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e Jul 11
thinking you´re special, thinking you´re different
thinking that maybe, this could be different
but as long as there´s doubts clouding your mind
you´ll never be free from the thought of goodbye.
e Jul 11
reaching out to others is a hard, hard thing
i really never do, not much for a casual fling
i want to be friends for a long, long time
but why does it feel like the effort is all mine?
e Jul 11
why does caring feel like a burden
i´m curious, i care, i want to know
but why take it in such a way that makes
me feel low
makes me feel bad i ever asked
is it my fault i long for that?
e Jul 11
i want you to ask me, to bother me,
to show that you care for me
but you never do.

i want to feel like i mean something to you
not just someone to be with and talk to
when she´s not there.

but everything i want, is too much to ask for
when will i realize, you will never be able to give me
what i want, what i need
when can i let go, and leave you be.
e Jul 11
she smiles, she jokes
she´s got a lot of love to give
but look closer, look deeper
feel her misery.
e Jul 11
my mood changes suddenly
i am mad, abruptly
i am sad, clearly
and then i smile, happily.
e Jul 11
i just want to feel loved
cared for
but why does it seem so much
to ask for
it physically hurts inside my chest
a longing so deep, it can never be
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