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May 2015 · 233
Francis May 2015
somehow you're back in my head
i tried everything, i crossed ******* oceans
but hey, you're here again

make yourself comfortable, pull up a chair
i have a $5 dollar bottle of something red if you want a drink
are you staying? of course you are

i've set up your room in my right hemisphere
stay there, please, and i'll keep writing and taking pictures for you
how do you always wind up here

it's cause i'm asking you to
Feb 2015 · 416
Francis Feb 2015
Little, persistent reminders of self-doubt
Red lines across the inside of the cheek,
a reminder of every time I haven’t known the right answer

your tongue is acidic

you enjoy the slow burn

and suddenly i don’t know if I’m going to the right college
and suddenly i don’t know who i’m *******
and suddenly i don’t know what I am anymore

your teeth, my cheek

— The End —