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For the Sparrows Nov 2013
I think I'm falling
and I'm scared
I think I'm falling
and it feels wonderful.
If I'm falling
and you're falling too,
we'll be alright.
It takes two hearts to fly.
Each heart has one wing.
So If I am falling,
please tell me I'm not the only one.
The sky was made for the two of us.
For the Sparrows Nov 2013
She still wants to be skinny.
She still cannot love.
She still cannot see.
She still is her own bully.

She still cries.

Even after all this time.
"You cannot love me if you do not love yourself."
For the Sparrows Nov 2013
Yes. It might be love.
But maybe just infatuation.
It might be the chemistry.
But I get lost in a fantasy.
Too far to pursue.
Too much risk perhaps.
Yes. It might already be over.
But maybe it's only beginning.
Yes. I know I will see you again.
But what happens then?
For the Sparrows Nov 2013
My sweet darkness,
My twilight,
My home.
When will I return?
I long to escape this light
where I am nothing more than his shadow.
I am nothing here…
And she looked at me with such grace.
Such mercy…
This world is not hopeless it seems.
For the Sparrows Oct 2013
There she goes again.
Falling for the ones who will disappear.
If only she knew
that love is not far.
It is here.
For the Sparrows Oct 2013
What her heart wants
she cannot have.

What her heart needs
she does not understand.

Why her heart beats
for one who never speaks,
but only in her dreams
she cannot say.
For the Sparrows Oct 2013
Now it seems they are falling from the sky.
They are everywhere.
I feel their hungry eyes.
Why so suddenly?
I am not ready to love.
Let alone kiss...

Why does it still seem,
I will love you until to end of time?

My time has only just begun.

And I feel so young.

Maybe I'm just not ready for this thing called love.

But I want to be.

Because it's the reason for my tears each night.

It's the reason  I wake up.

The reason *I won't give up.
more of a subtle vent then a poem, i guess.
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