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Aug 2010
So long have I searched, on high and below.
Yet the truth that I seek does elude me.
I hear hints of it's laughter as the blackbird does crow.
In the whispers she sends to delude me.

Is my ego that frail to be bought by her voice.
When the words are said strickly to please.
Am I just her toy puppet without any choice.
So easily brought to my knees?

**** you truth come and show me what's real.
I have waited as long as I might.
Shatter the mirrors and take down the veil.
I'm no longer afraid of the light.

The blinders are off and my soul is laid bare.
Judge me for all that you see.
The elusive truth is finally here'
With the knowledge to set my soul free.

Look in the mirror and know who you are.
Except all of your faults as they be.
You are a being as bright as a star
With a soul as deep as the sea.

Yes you are the one, you have finally seen.
That the truth was inside you so long.
And where ever you go ,or wherever you've been.
You decide what is right and what's wrong.
Written by
F J McCarthy
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