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  Apr 2014 Alex Bautista
And when the earth shakes
The mountain quakes
I'll be here to calm your tremors

And when the world stops
Your reality drops
I'll be here to fix it

And when hearts break
Because saints are fake
I'll be here to save you
Alex Bautista Mar 2014
"Hi" that's all i say
then you turn and walk away
and i think you are having a bad day
but oh well, what a shame

You know how much you mean
to me
Everyday i live with pure agony
and you find it very funny

i feel like giving up on you
but i know that wouldn't be right
even thought it's true
and that i don't want to see you in sight
Alex Bautista Dec 2013
I'm not sure what's happening
I feel very strange
Something is wrong with me
All I would like to do is cause pain,
Don't feel like giving sympathy
Whil I smack you with a cane

Something inside of me wants to come out
I feel it breathe,
Kick and pout
Sometime soon it will come out of me
And just shout
And feel free
With out a doubt

It's a monster a swear!
I have fear
For it, I wouldn't dare
To bother it my dear,
But as I think of it, we make a good pair
Don't worry, I'll make things clear

Evil Smirk

I have this ****** feeling inside me so I had to express myself in some way, so why not describe the way how I feel
Alex Bautista Nov 2013
Alex is his name,
People say he's insane,
He's always the one to blame,
Don't trust him they say,
He'll hurt you,
He'll betray you,
And the list goes on....

One day Alex met this
Beautiful young girl
"Ashley",he said
With such bliss.

He gazed at her,
He hung out with her,
He played with her,
Then something kicked in
But he doesn't know what it is.

"What is this strange feeling?", he said

"The thing you are feeling right now is LOVE Alex", Ashley responded

"Love huh, I like it", Alex said while starring at her with a smile

Alex was very happy
Oh boy
What joy
He was feeling that day
He kept thinking of Ashley daily
And made a list of things he would say
To her

Months passed by,
As the two young teen begin to walk,
Ashley told Alex something that threw him off

"What are you trying to say?", asked Alex

"Look,I'm sorry about this", Ashley responded "I should have told you this since we met,but I'm in a relationship already."

Oh what damage did poor little Alex received that day
He didn't know how to do,
He didn't know what to say,

He looked away,
Very slowly,
With the feeling of sadness,
He was at the point to just wreck everything.

"What am I suppose to do now?", he asked himself"

"I can't go back with her, I trusted her, why did she do this to me? This is unfair, what did I do to diserve this?"

Five have months passed since the incident
Alex was playing music at the park under a tree,
Far out in the distance
He sees
Ashley crying by the fountain by herself.
He decides to go and cheer her up

"Ashley what's wrong?", Alex asked softly.

"I broke up with my partner, I don't know what to do or feel", she responded

"This reminds me of the incident we had five months ago, I know exactly how you are feeling right now." He said

"I'm sorry about that Alex,can you forgive me,please?",Ashley cried

"I will forgive you,but I won't go back with you, I am now known as 'The Broken and Confused'." He replied as he picked up Ashley from the fountain

Later that day they became friends

Till this day,
Alex is still known as

"The Broken and Confused"
Its been a while since I've been here on Hello Poetry, I'm all excited to see what you guys think of this =)
Alex Bautista Sep 2013
The return,is not that far from this day
When you come and ****,but wait!
What's this? If I may,
Stop you
How will this affect me?

The death of so call "Friends",
Will this change of who I am?
Well,that might just depend
Of how it ends

The whole time we knew
What was wrong
I knew everything was true
And I have no one else to blame but YOU!!

I can't handle this ****
My only escape
Is in the pit
Where no one gets framed
And where no thing is perfect

Sorry bro
Just can't chill with you no more
I head has too much pressure
And its about to explode

My respiration
Will stop
Without any hesitation
My head and heart will pop

Goodbye my friends
We will meet
Eventually in the end
So much emotion and I just had to let it out
Alex Bautista Aug 2013
Days go by as the sun rises and sets
People have lived with regrets
But then searched and love the people they met
Alex Bautista Mar 2013
Screams and Shouts
From In and Out
It starts Quiet then to Loud

White and black
Front and Back
I start to crack

Sunday at chapel
Monday at funeral
I miss you -being literal

Music in general
Listening to Metal
Whatching the rose petal

Fall into the grave
I must be brave
But I will visit you,from day to day
Accepting my friends death and a short discription of what has happened.....
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