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Aug 2010
Why Did You Go?

F J McCarthy on Mar 28, 2009

So many things I would have told you,

If you had given me a chance.

Now your gone I want to hold you,

Soft music playing while we dance.

You packed your bags without a warning,

I came back to an empty home.

It seems I wake up every morning,

Still can’t believe my love is gone.

I wish that I could find the answer,

the reason for your discontent.

Farewell to you my lovely dancer,

You leave me in bewilderment.

Do you realize the way you hurt me,

Was I just a passing fling?

How easily you can desert me,

when I would have given  you everything.

I know that time will heal this pain.

Might take a thousand years.

Perhaps I can forget your face ,

But I wont forget the tears.
Written by
F J McCarthy
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