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F J McCarthy Jul 2010
Two in the Morning

F J McCarthy on Jan 13, 2009

It’s two in the morning, I should be in bed.
But I’m on this computer, with these words in my head.
So I pour me some coffee, while the house sleeps away.
Guess I’ll get an early start to my day.
Can’t say what I’m writing, I’m not really sure.
A poem a ditty, An insomniacs cure.
My brain thinks the words, and my fingers tap away.
Will I remember this tomorrow, I really can’t say.
So if your like me, staying up late at night.
Type out a few poems, don’t care if there’r right.
It helps me to write, clears the dust from my head.
But it’s two in the morning, I should get to bed.
F J McCarthy Jul 2010
The Anger Inside Me

F J McCarthy on Feb 12, 2009

Where does it come from, this anger inside.

It washes over me like a tidal wave.

Makes me feel like a caged beast.

Ready to strike from out of my cave.

Try to control it can get so hard.

When people are pushy and mean.

Sometime I feel I could rip off their heads.

reach down their throats and rip out their spleen.

I feel like something has taken me

and nothing can calm me down

I look for my antagonist, there’s no-one here  but me.

So I scream yet I can’t hear a sound.

Inside I boil from this rage.

That Just comes to me like the wind.

So I hammer my anger onto this page.

Til my sanity comes again.
F J McCarthy Jul 2010
Naked Haiku

F J McCarthy on May 14, 2009

A humorous Haiku.

Running naked free

Across the golden cornfields

Stumble could be bad
F J McCarthy Jul 2010

F J McCarthy on Jan 14, 2000

I can’t , I won”t.

I shan’t, I don’t.

I might, tonight.

Is it right, not quite.

How bout later, in the elevator.

I could  mate her, on the escalator.

Should I Try, she might cry.

Then I’d die. Too **** shy.

I guess I should quit. Before I forget.

\Seems a solid bet, Oh to hell with it.
F J McCarthy Jul 2010
To Jessica

F J McCarthy on Jan 8, 2009

Dedicated to my niece, who is a little beacon of joy.

The most beautiful soul I have ever met, Is my sisters first born child.

Her smile is one you cant forget, So innocent,yet wild.

Her eyes so bright , they fill your heart,With gladness overflowing.

For Jessica is a special girl, That your better off for knowing.

If your filled with anger, And feel your ready to burst.

The best thing you can do. Is talk to Jessica first

She’ll sit on your lap, She might sing a song.

She’ll tell you a story, But before very long,

You’ll smile,and you’ll laugh, and your heart will be glad.

And you would not believe you could ever get mad.

Someday I’ll have a kid of my own, or maybe two or three.

If they have half the heart of Jessica, Then a happy dad I’ll be.
This was written a long time ago, I now have two sons and my niece is grown up with a baby girl of her own,but when she was 3 years old there was none cuter than Jessica.
F J McCarthy Jul 2010
Pickle Haiku

F J McCarthy on Jul 17, 2009

Green fresh cucumber

Drowning in spiced vinegar

Reborn a pickle
F J McCarthy Jul 2010

F J McCarthy on Jan 8, 2010

I am thin, stretched to far,waiting for something to break.

A drum that has felt too many beats,a heart too many aches.

I am the trampoline you dance on with joy,never notice the tears that you rip.

I am the burro that carries your load,never flinch at the sting of your whip.

Time and again I pray for release, from the pain of this prison I’m in.

While you go on oblivious to the anguish you cause me within.

Faster harder the drumbeats sound as you dance upon my soul.

Grinding me into the hard cold ground with a heart that is black as coal.

I feel myself fading, you have pushed too hard,the skin is about too burst.

Of all the mistakes I have ever made, loving you was the worst
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