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Jul 11 · 29
e Jul 11
thinking you´re special, thinking you´re different
thinking that maybe, this could be different
but as long as there´s doubts clouding your mind
you´ll never be free from the thought of goodbye.
Jul 11 · 159
e Jul 11
reaching out to others is a hard, hard thing
i really never do, not much for a casual fling
i want to be friends for a long, long time
but why does it feel like the effort is all mine?
Jul 11 · 29
e Jul 11
why does caring feel like a burden
i´m curious, i care, i want to know
but why take it in such a way that makes
me feel low
makes me feel bad i ever asked
is it my fault i long for that?
Jul 11 · 24
e Jul 11
i want you to ask me, to bother me,
to show that you care for me
but you never do.

i want to feel like i mean something to you
not just someone to be with and talk to
when she´s not there.

but everything i want, is too much to ask for
when will i realize, you will never be able to give me
what i want, what i need
when can i let go, and leave you be.
Jul 11 · 27
e Jul 11
she smiles, she jokes
she´s got a lot of love to give
but look closer, look deeper
feel her misery.
Jul 11 · 29
e Jul 11
my mood changes suddenly
i am mad, abruptly
i am sad, clearly
and then i smile, happily.
Jul 11 · 26
e Jul 11
i just want to feel loved
cared for
but why does it seem so much
to ask for
it physically hurts inside my chest
a longing so deep, it can never be
Jan 2018 · 75
e Jan 2018
love is a form of art expressed
through little words with no regrets

the greatest love that ever lived
thats graced the world, thats seized my lips.
Jan 2018 · 67
e Jan 2018
will it ever stop
this person in my head

to control my actions
to make me dead.
Jan 2018 · 59
e Jan 2018
stomach filled with rocks
that i shouldnt be feeling
but i cant help my feelings
i'll still keep eating
Jan 2018 · 54
e Jan 2018
i stopped writing about love
when i stopped receiving
when all i saw and felt
were lies and deceiving
Jan 2018 · 60
e Jan 2018
countless rules
for me to abide

is keeping silent
a kind of crime
Jan 2018 · 57
e Jan 2018
the soft sound of water and ground
the sudden flash of lightning all around.
the heat that escapes my every breath
its almost rain, but not quite yet.
Jan 2018 · 48
e Jan 2018
i wish they'd let me keep my silence
in times all i ever want is void
to be at peace and build a fence
but some things i just cant avoid
Jan 2018 · 50
e Jan 2018
never been approachable
never been the friend
always drifting far away
to nothingness and dread
Jan 2018 · 45
e Jan 2018
flowing like the rivers course
losing all of lifes poise
and all of this i have no choice
to the darkness i've been endorsed
Jan 2018 · 50
e Jan 2018
please forgive my silence
it wont ever leave
i enjoy your company
friends, can we be
Apr 2015 · 256
e Apr 2015
but how does one
fall in love
with someone they havent

with only pictures and
rumors to feed on
im quite surprised im not yet
Jan 2015 · 139
e Jan 2015
you were the black among the reds
you were the string among the threads

you were a love i never knew
would end.
Jan 2015 · 116
e Jan 2015
black and blue

what will tomorrow
Jan 2015 · 164
e Jan 2015
she's so fair
in the eyes

nobody compares
no lies.
Jan 2015 · 220
e Jan 2015
i was the optimist
ever hopeful

but when you
came and left

i gained a new
Dec 2014 · 137
e Dec 2014
"there's this girl
who didn't care
so she became-
an easy target.

so everywhere
that she went
there is always-
a gun in her pocket."
Dec 2014 · 136
e Dec 2014
"the mood that once
was yellow
became a muddy

the fellow that
once waited
was now nowhere

— The End —