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Hiden canyons in the midths
Riding Red in the rocks
Light flickers dusk sets
 Jul 2017 Gerry Aldridge
Blank page
Staring back at me
Even with no gaze
It’s judging me
‘He who rises from prayer a better man, his prayer is answered’
                                                   - George Meredith
In the solemn silence of the cathedral
Close to the 'sanctum sanctorum'
Away from the din of the world
I sat in prayer for hours

In deep adoration as I sat with eyes closed
Envisioning Him at the inmost shrine of my heart
I sensed His living touch all over my body
The one without form lifted me in His arms

Like a child clinging to a caring father
I opened my heart before Him
Placed my life’s burdens at His feet
Asked for gifts my frail hands could hold!

Coming out, relieved and enriched
At the gate I was greeted by a beggar
Dressed in rags, his hair lying wildly matted
With sores in his body, he looked a piteous sight

In his outstretched hands was a begging bowl
His lips were pleading in silence
From my bounty, I gave him something
And saw the glitter in his hazy eyes

Can I ever discriminate him
When we both do the same thing
While he begs before me outside the shrine
I beg before the Lord inside the shrine!
A very simple write straight and unostentatious with no word play ! I don't know if it can be called a poem!
 Apr 2017 Gerry Aldridge
the Internet
is how we met
it begins all the same
the devil in me is to blame.
I have sinned
but where will it all end?
it may seem
but like a dream
starting out fresh and new
with a flirty how do you do
and **** talk to ensue
but now with another who.
I think I am clever
dancing forever
but the devil
is not careful
with my artist's soul
swallowing me whole
not special or unique
one of many you seek
sneaking in my heart
to tear apart
when will I learn
that hell will burn
my eyes are blue as is my mood
it's time to
get lost in the moment
let whatever falls fall
don't worry about
picking up the pieces

get lost in the moment &
take every day away
take the past away
& get lost in the moment
here & now just you and I

forget what's broken &
what never will be
what never has been
will always be now
love & get
lost in the
I like the colour purple,
     as it blooms across my skin,
The delicate spread of lavender,
     dappled with yellow and green.

I like the smell of iron,
     of copper pennies and blood
As it oozes form a scab
     or drips from a fresh cut.

I like the feel of my ribs,
     the bones beneath my skin,
The curve of my skull under my cheek,
     Or the joints of every knuckle.
Wrote this on a whim..
(and yes Colour is spelt right, that's how we spell it in England.)
And Inane
Is the same
In this game
Living from excited inspiration,
Moving with motivation,
Not affected by any frustration.

Clearing a path for hope,
Never falling from that *****,
And finding a way to always cope.

Fighting for that dream,
Having a high self-esteem,
As joy is always the theme.

Keep that upbeat spirit alive,
And you will certainly thrive,
Facing a world that’s hard to survive.
 Feb 2017 Gerry Aldridge
They didn't listen when I said I was tired
I said that being different was hard
Because my jeans  don't fit right
My actual genes weren't right

And so I came out in comparison to everything
Already didn't have a father to teach me
The skies will cry if he ever tries to reach me
Not knowing who to trust was something girls my age don't worry about

They're far too happy living oblivious
And I question myself off of this-
How do they possibly not know
That they are all the same person?

Same gloss on smooth Pink lips
Smiling a shark smile that they do like kindness
And they name the rainbow by shades of eyeshadow- as if there wasn't enough color

   Girls like that are happy with the same person for a week
And yet I cannot be happy with myself for a day
Then they switch partners because "Don't  worry he's sooo cute!"
  I wonder if they are happier naive
And how hard it will be for them when they realize how the skies are actually smokey black
And they've been looking up through perfect eyelashes- but beauty doesn't last

   It must be nice always being average
With a cover girl to cover you sitting next to you
And manicured nails to scratch your way through life
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