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faevyl Nov 2018
When all is done and said,
And the tears that I have shed
Unite to make amends
ɪ sʜaʟʟ ʙe ʜaᴘᴘʏ.
did this when i was like,,,, 12 maybe??
faevyl Oct 2018
Spanish, oh so confusing,
My mind, which you're polluting,
I have to say, I really am trying;
Yet, I can't seem to get anything close to a ninety.
faevyl Oct 2018
Don't expect an engineer out of me
When the computer screen goes blue
My brain is a rock--it's sad, but true.
When it comes to installing that new game,
Somehow, I can't help but want to maim.
It deliberately twists my mind, I'll bet,
And it's not like this thing is a test!
I'll just leave the screen like that,
And call my brother over, ASAP.
faevyl Oct 2018
What is the opposite of plush?
Not a baby's ****,
Or a big ball of mush,
But a spiky rose bush.

The opposite of a boot?
Perhaps a sandal,
Or a pile of loot;
Perhaps even soot.
eng class in 9th grade. again. do i need to even say this anymore lol
faevyl Oct 2018
Contact, phone, dial,
Don't be the one who won't call back for a while.
again for eng class. back in 9th grade. rip
faevyl Oct 2018
Talisman, ornament, charm
It'll be strung, but not with yarn.
i did this for english class skdfllskdklflksg thats why it ***** heh
faevyl Oct 2018
Dead silence replaces
A bustling audience where a
Night-time stage was set
Coordinating with the music,
Elegant twists and turns
Right, left; left, right.
i did these acrostics when i was 14 haha
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