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  Sep 2017 cami
Joshua Haines
The cluster of ice in my glass
  looks like a milky fist.
I shake my cup and ask
  about the weather.
He says, 'Hasn't rained in
  one thousand or so years.'
I say how that's unfortunate;
  he says how **** happens.

This party transitions into
  something out of an art-house film;
the Cali-tens are dancing to some
  80's song you would vaguely recognize.
They bump into one another
  like bees in an electric hive.
A Russian drinking a Russian
  asks about drugs.
I say into my drink that I
  don't have that many friends.

Looking for a bathroom,
  I am bumped by hips and lips
into the former eggshell/cigarette stain wall,
where I find my partial reflection
  looking back at me in that familiar
transparent parent way.

I find myself apologizing.
  Aug 2017 cami
Gabrielle Isa
Little brown eyed girl,
With brown short ***** curls
And dark skin that you
Have not learned how to love yet.

I speak to you.

Little brown eyed girl;
Already jaded
By a world that from birth,
Has declared you unlovable
Just because you look like you.

I tell you, that is a lie.

Little brown eyed girl
With strength in your bones
And love in your heart
So much so that the little boys
All run away.

I say that any man who cannot love you as you are does not deserve you.

Do not be ashamed;
Of your dark skin,
Of your brown eyes,
Of your short ***** mud-coloured hair,
Of your thick thighs,
Of your stretch marks and scars.
Little Brown Eyed Girl
You are perfect, just as you are.
  Jul 2017 cami
ophelia letourneau
today exists
in movie stills
i have only
ever been
a ghost
in my
  Jul 2017 cami
this emotion
is growing on me,
as I keep contemplating.
I feel lonely
but keep on walking,
in the distance,
I can't

It's kinda quiet...
so I'll shut my eyes
till the night comes
so I guess I'll just wake up
and start walking again.
The cycle repeats.
  Jul 2017 cami
you're not doing well
with skin like bed sheets
ebbing tides in your forehead
and the malady that keeps your mind guessing,

these next six nights
of not having to feel
so alone will make you
fall back into sleep
to grow roots.

i'll cut holes in the ozone
to put your heartache in

i'll walk you to the hospital,
i'll wait in a white room,
place your sad eyes in my drawers
until my hand breaks

the universe is twice as big as we think it is
and 'you are so important to me'
is easier to digest than
skipping heart beats

i miss you like a dart hits the iris of a bullseye,
or a train ticket screams 4:30 at 4:47,
i've fallen in love

you're the only one that made that idea
less devastating.
cut-out poetry i made for a project back in november 2016. i used lucas regazzi's poems called small and bedside table.

EDIT 170829: none of the lines used here are mine!! they're all taken from the poems mentioned above :)
  Jul 2017 cami
Michael J Simpson
I look up
at the stars,
and sometimes I
think of all
the parallel
universes and
hope to ****
I’m doing better in
of them.
  Jul 2017 cami
He drives a gray Subaru

I get in the passenger seat
He turns on nirvana
I don't want to
But I can't
Help it
I begin to weep
He asks what's wrong
I can't explain
He turns it off
I thank him
Water falls from my eyes once more
I shouldn't be in this car

I should be riding my bike beside yours
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