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Gerry Aldridge May 2017
I have never seen
A more comfortable
Place to be.

No need to leap.
Just come
Look with me .

I too, am afraid
Of closing my eyes
And confronting
What I can already see.

(Gerry Aldridge © 2017)
Gerry Aldridge Apr 2017
True Self.
What do you do,
When you do not want to be you?

You have thought about inventing
something else...pretending a lot did not happen.
But, in the end,
the only thing you will say as you die,
Was I free?

So, I guess
Albeit reluctantly at times,
I chose me.
Because when I die
There will be no blame.

And of course,
Nothing more to see.
But, I will absolutely not
Regret thee.
Gerry Aldridge Apr 2017
I Bask In You.

Why is it always
A touch almost?
True love comes.
But do the sun's rays
Reach all the way?

Seems to me
They are stuck fast.
Between reality,
And the space
We are unhappy to be.

A half touch,
A supposed connection.
Glancing between ideals
And what could be perfection.

I can only look forward to
Our complete absorption.
(Gerry Aldridge ©2017
Gerry Aldridge Mar 2017
I No Longer Live Here And There Is Nowhere I want To Go.
I want to go on a journey.
One that has no end,
But a car will only take me
From here to a place called there.

A train just goes from A to B
They require tickets to somewhere.
And a taxi willingly carries me
To a specific destination.
As long as I pay the fare.

Where can I find a journey that has no end?
I do not want an End.
I want to keep going
And leave everything else behind-
A boat would do it-
The horizon lasts forever.
But if I hit a storm,
Sink and drown
Death is a place, too.

I do not want to go anywhere-
Never stop,
Just continue.
And hope I find her again

(Gerry Aldridge ©2017)
Gerry Aldridge Mar 2017
Two sides to every story-
Death of a star.
You have lost your glow
All the beautiful colours have gone.
The sun that shone through you,
Lifting my heart
Turning thoughts into song
Has dried up,
Changed you back into stone.
And the hope that I had
Has left me alone.
I have turned back
Into the rock I was not,
And you are no more precious
Than a whim I had,
Which lasted too long.

I have lost my glow
All the beautiful colours have gone.
The sun that shone through me.
Lifting your heart
Turning thoughts into song
Has dried up.
Changed me back into stone.
And the hope that you had
Has left you alone.
You have turned back
Into the rock you were not,
And I am no more precious
Than a whim you had.
Which lasted too long.
(Gerry Aldridge ©2017)
Gerry Aldridge Feb 2017
When I look in a mirror
I accept what I see.
But beyond the reflection
Begins another journey.

The wolf
And the bear-
Two creatures
With life I share

The wolf is pragmatic
But can be flawed.
The bear however,
Will always stand tall.

Wolf is a mother-
The best protector,
But if needs be
You had best flee.

Bear will come,
Rip the sky from the sun.
And turn raindrops into flames
While dancing as you run.

I was born a lone wolf,
But life beat me down.
So then I found Bear
And felt invincible again.

For Wolf the objective
Is not to find home.
But to prepare herself
For being alone.

And if things get too much,
Feelings, emotions and the such.
Bear will be there,
And you had better beware.

Wolf is not always happy
With the prey killed by Bear.
But she instinctively knows
Nothing in life is ever fair.

Bear killed a friend
Wolf should by nature not have had.
It brought chaos to the jungle
And was less happy than sad.

A thing so dear
It would only cause fear
In the kingdom it thrived,
So Bear decided it had to die.

Everything is relative-

Look at this cute, little wolf
And the big, bad bear.
Wolf could not make you listen,
But Bear made you stare.
(Gerry Aldridge ©2017)
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