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 Jul 2018 Yves C Sutherland
Boogie oogie oogie man
flashing, grinning,
dancing man
bearing teeth
gnashing, gnashing, gnawing meat

*****-y man
with your grin that holds ten thousand teeth
and your chin from which
red blood drips sticky and sweet


Boogie oogie oogie,
Mr. Boogie man
Dance with limbs that
twist and bend
and snap and crack
and thwip and thwack

your fingers, Mr. Boogie man!
And slap your thighs
And clap your hands
Won't you join me in this dance?

And won't you stroke my face?
And kiss my cheek?
And bite my neck?
And drink my red blood so sweet?

And won't you,
with your ten thousand teeth,
devour my heart
as you feast, feast feast...

Oh, Mr. Boogie oogie oogie man
Let us dance the night away!
Your broken fingers can hold my back
as my snapping bones
go thwack, thwack, thwack

And I'll wipe the blood from my eyes
And I'll wipe the tears from my heart
And we'll boogie oogie oogie
Til death lets me part
for my dad
 Jul 2018 Yves C Sutherland
Measure my love in starlight
And set the sky ablaze
Measure my love in words
And eternal speak my beloved’s praise

Measure my love in raindrops
And overflow the seas
Measure my love in sighing
And make storms from a summer breeze

Measure my love in music
And hear all the world’s choirs sing
Measure my love in riches
And make every pauper a king

Measure my love in heartbeats
And deafen every ear
Measure my love in laughter
And banish every tear

Seek to measure my love as some might wish
By consulting the learned or wise
But each effort will fail, because such a scale
No mortal thought can devise
Ebb and flow do not exist.
Never a thing there was as gentle awakening.
For these clouds roll in without warning to knock this boat off course and tear the sails.
-Indigo B
Sometimes I wonder if this will be the cause of my demise. I cannot fathom such an incessant desire to see the good in all things; grant nations the benefit of doubt. I am blind to all but intent, intrinsic nature, and heart. I create euphemisms out of people.
-Indigo B

— The End —