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Geoff Webb Dec 2015
dear e,

this is the first night I truly terrified of having to live without you
you couldn't understand what a bone breaking thought it really is
it makes my body feel flat and worthless
as you are the only never failing good qualities it can claim
I feel my bones shake as I imagine that dark life
one without you

I will love you until the day my heart stops beating
and I hope you never once in your wonderful life forget this

e, you make me feel alive in so many ways
and I know this isn't even a poem but more of a silly letter
but I need you to know this

though there may never be a next time
I will fight off any attacker whether it is verbal or physical.
I will put every one of them in their place

I love you to loves entirety e, and that will never fade
I hope you can forgive me one more time for not showing it in a caring way

I hope you can love me too. though I quite frequently don't deserve it.
and I hope you can forgive me for this shifty poem too.

with every fiber in my being
I love you

sorry I said 'this' so much
I just really love you and I typed the first things that came to mind. and I'm a simple man so simple words came first.
I love you, elena
  Oct 2015 Geoff Webb
i remember this so well
i remember this feeling
i remember this place so well
feel my heart giving up on me
im worried about more than today or tomorrow
im worried this might be forever
i still worry more about you
and i am here in pieces
i'm sorry again
i told you i would love you
i did then and now
i'm sorry i can't anymore
Geoff Webb Mar 2015
hello, love
if you are reading this
I miss being excited to see the new poem that you posted
so if you wouldn't mind
post those poems you are keeping to yourself
unless you don't want to
I completely understand
I just love the feeling of being lost in your words
this isn't even a poem
just a medium to talk to you whenever you see it
Geoff Webb Jan 2015
time stood still
i sat there and watched as everything i remembered of us went through my mind
our first time going to the park
the first time i held your hand
the first time i kissed you
the second time i kissed you
the times i have been lost in your eyes
our relationship flooded my mind
as you closed the door
i love you too

— The End —