heart already loved.
I took it away
to another beach
where the sea and the wind
were mild
and all the pebbles were different
from one another,
in their forms and colours,
in their voices and thoughts.
I go and see it every day
and mixing them up is impossible
because each one of them

has a different smile.
6. 2. '16
from the collection “Menu of love”
I have walked
upon the lava of volcanoes
reckless, not caring
if I burned my feet,
I have sunk deep into quicksand
so that it wouldn’t swallow me up.
I have climbed the steep sides of icebergs,
holding my breath
I have strained to reach the depths of the sea
and from the top of a mountain
I have flung myself, wingless,
but a drop of rain is enough
to make me drown.
10. 5. '16
from the collection “Menu of love”
There's snow dew
between my fingers now
and I hold a loving kiss
in my hand.
I will bring it to you
wherever you are
and only then
will I open my hand
to let it fly to you
and give you
the same shivers I get
whenever I think of you.
18. 2. '16
from the collection “Menu of love”
I saw the stars
of the Big Dipper
from the city
and then I went to the seaside,
hoping to see them again
and they were there
waiting for me.
I asked them how they had managed
to get there before me
and they replied
that one must
stay still and steady
if they want to run fast.
28. 8. '16
from the collection “Menu of love”
I traveled the world
and wore my eyes out
looking for you,
asking the sun
not to set
so I could have more time
and the moon not to sink
so I could keep dreaming of you
and you were here,
right around the corner from home.
29. 5. '16
from the collection “Menu of love”
I'm tired
of chasing my dreams
on blazing lava beaches,
of fording rivers
and never seeing the other side.
I'm tired
of climbing mountains
that have no peaks
of crossing oceans
aided only by my arms and legs.
But I can’t stop
because if I did,
the dreams would just chase me.
10. 6. '16
from the collection “Menu of love”
Only now do humans understand
because they can touch it
with their hands.
Look above yourself.
Only now has mankind
discovered a distant black hole
200 million light years away
light years away
traveling at 300.000 kilometers per second
per 60 seconds
per 60 minutes
per 24 hours
365 times a year
per 200 million years
and this black hole
is big
17 billion times bigger
billion times bigger than
our sun.
Now, do you really think
you were put here by chance?
8. 4. '16
from the collection “Menu of love”
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