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breathtaking radiance in heat
love is a blank canvas
torn into one hundred pieces
purpose is our oldest prankster
playing tricks upon all our seeds
destination always wanders
so we spread our wings
out towards the east
breakfast is a tale of talons
claws and arrows
that never truly ceases  
to subdue the inner beast
she weeps
in vats of hot water
boiling her grief
liberates her need
until she speaks
in streams of color
incestuous blankets
cover thy body
somebody is here
when you are long forgotten
brand-name sovereignty
shoddy craftsmanship
candy covered copies
of loose apostrophes
dangling from false pretenses
the portable economy
is a grifter's game
of refrain and manageability
i am magnanimous like a spark
captured in dark rooms
and in your binary libraries
like tiny memories
always fading on an ark
Unknown dreams
Inside our eyes
Take time to shine
Images concretize
And i realize
That this rhythm
Is silently embodied
Wholly for itself
Ixoras in the wind
Burning breaths
Of bottomless blessings
Surrounded by death
We shout from the top
Of a staircase
Give away your doubt
Let go of faith
Become infatuated with Silence
East is the road of being
Leaps of grace often
Speak volumes
In their wake
I am expiring in expectation
The aspen trees dance and swim
In a sea of invisible labor
I am impressed with all the metaphors
You invented, only to describe
The daily massacre of beauty
Scheherazade swims in streams
Of unending disappointment
Her narrative slips from her hands
Like water through a broken bucket
Punctured promises release their longing
I am but an old story waiting to be told
But in the end there is a rhythm
That every child born of a mother
Already knows too well
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